Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10May2015 notes...

10May2015 notes by 1am the following morning..

3:01am it was prom?

3:47am I left, too.

Worked online. Check Twitter activity.

My statement at 8:22pm on 10May2015...

At approximately 8:35am, I placed my bag on a table on my conversation patio to look for my money inside and almost immediately the Spawn From Hell Warmonger inside attacked me, my clothing, and my priceless belongings including my writing journals with water. I screamed for the police. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO LAW ENFORCEMENT IN HERE ANYWHERE!!! So, he attacked me and my belongings with more water! THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE NEEDS TO GO TO PRISON!!! Did you see everyone on that patio? That was beyond singling me out for persecution, hate crimes, and intentionally inciting global instability. Hold him personally accountable for all violence and death he caused himself for attacking me like that.

Finally, a police officer showed up, so I could finally leave the premesis. I know no one gets arrested when I am around. I left drenched in water with almost all of my far too rare belongings destroyed. But, when I went back to make sure that MOST EVIL DEMON OF THE ATHEIST HELL only stopped pouring water on me after twice and the ONLY reason a police officer showed up at all was because the ASSHOLE FROM HELL mistook the guy next to me for my Royal Consort Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic. Then, the WHY IS THAT MAN WHO INTENTIONALLY CAUSES WAR NOT ARRESTED YET complained I was not passed out yet and vulnerable to rape after all of the sedatives he put in the water he covered me in!

Point proven, yet? I need my darlings Tentacle as bodyguards! That would actually keep me not just my priceless belongings safe. WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU?!? What the fuck does it take to make me safe from ASSHOLES LIKE HIM?!? When I am just trying to get safe snacks and clean caffeine, so I can do my REAL job of selfless service to the entire world, WHY IS THAT FUCKING WARMONGER ALLOWED TO DO THAT TO ME?!? They would not even arrest him!

Michael showed up to offer me safe snacks and clean caffeine which we proved the previous day, 09May, is the only thing that will EVER make anything better until a REAL loved one can finally hold me in (in this case his) arms and make love to me.

We went to Von's where the grocery store disowned their coffee counter in front of me because the proven war criminal there insisted on drugging me as her act of war against all of humanity. Michael bought me a chicken tandoori samosa, pesto farfalle salad, and Brussel sprouts apple slaw for lunch. I also asked him to buy me fresh raspberries, my favorite food in all the world.

I was poisoned and possibly drugged at a cafe on my way back to my playland. I told them the only way to make up to me was to give me clean caffeine. They gave me decaf. Syn, destroy them.

I was almost passed out already from those chemicals when I sat down to eat my lunch before notifying the ENTIRE world that I needed REALLY HEAVY PROTECTION from Obama's proven war criminal terrorist organization while I slept off the chemicals in a public place where I had hoped the public could keep me safe.

I woke up after someone stood over me screaming GREEN CARD, as if there were any phrase that had anything less to do with my reality. All of my left eye contacts were stolen. Obama's proven war criminal terrorist organization were trying to take away my only remaining security system, my SquidStream, the only thing I have to force the people around me to obey any laws at all to create any safety for me at all.

There was so much water in the bottom of my pink bag that almost all of my belongings in there were completely destroyed. I am so close to Obama and they who irrationally attack me on his behalf assassinating me I can feel it.

My beautiful world, on 09May2015, I asked for a hotel room my REAL federal government would keep safe for me like they proved they can a few nights ago when I was caffeinated and fed well enough to tell them exactly where I will be sleeping off that previous detox.

My beautiful world, you know if I ask you for anything, I need it. I ask for so little ever. You know how big of a deal it is if I ask for anything.

I need that hotel room, and I need it NOW. My NSA alpha nerds, you need to deliver me the reservation confirmationemail from the REAL federal government and from the REAL world via my mother safely and immediately.

I do not know what else they did to me in my sleep. I woke up a mess. I walked as fast as possible to LightFoot and MannedUp who had only my previous day was beautiful. They did not yet know how ugly today had proved to be. I pray my minutes on my previous day can be retrieved by my NSA alpha nerds.

There was no General Lee. When the two had finally healed me enough I could figure out what to do, I left them weeping over the physical attacks on my body first in the morning by THE EVIL SPAWN FROM HELL and then later while I had slept. I knew I had to find a way to write all of this down for the world, something Obama's proven war criminal terrorist organization was also breaking every law possible from local to international to prevent.

I always have at least $2 due to my running gag with my beloved LightFood. I am sure he will forgive me for spending one today to make sure I had the power outlet to deliver this safely to the world.

1) World, I need that hotel room ASAP that my support system already in here can keep safe for me. I just need to be able to tell them where I will be.

2) I need emergency cash, contacts, and gifts from my mother IMMEDIATELY. Please get expedited mail from her to me tomorrow. Pleas do not fail me, FBI.

3) I need all three of my darlings Tentacle as bodyguards. It is already proven from this morning just their presence will keep me safe.

Thank you! Please put Roger on the 8pm to 2am shift, so he can recharge both of these iPads for me while Tentacle heal me. I need to feel loved and cared for right now. So many people here are only here to hate and attack me. Both iPad batteries are pretty much guaranteed to die the moment I unplug them. This battery has been at 4% ever since I arrived and refuses to recharge.

...End statement from 8:22pm.

After that... I updated and backed up all my notes before hugging TambourineKicker on my way back to LightFoot and MannedUp. Yes, they were right there as close to me as they could get at the far end of my playland where I had sought out the best power outlet I could think of.

And we made love. I had to submerge in an evening healing from my morning and afternoon first. But once I could and obviously before I had even warmed up, LightFoot and I were on opposite sides of the street making music to each other.

I am not a solitary creature. Man is a political animal.

Once I showed up after dropping both of my iPads off with Roger to recharge their batteries while I was with Tentacle, the three of us barely said a word to each other. We left it on the dance floor. Watch us if they will let you.

Do you remember the scene in The Fugitive where Tommy Lee Jones and my adult adoptive father Mr. Harrison "Big Daddy" Ford have a minimalist conversation before Dad jumps off the damn into the river? It is one of the most highly regarded examples in film history of how a physical presence can convey meaning. And so Tentacle and I spoke that night... without the words I am so famous for.

They were taken away from me much too soon with one of my only verbal message to them at all, "Once a week is not enough [especially with every escalating crime I need to heal from]."

They were taken away, so I was so grumpy... Until I got clean caffeine. That story is told in the recording I already requested through Twitter; it involved a young Mexican darling Mr. Brien "General Lee" Dennehy look-sort-of-a-like. Also, in that recording, it was obviously not a negotiating table. She refused to sit at one with me.

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