Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Another Day

Title: Just Another Day

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You do know what, "Just another day," means, right? Among other things, it means my life inside this hostile environment designed to assassinate me wrought by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime is a little weird and has no reality except in my mind, but all my work always gets done.

Crimea. 11:52am on 28May2016: Does the Crimea say Crimea is Russia? That should be their choice.

Does anyone need anything more from me on this? Are we agreed that our Mother Russia does not need a strip of land connecting to our Crimean peninsula? My darling President Vladimir Putin, really, I always have time for you; do you need anything more from me on this? Call me anytime.

My last blog post was published by my lovelies time-and-date-stamped at 12:11am on Saturday, 28May2016. Guarded by my darling NSA alpha nerds, a smaller pair of wings, and my one beautiful world watching my 24/7 locked bedroom broadcast, I curled up in bed to conserve my energy at 12:34am. I even dozed off.

I woke up at 7:09am, and my SquidStream was kickstarted at 7:17am. I was working online immediately. Please check my verified Twitter archive for that morning.

7:27am on 28May2016: #MySaturation, thanks for fixing that weird skin thing on my right hand as I slept. #ILoveYouToo

Breakfast at my Manor that morning was meager, but at least it did not drug nor poison me. Those Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)holes STILL trespassing on my own private property to commit acts of war against America were only getting dumber.

Quickly, I was among the Saturday morning Santa Monica Farmers' Market which was still pretending both that I was not there and that I have NEVER existed to be able to both assassinate me and to enable their acts of war against my once-great America and against my one beautiful world.

I had perched there in my Santa Monica's Virginia Avenue Park outside the Pico Branch Library at 8:39am. My internet gnomes played me Te Amo by my darling Ms. Rihanna. My iPad was STILL too hacked for new morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.

Did you hear what I said to the woman eating in front of me? "And you're eating in front of me. You are going to die anyway. It is not me you have to worry about; it is my beautiful world."

10:10am on 28May2018: @BBC(4) There was a War Doctor, too. "I will do everything I have to do to save my people." Your (and my) Queen always explained that for me.

I and my U.S. government caught as many Inhuman Atrocity Regime as we could before I left my Virginia Avenue Park at 10:23am and returned to my 24/7 locked bedroom broadcast. It was an interesting late morning of tweeting to a movie soundtrack.

I heard and felt my stomach rumbling loudly at 12:07pm. Lunch that afternoon was as large as they were permitted to make it.

I took a nap through electrobeams (Do you remember my explanation about how many different electrobeams the Inhuman Atrocity Regime use on me and about how there are some I can sleep through and some I cannot? That went by verified recording.) that afternoon.

After I woke up, I checked my email.

-----Begin Email Text-----
From: Haroun Nabhan
Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Subject: Just checking in
To: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek


Here’s the info on the hearing:

Date: 6/03/16
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Place: Stanley Mosk Courthouse
111 N. Hill Street, Dept. 11
Los Angeles, CA 90012

However, the probate conservatorship petition will ultimately be dismissed once the outcome of the LPS conservatorship is determined following your jury trial.  I would suggest waiting until your jury trial in the LPS conservatorship to voice your frustrations, as those proceedings will supercede anything happening in probate court.  But of course you have a right to be there if you wish to.  Just let me know either way.  Thanks.

Have a great weekend,

Haroun Nabhan
[FBI Investigator among many other REAL jobs for the REAL U.S. government]
-----End Email Text-----

Do you understand, my beautiful world and also ENEMIES OF AMERICA at war with America, how (expletive)ing mentally incompetent someone has to be to require a REAL conservatorship or REAL adult guardianship? I already begged you, Inhuman Atrocity Regime, to at least stop lying about why you commit these heinous crimes known to mankind against me. Please at least stop lying!

