Tuesday, June 16, 2015

11May2015 notes

11May2015 notes

Just keeping track of my minutes...

1am Roger actually delivered both of my iPads to me

To address concerns Roger gave me fair warning of about a "change of management"

The full rundown of why the world will destroy itself if the truth about me is silenced--SquidStream, blog, Twitter, iPads, emails, recordings, snail mail

Recording requests went through Twitter.

To address concerns about Sweetness... Yes, dear, I understand. I do not have the time like I used to for writing snail mail anymore. I tried to make it up to you by writing the most romantic passages in human history at the end of each blog post, but my posts have been back logged for weeks. In return, Beloved, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our conversation on the metal bench including the evil villain monologuing behind us.

By 2:39am, the Social Security explanation... Further explanation of how long ago my first application was, how bad the Social Security system functioned at the time including recommending lawyers in Utah and their not putting dates on all of my paperwork, Liberty Mutual, when I realized I had no REAL mental illness after years of misdiagnoses and war crime coverups was Dr. Kamalo in Liverpool in 2010, and how innocent just manipulated Attorney David S. Wright, esquire, is on all if this.

3:25am Pompadour in a hat. Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals from the moment he approached to the moment he disappeared. Thx!

By 4:17am, invited to random park benches and even to the Not-A-Real-McDonalds by one of my grey-haired gentlemen (Remember how they all must make assholes of themselves for the pleasure if talking to and often feeding me?). I eventually joined him at 4:59am outside of the coffee shop where the CEO of Twitter once had permission to meet me.

Yet, a different egotist was the one who had the conversation with me that morning. Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning at 5:01am exactly and ending when I sat down by the fountain. Thx! We will entitle it, "I said no strings attached."

Finally all caught up with TweetHearts at approx 10am. Curled up to sleep in as public a place as possible also watched by multiple cameras. Woke up naturally and was preened for the day at 2:47pm when I kickstarted my SquidStream.

Woke up confronted by an asshole singing ugly music. Proven war criminals "Save the Chikdren" were in my face threatening electroshock immediately. Belongings were soaked in new water while I had slept. Every penny I had on me was stolen from me, including my cash in my bra. I was threatened a quack "Save the Children" admitted to sending me to assassinate me with lies and torture with would arrive by 5pm.

WORLD?!? Where are you?!? Where is my hotel room?!? Where is my mail from my mother?!? Where are my bodyguards Tentacle?!? Where are my safe snacks and clean caffeine?!? Where is my physical safety?!? Why will no one ever listen to me?!?

Why will you obey proven warmongers and proven war criminals and destroy humanity for them instead of just listening to me finally?!? YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! Look at the human rights debacle that is America and the escalating global instability! That is what YOU caused EVERYWHERE by controlling me and never doing what I want!!! Do you understand what incorruptible benevolence is, yet? Have you seen my résumé of the good that is accomplished when people DO listen to me?!?

If you keep doing what they want and keep controlling me not just escalate controlling me, it was your choice to destroy this world by removing my influence from it. How many people did YOU kill just today by STILL refusing me my human rights?

Furthermore, "FEMA has been warned!"

With barely any charge in either iPad after their being plugged in as long as possible. I tried to listen to music to calm down, but it just reminded me of how everyone who cares about me at all is forbidden all contact with me. I watched the news at 7pm.

8pm statement pretty much the moment I arrived in my soon-to-be-holy-ground playland where they told me they, every asshole around me, are choosing themselves to escalate their unrelenting and beyond-inhumane abuse of me until I "submit" to the very (Iowan) war criminals who already destroyed America and are committed to torturing and racing me until I die...

YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS SACKS OF SHIT INFESTING MY PLAYLAND WHICH EVERY BENEVOLENT RELIGION IS IN THE PROCESS OF DECLARING HOLY GROUND BECAUSE OF MY AND MY TENTACLE'S DIVINE ONCE-NIGHTLY RITUALS HERE, you are NOT locals! You do NOT deserve to be in my presence unless you treat me as I deserve for REAL in this world. The entire planet has all the surveillance cameras. You will ALL be treated BY THE ENTIRE PLANET like you choose to heinously abuse me unless you respect me like I deserve for REAL. Call any local news station anywhere in America for the ACTUAL truth. You will ALL be abused by the WORLD as heinously as you choose to abuse me until you SUBMIT to international justice and federal law enforcement. Get out of MY Metropolis of Angels, you fucking terrorist bitches!

Verified and unedited with full audio and visuals starting here 10:52pm and ending when I talked to Roger after 12:26am on 12May2015. One more conversation after that should be circulated verified and unedited, too, before I left for my promised 3am safe place.

I needed to convince my beautiful world AGAIN that I was NOT DEAD, so my bodyguards for that specific location could show up finally. This photo taken live and one darling Ms. Carly Simon later, they all knew I was the REAL me, and I slept safely and securely. It was overdue rest I long needed.

I woke up naturally just before 6am on 12May2015. My selfless support system may or may not have been in the process of sneaking safe snacks and clean caffeine to me when I picked up my stuff. I gave them recommendations from a coffee shop that morning on where to find me later that day if they still wanted me caffeinated and properly fed that day.

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