Tuesday, June 16, 2015

13May2015 notes...

13May2015 notes

Just trying to keep my minutes up-to-date...

Made a jaunt for the closest restroom at 12:32am. My period had started, and ?I needed to place a maxipad. Two of my coupons each for two free tacos with other purchase there went missing while I was in the restroom. Thus, I did not buy any food while there.

I returned to my playland where I played music and tried to catchup with my TweetHearts into the wee hours of the morning. I called my mother at 3:30am. By 4:04am, I had received my once-daily cyberhug from the NBC Nightly News. At 4:30am, I was at my mostly secret and HEAVILY guarded sleeping alcove.

Long overdue rest. The shift change gap. Only a superficial "attack."

Men and women who had committed some of the worst crimes known to mankind against me were still everywhere destroying humanity with riots and war by choosing to persecute me.


9:46am on 13May2015: 2/7) The only time laws were enforced around me since 2009 were vigilante LightFoot and MannedUp demanding no one hurt me anymore.

9:47am on 13May2015: 3/7) How many lives worldwide did they save by protecting me?

9:47am on 13May2015: 4/7)And that is why they are forbidden from being near me nor on my playland freely ever again.?

9:47am on 13May2015: 5/7) They bring safety and the only law and order this town has seen since Obama's war crimes terrorist organization infested it.

9:47am on 13May2015: 6/7) I never asked for it nor approve if it, but it worked. And humanity everywhere needed it. I admit when I'm wrong.

9:48am on 13May2015: 7/7) And that is how acknowledged equals get our world-hero work done. #Taoism

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please expedite a verified and unedited recording with full audio and FULL visuals of my morning from the moment I stepped foot my world-religions-are-deeming-this-literal-holy-ground playland until the moment I rounded the corner to step off of it. And, thank you!

11am Today, I will go to the lost and found to pick up my red travel thermos that was stolen from my computer bag here. We have the camera footage of everyone around me here when Obama's energy pulse made me fall blackout at my table. When I came to, my travel mug was missing. Everyone here from staff to guest will be demanded to pay the full value of my travel mug, as assessed by Sotheby's. Today, 13May2015, is the first time I have felt the energy pulse here since I identified its former source in the coffee shop @SnoopDogg owns next door. Sorry for the workload dump, @FBI @DeptofDefense @DHSgov @Martin_Dempsey @CIA #SquidPoA @UN

Called my mom at 1pm PDT.

Left for cookies just after 4:31pm, and I found my darlings. Lo and behold, there was my royal consort KriS "LightFoot" Novoselic and my musician-lover Tom "MannedUp" Hanson just nested there on the pedestrian street with their musical accoutrement sprawled out like their arms across a café table begging for me to love them. It made me smile.

And we were in our collective rapture (small r) with our mere mortal hands sweeping the stars of the universe free of inhibitions and all but invisible shackles with the art for our fingertips.

There was some drama... Really nothing new... I will let the verified and barely-edited-if-edited-at-all recordings speak for themselves. We had a break long enough for me to be notified Russia and China were preparing their people for a possible future of nuclear war with America if EVERYONE around me did not finally respect me as they believe I deserve. Secretary of State of Kerry must have really messed up at that table with them all day that he refused to allow me at ever.

Damn Disembodied Voices in Your Heads

[lyrical prose]

And so we tranced in the holy until 10:10pm when we began the long, reluctant goodbye. I had been singing along with Red while blogging and tweeting for at least 25 minutes by the time my sweethearts slinked past me to return to the aether where we all really belong anyway.

10:42pm with vegetable soup and a few $ to get me by until my mail from my mother finally would arrive the following morning to which I replied "I will be at [the Jazz club] waiting for you [platonically] by midnight, Kevin."

I bought the cheapest caffeine I could find inside my 24-hour convenience store just before 11pm. I tried the jazz club, but it had no band after all.

So, I quickly returned to my playland to work online all morning trying to answer all questions and concerns from my beautiful world, but I could find so few. I knew they were angry. They were so angry out there. I could think of nothing that would calm my world better than their watching good people being good to me.

Luckily in those wee hours of the morning, a friend I only rarely if ever see, sent by LoveDrummer, I assumed, spent some precious moments hanging out with me as I worked online.

With his earspeaker screaming in his head not to allow me to dance ballet to the classical music outside of the 7-11 where we had just sought out "indigenous surfer food," he left me beside my coffeeshop where I used to meet Richard every morning.

Alone with nothing but the starry sky as company, I listened to a little music while I zenned to my center before walking into the coffeeshop for a baked good finally at 5:05am on 14May2015.

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