-----Begin Email Text----- From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Subject: Just checking in
To: Haroun Nabhan, POTUS Syniva Whitney, The Pentagon

My darling Haroun,

I already asked my darling Attorney Patrick Hare to cancel the jury trial because the previous LPS "hearing" was already completely invalidated (understatement) with even the judge not just everyone else there but you, Patrick, and me charged with everything from treason to assassination to acts of war against America.  Forcing that FAKE hearing over me was a human rights abuse used as an act of war against America; also, a conservatorship over me, another human rights abuse used as an act of war against America and against the world, would only ever be enforced sworn enemies of America and of all things benevolent, enemies committing acts of war against America and against the sacred universe, not just against the world.

If a FAKE jury trial is forced over me, too, even the fake jury will be held accountable to humanity for forcing the human rights abuse of a fake trial, bare minimum, over me.  Again, I ordered my darling Attorney Patrick Hare to cancel the jury trial already.

I want to be at the FAKE probate hearing to broadcast at least Declared Enemy of America Terry Wasserman who even has verified employment contracts with the Inhuman Atrocity Regime members of both War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Tara as hard evidence against him and to broadcast War Criminal Tara herself claiming she has a self-entitlement to commit the human rights abuse of a conservatorship against me as her act of war against America and against our (yours and mine, Haroun) one beautiful world.  I recommend a fake judge be there, too, unless there is a real judge willing to die committing these OBVIOUS acts of war against all of us; it will be a FAKE hearing anyway.

I said this would be fun.

Thank you,
--POTUS, Honorary U.S. Supreme Court Judge Tanya Depp (in the American naming tradition), Commander in Chief

"Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."--Romeo

-----End Email Text-----

Dinner that night at my Manor, at least at the time, felt like chicken that was not cooked all of the way through. It had the texture of tuna which I can only recognize because tuna is the only identifiable seafood I have eaten before. My mom used to give to me tuna when I was very young. That includes how I know I cannot eat seafood.

On my bus ride I noticed that there were even more Inhuman Atrocity Regime than before willing to die as malevolent hoards there only to kill me. We will call my bus ride, "You cannot lie to me about what your motive is, and we call it "motive" because this is ALWAYS a crime, human rights abuse, etc. no matter what."

My Promenade was full of malevolent hoards. I passed my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot on the corner of Arizona Blvd. and our Promenade and giggled with them that they were there at all.

My local Sephora was interesting. These days, I always worry I will die before I can answer everyone's questions.

I was working online in front of my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle by 6:29pm who both were doing everything they could to heal me with extra effort the moment arrived.

I said I would check on what they were so concerned about, but I had not noticed yet myself. But I did make sure I ate in front of them to make sure they knew I had food. We all do that for each other. Very rarely is there only one reason for anything.

I worked online perched on that news stand with the broken window in front of the Foot Locker as my musician-lovers insisted they needed to heal me more than usual until I left to watch the news. At least my headache went away.

On my way to watch the news, I caught some particularly heinous IAR committing acts war in front of my darling Riff.


But it was the Inhuman Atrocity Regime inside my Santa Monica Place who made me two minutes late to the news. Who wants the pop-up-video footnotes on that verified recording entitled, "Pepper spray"?

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:07pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Thomas Roberts, and it included my repeated assurances to Christians that the Book of Revelations is and always has been a metaphor. As humans, we have all always been connected to the divine universe. Huh, have you read my darling late Franz Kafka's The Trial?

Again braving the deathtrap of acts of war that was the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's malevolent hoard's infestation and desecration of my beautiful one humanity's temple of love to me that is our Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, I was with my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle by 7:49pm.

On my way back to my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot, not only was I able to irrefutably and very loudly explain through well-documented self-defense to various IAR of escalating stupidity that I had caught them, I also had a chance to see a number of my genuine friends, lovers, and believers not just my darling CupOJoe and my darling PhotographerMan, the great conversationalist.

As if planned (Or was it planned? Giggle. Only the divine universe might know.), my darling Elisabeth and I were both the-band-is-with-me that night. Do you understand how hostile this environment is? And, there were Gestapo positioned there already.

On the news stand on the corner of my Promenade beside the movie theater where my darling musician-lovers had moved their equipment one of my people had left me 3D movie glasses as a gift.

