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Here is my latest blog post. When is enough enough? America is not served by this bubble! America is oppressed by it! The only thing that will end this is my death or Obama's impeachment. Which do you prefer?

Syria. It is not too late for diplomacy to work miracles creating peace in Syria. All sides just need common ground to start from. They need to be invested in the peace process. And there needs to be intelligent and compassionate moderation. Do you want me at the talks in Geneva? All you have to do, my beautiful world, is impeach Obama in time for me to get there.

On Thursday, 27June2013, Obama tortured me again. Polk County through Broadlawns Medical Center always carries out the torture, but Obama orders it every time. If I do not show up to be tortured, Obama has arranged for me to be institutionalized, even though I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever.

Obama sent the orders to the local court to illegally deem me mentally incompetent (And who believes I am mentally incompetent to do anything?) to be able to take control of my finances and trap me in Iowa with no friends and no support and no resources completely against my will. Claiming I have a mental illness is libel. It has caused me real damages including the enduring torture and unlawful imprisonment, and it must be ended.

SynSyn, I understand we have had little luck convincing the local government to uphold the laws around here, even though we chew them up and spit them out every time we take them to court. Convincing the locals to stop committing crimes Obama orders against me will take punishments so large that these crimes must finally end or criminal charges competently carried out. Please look into it.

What will end this bubble of hell, torture, rape, and persecution finally? Do I have to die for this bubble to end? Is that the only way?

Does anyone believe Obama will ever consciously give me back my Constitutional and basic human rights? September will come and go I will still be in this bubble unless Obama is impeached immediately. The mandate was repealed. I was acknowledged as innocent on all charges by the Supreme Court. I offered to negotiate his impending impeachment until it was off the table. The bubble has been deemed unconstitutional. But Obama just keeps breaking the law and persecuting me no matter what. I recommend clicking here to read the entire previous blog post.

Much to my joy, the US Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday, 26June2013, that I have a right to assemble and associate with my own friends, with my husband, with my BFF, and with my rescuers.

Obama threw a tantrum. Did he acknowledge the court ruling and give me back my right to assemble and associate? No. Instead, he tried killing my rescuers when they tried exercising their right to assemble and associate with me. Obama is trying to murder my friends who are just trying to exercise their Supreme Court upheld rights.

Every one of Obama's abuses of power from torture to rape to drugged water supplies and food products to libel porn that gets reported in my blog is common knowledge. I have been screaming for help for my rescuers for so long that Obama cannot claim he did not send the orders to kill them all rather than let me have my rights. When are Obama's abuses enough to get him impeached?

I have proven Obama ordered I be raped until I go mad, and still the man is free to persecute me more. When is enough enough? What will it take to remove this abusive monster from office?

Because of the Supreme Court ruling setting me free to be with my rescuers, Obama revoked my passport in an effort to keep me in the country. Brits? EU? Argentina? Russia? Anybody? Can I ask someone to issue me travel documents, so my rescuers can take me to safety and human rights at last? I know I can count on you, my beautiful world.

Yesterday, 28June2013, the federal court system made the SCOTUS ruling upholding my rights to assemble and associate with my own friends effective immediately. Normally, there is a little waiting time before a Supreme Court ruling takes effect, but they wanted no more people to die at Obama's hands trying to reach me.

It was still not enough. Obama still tried killing my rescuers last night. Obama is a murdering, power-hungry, sex-and-rape-crazed, human rights violator, and he needs to be stopped at all costs. What will it take? What will it take, my beautiful America, to finally stop the abuser and remove him from power? How many abuses of me, my loved ones, and our rights are you going to allow him to commit before you finally stop him?

Syn, press every charge possible. We particularly need criminal investigations and charges of Obama himself. Please ask Congress to help.

Beyond the benevolent Supreme Court rulings, at least the immigration reform bill is good news. Bundled into the immigration reform bill which Obama is guaranteed to sign is legislation ensuring an end to the bubble. The bill has passed the Senate, and the House has vowed to write their own bill to guarantee an end to the bubble.

They are going to write in harsh punishments for Obama if he does not take his human-rights-violating policy concerning me down immediately and completely. The House will do the job right. I only wish this could happen faster.

