Monday, October 11, 2010

The Post for the Day Before my Birthday

Properly placed diplomacy fuels economies instead of deadening them and serves the people’s needs. The US and the UK have a whole hell of a lot to learn. You see, properly placed diplomacy also does not involve sending missiles to hit a supposed ally. That giant hole in the ground in Chicago is there because the British government wanted to end all of humanity instead of face justice for what they have already done to me. I am sorry I let one through to hit Chicago. I still weep over that. Just ask the astronauts from any country who witnessed it all.

Support for an economy can come from any of all sorts of place. These places include sporting events like the French Open, the World Cup, or (for once, a sporting event I am not too quackery-drugged to miss all of) the Commonwealth Games. Oh, did they not tell you that the quack kept me too uselessly drugged to watch the World Cup? I am still angry about that. Yes, well, help for economies can come from all sorts of places. I hear a pirate movie is filming in London. We do everything we can. What do the British do to support us? Anything? 

I am still a victim of the British. I am only one woman; I cannot do everything. I cannot take care of the British while I am still their victim. The British need to stand up and demand I be set free of this hell. Until then, they live without any help from me... I just cannot do it. Stand up, Brits, stand up already!

Someone needs to cut Pakistan some slack. Not only have they dealt with flood, famine, and drone attacks from the US. Now, they just had an earthquake. Yes, I have taken it up with Mother Nature, but we strictly do not discuss earthquakes. Besides, we have had red sludge in Hungary as a hot topic lately. What would be best is if the US government would behave itself and only send troops to places they will NOT die in vain. That is not a real conflict. It is an invented one; that is why it is hopeless to win, just like Afghanistan.

Okay, fine, I admitted it. I can talk to Mother Nature, but I cannot speak to those in the afterlife. Let me dispel that myth about my abilities right now. There have been a wave of entertainment industry deaths lately, and as much as I would like to speak with Tony Curtis, it does not lie in my list of skills to communicate across the aether into the Underworld. I do not see ghosts. Or, if I do, I cannot tell that they are ghosts. I have many superhuman skills. That is not one of them.

Religion is a very important thing. It not only helps humanity make sense out confusing topics like the afterlife, the universe, and life, but it also is source of services for the community. I know that is a strange thing for a proud atheist such as myself to say, but it is what I believe. A great deal of good for the public from prisoner negotiations to soup kitchens come from religious institutions. I just have faith in a different higher power. I put my faith in humanity.  Stay strong and united, my beautiful world, and you will help me finally reach my human rights.

I also have faith my mail will eventually arrive. Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday, and I am expecting cards and packages from my mom and sisters. One package from my mother already went missing. Apparently, someone stole the external CD/DVD RW drive I bought for myself with the meager funds I am allowed during this whole debacle. My mom mailed it to me, and it never arrived. Let’s all make sure my birthday cards get here intact.

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