Tuesday, June 16, 2015

14May2015 notes...

14May2015 notes

Coffeeshop since 5:05am where I had met the CEO and founder of Twitter and where LoveDrummer and friends once gave me a private audience participation concert. It was also the coffeeshop where Richard and I used to meet every morning with regularity. I miss my coffee klatch. I just a baked good and no coffee, just in case.

Still without both batteries fully recharged, I left to pick up my mail the moment after I finished watching the NBC Nightly News. My cyberhug from the previous evening had to wait until 9am that morning. It had been a busy night for news.

The post office was surprisingly painless. My mail from my mother appeared almost immediately.

Beside a hibiscus bush on my way to brunch, I paused to tell Alfred my plan for the day.

I had my knife and fork knee-deep in arugula as soon as possible. So, by 11:23am I had noticed the fried egg sandwich was amazing. It was quality California cuisine I needed for a long time. But it could have used a little homemade bruschetta topping, at the very least for color.

The little fall of rain began just before 11:43am. Mother Nature was trying to tell me to "type later and go for groceries now." Giggle. Was my response.

Grocery shopping did not are too long. My not-human-trafficking nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that early afternoon. Begin when I stepped foot in the back door of my newer Von's and end the moment I step out the same door. And, thanks!

At 2:18pm I was sheltering my technology and belongings on a local patio with spectacular customer service and delicious California tacos. Where in the world is this patio of gastronomical eccentricity?

[photo] [photo]

The sun came out before 3:16pm to dry the wet off our city streets still embattled in our mortal fight to free America. And, at 3:46pm I finally wandered off my skyclad urban work table once covered in citrus bistec tacos to finish my errands for the day.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate with the taqueria's permission a recording of the appropriate customer service for all businesses to show all customers that they gave me. Verified and unedited and with full audio and visuals, please begin the moment I stepped foot on their property and end the moment I stepped off it. They are a chain throughout California. Everyone is going to show them at least the love they showed me.

Bought shoes. Cleaned my feet because at lunch I finally realized I had been attacked while passed out in the wee hours of the morning.

No travel coffee thermos.

5:56pm I was warned of a coming ambush to assassinate me after I looked in the window of my 24-hour convenience store without even stepping on their property and reported to all of humanity that ugly mustache has not been arrested yet. THERE IS STILL NO LAW ENFORCEMENT ANYWHERE INSIDE OBAMA'S "EGG" OF HORRORS AND WAR CRIMES ENFORCED WITH GENOCIDE AND WAR!

At approximately 6:14pm, I perched on my playland to eat the first part of my dinner. Although my adoptive city had promised all three of my darlings Tentacle already, I quickly learned they could not make it.

The rain began again, so I scrambled to protect my technology and paper bag full,of groceries from heaven's deluge for the second time that day. I bought a bottle of water, a bag of popcorn, and a symbolic char sui bao. I eat Chinese food, preferably dim sum, after every stellar blogging performance.

By 7:45pm I was feasting on my third meal of the day. It had been so long since I was capable of eating such a high percentage of my needed daily caloric intake. Ever notice my muscle mass?

the late evening of 14May into the wee hours of 15May2015 was "Sigourney Weaver Night." Approximately 10am on 15May2015, was the Harbour-UCLA torture travesty. Please attach all necessary video.

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