Monday, June 17, 2013

I am Barely Hanging on in Here.

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Here is my latest blog post. Imagine the world without me. Then save me before Obama's bubble can destroy me. I am barely hanging on in here.

Pakistan. It is very important for women and girls to receive an education. I am a prime example of this. Where would this world be if I were stupid?

Women are a valuable resource. If you invest in your women and girls be educating us, your nations will have more doctors, more leaders, more engineers, and more resources. Think of how prosperous your people would be if you had more resources.

Iran. Iran just had elections, and a centrist as opposed to a conservative is now president. This shows great promise for Iran to rejoin the rest of world and promise for Iran to work towards removing its heavy sanctions. Rohani, I pray I get to work with you to create goodness in the world. I have great expectations for Iran.

Turkey. There is still conflict in Turkey. After days of peaceful protest, Erdogan is displaying violent resistance to any and all dissent among his people. Erdogan, please learn to work with dissenters not against them. Dissent serves a very important role in the natural growth of democracies. Please work together, and do not allow Turkey to fall apart.

South Africa. For a few fleeting moments this last weekend, I thought I might actually be able to see Nelson Mandela before he passed away. Obama is determined to make sure none of my dreams ever come true, though. Mr. Mandela, please hang in there. This world is much better off with you in it.

As for my life, even now after everything I have been through and after everything everybody knows about now, Obama is still refusing to give me even my most basic of human rights. The mandate was repealed. I was acknowledged as innocent on all charges by the Supreme Court. I offered to negotiate his impending impeachment until it was off the table. The bubble has been deemed unconstitutional. But Obama just keeps breaking the law and persecuting me no matter what. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Do you remember this? Under Obama's rules, I am forbidden from having any friends at all whatsoever even casual ones. I am forbidden control over my own finances. I am forbidden employment that makes an income. I am forbidden from driving a car. I am forbidden from being with my own loving husband.

I am tortured. I am raped as a form of torture. I am injected with heavy chemicals as a form of torture. I am libeled. I am persecuted. I am enslaved. I am sold. I have no personal privacy.

And I am actively deprived of reality by everyone who surrounds me. I am trapped in a city that will do everything possible to destroy me for him from poisoning my food and drink to actively singling me out for public persecution.
Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

This persecution will just go on and on without end until Obama is removed from office. I am persecuted. All of America is oppressed. And Obama would rather kill my husband than allow him near to me to end the bubble of hell and torture. We need Obama impeached to save me, to save America, and as a result, to save the world. Nothing else will end this.

My beautiful world, something has to happen. I am doing everything I can in here, but I cannot get my human rights back alone. I need help. I need you all to take action. We need to create good in the world together. Please make sure Obama is impeached and the immigration reform bill is passed both as soon as possible.

I am festering and dying inside this bubble. It was designed to destroy me, and that is exactly what it is doing. It is not easy to hold on in this hell that deprives me on purpose of everything good and natural in the world. All I have for company is a mother who lies to my face and who is an active part of the persecution. I look around, and I am completely alone in here.

I cannot hunger strike because Obama would just leave me to die. I have no power to do anything in this situation. There is nothing I can do to get human rights. I need your help, my beautiful world. I need you to rise up and set me free. Please save me, my beautiful world. Save me before this bubble destroys me. Please make sure Obama is impeached and the immigration reform bill is passed both as soon as possible.

I understand the G8 is on right now in Northern Ireland. Are the world's leaders having any luck beating reason into Obama's head? My beautiful world, I am having no luck getting to my human rights on my own in here. I need you to save me. Can we get anything through the UN in time to arrest Obama while he is on foreign soil? Please try.

