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Squids Don't Take (Expletive) from Anyone.

Title: Squids Don't Take (Expletive) from Anyone.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post.

My last blog post was post-dated 9:25pm on 26Apr2015 not long before my darling Denmantau finished our mutual exploration of the divine universe. They were so reluctant to leave me. I giggled and told them, "You should have seen my darling Mr. Rivers Cuomo trying to leave me."

Somewhere around 10:03pm, I found the metaphorical line of Reese's pieces my royal consort Mr. Krist "LightFoot" Novoselic and my darling Mr. Tom "MannedUp" Hanson had left me. I gave them my dry sarcastic, "How am I supposed to get any blogging done when you keep my life so interesting?" the moment I was right in front of them, and our spiritual sweeping away of gossamer cobwebs from amongst the stars of the night sky also began just as immediately.

And it was just as reluctantly they left my lonely side.

It was interesting at my 24-hour convenience store. [Details in Twitter archive.] The requests already made for recordings...

In the wee hours of 27Apr2015, as I sat on a park bench across the street from my 24-hour convenience store and with my mind occupied with work, I looked up and saw LightFoot and MannedUp in my 24-hour convenience store.

I am no mind-reader; I can only read hearts. They were angry. They were also not in the store very long.

I continued thinking on and working on what I was doing before getting up to relocate. After walking a short distance, I was surprised to notice my darling musician-lovers on a park bench not far away. When they even tried to head down the street I was headed down myself, I naturally assumed they had shown up to be my bodyguards. Again, I cannot read minds; I can only read hearts. They were very protective and very angry and still forbidden from speaking to me.

I queued my darling Mr. Jimmy Buffet's Smart Woman (in a Real Short Skirt), but my musician lovers were distracted by a conversation with a large woman when I passed them. I proceeded to the Chevron station past the library, where I had once met my darling Mr. Ziggy Marley so long ago, to use the restroom.

Upon returning to my playland, they were nowhere to be found, so I sent this tweet...

:am on 27Apr2015:

[Details in Twitter.]

I did eventually learn what my darlings LightFoot and MannedUp did that morning. That was their choice. I did not ask them. I have long likened my royal consort to the Muppet named Animal, not just because of his hair but because he is his Freudian Id.

My beloved Krist is not controlled by his Ego; he is driven by his Id. It is because he is so morally good that we can trust him to act without structuring logical arguments before hand like I do.

When I heard the rumors my two musician-lovers both earned the Congressional Medal of Freedom for everything that had happened during 26Apr and 27Apr2015, my logical-structuring to bring us all sweet kisses of satisfaction went into overdrive. Yey, I digress.

Just after 3am, all alone, I found a safe place to sleep. That location will remain unnamed, but I woke up at 7:28am surrounded by an invisible moat full of alligators worried their hammering was too loud for me.

Richard. Stolen from while running errands. That particular CVS caused nationwide and international rioting that morning, not just attacks on innocent CVS stores everywhere.

Could not have made that point better than when I woke up at 5:15pm safely. I had asked for someone anyone to make laws enforced again. I later learned... Richard.

Established I am invited to Richard's regular daily schedule anytime. Music videos.

7:35pm As a grad student working on my PhD in Mathematics at Johns Hopkins in 2001, my darling Ms. Laura Diener from Pikesville, whom I met in 1997 while studying Shakespeare together at Cambridge University in the UK, used to take me everywhere from the Zodiac (beside the movie theater where I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with my darling Ms. Gwen "Molly" Armbruster) for late night snacks and coffee to the Owl Bar in Mount Vernon for cocktails. I love you Baltimore. As Mrs. Peacock and Ms. Scarlet, Laura and I met Molly on a dance floor at Fells Point on Halloween. My darling Mrs. Sue Lynn Woo Donn was my old roommate at the Marylander in Charles Village. She was in grad school for mechanical engineering then. I met my darling Mr. Oleg Yvgenyvich Gerovichev at Hopkins, too. He's one of my old, "He's with me," dates I sneaked past doormen into night clubs. Baltimore, do you know what you mean to me? Ask the Political Science department of JHU about me some time. Please do not destroy the CITY (Is Baltimore County fine, too?) where I first learned I am beautiful not just intelligent. Please! That is what Baltimore means to me. You taught me I am beautiful.