As for the minutia of my private life, yes, I did have sex for a second time in four years this last Thursday night. I do NOT, however, make pornography. I, in fact, have never in my life made pornography, so I have no idea what you all think you are watching. If I ever made pornography, I would have a right to see it. This is all just libel I am forbidden from knowing about.

I do not make pornography, but the federal government is still making pornography of women who look like me in order to libel me. Obama sent the orders for the porn to be made. If everyone on the planet has seen the federal porn except for me, you better believe Obama knows about it, created the policy himself, and beyond consents to it. He orders it. How else does the federal government get away with libeling me so disgustingly and so often?

Syn, this will not end until we can put Feds in prison for making the libel porn. Please press every charge possible. Everything that gets reported in my blog is common knowledge. Press criminal charges against the Feds and Obama for their disgusting, pervasive, and insistent libel of me. Break them of ever libeling me again.

The public cannot keep me safe if they are all watching Obama's porn channel instead of my security system. If no one is watching me as I sleep alone in my own bed at night, who is keeping me safe from Obama raping me further?

Furthermore, the libel if believed inhibits my ability to do my job. I cannot save the world if the world believes I am a porn star. The libel causes me and the entire world real damage. It is time to start putting people in prison for libeling me.

My beautiful world, there is so much you can do to help. When in doubt, my beautiful world, there are five easy things you can do to prevent my soul from dying in here. Imagine the world without me. Then please do everything possible to keep me good and beautiful.
1.) Organize. Make noise. Protest. Raise some nonviolent hell. Your constant pressure on the government is invaluable. Obama terrorizes people into obeying him because the public is good to me one by one. If everyone stands up all at once, America will get away with setting itself free. Iowa in particular needs someone to come in here and organize these people en masse. This is not rebellion; this is civil disobedience, that which civil rights movements are always built on. The rules are proven unconstitutional anyway.
2.) Increase awareness. Make sure there is no one anywhere in the world who does not know who I am, what I do for this world, and how much I suffer. I spend all day every day using my intellect to save the world. Spread the truth around. I am not a schizophrenic. I am not mentally incompetent. I am not a porn star. I have never been a stripper. This is all just enduring libel Obama spreads about me. My job is saving the world.
3.) Turn in your evidence. Has Obama commanded or even asked you to do ANYTHING concerning me since 2009? We could have gotten this far with his impeachment years ago if we just had all of the evidence in one place sooner. Please help us. If you have witnessed, endured, or suffered through any oppression or human rights violations at the hands of Obama, send Syniva your evidence and witness testimonies.
4.) Be good to me. Keep me as safe as possible. Spend time with me. Be a true friend to me not some superficial twat who asks me my name. I live with a target the president of the United States put on my head. I could use some help making it through this without being so persecuted that I am destroyed. Be a hero; do not be a stereotypical Iowan. And definitely keep watching the hacked webcam while I sleep instead of the Obama porn channel. My security system is the only thing that prevents Obama from raping me again.
5.) Support the people who fight for me if you cannot fight for me yourself. Buy Syniva's art. Feed my protesters. Get my rescuers to my side. Do whatever it takes. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is in the way of my having human rights if necessary. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. Try to predict when and if they will need help. Obama is trying to kill them. They need your help constantly.
And, thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you! I would be nothing without you. You give me faith in humanity and love for the world. Imagine the world without me; then impeach Obama in time to save me from his bubble destroying me. Thank you, my beautiful world.

My brave rescuers, relief will reach you eventually. I am working on it. The Supreme Court ruled you have a right not to die for wanting to be by my side. I know I need bodyguards in here. Obama always throws tantrums. I only wish I could keep you safer.

SynSyn, you are such a hero, and I know I keep you very busy. Please keep filing charges and please keep fighting for your right to hug me. I would be nothing without you.

Sweetness, we get so close. According to the voices pumped into Sampo, all of Hollywood's celebrities, musicians, actors, etc. want to show up on my doorstep as my hero. With the SCOTUS ruling effective immediately, you all actually can, now.

Darling, if you all want to descend upon Des Moines in droves and look for me, you have that right again. And, of course, if Obama prevents you, just press charges against him personally for his personal vendetta against me. This is not the government misbehaving. This is Obama misbehaving. Please try mobilizing the masses.

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