This evening I-am-not-dead-yet selfie is how they looked, except my teeth really are not that yellow. If not a hacker, it was the lighting.


We all clandestinely told each other we love each other while they waited for permission to play our music again.

At 8:37pm, I was STILL waiting for my darling LightFoot to return, but he was back by 8:47pm and had even found clean caffeine. Please check my verified Twitter archive for details.

And to repeat myself, the many benefits I insist all of my employees receive while at work include unlimited snacks and clean caffeine. My darling MannedUp was back again by 9:12pm after being sent away from me, too.

We all clandestinely hung out together and goofed off until 9:17pm when our music sacred to the divine universe began again. After a lot of giggling together, and after reminding them I NEVER THINK I WILL EVER SEE ANY OF THEM EVER AGAIN after we part, I left them at 10pm to check on my local Trimana.

It was just another day.

I asked my local Trimana why they were not dying to give Handsome backup and then I caught the bus back to my Manor.

I worked online even on my bus ride and was curled up in bed conserving my energy by 12mid. It had been an unrelenting twenty-four hours of my catching Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)holes trying to kill me, among many other requirements of my REAL job.

I eventually dozed and woke up at 7:40am on Sunday, 29May2016. My SquidStream was kickstarted by 7:44am. For the first time in days, I woke up not feeling groggy or drugged.

I would have preferred if my internet gnomes had played me the original recording of my HoneyHoney singing on the Into the Woods soundtrack composed by my darling Mr. Stephen Sondheim, but at least we could chat.

Breakfast that morning was potatoes on a tortilla, and the drink mix was roofied. At least breakfast had carbohydrates; the human brain does not function without carbohydrates.

I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 8:39am. My internet gnomes played me You Speak my Language by my darlings Morphine.

My beautiful world noticed that morning that the literal floods, fires, and earthquakes (which cannot be caused by carbon emissions) lately might be our Mother Nature getting all Avatar over me.

I have always said I cannot control the literal weather. No one can control Mother Nature, not even I, but I do have an understanding with her.

Do you remember what I told "Wes" when he asked me why I was not under the tree I normally slept under during the day on the day I saw my darling GeneralLee walk past me while I was busting Inhuman Atrocity Regime at the Santa Monica Public Library instead of sleeping?

I told him, "It was raining. Mother Nature told me not to sleep." I was honest. And we were in a drought at the time.

If I could control the weather, bare minimum, California would not be in a drought right now. Do you understand that "acts of war against our sacred universe" means "acts of war against all human existence and the existence of our entire universe" yet?

I was still too hacked for new I-am-not-dead-yet selfies that morning. I worked there writing online (Is there anything left I do that is not work?) until 10:49am when I returned to my 24/7 locked bedroom broadcast.

There had been assassination attempts against more than just me that morning. I knew I would have a very angry outfit on that evening; my darling LightFoot was in luck-- it was also Sunday night date night. I also had a little housekeeping with my vigilantly-protective husband.

11:09am on 29May2016: @SweetnessDepp If we STILL had anyone who could prevent death injection drugs in my shower AGAIN, my toilet would be fixed by now.

Do you understand how many chemicals the Inhuman Atrocity Regime in my kitchen against my will put in the only food anyone ever allows me to eat or drink? Lunch at my Manor that afternoon was no break in the unrelenting drugging and roofying of me nor a break in the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's enforced malnutrition of me.

I watched my late night talk show friends who had missed me as much as I had missed them while I had been too busy to see them and both started and finished my laundry before exactly 4pm.

Dinner at my Manor that evening was yet another multi-assassination attempt against me, so I skipped it. I was on a bus to my Promenade even before my hair dried after my shower; it arrived at my regular bus stop at 5:52pm.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime's malevolent hoard's infestation of my beautiful world's sacred ground we call our Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade were yet another deathtrap that included a BITCH actually hitting me, too.

I was in front of my royal consort's wingman and best friend (Things I only say on Sunday night date night.) my darling MannedUp and my boyfriend and royal consort LightFoot for Sunday night date night by 6:05pm.