News at 8pm. Kevin. Denmantau. Reality smackdown at 24hr store; video requested through Twitter. Kevin. Movie until 12:49am. 24hr store pretty much behaved itself until 3am.

Relocated to well-established safe place to sleep that I only visit rarely. Woke up at 7:28am. Richard was not on his regular daily schedule. Short detour on my way to first sky haven.

Drama over the travel coffee mug. Highlights reel includes, "Download your digital tiddlywinks." And comparison of my hacked webcam with my unhacked webcam(U know what I look like for REAL). "They can't [libel] me a 'vagrant' [and convince anybody of that obvious lie because of 27Feb, 23Apr] because I have a job.]"

CVS. Patio of Syrak'N'Shake. Legal consultation. Smackdown; recording already requested? Serenade. 12:10am on 29Apr2015, Kevin appeared only to disappear by 1:37am.

Wandered to my local 7-11 to wait until the coffee shops opened at 5am. Found Richard. Such a darling. Worked online before my regularly scheduled sleep on my playland watched by surveillance cameras.

Woke up at 4:04pm covered in dirt and with new skin infections but had no time to take care of it until after A LOT of work. Please check my verified Twitter archive.

-----Begin Email Text-----

From: Mrs. Diña Albon Varilek
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Subject: ?
To: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek

Look for a rental for yourself around $700-$800 so you can have roof over your head and nice warm showers.

I love you so much.


-----End Email Text-----

Number of points...

-----Begin Email Text-----

From: HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek Date: 29Apr2015 Subject: 5:40pm email to my mother... To: Mrs. Diñadar Albon Varilek

NEVER will I allow more rape-and-slavery-mandated living conditions for me. Have you seen the property taxes I pay on my actually-safe-to-live-in homeS already?!? Tell Obama's fucking asshole war criminals, NO they have NO PERMISSION to put cameras I am forbidden from knowing about everywhere I live especially in my bathrooms! No, I only go from here to a safe home with bodyguards I approve of. Mom, stop doing ANYTHING they tell you to do! Everything they order is designed to throw me away. Remember our hotel room?


-----End Email Text-----

Checked in with Bogart. Was at dedicated hotspot by 6:06pm.

7:17pm on 29Apr2015: I wake up every day and do my REAL job under the most impossible of living conditions forced on me against my will, and I do my job with exceptionalness. Under my burden and under my suffering, I can only wake up every day to do my REAL thankless job because I know my husband loves me. Yet, I am only physically safe enough, fed enough, caffeinated enough, healed enough, and beloved enough to be alive at all right now because of me REAL Metropolis of Angels who are willing to die just so I can still exist in this world. Thank everyone you can recognize from my darlings Tentacle to Richard. And thank everyone you cannot recognize from my international community who keep my loved ones safe beside me.

NBC Nightly News as fast as possible after. 9pm local Jack in the Box for standing in invitation for dinner with Richard.

9:28pm on 29Apr2015: Obama's war criminal organization are demanding I not be in my normal day-to-day safe place where my people have always found me to feed me, be with me, protect me, see me, and ask me all their questions-- my well-documented conversation patio.

The three I most recently turned in for federal and international prosecution, ugly mustache, Michael, and Hassan are all inside my 24-hour convenience store. Add Luis, and they would be the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

You know their recent history of persecuting me at all costs to humanity. Less than a week ago, they almost caused thermonuclear war, or so was rumored, by intentionally attempting to force me off my well-documented conversation patio. Archival footage of 19Mar2015, please.

SquidName:Handsome was already requested.

