Monday, February 11, 2013

Le Bon Ton Roule!

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Here is my latest blog post. We start with Catholic news and end with my Sweetness signing a love song. Are you ready for this?

New Orleans, LA. Le bon ton roule! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. I hope everyone's Mardis Gras is festive and safe. I only wish I had enough human rights I could be there with you all to celebrate.

Vatican City. Dearest Pope Benedict XVI, we will miss you. It is your choice, of course, concerning your own health, and when it comes to your own health, no one knows better than you. But we will miss you. I was looking forward to doing good work in the world with you. I can only hope your successor will be as supportive of me as you always have been. I look forward to doing good work in the world with him, too.

As for my life, I will start with the nationally smaller concerns and work towards the larger...

I gave my evil father Tom Varilek absolutely no permission to sell any of my belongings. Seeing as I was not allowed back into my parents' house to collect my own things, this auction of Tom Varilek's should be viewed with great suspicion.

Shame on anyone who gives money to Tom by buying anything he sells. He uses that money to be able to continue committing crimes against me instead of allowing the civil judgments to make him stop. He is making money off of truths about me he denies to my face and will spend every penny hurting me.

SynSyn, unleash on Tom if he tries to sell anything I rightfully own be it a childhood possession or something I owned as an adult. And please publicly shame everyone who gives him money by buying something.

Also concerning Tom, I would have an acceptable quality of life if I were free to leave Iowa to be with my husband. Instead, Tom Varilek has imprisoned me in Iowa where I must beg him for enough of my own money to buy a pair of unbroken shoes.

SynSyn, sue Tom. Make him provide me with the lifestyle I would have if I were free to live with my husband or deliver me to my husband safely immediately. One of the most active barriers between me and my happily ever after is Tom Varilek; why else was he in such a hurry to send me back here to Iowa before I could reach my husband in LA? Do you remember how he told all of my rescuers to stay off his property? He does these things specifically to keep me away from my husband preventing me from having an acceptable lifestyle.

Tom Varilek has been capitalizing on being my father monetarily. Make him spend that money providing me with groceries and unbroken shoes instead of supporting his crimes against me. And SHAME ON EVERYONE who buys anything at his auctions.

As for bigger concerns, nationally speaking, it looks like we need to start the talks again. Please, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladimir Putin, my BFF Ms. Syniva Whitney, either Speaker of the House John Boehner or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and either Mr. Brian Williams of NBC or Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN, I need to ask you all again to negotiate an end to this bubble for me.

Please, my angelic negotiators, find a way to identify all of Obama's objections to giving me basic rights and freedoms and get him over them. This might require enlisting the help of Obama's friends or heroes like Prime Minister David Cameron or former President Nelson Mandela. But we need to get Obama over his personal vendetta against me and willing to act in the best interests of the United States finally. Are Democrats in Congress willing to help?

Yes, Congress already did their job by repealing the mandate. The bubble is only a policy of Obama now. But we also need to motivate Congress to take some extra steps to mandating an end to the bubble. We need to mandate an end to all unconstitutional restrictions left on any Americans including me.

Republicans in Congress are already on board. My beautiful world, we need to find out which Democrats if any support me. I am pretty sure we can count on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein from California for support, but can we ask them to support my having physical safety and the freedom to assemble and associate again? Can we count on Democrats to want to return freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble and associate to all Americans again even if Obama obsessively opposes basic freedoms in America?

We need to get a mandate through the House and the Senate to remove all "bubble era" restrictions still inhibiting all Americans' Constitutional rights. We need to get a mandate through Congress to make America the land of the free again. The latest Rasmussen poll says that only 39% of Americans believe America is on the right track. We can fix that. We just need to mandate that I be treated like a human by the government again.

My beautiful world, I am not abandoned nor left behind. I know how many of you there are and how hard you work. Instead I am oppressed and persecuted. I need all of you to mobilize Congress to seek (justice and) human rights.

Explain to Congress that their fundraising and reelection depend on their proper representation of their constituencies' desires to support me and see me free. (For more about justice, please speak with Dr. Cornel West.) Please, my beautiful world, I need you. Write to your Congresspeople. You can set me free; it just takes getting a negotiated end or a mandate around Obama and through Congress. It will likely be 'bundled,' so Obama cannot veto it.

And still, my previously detailed (in this blog) offer to drop my civil charges leveled against Obama personally if I am given my completely unrestricted husband early and if Obama's full transition is approved of by all of my negotiators and then made public still stands. I know the bubble ends in March anyway, but even that is still just Obama policy and nothing codified. I do not believe we can trust Obama to take down this unconstitutional bubble ever.

My brave rescuers, how close were you this last time? If you need anything, just ask my beautiful world. They will provide. I am worried about all of you. You are so many and so capable. It must be something truly ugly that is keeping all of you away from me. Whatever you need, just ask.

My beautiful world, if any of you out there have any suggestions on how to get this bubble taken apart, I would love to hear them. I am always open to suggestions. Try anything and everything to get me out of here. And thank you, all of you, for all of your genius progress out there lately. I only wish we could get such grand progress inside the bubble, too. There have been no improvements to my quality of life.

SynSyn, how was your birthday? Did the world show you love? Let us pray we get to celebrate belatedly this year not after Obama finally leaves office. Can you imagine how ugly things will get if this bubble is not ended by the end of March as promised? We cannot trust Obama. My beautiful world needs to be prepared to take action if he refuses to end the bubble.

Sweetness, you are my Valentine this year and every year for the rest of my life. And my Valentine is a brave man. He is passionate, and he is capable. You are my hero, my beloved, and my king. I love and adore you... and always will.

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, we need more moments like we had during the Grammys. I know you are working hard. How long before you are out and about promoting 'The Lone Ranger'? I would love to have your ear again.

Speaking of the Grammys,... This made me weep with love for you, darling...

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