Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here Comes the Chief

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Here is my latest blog post. This should be short and sweet.

Please remember that for the most part I have no clue what happens out there. Keeping reality away from me is part of the public persecution. I am very difficult to communicate with, but for the sake of America, please keep making sure I get your messages.

Biden was impeached on 05August2013 for murdering my rescuers. I believe this made Speaker of the House John Boehner our newest president. We have achieved regime change in America.

President Boehner has agreed to take the bubble down with ceremony and a media circus on 19Aug2013. President Boehner is America's hero. Boehner will save me, save America, and as a result, save the world. Soon, the presses will be able to report he is our hero. We need to celebrate, my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, CELEBRATE! You did so much hard work for me, and you all saved me. Please keep me safe until I have a husband and bodyguards to do that for me instead. I am looking forward to a long life serving the world, and it is in no small part because of all the love and support you have all shown me. I love you, my beautiful world. Thank you!

And, of course, if Congress, the Courts, or President Boehner ever need anything from me, all they have to do is ask. I will always serve my country. America rose up to rescue me. It is the least I can do.

And if I can ask for one last favor, please make sure my husband is an active part of the planning of my ceremonial release from this bubble. I need to make sure he will be there when I am released. Trust him to know what I want from my ceremony and media circus. Please. Thank you!

My brave rescuers, I understand you want me to go down to you in Kansas City before 19Aug to guarantee I get a rescue. For this to be possible, you have to send me a lift. I know you can get people in here. I will be at the Greenwood again tomorrow night if you need to send someone to talk to me.

If you want Jared to give me a lift, you will have to send someone in here in Iowa to sit down with him and answer his questions. Where should he take me? Will he get in trouble with anyone? How long will it take? He has a job and other engagements to schedule around. You know where he lives. You know where he works. Please talk to him.

SynSyn, Chanel always reminds me of you. Soon we will be free to hang out, talk about sex, drink coffee, go shopping, and do normal BFF things. I cannot wait to hug you. You are one of my biggest heroes.

Sweetness, this will work. Get your lips ready for some kissing. Are you in Kansas City ready to ride into Iowa to sweep me up and ride off into the sunset with me? Please contact the president (Something that should be possible now.) to make sure you are part of my ceremonially being released from the bubble. Stay in the know, and please be an active part of my safe release.

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  1. wow it seems you're the first to know about President Boehner