Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recent Developments

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Here is my latest blog post. There has been good news, and there has been bad news.

Washington, DC. I hear a lot of point-the-finger politics, but I do not always falls for it. Congress, I know you work very hard in both houses. You are facing two very big deadlines of 01March and 27March. If you need anything from me, just let me know. No one who fights as hard as I do to save America would just let the finances fall apart if I could do something. I have faith you can work together, and I am only here to help.

As for my life, Tom Varilek just passed away. SynSyn, please take care of the adult guardianship. We cannot leave it in limbo. I have grieving to do. I was up most of the night after Tom died from nightmares of all the ways he hurt me while he was alive. Healing can be painful, I guess. I can only pray for his sake that it was an attack of conscience that took him, so he actually repented before he left us.

SynSyn, pursue resolving the adult guardianship limbo with the probate court in Polk County. My mother plans on taking control of my finances with no legal reason to do so. I have rent due in two days, so this is fine on the short term. But it makes me very unhappy and very uncomfortable. Give my mother until 01April to do everything possible to transition all of my finances into my control. Sit down with her. Be gentle. Explain to her that it is already March, and I am soon free. If she refuses, we will sort out what legal recourse to take after 01April.

In good news, I heard the update that I should just not go in to be tortured anymore. It has been medically proven to be nothing but torture. Sadly, we cannot trust Polk County to acknowledge this. Unless I receive written notification from the courts that the torture, unlawful commitment, and egregious adult guardianship have been ended, I have no choice but to show up to be tortured, or they will institutionalize me despite the fact I have absolutely no mental illness. Polk County cannot be trusted otherwise.

I am scheduled to be tortured next on 07March and could use any form of rescue before then. Please, my beautiful world, there must be something more we can do. We are very close to March. Please march full speed ahead with all methods be they legal action or Congressional heroics or anything else you all bravely do for me to make me safe and free finally.

Congress, when you do get a chance to breathe and when you finally get a chance to do something about Obama's human rights violating policy concerning me, please consider codifying not only that freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble and associate be returned to the masses but also consider codifying that no one can treat me like I have a mental illness nor have an adult guardianship and conservatorship over me. Those are two particular loopholes used to commit UN recognized torture of me and to unlawfully imprison me away from people who love me. Thank you, both houses of Congress. We can all be heroes.

My brave rescuers, we are so close to March. I understand if you want to wait to hear what the freedom news is before risking your lives again. I really really hate when you die. Please be as cautious as necessary, but do not forget I need you. Thank you for everything you do for me.

My beautiful world, it is almost March. It is time to demand our rights and not let up until we are all free again. The promise was this ends in March2013. We need to hold Obama to that. Use your voices, my beautiful world. Make some noise. Raise some nonviolent hell. And do not stop until we all have our rights back. I cannot do this without you. Please work your magic, my beautiful world. Thank you.

SynSyn, I was so invested in putting Tom in prison. I feel like his dying has cheated me of justice. Please sort out justice for me through what channels we have left. I sent you a letter yesterday telling you how to reach my mother and property manager. My mother never listens to me. I know you will sort that out too. At times like these, I am so lucky to have a BFF as wonderful as you.

Sweetness, about our happily ever after, do not expect me to be bossy, and do not expect me to be right all the time. I am an egalitarian. I picked you out of the billions all those years ago partly because I see myself in you. The other part was because I could see how much you love me. I need an equal in our home, darling. I am counting on you not to expect me to tell you what to do all the time. I am just not that kind of woman. I love and adore you.

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