Sunday, January 17, 2010

...still a doe-eyed innocent typing inflammatory honesties…

Well, I thought I might take most of today off from being tethered by my keyboard chord to the internet. I spent some time consuming edible food items, attempting to alleviate my emotional exhaustion as of late with napping, and, of course, sitting in Vesuvio handwriting notes into the copy of David Ferry’s 1992 translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh that I received from my dad for Christmas.

Until just a few minutes ago, I was lying in my room trying to listen to the local radio, but somehow and for reasons I never understand what I have long considered the dedicated broadcasts I am sent in order to never learn the truth chose to go out of their way to aggravate me. I already know that those that control the information that I receive through voices pumped into my head, voices pumped into my home, and through dedicated accuracy-free broadcasts have pretty much given up on thinking I will believe lies they force on me. Much like I have become roofie-resistant through months of enduring the poisons, I am also lie-proof, now. They actually chose to aggravate me. Telling inflammatory honesties is how I channel such anger into peaceful practices.

So, here I sit in Amante, listening to Valeriana, watching a Hollywood awards show on mute, and typing a rough draft of my latest attempt to end the horrors through which I still live. Yey, that Wizz made me an apple martini for old times sake, but I doubt I will be able to make it all of the way to the bourbon tonight. I have too much intelligent thought I need to spirit out of my body through my typing fingers.

Here is my latest conclusion starting from my knowledge base and built with my internalized logic: Global Climate Change is a cosmic event born of natural forces and aggravated by human activity. That is about as far as I can get with that one. I know I do not cause changes in weather, geology, nor geophysics… yet, for some reason, the truth about the changes in world climate are not making it through the filters on what news I am allowed to receive. This worries me.

We all want humanity to survive all of this. It has been established that the world needs a peaceful soul who is skilled with helping people who do not normally know how to get along with each other very well to find a way to cooperate. It has been established that this person also needs to be intelligent and knowledgeable enough to help find a viable method for humanity’s survival. I might have found such a person, but can we all get her out from under her heavy government oppression before the natural marching of Global Climate Change makes it all too late? I, for one, SHOULD flat out refuse to help a world that would allow any governing authority to intentionally violate me in such a way and with such repetition. Besides, under a Code of Silence, I would not know how to help anyway.

I worry about a certain part of this immediacy. And, we all know I am usually right about these things. I worry that our once fine country might end up invaded to end all of this in time. I worry that a group of world-conscious foreign countries will organize a means of extracting me from my abomination of suspended basic human rights. (And, as if that understatement were not far too obvious…) I worry that it will end our once fine country once and for all. We all need this over, but this timeline is not up to us. We are marching to the call of our dying planet, and a world-conscious power most likely with the aid of a socially-conscious group of US nationals who all actually desire to see humanity and all of humanity’s beauty survive our changing Earth, will likely take this matter into their own hands.

We all know I am usually right about these things. This all started, we all know, because the US government noticed something about me, and we know they know the most real part of me is my mind. Certain abilities of cognition need to be trusted at some point. Especially, if she makes a point of not lying. This is bigger than an incompetent’s bruised ego or even a number of incompentents’ bruised egos. As I said, this all needs to end.

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