Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Own Personal Creation Myth I Wrote About Myself... and other things

Yeesh! So, I was severly ticked off yesterday because of an abrasive and confrontational man who made absolutely no sense when he spoke to me and decided to write out all of the details on just how many signs I have seen that a certain subset of the US executive branch has been and still is committing acts of terrorism against the people around me. You know, lying to a population and emotionally manipulating them into committing crimes is just the beginning. When people are too terrified to tell the truth and are then too terrified to even repeat a lie that was unsubstantiated in the first place, then our government has officially proven that they are terrorists. The best ways to fight terrorism, of course, are 1.) removing the terrorist and 2.) not letting the terrorist contol you, anyway. There are things I say time and time again... They include that people really need to think things through for themselves after they hear things and that we are all due the rights and freedoms that out government was contructed to protect and guarantee. These rights do NOT include fearing that a missile that has never really existed might land on your head if you actually DO behave in a law-abiding manner, if you do NOT take a bride to put lethal substances in someone's food, or if you DO bother to tell the truth to each other instead of lies you were told in order to scare people all that much more.

However, that process of just spelling out that the government needs to learn how to follow its own laws, rules, and, etc... would have been followed up by my definition of a "leak" in a "Code of Silence." Yeah, sorry, you can't be a "leak" if you repeat a lie that you were terrorized into believing in the first place. In that case, the people propogating the untruths and mentally bludgeoning people to believe them are the obvious people actually leaking. There are many other ways to be a leak. Of course, telling people to irrationally confront me physically or mentally about things that I obviously do not know about because in all reality I never did them, yup, well, there is another obvious leak. Well, then there is also pumping voices into my ears with technology I never wanted there in the first place... I never would have figured out is was speakers and not symptoms if they could actually have played Yoyo-Ma's Bach Cello Suites like I requested the very first time I heard voices in my head this time around. The again, that is an obvious one. My symptoms have my knowledge base, too.

So, instead of being able to spell all of those things out in detail because I happened to come across the cover story for the February issue of GQ which somehow immediately made me revert to behaving like my inner shy and giddy school girl, I am going to say this instead... We all want to write our own creation myth for ourselves... You should ask me about mine sometime.

The first "Test #3" has been received... It was from a Thomas Gaffney and in email form.

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