Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Mundane Details

I have resumed the quest for part-time employment with someplace completely local.  Anyone know of any place that can deal with my eccentric ways for a few hours a day in return for brilliant insights of my own fashioning?  Hee-hee.  I know I can't take a full-time gig, yet; I have far too much on my mind these days. 

Speaking of which, my mental gears kept spinning on something last night.  I tried writing and couldn't concentrate.  I tried reading and couldn't concentrate.  Well, that should have been no surprise; I have problems reading most of the time anyway.  I tried the ritual of applying makeup to my face to distract myself from dwelling on it too much.  Even that didn't work.  The weirdest part is that I don't even know what my mind is spinning on.  I don't know exactly what the problem is that I am trying to solve.  My internal processor isn't caught in a loop... it's just running some sort of complicated process right now.  Who knows, maybe I will wake up and have discovered a new prime number in my sleep.  The only other time I felt this way was early this May.  Oddly enough, when that answer presented itself, I finally learned what the problem was.  Luckily, I woke up well rested despite having accidentally left my light on all night after pacing for a while.  I'm a kinesthetic thinker.  We pace.

After a relaxing afternoon involving my losing a game of Scrabble and sitting around having delightful conversation with Gaynor and Mark at MELT!, I decided to try my hand at writing a serial based on that particular green and purple coffee shop.  I am thinking about dramatizing the actual day to day life there.  You know, I won't make it fiction, just a stylized reality.  I could use that kind of literary challenge.  I'll keep you posted. 

Also in the land of mundane details... I might have lured myself a leading man.  It had been so long since I even tried.  This one is named Mr. CuddleBunny.

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