When in doubt, my beautiful world, there are five easy things you can do to prevent my soul from dying in here. Imagine the world without me. Then please do everything possible to keep me good and beautiful.
1.) Organize. Make noise. Protest. Raise some nonviolent hell. Your constant pressure on the government is invaluable. Obama terrorizes people into obeying him because they are good to me one by one. If everyone saves us all at once, America will get away with setting itself free. Iowa in particular needs someone to come in here and organize these people en masse. This is not rebellion; this is civil disobedience, that which civil rights movements are always built on. The rules are proven unconstitutional anyway.
2.) Increase awareness. Make sure there is no one anywhere in the world who does not know who I am, what I do for this world, and how much I suffer. I spend all day every day using my intellect to save the world. Spread the truth around.
3.) Turn in your evidence. Has Obama commanded or even asked you to do ANYTHING concerning me since 2009? We could have gotten this far with his impeachment years ago if we just had all of the evidence in one place sooner. Please help us. If you have witnessed, endured, or suffered through any oppression or human rights violations at the hands of Obama, send Syniva your evidence and witness testimonies.
4.) Be good to me. Keep me as safe as possible. Spend time with me. Be a true friend to me not some superficial twat who asks me my name. I live with a target the president of the United States put on my head. I could use some help making it through this without being so persecuted that I am destroyed. Be a hero; do not be a stereotypical Iowan. And definitely keep watching the hacked webcam while I sleep. That broadcast is the only thing that prevents Obama from raping me again.
5.) Support the people who fight for me if you cannot fight for me yourself. Buy Syniva's art. Feed my protesters. Get my rescuers to my side. Do whatever it takes. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is in the way of my having human rights if necessary. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. Try to predict when and if they will need help. Even heroes need help. You know what to do. They need your help constantly.
And, thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you! I would be nothing without you. You give me faith in humanity and love for the world. Imagine the world without me; then impeach Obama in time to save me from his bubble destroying me. Thank you, my beautiful world.

My brave rescuers, what else do you need? I understand Obama is out of control in his need to destroy everything beautiful about me. That is the only reason he keeps you away from me because you would save me from him. All of this persecution and oppression would end if you could just reach me. That is why Obama would rather kill all of you than let you through. I am trying everything I can, but do not forget that the bubble is designed to keep me the most powerless person involved.

Do you remember this? Before the courts verified our rights to peaceably assemble, there was a declared civil war, but that all changed when the courts said we have rights. They were only fighting, so they could show up and be with me, and the government now says they have a right to do that. So there is no need for war. Now, my Sweetness and my rescuers are just men and likely women trying to exercise their God-given and court-upheld rights without dying first. They only fire their weapons in self-defense against Obama now. Click here to read the entire previous blog post. That was war declared and undeclared by my rescuers.

I hear Obama is trying to justify still trying to kill all of you including my husband by saying he is still involved in a WAR against all of you. What is anybody talking about? It requires an act of Congress before Obama can declare a war. Clearly, Obama gave the FBI orders to kill anyone trying to exercise their God-given and federal-court-upheld right to be with me as a friend, husband, or companion and will justify such murder with any lie. This is clearly not the military waging war; that would take an act of Congress.

Will this really never end until Obama is impeached, or can we get it taken care of sooner? I am scheduled to be tortured again on 27June2013. That is next Thursday. If there is any way to get me a rescue before then, my beautiful world, I would greatly appreciate it. Congress, United Nations, G8 Leaders, everybody, please try. I need you.

SynSyn, WOW! You have sure been busy and successful. Thank you for everything you do for me. I am doing everything I can in here, but nothing is getting better. I am still alone. I am still bitterly alone in here. I need you back in my life, Synny. I need friends. I need my BFF. The loneliness alone is enough to kill me.

Sweetness, did you get your hands on my birthday gift to you, yet? Let me know when you get to listen to it. I know you know what it is. I asked you to watch me make it. But I do not think they broadcast me with audio anymore. Let me know what you think. It is designed to make you happy. I need you to feel loved, darling. I know what it is like to live in doubt and worry, and I never want to put you through that... like the flowers kiss the rain.

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