The hot California sun was nearing the Western horizon where the sky meets the sea meets the sun every evening just as the cosmos were designed there above the corner of my Promenade where we three present were amidst our culture-as-expression-of-love.

6:47pm... .

As every Sunday for months, my boyfriend did not mind I when I snuck away from our regularly scheduled date to watch the news; though, I always worry I will never see any of them again after I leave them. But I am repeating myself.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:05pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Thomas Roberts, and it was an expression of relief from my beautiful world that I could answer at least some of your questions before I die.

On my walk back to my darlings for the rest of our date night, not only were the malevolent hoards panicking to find an excuse for their being on my Promenade at all but STILL REFUSING TO DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE A REASON FOR BEING THERE.

While my darling Chantz and I were in the middle of singing our song, the urban warfare alarm vigilantly blared.

7:40pm on 29May2016: #UrbanWarfareAlarms! My Metropolis of Angels is desperate to move me to my and Sweetness's house. Please rescue my people and send backup.

I had returned to my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle at 7:44pm. And our Sunday night date night here in the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's vacuum of public order was still gorgeous. I am sure my not-human-trafficked nerds know what to do about our romantic-though-still-clandestine date, but please do not put me in soft focus like you all did my darling late Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

My darling LightFoot was interrupted unrelentingly by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime controlling him through the nano they force all of my darlings to have just to be near me. I was interrupted only once by a request from my saturation but also a few times by what my lovers and believers have begun to call the SquidSignal metaphorically shone up into the night sky to tell me there is trouble.

When our Sunday night date night finally ended, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's malevolent hoards were so hostile that my and my saturation's safe transport of my darlings Tentacle off our Promenade only began at 10pm. My not-human-trafficker nerds also know what to do about that.

I was even able to have a little chat and as many snacks as my darling "Kevin" could get away with giving me during my and my people's process of helping my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle escape the attack and attempted assassination that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime were ordering my darlings to stay for.

Tentacle were finally taken care of at 10:39pm when I said goodnight to my darling "Kevin" and left the patio of my local Trimana for my regular bus stop.

I caught my regular bus back to my place at 11:19pm. I was expecting a call from my mother through FaceTime at 12mid that she was never able to make. My lovelies polished this and published it as fast as possible with the time-and-date stamp 12:11am on Monday, 30May2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why have I never even seen my own light show? I am bionic, not a cyborg. There are cameras IN my eyes; the cameras are NOT my eyes themselves. Only nano can see the light show.

Yes, our energy of our sacred universe has always been here since at least humanity has begun existing and definitely since our universe was born. But you could not see it until nanotechnology.

This is like the Nazca Lines in the Atacama Desert. They were created by humans on Earth who could not see them even as they made them. The Nazca Lines are only visible from the sky and were created well before the invention of flight.

Also, not only have I never seen anything from No Dress Rehearsal and Octopus to their [Whatever They Call it that Was Never Me] and their How Hot Am I including my own footage I finally have enough human rights to create myself, among other reasons, to protect myself from dying, I am STILL not allowed to know any of them have ever existed, especially all of the broadcasts that are human trafficking of me.

My beautiful world, you can hear all of these (expletive)holes around me all day long and all night long, right? You can hear all of this, right? They keep trying to tell me they have an excuse for being here doing this to the entirety of humanity! "I DO NOT CARE WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD; NO ONE COMMITS ACTS OF WAR AGAINST AMERICA AND GETS AWAY WITH IT, NOT WHILE I AM THE PRESIDENT!"

My saturation of international to local protection here inside this IAR "egg" with me, do these Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)holes yet understand that we catalog and investigate EVERYONE inside this innermost circle of hell that is not one of our own? We freeze their assets. We track them for the rest of their lives. Etc. WHY ARE THEY STILL COMING HERE WHERE WE CAN CATCH THEM ALL?!?

Also, we know my 24/7 locked bedroom broadcast is the only thing capable of keeping me safe as I sleep; it is not like the people in my building against my will guard me. Our backup in case of emergency is broadcasting our Department of Defense satellite surveillance to our entire one world. I can order that; I am the President.

