Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Communication Conundrum

Seeing as no emails are going to or from my email inbox unless the other person writing to me is a US federal agent making a very weak attemp to be a very dear old friend of mine, since I have no phone here, considering that people are also pretending to my dear old friends on my facebook friends list, because all messages and letters left for me at the hotel in which I am staying never reach me, and of course, because telephones refuse to function at all when I get near them, I stopped by my embassy here in México City ti finally be able to call somebody. It seems to cause some sort of international emergency when I show up on someone's doorstep unannounced to deliver a letter, but if you left ANY other means of communicating with another human being, I would not have to do that.

So, as I said, I stopped by my own embassy to use the phone, and as is their habit, they turned me away at the gate. It has happened more than once. In fact, they do it all the time while I am down here, despite my being a legal US citizen my ENTIRE life. Oddly, I have never been irrationally turned away from any other US embassy while traveling the world alone...

Anywho, the guard at the gate let me use the security guard's phone to talk to a lady inside with a voice a lot like our current Secretary of State who insisted the embassy was closed and that I could not possibly ever come in until Tuesday. By the way, this was well after the guard allowed other people into the embassy. So, I warned the lady on the phone that I was going to have all of my mail sent to the embassy for me to pick up since I had no other way to get mail. I warned her that all of my calls would then go through the embassy, that I would be sending all of my snail-mail from the embassy from now on, and that I would be using the embassy to make all of my calls.

This is the US Embassy in Mexico City. Please send all of my correspondence from now on here. Since, legally speaking, it is just another US address, I am on the verge of setting up a mail forward for all of the mail headed to my post office box in San Francisco, CA, as well as, all of the mail already held there for me.

United States Embassy to Mexico
Paseo de la Reforma 305
06500 México, D.F.
for US citizen: Tanya H. A. Varilek a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova

All calls can be directed to 001-52-55-5209-9100... just ask to leave me a message. I'm sure my own embassy will know how to reach me while I am here; they are, afterall, the ones who put all of this transmitting equipment in my head against my will in the first place.

Now, I need to go someplace outside and see what fails to make sense this time. Yey! Enjoy that communicating with me thing!

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