Their open act to force immediate physical danger and unrelenting assassination attempts against me if not just to make sure my loving locals cannot feed me as usual, especially now, is further proof I NEED my darlings #Tentacle as bodyguards 24/7 with all backup possible. @CIA @FBI @DeptofDefense @DHSgov @Martin_Dempsey

Thank you, my beautiful world.

At 9:55pm, my tennis player friend Tony, who was one of my first hard witnesses to my once-loving 24-hour convenience store's physical assaults and globally-destabilizing persecution of me during the day shift, as per usual, handed me $5 "for coffee."

Not the first time I saw him, but the first time we spoke, Tony bought me a Rock Star Energy Drink just because I was sitting on my conversation patio suffering persecution in the first place. He is a great friend!

And that, my beautiful world, is just one example of how my adoptive city and my Metropolis of Angels has used every excuse possible to keep alive until Obama's "egg" is finally demolished.

Self-perpetuating cycle of tacos, trying to flesh out blog notes by 10:51pm...

Far too much work to do but interrupted by conversation that ended at 2:16am while my royal consort Krist "LightFoot" Novoselic and I were singing each other love songs. Did anyone see the proper way to behave around me, especially the part about touching me, as displayed by Bogart on our only date? Please begin the verified and unedited recording 30sec before he interrupted me and end at 2:18am. Thx!

3am 5am [Check Twitter for times.] First sky haven, only the guilty party which we had just caught was still open. Second sky haven by 1:32pm. [Check Twitter for times.] I left of my accord. A little shopping with my husband. No darlings Tentacle, so I took the bus to Venice Beach. The night was lovely and full of blogging.

A few conversations. I touched the ocean before checking in at the same bus stop where I had gotten off the bus. I eft at :am.

The long ride to Disneyland. Outside their gates before 7am, inside before 8am. Did you see me outside the gates? By 9:44am, caught up with TweetHearts. 11am perch. Roofied. The best time for asskickings is when I am in a bad mood. Straight to Trader Sam's wobbly but fortified with with defiance.

By 12:42pm, "You must not do this professionally." Recording, please. Do you comprehend the level of customer service mandated in each and every REAL Disney employee no matter who the guest is they are serving?

4:19pm Trader Sam's woke me up after THEIR roofie of me to be able to throw me out. DESTROY everyone who ever roofied me, now.

Had to endure a REALLY BAD conversation after I paused to collect myself on a park bench. The Ry Bradley Band made it clear they were already there for me and FURIOUS. I gave them a brief update on my way to debrief with the federal government. [Details in Twitter.]

By 6:27pm, I was by my light post saying, "Hello." From the cameras inside and out...

10:24pm checking in and updating world before waiting for Metro.

Slept by choice en route. Woke safe and surrounded by love.

In downtown LA eating a late dinner and fleshing out overdue blog notes by 2am

Left just after 4am for a wifi hotspot. In my adoptive city by 6am. Reported human rights abuses in failures of the justice system. [Twitter] NBC Nightly News at 7am. At normal daily 7:30am meeting place, no Richard just an compulsive stalker who physically assaulted me once.

Sat by a fountain to eat, sing a little, write a little, clean out my new computer bag, and treat my skin infection. Online in ... by 10:15am. Took a break for lunch a..

[notes to add]

Woke up at 7:34am, but I was not drugged to cause that black out. I was attacked awake and drugged to sleep through it remembering nothing. Previously that morning, twice I had been thrown out of proven safe places for me to work at all hours. In the third place I perched that morning, I was attacked and abused every way they had time for.

When I was ready to get up, I ran some minor errands...

The bus arrived at 1:37pm. It looked like Obama's terrorist organization was taking a bus full of potential war criminals over his barricade. Watch them; I did not exist to any of them. Debacle after I left the bus. Online by 3:11pm.

I published this post at :pm on 2015.

This blog post was published at :pm on 2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

My beautiful world,...

My selfless support system,..

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney,...