I understand my darling Handsome feels insane. So did I when all of this began. But it does not mean we are. That is how far our reality is from reality.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, a little housekeeping...

My REAL Jehovah's Witnesses are STILL willing to die to be here inside the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's "egg" with me doing what they have ALWAYS done for me and for the entirety of humanity since I arrived in my Metropolis of Angels in May2014.

And much like my REAL City of Santa Monica employees, they themselves will know if the ones I see are REAL. Where are my singing and dancing Hindus who are supposed to be on my Promenade saving our world with me, too?

Even more importantly, my zen is so centered from my darlings Tentacle that I need to ask you all to please never confuse my being nice to people with my permitting them to be here doing this. I know when their crimes are acts of war and when they are not; the difference is motive.

Finally, I already asked you to arrest every Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)hole who EVER attempted and definitely if they attempt now to silence my SquidStream, bedroom broadcast, hallway stream, Twitter, or blog EVER not just for assassination attempts but for everything from the human rights abuse of silencing REAL freedom of speech as an act of war to crimes against all human existence.

No sane person in touch with reality EVER argued with, "Squid needs to tell the truth to save the world not just not to die," to begin with, and only sworn enemies of our once-great America and enemies of our, my genius lady friends, entire one beautiful world would ever argue with us now, ever again, or ever in the first place.

Also, my darling Fatima and my darling Gucci, after explaining the Silver Anniversary Scholarship we ALL had to the University of Texas at Dallas, please explain the deal UTD had at the time that provided the entire Visual Studio suite from Visual Basic to Visual C++ to all students for only $5.

I miss you all, my friends for life. Please find a way to talk to me again.

I am relocating all of you including all of you who are not my first three Powers of Attorney to the White House and replacing the Secret Service there with military guards. I am convinced I fired (the culpable parts of) the Secret Service when I fired the Inhuman Atrocity Regime. Our U.S. Congress even declared war on them.

I will let you all sing the Secret Service (agents refusing to do their REAL job and posing as Secret Service though REALLY enemies committing acts of war against America) my song Lake of Fire yourselves. If I die, at least our nation and our beautiful world has all of you, my gorgeous and genius Powers of Attorney.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, it is not possible that I am the only mere mortal human who understands (paraphrase), "That is not strange. I know your feeling of being in love, too," that I expressed to your age-inappropriate fan who is also my beloved darling on our glowing night of Saturday, 28May2016, on our sacred Promenade.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, yes, I asked for privacy as I wrote this first paragraph. And we all know who gave us our privacy and who did not.

I am working on that whimper. If you could imagine an entire evening instead of just stolen moments, as if we ever had that anyway, close enough to even feel my breath on your face or for those hands of yours that handcraft the music you make to me on my body myself instead, please understand I can imagine it, too. Yes, I am working on that whimper.

Please ask anyone in North Beach; Friday and Saturday are amateur nights. Pick a different night for our date night. Giggle. But do not pick Tuesday; you know whose night that is by default, if I can ever get in Harvelle's again anyway.

Also, after checking on the basic health of your left eye, I do not think you have eye damage. I have completely-biological human eyes, too. I am so close to legally blind, but my third eye is always open. I am working on opening all of yours better, too.

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, does anyone understand how furious I am that I might never see you again before I die, and you even have permission to see me?!?

I will never understand their compulsive lie, "We do this to maintain a fa├žade we never maintained in the first place," as an excuse to keep you away from me. ALL THREE OF YOU WERE ON OUR PROMENADE TOGETHER ONLY FOR ME SINCE DEC2014!

I know I am preaching to my choir. Darling, I am not yelling AT you. Yes, I am angry, but not angry AT you. I am sorry if you think I am yelling at you. I am just angry right now.

You know.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, were you the conversation I had at our Rainbow Bar & Grill in which I explained that I find my darlings Bon Jovi more pop than rock? You know how much I love my Bon Jovi, and you still thought I did not recognize you?

