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Here is my latest blog post. It is basic logic. My rescuers would be here if they could. If they are not, they are in a standoff with Obama. We are on the verge of something beautiful. Make Obama LET MY RESCUERS THROUGH!!!

Washington, DC. I gave the House and the Senate a promise that if they gave me my full human rights, I would help them when and if they asked me for help. In preparation for my being recognized as a human by the federal government again, I have been putting ideas together on how to create a budget that will allow the federal government to reduce the national debt. The nation prays that I get my human rights back in time.

US Supreme Court Rulings. Does anyone else remember the ruling from the US Supreme Court concerning the Pentagon Papers? It laid out that the government can only censor people in the United States AFTER they speak. People CANNOT legally be censored before they speak. With the mandate repealed, how long before Americans everywhere get their freedom of speech back?

Mr. James Carville, can I ask you for a favor? You have done so much for me already. Is it okay for me to ask you for more?

It is no longer illegal for people to spend time with me. It is no longer illegal for people to say anything they want about me around me. It is no longer illegal to acknowledge me. It is no longer illegal to report the honest news. The mandate has been repealed.

Mr. Carville, may I ask you to organize the American public to exercise their full Constitutional rights again? If they do it uniformly and all at once in large numbers, then nothing can stop them. It is no longer illegal. There is no possible punishment for doing it. They just need to exercise their rights en masse to get past Obama's bubble.

Please, James, will you do this for me? Please ask Syniva to make sure my money is used to cover all of your expenses. We need to make America a free nation again.

As for my life, I thought this might help. Please let me know if it does.

I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2002 by a doctor I still trust in San Francisco. My most prominent symptoms were 1.) seizures, 2.) hearing disembodied voices, and 3.) feeling people touch my skin when no one was there. I wrote this years ago about what it was like to live through the mental illness I once had years ago. This is from my unpublished memoirs.

...And the voices, the voices, they just got worse. Everyone and their monkey had a speaker in my house: people who were spying on me, people who hated me, and even people in support of everything I was going through. And, they were so loud.

Eventually, when I would try to go to sleep, they would play dissonant music so loudly, my ears would hurt. At night, I would turn to my boyfriend and sing him lullabies, hoping at least he would go to sleep. That would always make the sirens start as the police would show up to take the speakers off the roof with their heavy footsteps. Then there would be loud, sharp, high-pitched white noise, obviously generated by the police to stop the voices. Then I would fall asleep, only to be awakened most every night by seizures...

That was life in 2002. By 2008, while I was living in Chicago in very close proximity to Syniva and many other close personal friends and as my hair can attest, I was living without medications and had absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness.

In May 2009, I believed the world was keeping secrets from me. I was sure that things were going on concerning me that I was somehow forbidden from knowing about. My family told me I was being paranoid and that it was a symptom of my mental illness. My family told me the world was not keeping secrets from me, but that I was in fact having a relapse.

I demanded the truth from a doctor in Minneapolis assuming that the Hippocratic Oath would make him tell me what was going on, but all he did was claim I was crazy and paranoid and put me in the psych ward at the University of Minnesota Medical Center-- Fairview where he tried to tell me I was having a thought disorder.

I had never had a thought disorder before. All I thought was happening was the world was keeping secrets from me. He put me on a med, and I left. Of course, while I was in the hospital, they also filled me with spy equipment.

They put speakers and mics in my left ear canal and they put cameras in my eyes. It was in that hospital, too, when people started drugging me and sodomizing me in my sleep. That rape as torture continued in Iowa, San Francisco, Mexico, the UK, Iowa again, everywhere I went until I started sleeping with a hacked webcam watching me.

I know what it is like to have a mental illness, and it is nothing like this. I have no seizures now. Except for the speakers they put in my head, I have not heard a disembodied voice since 2002. I never feel people touching me when no one is there. This is not mental illness. This is the government trying to convince me and the world I am crazy.

The government has spent the last few years since 2009 trying to convince me my knowledge of reality is instead symptoms of mental illness. They have hospitalized me, over-medicated me, tortured me, enslaved me, raped me, broadcast me, filled me with LSD, libeled me, made people talk about me behind my back, etc.

They used to pump voices into my head through speakers that have long since gone dead. They are dead set on convincing me I am crazy, but all that is really happening is they try very hard to keep reality away from me.

In short, I know what mental illness feels like, and I do not have it now. The world around me is, in fact, just keeping secrets from me and denying reality to my face. You have the record of drugs in my hair to corroborate this.

I was symptom free by the end of 2002 and off my meds by August 2008. I have no mental illness and am definitely no schizophrenic. It was a temporary mental illness most likely due to the fact I consumed ephedra daily for five years previous to my diagnosis.

