Tuesday, June 16, 2015

??Apr2015 Appendix-- My Days and Nights with my Mother from 16Apr to 20Apr2015

??Apr2015 Appendix-- My Weekend with my Mother from 16Apr to 20Apr2015: An Enumerated List

1)Why my mother came to town at all... I told her "that is why you're here, mom," almost the moment I saw her and hugged her on that balcony patio on Thursday 16Apr2015, and I told my darling's Tentacle "You know that pain," almost the moment we were all together Friday night 17Apr2015.

2)How did I get my mother into town at all?

3)Verified and continuous recording with full audio and visuals responsibly-edited from every angle from the moment I woke up Friday 17Apr2025 until I shut off the television. Please do what you have to do to respect my physical modesty.

4)Why did I stay in that rape-and-slavery hotel room at all? Yes, the entire world tried to protect me there, but such is the reality of Obama-controlled living arrangements.

5)The "plea deal" we gave my mother.

6)A summary of my insights from my time with my darlings Tentacle on the night of 17Apt2015.

7)Why I enjoy spending time with my mother.

8)My walk up and down my playland with my mother on 18Apr2015 with everyone trying to stall me from [?] every step of the way.

9)A brief summary if my highlights at Universal Studios with my mother on 19Apr2015 including where I paused to watch the news after.

10)My explanation of my REAL relationship with my darlings Tentacle and why I insist they must have my diplomatic immunity extended to them as my staff. They can actually be near me, so they need carte blanche to keep me safe, to heal me, and once possible, to never have to leave me.

Yes, I have a unique and beautiful relationship with each of the Queen's Lovers 5. My two Royal Consorts carry burdens no one should have to bear especially their obligation to return me to my husband once capable of it, yet my Sweetness is the only king in this town.

11)My body bends space and time. "Could you be more of a nerd?" Giggle. The challenge to a game if original edition Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. "If you want a nerd smackdown, I'll teach you set theory on a bar napkin." LightFoot followed my introduction to Manifold Theory weeks ago just fine. ADSR, he called himself an ontologist after all. And that us why I look so good in a Misses size 14 dress.

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