Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Sorry I Was Too Mellowed Out Yesterday to Write All of This...

Here are the major five things that ticked me off to finish the blisteringly honest blog post that only alluded to yesterday:

1.) I searched for available apartments in the DC area. Among the things I found were absolutely none in the actual market range for a studio apartment in DC proper. There were also zero, zip, zilch listed as available in Lafayette Square itself. Quite suspicious, eh? I know it is not CraigsList leaking, though, and that is the best part. They are doing exactly what the government told them to do, I assume, and it is some other source of internet interference that affects all of my received search results. I wonder how the new Head of Cyber-Security feels about this.

2.) I have not yet been allowed to see the Australian Open 2010 Women's Singles Final. I could find no place showing it live, and even a friend who had recorded it and not seen it yet who had offered to watch it with me seems to have been stopped from allowing me to watch it after all. Will I ever see it?

3.) Odd conversations that sought me out at Spec's Adler Museum Cafe the other night almost sent me over the why-are-people-allowed-near-me-when-they-know-they-will-only-act-embarassingly-stupid-in-the-first-place edge. The first was a man whom I had never met before asking me if the snail-mail letter I was writing to my childhood friend still in Iowa was a Republican Manifesto. What? Why would I write a Republican Manifesto in the first place least of all in a snail-mail letter to my friend whose nickname (among many) in high school was "Bolshevik"? AND, why would any person think that a random woman with a flower in her hair sitting in Spec's, of all bars, were a Republican in the first place? I may have no issue with being called a "drag queen" or "witch," but some labels really sting. The second was a woman who tried to convince me that I am better off now as a slave-and-rape-victim-with-no-basic-human-rights than any generations that ever came before me. Sometimes, it is very difficult to remain polite. She also insisted on discussing Celtic lore with me among other things; even though, I obviously know nothing about it. Why can't random people come up to me to discuss the "Epic of Gilgamesh" or maybe models of non-Euclidean geometry on ocassion? I do sincerely enjoy when people talk nerdy to me. The third offensive conversation came from some man person whom I had chastise into behaving like a gentleman by refusing to let him talk over me all of the time. He was at about the right age to behave as if he were a courteous and respectful adult. What the hell was his problem? The whole mess made me think of my high school US history teacher Mr. Brejcha for whom the class after me created t-shirts that read, and I might be paraphrasing, "Brejcha for President! I am not a faschist." I bet that would work in this current political climate.

4.) Also, the direct deposit from the insurance company with which I took out a policy while last employed and which normally works like clockwork straight into my account was not there yet. It is obviously due to no fault of the insurance company nor due to any error on behalf of the bank with which I have accounts. Gee, I wonder why my normal everyday banking activities are suddenly being tampered with as if an inexplicable hiccup were jumping up and down on my finances right now.

5.) And this final point is the kicker... I spent all of yesterday trying to look normal while in the throws of chemical withdrawal. I have no idea where an addiction-level dosage of any substance might have come from, and I definitely have no history of regular, voluntary activity with any illicit substances. For further details on this, please consult my hair.

So, there we are... there are the things that ticked me off into writing something blistering honest today.

I was at Amante the other night. Come to think of it, I am at Amante most nights, but Monday night had a wonderful pianist playing wonderful music and letting people sing along with her. While I have never claimed to be a singer and definitely never claimed to be a good singer, some guy whom I had never met before kept screaming completely insincere and obviously forced-to-be-annoying cheers at me. What? Hello? Do I even sound like I am pretending to give a performance in the first place? I just felt like singing in a mostly empty bar with an amazing pianist. Anyway, I am on a mission to make Amante, you know, the bar with entire drum kit over the front door and the electric bass on the back wall, finally treated like a rock bar. I hope the owners don't mind.

While sitting at the bar there at Amante the other night, I called an exboyfriend that I have always called Mr. Whisky. (He is a bit of a Scotch drinker.) He fell into the category of terrorized-into-not-being-able-to-hold-a-normal-conversation that night... even on a topic on which he is an expert. I hope he is not permanently damaged by such terrorism; however, according to the ICTYugoslavia Furundyija judgement, not only is rape, when used for interogation, a particularly vile war crime, but also Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is established as not being able to render a victim unreliable. So, even if he is being terrorized, we know he can be a witness on his own behalf to make sure that which terrorizes him can finally be stopped. I wonder if any other people in this city... or any other city... might need that sort of knowledge to keep themselves safe.

What is the official definition of terrorism, anyway? According to, it seems to include not only all of the things I mentioned in my post yesterday but also living in fear of acting normally in a public place. After all, if any such behavior were expected of the American people, what would people be so afraid of that they would allow themselves to be terrorized into losing all of their rights and freedoms? Let us hypothetically say that some sort of international "Code of Silence" were dropped on a person against her will requiring that all people near her never listen to her pleas for physical safety, never acknowledge all of the laws being broken to harm her, and even not allow the public to ask her why she does what she does in order to have her basic human rights back... like privacy. Well, the US government's method of interpreting and implementing that "Code of Silence" would actually have to be written law ratified by both houses of Congress in order for it to be legally binging in the first place. Otherwise, how could the US executive branch or even any local officials be able to claim anyone did anything prosecutable in the first place? That's a good question, huh?

In yesterday's blog post, I already spelled out the many ways that it is obvious that the government and its particularly immoral and inherrently illogical implementation of any such supposed "Code of Silence" makes it obvious that the only such "leaks" are the government anyway, but should that the government require you to do something to make you a patsy that can take the fall on their behalf,... a.) Make sure you get it in writing. This is to keep you safe; I will never ask to see such writing in the first place. b.) Make sure they also put in writing HOW you are supposed to accomplish such goal. This way, they cannot claim that you did it improperly. c.) As long as your task is not malicious or illegal, I am pretty sure that I can get you through it with very little harm done to either of us. I have months of practice at this now. d.) If it is blatantly illegal or if they flat out refuse to put it in writing, just get the money up front, don't commit the crime, and still do not perjure yourself when it comes to actually holding the truly guilty parties accountable. How is that for unsolicited advice from me?

This will all end when the terrorist in charge finally stops being a terrorist. Sadly, I fear this means he will have to finally break and admit culpability. I do not negotiate with terrorists. Besides, if some sort of "mysterious" method kills me all supposedly secretly-like, the whole world already knows that the certain subset of the US executive branch is the guilty culprit anyway. What the hell do I have to lose be sitting around in public places being my peaceful, atheistic, ragingly intelligent self, drinking coffee, getting goofy on whiskey, using the internet on ocassion, or refusing to let men who are not the love of my life flirt with me? If it was established the second I first stepped foot in the psychiatric ward at the University of Minnesota-Fairview that some "force that is" could take away my life at any moment, why would I do anything but be myself from then forward?

I suppose, hypothetically speaking, of course, some such a "Code of Silence" were to exist in order to do something... who knows what... the only proper and inherrently logical way to implement it would have been to make me complacent from the start and never suspend any of my basic or Constitutional human rights in the first place. Then again, if I were under such a terrorist implementation of a "Code of Silence," then my established Power of Attorney would have carte blanche (sp?) to rage with lawsuits and charges on my behalf, anyway, to bring all of this illegal activity to an end. Assuming that it is established that a Power of Attorney could make decisions on my behalf at all right now.

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