Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The World Needs Me.

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Here is my latest blog post.

Sudan. There has been new ethnic cleansing in Sudan recently. We are looking at a return to the ways of Darfur. Does anybody know? Can anybody help?

Is there an UN special envoy to Sudan? Is there someone who can take a look at the decades of conflict and find out what everyone's grievances are to be able to start offering solutions? I offer all the help I can, but I am far from having enough human rights of my own to be able to delve into this like I would like. Can anyone else do this? I will help him or her once I am free.

Egypt. The opposition needs a leader whom they can fight to have elected. They need someone to rally around. I have heard that they "need a Nelson Mandela," and I agree. They need a leader who could assume the role of president if elected. The opposition in Egypt need a figurehead.

Tunisia. I heard the news of the assassination. Please, Tunisia, hold your country together. It is possible to have dissent and stability at the same time, and that is what you need to achieve. There is so much unrest and instability in your part of the world right now. Please do everything you can to fight for change, human rights, and democracy without allowing the entire Middle East and North Africa to unravel. The world needs you.

Mali. I was recently asked, "How do we win the peace in Northern Mali?" You can make North Africa inhospitable to al Qaeda, but they will just go somewhere else. The more you fight Islamist extremist, the stronger they become. They exist because of the fight. If you want the threat of Islamist extremists to go away, you have to create a peaceful and prosperous Arab World that gets along with the West. You have to take away any reason for them to fight the West. This can only be done through peace and cultural understanding.

Until we can create a peaceful, prosperous, understanding, and interdependent world, there will always be a threat of al Qaeda. Until you can take away the reason for the fight, you can only win the battle without ever winning the war.

USA. The American Civil Liberties Union is pressing charges against the federal government due to human rights violations committed through drone strikes against Americans. Because it is a human rights violation, it is illegal for any government to kill any human, unless they are on the battlefield, without putting them in trial first.

Obama's policy of violate-human-rights-first-and-then-justify-with-national-security-later is both a domestic and an international crime now. What kind of world are we living in if the president of the United States of America, the country that is supposed to prize human rights and freedoms above all else, believes he can go anywhere he wants in the world and kill anyone he wants in the world without a fair trial first? These are not gun-toting psychopaths in a shootout with the police; these are people picked out and hunted down just to be assassinated.

As for my life, Obama decided to jerk America around again. The bubble bursts completely in March anyway. The American public will see to that. I do not mind suing Obama personally to make him literally pay for his crimes against me. He was so close to choosing to set me free early to avoid the civil charges, but he failed. Let us be honest; how many times did Obama make a promise it would end, and how many times did he deliver? All he did was jerk America around again.

What I SHOULD have said was that I would drop the civil charges the moment the bubble was completely burst. Then we would have probably seen real progress. What I DID say, though, was that I would drop my civil charges against Obama the moment I was kissing my completely unrestricted husband, after my five negotiators approved of Obama's full transition schedule, and after that schedule was made public to all Americans.

I would have much prefered to have had to approve of the transition schedule myself, but Obama never speaks to me directly. So, it would have to go past Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, my BFF Syniva, either Speaker of the House Boehner or Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and either Brian Williams of NBC or Anderson Cooper of CNN for approval.

The transition schedule needs to be public knowledge, so America will know when everybody gets her and his full Constitutional rights back again. The point is moot, I suppose. The bubble bursts completely in March with no transition time. That is just a matter of weeks. February is a short month.

I am a woman of my word, though, so I will leave the offer open to drop the civil charges against Obama if this ends early, if I get to be with my completely unrestricted husband immediately, and if Obama makes public his full transition schedule after it is approved of by me or all of my negotiators. I understand Obama has chosen just to pay me, but I always keep my promises.

I will be tortured again tomorrow if this does not get resolved tonight, and then the charges against Obama will get even uglier. I know he would rather not spend the rest of his life laboring to pay off his court obligation to me. Let us see if he chooses to stop jerking around all of America as to whether or not we will finally be a free nation again.

My brave rescuers, I will be tortured tomorrow if I do not find a way to get you here. I would prefer not to be tortured, but you will get your Constitutional rights back in March anyway. I know you will make sure the bubble bursts completely. Thank you for everything you do for me. Someday I will have the right words to tell you just how grateful I am for you.

My beautiful world, if Obama keeps failing America by refusing to set me free until March, you need to make sure the bubble bursts completely with NO TRANSITION in March. This is your power, my beautiful world. You need to stand up and demand your full Constitutional rights from our corrupt government. Never settle for less than you deserve; accept no transition if this extends into March. Use your voices. Make yourselves heard on this topic. Make some magic, my beautiful world.

SynSyn, move full speed ahead with all charges. Do not forget priority one and priority two with the criminal charges. The civil charges are our leverage, but I will still find great justice in a major court settlement with Obama. That is the purpose of civil charges, after all... JUSTICE! Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, we get so close sometimes, do we not? To be clear, I never thought Obama would let you be with me before March anyway. Obama has a long history of jerking the country around with false promises of what are supposed to be guaranteed human rights in America. I love and adore you. We will be together. We are so close.

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