Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just In Case Foreign Nationals Might Read This

Hello World!!! (How is that for a programming flashback?)

I spent somewhere around twelve hours at the airport in Guadalajara yesterday, and I think the US government has made it abundantly clear to the Mexican government and people just how much that certain subset of the US executive branch fears me and my insistence on telling the truth. You know, living in the US, as of late, fits all of those descriptions my family in the Czech Republic told me about living under the eventually fascist ways of the now gone Soviet regime. Did nobody think I would notice that my own friends were completely terrified all of the time, not to mention my family?

I just called my dad last night, and he was still being terrorized. Apparently, my absence from the country has not fixed anything there. I cannot wait to see the faces of relief on the citizens of my country when they are finally returned the freedoms to speak the truth to each other and with foreign nationals. They faces might be followed with moments of "Why was I so stupid to fall for it?" But, when the, "Oh, I was terrorized into thinking and acting that way by my own government," finally sets in, I am sure they will be relieved that there is at least one woman in the world trying to defend them against the domestic terrorist regime oppressing them.

Oh, well, that and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL TERROROZING MY FATHER??? Hello! Of all the people in my life, he was the one who fell for the let´s-kill-her-to-save-ourselves crap that the government was trying to convince everyone of for so long. He listened to you. He did what you wanted. Get off his back already. If he didn´t have the alibi of an easily diagnosable mental illness he has been living with for years, I do NOT know what may have become of him by now. Yes, you silly cetain subset of the US executive branch, that means there is extra evidence that you have been preying on mentally ill family almost as long as you have been attacking me for being innocent, speaking the truth, and not letting you coerce me into not being my natural self.

Imagine that, I insisted on my Constitutional rights as well as my basic human rights, so you took them away from the entire nation. Was that to help me blend in? No one does like being oppressed alone, but we all know, all it did was create and enire country of witnesses. How do you plan on maintaining your domestic regime of terror against the entire US if I am not even there for you to force them into attacking? Let´s wait and see how you mess this one up and makes things even worse for yourselves. Huh, you are the ones that make sure I never get any news about the lies you spread about me; isn´t it telling that I was capable of all this without getting any useful news and even that this was easier for me without having to hear those untruths I had to defend myself against blindly at all?

Test #3 Update: I just received an email from Finn O´Mahoney. That makes TWO entire messages received about that post.

The email confirmed for me the need of people living with mental illnesses to tell their stories about what it is like inside a crazy mind. I sent him a message through Facebook recently reasserting the need to tell our doctors what this experience is like and urging our doctors to talk to each other about real life experiences of their mentally ill patients. They will finally be able to give us completely effective treatments if they understand what it is like in here with all of our actual symptoms. It is very difficult to become a MD if you have a severely debilitating mental illness; there are very few ways for them to have hands on experience with the symptoms, the treatments, and the meds. We need to tell them what it is like.

I still do NOT look forward to the days when people expect me to be self-important, but I do plan on going dancing tonight.

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