Saturday, February 23, 2013

Persecuting me does NOT Make America Safer.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start in Iran. We take a foray through rumors I have heard. And we end with wedding plans. This is a short but effective blog post, if you ask me.

Iran. Just let me talk to Iran about nuclear weapons already. We need someone both sides trust to sit down with them and find out what their real goals are. Everyone seems convinced they are building nuclear weapons. They cannot drop a nuclear weapon on Israel without destroying sites holy to Islam. Why are they really doing this? Just let me talk to them. Do not let this go too far without my trying.

As for my life, I just heard Obama try to make the argument that persecuting me is a matter of national security. Oh, really? Which part of raping me, enslaving me, libeling me, broadcasting me, torturing me, etc. has made America safer? America is not safer now that no one but me has freedom of expression, freedom of the press has been suspended, and no one has the right to assemble or associate anymore.

It has been quite the opposite, actually. Obama has created instability in America by abusing his office to persecute me. We have a civil war now. Protests have become violent because Obama has broken the law to make me live as miserable a life as possible.

Is there any explanation for how I have been forced to live since 2009? The only logical conclusion anyone can draw for why this has been happening is Obama is a tyrant with control issues who falsely believes he is above the law. I challenge anyone to find any other explanation for my hair, for the city water, and for the rampant human rights violations. I have had various theories in the past, but with Obama still enforcing the bubble even after it has been completely repealed by Congress, this is the only logical conclusion.

In the land of random rumors, were people really arrested for breaking rules? If this is real, do I have enough money to send them lawyers? I never leave anyone behind, and this is a great chance to get the bubble deemed completely unconstitutional.

I have also heard rumors that there is a new slop trough of fake videos of me circulating out there. Be wary of anything labeled as being me. My beautiful world, I am sure you have identified the few sources of reliable truth about me out there. If the video is not coming from a reliable source such as me or my genius podcasters, do not trust it.

As for things I know for real in my life, the bartender Tom at the Alpine Tap Room on Ingersoll in Des Moines threw me out last night and told me to never come back. He was pulling attitude about who I claim my common law husband is, so I got up to walk out to avoid an argument. And he told me to never come back.

Please, somebody, sit down with Thomas and explain to him reality about me. Explain to him that this blog is all verified as real. Explain to him about the toxins in the city water. Explain to him that I have a common law husband who started a civil war to rescue me from treatment like Thomas gives me.

Tom was pulling horrible and aggressive attitude on me last night. Please explain reality to him. He is the daytime bartender at the Alpine Tap Room during the day hours every day but Sunday and Monday. He would not have done it if he were not delusional and brainwashed by Obama.

My brave rescuers, it is so close to March, but do we have any guarantees yet that this will end in March? We cannot trust Obama. If we can get a codified guarantee that I get to be with my completely unrestricted husband in March, I say wait until March to come get me again. I hate when you die.

My brave rescuers, I was told recently that saving me is not worth the financial cost and effort people are spending on me. But is such an assertion worth risking my life on? What I worry I am not worth is the cost in human life. How many good people has Obama killed who have been coming here as one of you to rescue me? Is anything worth losing even one of you? I worry about you all constantly.

My beautiful world, whatever my rescuers need, please make sure you provide it. I am worth such superficial things as money. Please also find out how many brave rescuers Obama has killed and hang Obama with that number. These are good people. A great many of them are good Americans that Obama kills every day. Hold Obama accountable for every single loss of life.

SynSyn, I have no idea how long Sweetness is willing to wait between reaching me and marrying me. If we are getting married in a hurry, and Sweetness has every right to make that happen if he wants it that way, I am counting on you to work with him on making it the teeny tiny yet luxurious wedding of my dreams. No one knows me better than you. I mailed you some snail mail concerning the wedding yesterday afternoon.

Synny, you are my Matron of Honor and my entire half of the wedding party. I am getting married in red, so the wedding colors will be black and white. It is Asian tradition for the bride and the groom to both be married in red, but if Sweetness wants to be dressed as a knight in shining armor or a cowboy or something else equally romantic, it is his choice. Thank you for everything you do for me, SynSyn. You are the best BFF ever!

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I saw you Thursday night on Letterman. I was giddy all day waiting to see you, and I was glowing the whole while you were on my television screen. I could do little more than just sit here and love you, but you were quite informative. I keep you so busy. I love and adore you, Sweetness. We need more time together.

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