Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As if it couldn´t get anymore pathetic out there...

Dude! Alright, we have been through this already, but let´s start all over again.

These two following paragraphs are opinions, but at least they are thorough and logically sound opinions: The only way to maintain a morally-implemented "Code of Silence" at all, it must, at the bare minimum, 1.) maintain all basic human rights including PRIVACY, 2.) be law-abiding in all ways, 3.)remain logically consistent, 4.) keep the subject complacent, and 5.) neither remove nor prevent natural occurances in mythe subject´s life such as any communication with any long-time friends.

This, of course, includes allowing me a doctor that can treat my entire person, mind, and body from all REAL ills. It includes allowing me an occupation befitting of my skill set in intellectual pursuits. It includes allowing me a lawyer, when necessary, to help right all wrongs done against me through the existing legal systems. It includes a normal PROGRESSION of activities and EVENTS in my life from the starting point of the "Code of Silence" to when-so-ever it may end in its own natural progression of growth. It includes a well-defined small set of TRUTHS that are to be kept away from the singular person upon which the "Code of Silence" does fall, and that small set cannot grow to include other things that are natural results of events that occur AFTER the "Code of Silence" is enstated. It also includes, among many other things, a very well-defined ending point, not one that can be moved around at the whim of a terrorist or dictator president in a childish effort to never be found guilty of deeply immoral-wrongdoings.

The paragraph of obvious SUGGESTIONS of behavior still expressed as opinions: Supposing that the method by which a "Code of Silence" is implemented might change hands, then the new authority that handles the new implementation must follow all of the above rules, as well. If an intentionally immorally-implemented "Code of Silence" should become discovered as implemented through inherrently and intentionally immoral methods (pardon any redundancies in there), it should be ended immediately, so as not to continue a long progression of illegal activities committed by the implementing authority that include suspending or flat-out removing many MORE innocent people's rights or freedoms. If an intentionally immorally-implemented "Code of Silence" should change hands to an actually well-meaning authority who plans to attempt an implementation of an actually morally-implemented (Wow! That sounds like a whole lot of legalease!) "Code of Silence" then that new authority should start the "Code of Silence" all over again with only the well-defined small subset of TRUTHS being the only things kept away from the person upon which the "Code of Silence" has fallen.

And here we find a response to a pathetic email attempt at sounding like one of my childhood friends. She has much better language skills. As you can see, I am still a bit ticked off with my inability to have any basic human rights even here where I am, particularly PRIVACY.

Please, again, remember that this was a private email sent by me to who was supposed to be my dear-old friend.

-----start quoted text-----
["She" asked why I traveled to Mexico City.]
Eh... why not? I direly need the bullshit removed from my head for severe medical reasons that will hopefully turn out benign. After all, I never gave anyone permission to put the crap in my head. And, I am the one who owns it, by virture of it being inside my body. I gave no one permission to activate it. I gave no one permission to receive its signals. I gave no one permission to use its signals.
And, I own rights to all content transmitted by said illegal equipment placed inside my body. If I say I want it removed, it really ought to be removed. There is no justifiable reason by any person who has taken a Hippocratic oath to not remove electronic equipment this close to someone´s brain, in the first place.

Also, ever since I knew it was all there shortly after I was discharged from my hospital stay, the only conceivable reason Obama would insist it stay inside my body, as if he had a choice over anything that happens inside my body to begin with, was that it might actually tempt me to kill myself and let him off the hook from outing the stuff that Mr. Johnny Depp does NOT yet know about yet that I do.
I mean, really, we all know that being kept in a vacuum of his lies works to my advantage; it has this entire time.

Besides, if don´t force this over with as soon as possible, odds are that the US will continue under a faschist regime with little or no contact with the outside world until I die comfortably in my vast old age of 97 in a beautiful foreign country. At which time, the truth will come out in its incompleteness without me to hold it accountable for everything I already figured out by not being subject to his tirade of lies. Then [again], I would have a back up plan in [place for any] time of my death anyway... It´s just that I wouldn´t be around `[then in order] to expertly keep people calm and sensible.

Oh, and while your at it, please tell the Feds to tell Obama that we all know I am immune to all of these diseases that he insists on trying to infect me with. We have already run the full gammut of the-deadly-and-infectious. Just let my anthrax breakout heal already. We know that none of the strains of anthrax, and he has exposed me to all of them, even scar me permanently, anyway.

Oh, and as a message to the Feds themselves... you´re just getting pathetic. I´m even outside of your jurisdiction, and I can still see that you are all still just wimpering in the dark without any toe-hold on competence. You must get it from your president. Enjoy!

-----end quoted text-----

As can be learned from this email, communications with close personal friends are frought with phrasologies typically only in which the other close personal friend might find the true meanings. As we can see, only I and my close personal friend would ever know what the message above ever honestly truly meant. Taking personal communications (inlcuding emails, voicemails, facebook comments, etc...) out of the context (legally or illegally) of the mutual knowledge and experiences of the two REAL people communicating would most likely find any other readers' interpretations full of unreliable inferences. Any response to such an email that would be unfitting for such a good, dear friend would inherrently mean that I could write any silly ole thing I felt like writing in response. Yey! For the true experiences of actual friendship.

Oh, and since you are all still reading, anyway. No, none of you have my permission to watch me in the privacy of my own home. I know there must be a legal justification to think that I might EVER commit a crime in my home based upon a well-established history of DOCUMENTED committed crimes in order to have ANY legal grounds to watch anyone within my home. I also know my police record in all places I have ever resided by heart: I had one confusion over driving on an out-of-state license while in California. There we go; was that a basis for any PATTERN of any illegal behavior? By the way, in REAL investigations, the footage is NOT released unless it is a circumstance such as needing help with a search for a suspect or something. And any release of such footage for any form of monetary gain falls under all licensing laws already established.

I have yet to hear any justification for WHY any division of the US executive branch would ever find the ditherings of my silly ole blog or even my historically-intended-entirely-and-only-for-good-friends Facebook feed at all ever slightly even interesting... least of all, the goings on in my own email inbox, telephone receiver, or private home. I am not stupid. I am pretty sure that if there were any FACTUAL grounds to be interested in any of my private domains, I would be able to figure it out. I have heard nothing, yet.

There are so many MORE things to say... Please take care out there. If anyone knows of any properly, scientifically tested method for removing bugs and speakers from ears, please let me know. From what I have put together, they just stay in your ear FOREVER just festering away and attempting to let the government command you. Be careful with what they try to make you believe. Please always temper it with reality. For further information on what-to-do-when-you-find-a-chip-in-your-ear, please consult my Facebook note entitled "Hypothetically speaking… a writing exercise in case science fiction becomes reality..." All of mine were completely involuntary.

Posted with a tiny bit of proofreading.

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