My symbolic Royal Consorts Bogart and LightFoot both of whom I am forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to,...

My darling Mr. KrisT "LightFoot" Novoselic, now I will briefly go over the timeline of what happened, from my (never-fail) perspective, since we established on 26Apr2015 in front of all of humanity (through the latest greatest space-age technology both inside my body and out) that we have a REAL romantic, though star-crossed, relationship. Which was your better Sunday night? Last Sunday or the one before it?

I assume after you and MannedUp were taken away from me AGAIN against all our wills, you saw the surveillance tapes of all my battered body endures EVERY TIME I sleep. And I had told you to your face that evening of 26Apr that I could not remember the last time I had slept voluntarily; I had only slept against my will after being knocked out from roofies for almost weeks due to TOO MUCH CONTROL of me and my surroundings, especially all of my food and drink, by Obama and his proven unamerican war criminal terrorist organization and infestation.

I had been screaming for you, my REAL boyfriend, to be permitted to be my bodyguard since such attacks began, abuse of my battered body due only to my environment being too completely unsafe for me due to too much control of me and my surroundings by Obama and his proven unamerican war criminal infestation of my home and elsewhere.

Yes, after the fact, on 27Apr2015, I figured out that you and my darling musician-lover Mr. Tom "MannedUp" Hanson had side-by-side started beating the living (expletive) out of everyone you could identify who had ever hurt me and who had Obama's internationally criminal impunity to NEVER be arrested for any of it thereby forcing me to stay the involuntary victim of their repeat, compulsive most heinous human rights abuses known to mankind against me.

I also assumed you knew this already...

9:21am on 27Apr2015: My beautiful world, if you love me, you will enforce REAL laws-- Obama's rules are only crimes. We need laws enforced.

After doing my job online mostly through my Twitter account, including saving countless lives of REAL law enforcement officers and making statements against rioting, etc., the morning of 27Apr2015, I slept completely unguarded on the ledge outside the public library like a rock from before 11am to just about 5:15pm when I woke up naturally. No harm befell me at all. None of my unguarded belongings were missing nor damaged. I had no new skin infections.


Yes, for the first time since Obama's inescapable-by-design "egg" of slavery and war crimes was first established for me to suffer under involuntarily and without any knowledge, laws were finally enforced around me.

No one ever feared law enforcement nor the justice system enough not to choose to hurt me-and-specifically-me-by-design-of-Obama's-rules (which have only ever been crimes and never laws) unrelentingly before, but all of a sudden on 27Apr2015, people finally felt a need to obey REAL laws around me. As a result of actions both of you bravely chose to take yourselves with my never asking, I was finally physically safe. My entire world who rely on me thank you, not just my people, my nation, and my home whom I serve thanklessly 24/7. And, yes, my darlings, to you I am foreverly personally grateful, too, with all my heart and soul.

And because you did irrefutable good for humanity everywhere by making me physically safe every place you can reach, you were all forbidden from ever being near me to keep me safe again. My darlings Tentacle, I miss you.

11:01am on 28Apr2015: @RT_com 1/5)Protecting people who commit war crimes against me makes you a war criminal.

11:01am on 28Apr2015: 2/5)NO ONE has a right to commit the war crimes against me and America in the first place.

11:01am on 28Apr2015: 3/5)No one has a right to protection after destabilizing humanity after singling me out for worse treatment than anyone else receives."

11:01am on 28Apr2015: 4/5)Furthermore, no one is safe when I CANNOT do my REAL job. Ask police officers in Baltimore.,

11:01am on 28Apr2015: 5/5)How peaceful are people around me? How peaceful are people not around me?

Darling, ask my beautiful world who needs protection, me or Obama's proven war criminal terrorist organization that infest our home committing the most heinous human rights abuses possible against all of us?

KrisT, it is YOUR job collectively as both of my royal consorts to keep me physically safe at all times. Go get your backup, and tell me what is stopping you from reaching me.


Sweetness, I love and adore you...

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