Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Have Seen no Signs of Progress, Yet.

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Here is my latest blog post. We have made grand progress, but absolutely nothing has changed for me, yet. They keep saying, "By the weekend Squid will be free." But I have yet to see any signs of anything changing.

Washington, DC, USA. Immigration reform seems dead. That is such a shame. Immigration reform would do wonders for the economy and the national debt besides being the right thing to do for the nation as a whole.

I heard the argument that killing immigration reform would not stop any more Latino voters from voting for Republicans. Well, right now, just about no Latinos vote Republican anyway. It will take more than one gesture by the GOP to convince Latinos to support them. It will take immigration reform and a stream of other friendly legislation on Latino topics to win voters. But it starts with immigration reform.

I know I am personally invested in the bill because it would make maintaining Obama's bubble policy concerning me an impeachable offense. And we need Obama impeached. I wish the house Republicans would reconsider passing the bill. Obama has promised that the persecution of me he orders will not end until he is removed from office.

Paris, France. You do not have to be French or German or even British to believe I deserve full human rights. Plenty of Americans also believe I am being crucified to satisfy a sociopathic president. When is enough enough?

How much are you going to make me suffer, Congress, before you finally just impeach the president for his constitution-violating rules? There is a reason the executive branch is forbidden from creating laws.

China. Liao Yiwu was in his 30s when he was arrested for writing and performing a poem about the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China. His story sounds like Obama's America today. Could you imagine what would happen if a poet like Margaret Atwood, or similarly accredited, went on David Letterman, for example, and performed a poem openly about me?

Our movies are censored. Our musicians are censored. Our television is censored. Our news is censored. Our books are censored. Our magazines are censored. Everything is censored in America under Obama. But according to the Supreme Court, Americans cannot be censored until AFTER they speak.

What will it take to set America free? It will require Congress impeaching Obama for abusing his office and oppressing all of America just to be able to persecute me. Impeach Obama for his rules and for his executive orders. It is illegal to persecute. It is illegal to oppress. It is illegal to be a dictator in America.

My beautiful world, yes, I heard the good news. And, yes, we should celebrate, but we are not done yet. Even if I eventually get enough rights to sneak away to someplace foreign where I can have full human rights again, America will still be indefinitely oppressed. And I have still yet to see any progress inside this bubble anyway.

There also seems to be a new libel video circulating supposedly about me. I honestly have no idea what I am accused of, so am I framed again? I assume another false video was involved. We know these videos are never of me.

Also, I have long said, Mark R. Gray needs to be disbarred for his involvement in the conspiracy to criminally persecute me in Iowa. He needs to be disbarred and imprisoned.

I have never in my life wanted to kill anybody. But this man has caused me so much damage since 2010 that if I ever had the power to put a hit on someone's head, and we all know I do not have such power, I would have put one on Mark R. Gray of Whitfield & Eddy in Ankeny, Iowa.

I have no wrath, my beautiful world. I have no power to exact vengeance for crimes committed against me. I have to leave things up to the universe and the courts to get justice.

I pray Syniva eventually has enough free time to go after Mark R. Gray with criminal charges. I know I keep her very busy. Or maybe it will be the first thing I do once I have my rights to press charges myself back again. Either way, Mark R. Gray defines 'hate' and 'evil' and 'persecute' and needs to be punished.

What did you say, Mark R. Gray? You only did what Obama told you to do? Well, this is your chance to turn in your evidence before Syniva and I tear you to shreds. We have the transcripts of every hearing, and we have the paperwork you filed. You lied all over the place when everybody knew better. Expect severe punishment, or you could, of course, turn in Obama for everything instead.

My brave rescuers, stay as close to me as you can get. I might need to find a way to reach you on my own from here. I have no idea where you are, and I have no idea how to reach you. But once I get the chance to look for you, I will. Please keep an eye on me. And please stay close.

SynSyn, you are so wonderful. And you are such a hero. You have been making grand progress. Thank you, Synny. If you can get Iowa to meet our demands, we can help Iowa through our foundation. Please try to get me a ride to my husband wherever he is willing to meet me (Canada? or were they corrupted?) on an Iowa Reserves helicopter. My rescuers would love that... or even just a ride to my rescuers. Please try.

Sweetness, we are going to make such beautiful babies, assuming I still can when I get my full human rights back. There has been so much testosterone, and I am getting old. I heard a rumor you want three more. You want five kids total? Really? Well, let us see if I still have three in me. This may not be easy; it might take a lot of trying. Oh, we shall try.

And to keep you completely up to date, the man I was sleeping with and I decided to be just friends. He has hang ups about sleeping with a married woman, and I do not want to be in the way of his finding a girlfriend. He is a real sweetheart, so now we are friends. I recommended we meet in a public place next time I see him.

Darling, I do not see myself finding someone else to sleep with. That was about all I could take of that. I love and adore you so much. You are still free, of course, to date to your heart's content, but I will not be. Someday it will be your arm I am hanging off of. Save the last dance for me.

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