Please, my beautiful world, force Obama to stop torturing me. It is a miracle he has not yet driven me mad. And he is very close to destroying me.

I want to stay a beautiful, intelligent, benevolent woman who spends her life serving humanity everywhere. If the torture continues, that part of me will be destroyed. I will become nothing but a mumbling, ugly, shell that once was beautiful in every way. You saw me on 27Dec before I was tortured, and you saw me that Thursday after I was tortured. Obama is destroying me.

I hope this helped. Let me know if you need anything.

My brave rescuers, logic holds that if you are not by my side, you are in a standoff with Obama. The mandate was repealed. There is no longer any justification for keeping you away from me, as unconstitutional as the justification used to be. As I said, ask my beautiful world for any help you need to be able to reach me. Do you need my beautiful world to take the bubble down? Just ask.

My beautiful world, make Obama LET MY RESCUERS THROUGH! Please take care of everything my brave rescuers ask you for, and please make some noise. You work magic, my beautiful world. Use the full force of your peacefully protesting powers to make Obama let my rescuers through. Take down the bubble, my beautiful world. Set us all free.

My genius legal team, we need to be taking all necessary legal action to prevent me from ever being tortured or institutionalized ever again. I believe you have this one under control, but we have a deadline of 10Jan. They plan on torturing me again this coming Thursday. We need them stopped in time.

My genius lawyers, we also need to press charges against the federal government to force them to take the bubble down immediately. The bubble is a human rights violation against the entire nation. The bubble should have ended the moment the mandate was officially repealed, but Obama is still enforcing it.

Please, my lawyers, sue the government for me. Sue them for my human rights. Sue them for everyone's Constitutional rights. Never forget An Angry Blogpost and Dearest Syniva. The mandate and the bubble are completely unconstitutional and are causing the entire nation not just me to suffer.

My genius lawyers, you just need to look at what my life would be if I could finally have friends, a life with my husband, bodyguards, etc. and compare that productive life to the life I live right now near-penniless and on the verge of being destroyed or assassinated to prove I am suffering because of the bubble. I am supposed to have the rights to go where I want, do what I want, and get the honest news. Instead, I am persecuted by the public. Please take this bubble down.

The public is in the streets fighting for their Constitutional right to assemble and associate with me, for their right to freedom of speech, to get the speakers that violate their freedom of thought and belief out of their heads finally, and to get the freedom of the press back in America.

Is it time for a class action lawsuit by all Americans against the federal government? How many members of my beautiful world would sign on to it? Do I have enough money to pay for the lawyers to take care of it? Will anyone help me bankroll setting America free of this oppression? Please help, my beautiful world. We all need our rights back. Please take care of this, my genius lawyers.

SynSyn, I know I keep you so busy. Obama said he wanted to negotiate. I told him that was only possible if he would repeal the mandate, so we could speak face to face. The mandate was repealed, but Obama is still enforcing it. He did not hold up his end of the deal.

So, my BFF, we should feel no guilt about getting him impeached for his crimes against me. Please move ahead with this. We have four whole years to get it done, so be as cautious as necessary. Just make sure he is feeling the pressure.

Synny, investigate everything necessary. Collect all the evidence. Torture. Rape. Slavery. Persecution. Sexual Harassment. Libel. Conspiracy. We have so many charges to file when we are ready.

Dearest Chancellor Merkel and President Putin, I said two blog posts ago that I would ask you both and my BFF to begin the negotiations with Obama if this went past 03Jan. Well, we are past Thursday 03Jan. May I ask you three to represent me at negotiations with the president? Obama already said he wanted to talk.

President Putin, Chancellor Merkel, and Syniva, the bare minimum of what we need from these negotiations is the bubble completely burst ASAP (The mandate is already repealed, so the hard part is done.) and the simultaneous resignation of Obama and Biden from office.

So, my representatives, take in all the demands that are pertinent: Obama's personal liability for my just compensation for his crimes against me, criminal charges against every culpable party in Obama's government, and everything else all of you who love me can think up as demands. Get everything out of Obama possible. And thank you for taking up these talks for me. He will destroy me if you do not do this.

Sweetness, I put your Christmas gifts in the mail to you on Sunday afternoon. They should arrive at your dance floor Wednesday. Let me know when you get them. There is a letter; there is some evidence I need sent to Syniva; and there are your Christmas gifts. One of them I made myself. I call it the Loving Cup after the Stones song. I hope you enjoy them. I love and adore you. Thank you for doing everything humanly possible to rescue me.

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