Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm So Sorry I Can't Help This Make Sense For You... It Will All Be Better When You Get To Ask Me Questions.

I was walking around yesterday looking at all of the pretty dresses and thinking about buying a few, but I would really rather wait until my normal body type comes back. There is something about the water around here, and by that I do not mean the amoeba, that makes me all funny-shaped. I know the certain subset of the US executive branch that kept attacking me with testosterone injections against my will while in the States noticed that it does nothing to me but change my body shape to prove they are attacking me with illegal testosterone injections and, of course, force me to write angry blog posts about it to defend myself. After MONTHS of it never working there at all in the first place, they have decided to do it here. Hello? If there was no sound theory behind the method to begin with and if you went on to prove it was even weaker a policy after impirical testing, their insistence on continuing with this particular form of pointless torture has proven that I have grossly underestimated the magnitude of the stupidity of that certain subset completely and totally. Well, even my intellect has its limitations.

Anyway, the whole point was that I don´t think I can do much for shopping for clothes these days until my body type comes back after a good long run of not being roofied or injected against my will. So, I will remain out in the public in the same dresses I always wear being my benevolent self in ways that make people completely recognize that I am the force for good facing down the US government all of the time. I would not have had to do this at all if they had not decided to be a force for evil (be it an incompetent force) where I could recognize it in the first place.

Oh, yeah, and I also know that you all noticed while I was in San Francisco that the fastest way to tick me off is to make any recognizable attempt at all to slow down my brain. We all know that this is how my brain functions with raging symptoms of PTSD and involuntary chemical alteration all over it. You mean you didn't notice it yet that hurting me at all makes all of this easier? I told you that already in this very blog months ago. And we all know that I am the one who does NOT lie.

And then I went out last night to find a bar full of people where I could listen to live music. While I was watching a cocktail waitress serve drinks to a table, the guy at the door told me that they were closed already. "Really?" I asked him, "But it is only 12:30AM." Hello! Whatever force is influencing the locals to be irrational and mean to me all at the same time, it is very easy to figure out that you just want everything around me to make you look stupider than you have ever looked before in the eyes of these locals! Yes, I have been to La Ciudad de México before! I spent time here as a teenager drinking and partying and dancing. I know that these activities are essential parts of your culture. I know that bands do not stop playing and drinks do not stop being served at 12:30AM... not in this city! When you decide to give the people of this beautiful city their freedoms and rights back to just be themselves, I will still be here being a benevolent influence peacefully fighting for the Constitutional rights to be restored to her home country of the United States of America... as well as every other good influence I have been on this world.

So, I went back to my hotel and asked the front desk for advice on where to go. "I´m young, my boyfriend is not around, and I need a drink and a chance to go dancing," is what I told them. They said I should go to the Zona Rosa. You know, I was at the Zona Rosa three or four days ago, and it was more than I could have ever hoped it would be. I went back two days later, and it had become Americanized almost over night. No, I will not spend time in that neighborhood that I had originally thought I would want to live in until it has the freedom to be itself. That is part of the point of complete equality between sexes and genders, isn´t it? People finally are capable of truly expressing (through law-abiding ways) who they really are to each other and especially to themselves!

And speaking of stupid ideas, what the hell is in the bottles of water in this city these days? Is it the same thing that was in the Mirinda I drank last night at dinner, the whatever that was in my coffee this morning at breakfast, or the haven't-you-learned-it-doesn't-work yet that was right here in my Fanta at this internet cafe? Look, I know good, well-meaning people when I meet them. That is how is know when and where I can find actual physical safety. My unsolcited advice the the locals: Take the bribe money, keep the drugs, and enjoy yourselves. It´s a waste of high-quality illegal substances giving them to a person they do not affect in the first place.

Oh, and as a final kicker, phones never work when I am near them, now. I only call my mother, anyway. Don´t you think that this is (of all examples I could make) an obvious misuse of government funds? I already pointed it out a few times, but the US rescue workers in Haiti were not allowed to administer EMERGENCY medical treatment to survivors because the US government did not know how to pay for it. However, the funds to do this highly expensive and goaless whatever-it-is that is expressed through seemingly randomly chosen ways to make the US government so apparently show off its idiocy in front of me has immediate, bottomless funds available. Aren't there hungry people you should be feeding out there somewhere?

Please keep your eyes open for something more useful I might be able to say if I could just have a few moments where I don't have to use my blog to blow off steam over the latest stupid thing my government did.

Posted without any proofreading.

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