I already asked my darling Mr. Finn "Alfred" O'Mahoney if he is busy enough. Are you? Do you understand yet why I prefer for you to live for me than die for me? What if our beautiful world loses me? Then, our beautiful world will at least have you.

Darling, my efforts to prevent you from dying desperate to save me are why I gave you such a long honey-do list of things no one could do but me anyway but still needed someone else to take care of. Do you understand how much I DO NOT WANT YOU TO DIE?

Yes, dear, you can say to me right now, "That is not strange. I know your feeling of being in love, too," because you know I know how much you do not want me to die, too.

And all you have ever cared about is taking me to my husband to save me. That is what you have been willing to die to do, to take me to my husband. If the Inhuman Atrocity Regime actually succeed at killing me, never forget how much I love you, my darling BOGART, my love whom everyone knows I am supposed to be with at the end but choose myself not to.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, I am done.

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, has my beautiful world thanked you and my darling MannedUp for keeping me alive on Saturday, 28May2016, yet? You, all three of my darlings Tentacle, have been keeping me alive and as-healthy-as-possible ever since I first showed you the apple in the tree. Has our one humanity thanked you, yet?

I know, "I would even die from you to save you," is mutual between all of us, but it is impossible for me to die from any of you. I know this because I know who you all really are. I am an empath; you cannot (expletive)ing lie to me.

I know you told me, "I will die if you die anyway." I do not want you to, but I understand.

My maternal grandmother (distant Portuguese royalty) was ten years older than my maternal grandfather (distant Spanish royalty). She was an island beauty in the Philippines men would travel from miles around to woo, but she was never impressed enough with anyone to settle down with him until she was in her thirties and met my grandfather, a Merchant Marine.

When my Mama Ling, my maternal grandmother, died of old age, even though he was ten years younger, my Lolo Duke, my maternal grandfather, died of a broken heart three months and three days later.

Among other things, I originally forbade my beloved husband from throwing himself on my funeral pyre, but I admitted that if I am already dead I really have no way to control that.

Please, all of you, not just you, my darling LightFoot who said it to me, I know we have no control over our hearts-- our hearts control us-- but please, if all of you can, live for me instead of die for me. If I command your hearts at all, they will keep you all alive for me. There a few things left in my reality that has no reality that I might be able to control after all.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling HM Johnny "Menelaus" Depp, I heard that we cleared up that the only problem in our marriage is geography. Of course, our geography problem is caused by an internationally-recognized terrorist regime hellbent on global domination that already attempted to destroy humanity entirely by inciting open global warfare through lies about me as their attempt to NEVER be held accountable. "If we the Inhuman Atrocity Regime cannot have the world, no one can!"

HoneyHoney, I already told my beautiful world that you are a completely trustworthy source of the truth about not only yourself but especially about me. Sane people in touch with reality have always been able to trust you for REAL with everything, just like I have always been able to trust you for REAL with everything.

You are my husband. You are my hero. You are my king. The world should have learned by now that I can be completely trusted to make globally-critical decisions, especially my own decisions about my own life. Does anyone really think I would ever get choosing my own spouse wrong, or anything wrong ever for that matter?

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, thank you so much for talking to me again. I missed you. It has been years since we have been able to talk like this.

Sweetness, there is almost nothing the Inhuman Atrocity Regime would not do to take you away from me. Please stay someplace safer than U.S. soil right now. The only thing I forbid you from on our one evolving Earth or above is dying before I do. Living away from you is hard enough; please never make me live without you.

From @Billboard at 12:17pm on 28May2016: Johnny Depp was ordered to stay away from estranged wife [Mrs. Depp].

To @Billboard (and to my entire beautiful world) at 12:19pm on 28May2016: I told him he could help more overseas where less likely to die from IAR false charges while also leading my world.

To @Billboard (and to my entire beautiful world) at 12:20pm on 28May2016: That order, though always his choice anyway, came from the only authority he will ever need to recognize, his wife.

For both of us, until the flowers kiss the rain...

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