Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post. I was so terrorized I fled the country and sought political protection from the British in 2010. That is how often the federal government sodomized me in my sleep against my will until then. The only way it could have continued in two other countries and the US again after I got back is if Obama ordered it. Mexico and the UK are decidedly outside FBI jurisdiction. Also, sodomizing an innocent woman in her sleep is not something the FBI comes up with on its own. That sort of depravity takes executive orders.

In 2009, I was raped so often as I slept by the federal government that my body started to twitch and seize when I would doze off in order to keep me awake. My body was trying to protect itself from being further sodomized. I still see remnants of the permanent damage I was caused in my underwear on occasion.

The federal government who was raping me and broadcasting me in the privacy of my own home against my will showed me twitching and seizing when I tried to sleep. They claimed to the public I could not sleep at night because I 'had a guilty conscience.' I never knew what they were talking about until years later when I learned they had framed me for murder.

I was so terrorized I fled the country and sought political protection from the British in 2010. Obama arranged for me to still be raped in my sleep every night and drugged all day after I arrived in the UK, but the British and I have come to an understanding after the fact. I pray David Cameron sent in his evidence that he is not to blame for my being raped, drugged, tortured, imprisoned, etc. in the UK while I was there in 2010; it was all Obama's doing.

The British government, in fact, feels so guilty about taking part in persecuting me that they have decided to take part in rescuing me from Obama. The best thing they can do right now is turn in their evidence that Obama sent the orders. MI6 along with the rest of my rescuers have breaking in here to get me out all under control.

As for the minutia of my life, as far as I can tell, I am not making any money off of having a camera in my head. It is all I have for a security system, though. So it runs. If the world could just give me bodyguards 24/7, I would be able to take out my contacts. This security system is all I have as a deterrent against people causing me harm while I am awake.

While I am asleep, my only deterrent is my hacked webcam. So far, except for twice in my childhood bedroom in 2011 when the federal government had hacked its feed to broadcast libelous porn in had created supposedly of me, it has kept me safe.

The hacked webcam has been so effective, in fact, that NBC news used to have instructions from Obama to convince me to sleep with my computer off. Nancy Sniederman used to run stories about people only getting good sleep when all of their electronics were shut off. The story ran so often it forced me to stop watching the Today show all together.

My need for protection from the federal government and its goons has never been so critical. Someone broke into my apartment most likely Monday while I was sleeping and put cocaine in my orange juice most likely while the hacked webcam was not watching the front door for me. I had a glass Monday night, and it really messed me up. I poured out the orange juice Tuesday after I slept it all off. I had not had problems with that jug of orange juice before, but I did have problems in the past under the bubble with people messing with my groceries.

How do I know it was the federal government? Because they are the ones with cameras in my living space against my will watching everything I do from changing my clothes to going to the bathroom. And absolutely no one was notified, no police, no one, that there was an intruder in my home. That is how I know the federal government came in my home to put cocaine in my orange juice. I can only wonder what other horrors they have done to my place.

My beautiful world, I am relying on you to keep me safe from Obama's attacks. Watch my apartment through the windows while I am in it, when I am out, and when I am asleep. You are all I have for security, my beautiful world. The police have proven they will not show up. Keeping me safe goes against their orders from Obama. And thank you.

My brave rescuers, how are things looking right now? I am doing everything I can from in here to take down this bubble officially, so you can reach me. Between us, I am sure we will have this taken care of sooner rather than later. Thank you. Of course, thank you.

SynSyn, do we have a way to get a hold of Nick who was so good to me Sunday night? I am worried we need to help him get lawyers to fight whatever punishment Obama dishes out to people who disobey his unconstitutional rules. See if we can get a counter suit or whatever you call it into federal court.

People in America are supposed to have freedom of speech, and according to the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Pentagon Papers, we cannot be censored until after we speak. Let us see if Nick will help us get the rules officially deemed unconstitutional. Maybe Sweetness knows how to get a hold of him. Someone does. Thank you!

Sweetness, it has been heroics all over the place, has it not? Thank you, darling, for leading the charge to rescue me. Look at everything we have accomplished together. Now think of everything we will be able to achieve once we can finally be together. The world will be our oyster. We will come up with nothing but pearls.

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