Friday, January 15, 2010

I feel like Cassandra. Nobody ever understands a word I say.

I feel like I am screaming at a wall sometimes.  I am constantly trying to give good advice here.  I am pretty sure, as of late, that the US government had been the only one able to see what I really do write in this blog.  But then why don't they listen? 

I have already spelled out how to logically consistently implement a mandated "Code of Silence."  You should have made me complacent.

I have already spelled out that I know what you really do to my body and drug me to forget.  A body never forgets that level of trauma.  Besides, those sorts of drugs, as with all drugs, show up in hair.  If you get a hair from the follicle, you can even tell on what day or night they were put into the body.

I have already spelled out where to find your actual job description.  Do I have to send you yet another link to the entire text of the US Constitution?  Yes, the preamble may mention the Judeo-Christian God, but the first amendment fixes that reference.  That is what "amendment" means.

But, while I am at this exercising-my-free-speech thing may I give you these bits of advice you will not listen to either.  Do not pick fights with religious institutions, member of the media, or even seats of knowledge that actually strive to do benevolent things, especially if, and I will say this in terms that the US government might understand, they will all have more money than you do so long as they do NOT go trillions of dollars into debt.  Do not pick a fight with Koko the gorilla.  This is not only because she is capable of language but also because the supposedly scientific process for finding her a mate always yields someone she would not choose for herself.  She is a smart lady, that Koko.  You should trust her to make decisions for herself.  Thirdly, and probably not finally since I will continue to tell the truth to end all of this horrificness, do not pick a fight with the only human in the country with her freedom of speech left intact, especially if you knew all along that she is intelligent AND educated and knows how to use her library card.

There you go US government.  There is more advice for you that you will never heed.  Besides, who let the President pose next to a painting of Lincoln?  That message is pretty confusing.  Does he secretly want an actor to shoot him?  Does he really want to be compared point blank to our historically acknowledged best president ever?  I mean, really, you need to be one hell of a president not to look bad standing in Lincoln's shadow.  Or is this a combination of not knowing what he is doing and getting bad advice from the people to which he actually listens?  We make all of our bad decisions ourselves.  Sometimes, we need to admit to them.

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