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12May2015 notes

12May2015 notes

Doing my best to keep my minutes...

As always, for the up-to-the-minute play-by-play of my life, follow my award-winning Twitter account.

Just after 7am, I perched in the Starbucks where Richard and I used to meet every morning until he was forbidden all contact with me even after obeying all of Obama's war criminal terrorist organization's demands on him just for him to be able to spend time with me at all.

There was no Richard, and after roughly 2.5 hours of trying to recharge both iPad batteries, they were far from ready for me to spend the rest of the day not tethered to an outlet.

Most distressingly after that 2.5 hours, that Starbucks (no reflection on corporate) intentionally aimed an energy pulse at me to cause me blackouts and seizures, as we had recently just removed from other places around the city, and admitted to doing it on purpose and only to me.

Here was my statement at 10:20am on 12May2015: @ICTJ @UN @NIH @Martin_Dempsey #SquidsPoA Did you see the staff of this @Starbucks as I walked out? Not only are they refusing me from doing my REAL job of globally-critical service to humanity by refusing to allow me to have ANY charge in my iPads; they willfully caused me seizures to force me to stop recharging my iPads in this coffee shop where I am a regular customer. Fry them as the war criminals they are! EVERY DAMN EMPLOYEE. They were laughing about how I had to leave and about being able to force me out by causing me seizures and blackouts. FUCKING TERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS!!!

I quickly updated my personal assistant SquidName:Alfred with where I would be into the afternoon before asking friends to send friends to provide safe snacks and clean caffeine. I was at a less-often-than-other-but-still-faithfully-regular perch outside my local 7-11 as fast as I could get there. The customer service was wonderful there that day.

At 10:44am, "Tony," my adorable "tennis player" friend who lives only slightly less pennilessly than I in and around my now-holy-grounds playland appeared almost instantly and really did offer me a safe snack and clean caffeine, after he asked if I wanted anything from inside.

A beyond-brave U.S. Military rescue to bring me to my own husband crashed and then was as quickly rescued itself all while I was still eating my "Big Bite" hot dog (pico de gallo and minced onions only). There were no alarms to ask me to send them help, but there were alarms to ask me to help rescue myself not much later.

While my local florists were adorning their stands with nature's never-delicate beauties on the front of the 7-11 with spectacular customer service that day (Did I mention that yet?), I sent this...

11:12am on 12May2015: #DirtyLaceyAlarm? #ModusOperandi intentionally fabricated false charges as an excuse to rape and torture and experiment on me until I die?

I had told Alfred I would be at my local library by noon. But the sun was warm, and the only power outlets at the library were indoors. I hate recirculated air. It makes my wings itchy. So, at 11:58am, I walked as quickly as possible to my favorite place to work online in all the world, perched between the ocean and the sky... I notified my selfless security system in the way.

Please, my not-human trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I passed the canon in the park and ending at 1:30pm PDT.

I stayed in the park working online until an energy pulse pointed directly at me until 2:10p caused cyclic seizures and blackouts directly preventing my brain from functioning any longer. I tried to tweet that I would call my mom at 1:45pm, and I could not publish it until 1:49pm. The lengths Obama's proven war criminal terrorist conspiracy go to only to silence the truth going public of everything they make me suffer through.

The sweatercoat came off and I got busy. ... I was expecting mail from my mother on Thursday, 14May2015. I tried to find round trip tickets for her to visit me. And by 5:33pm, I was eating a cookie and trying to catch up with my loved ones and TweetHearts while on the balcony that ALWAYS reminded me of the rooftops of Mexico City that I danced on in 2010.

News at 7pm but they were delayed posting it. I walked to where people who used to be my friends were playing music. I said hello to every musician before standing front and center in front of the band who had invited me. I quickly learned they all, except for the lead guitarist had been brainwashed into irrational hatred of me.

When the music stopped, I was so disgustingly verbally assaulted by a man who would not leave me alone no matter how many times he told me to that I was practically weeping through Twitter for Syniva to arrest him.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals from their last song all of the way until I told a restaurant how much I love them. Thank you. (You will also want the verified nanotech footage of me in the ocean.)

At 9:44pm, I was warning the world that I was proceeding to my conversation patio, so someone if not many people could send me safe food and clean caffeine. Obama's proven war criminal terrorist organization, particularly ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA, were willing to go to any lengths to rape and torture me to death with their modus operandi of completely unjustifiable control of me.

I was in my conversation patio at approximately 10:06pm, and by 11:38pm, Chuy and I had reached, "I am not allowed to know any of it ever happened." At 11:44pm, a mellowed out bitch had appeared, as did the alpha bitch's pet puppy with s different woman.

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