Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

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Here is my latest blog post.

Central African Republic. Successful governments do not fight armed rebels in order to end rebellions. The only way to end a rebellion is to address the problems that created the rebellion. Why are they rebelling? What are they fighting for? If you fix the problem causing them to fight, the rebellion goes away on its own.

Central African Republic, are your rebels fighting because you had promised to give them jobs in the army but did not? Then that is the problem you have to fix to end the rebel fighting. You are asking for help from France and the US right now. Ask for help with fixing the problem at the root of the rebellion; you will probably receive help with creating a diplomatic solution.

Washington, DC. House of Representatives, I have faith in you to do what is best for America and repeal the mandate. Please do not take too long. Read the bill. Amend the bill, so it works. Then please pass the bill. America has been in a moral, human rights crisis since 2009, and right now you have the chance to fix it. This is no time to delay.

As for my life, I am still scheduled for torture on 10Jan. Congress is working on repealing the mandate as part of the bill avoiding the fiscal cliff. If it is not passed by Thursday 03Jan, the new Congress will be sworn in, and everything will have to start all over again. That means there is still a chance I will be tortured on Thursday 10Jan.

My beautiful world, raise some nonviolent hell. Let the entire federal government know that torturing me again is unacceptable. We need a solution to the human rights crisis the mandate created in 2009, and we need it now.

Thorbald and everyone who helps him, please keep me alive to see the mandate repealed. There is something about Obama that makes me distrust everything that comes out of his mouth. The mandate is on the brink of being repealed, so this is Obama's and all of his conspirators' last chance to destroy me. Please keep me safe, so I can see my human rights including my husband again. And, as always, thank you.

My beautiful world, may the promises of 2013 be fulfilled for all of us. What are my New Years Resolutions? These are simple.
1.) Suffer less.
2.) Do not allow Obama to destroy me.
3.) Kiss my husband more.
I find this list rather self explanatory, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

On 30Dec2012, I heard that Obama wants to start negotiating with me. However, I cannot show up to negotiations at all until the mandate is repealed. If Obama wants to talk, that is what he has to do. It is just common sense; I cannot negotiate until the mandate is repealed. Those are our demands to start talking. That is why Congress is working on repealing the mandate. If Obama is serious, he will talk to me and no one else.

If the mandate is not repealed by Thursday 03Jan, I may have to choose representatives to negotiate the terms of repealing the mandate. I choose President Putin and Chancellor Merkel right beside my BFF. Leaders of Russia and Germany, are you willing to do this for me if necessary? Syniva, please listen to them. You can trust them to be as tough on Obama as is necessary.

I also heard that the witch hunt against me continued out there with even more ridiculous charges against me. I live in a bubble of hell, torture, and persecution, but that is not enough for Obama. He also wants me put in prison for fighting to get my human rights back. It is a witch hunt. If I float, I am a witch. Thank you, Syniva and my beautiful world, for our successes fighting the witch hunt.

If you look at the general site for my blog (not the mobile viewing site), there is a search bar in the top left corner. Feel free to search my entire blog to find how many times I have urged the public to "raise nonviolent hell" on my behalf. I do not create violence in the world; all I do is plead for help. Obama incites the unrest in America by committing the crimes against me in the first place.

My beautiful world, move ahead with everything. Let us see this through. They will torture and destroy me unless we get some real progress in here. Thank you for doing everything possible to save me. Raise some nonviolent hell. What if Congress cannot get it passed? Then it rests on all of you, my beautiful world, to save me.

My beautiful world, I am also counting on you to tell me the moment the mandate is repealed. What will be the first sign? Will the TV talk to me? Will reporters show up on my doorstep? Will the internet finally show me all the media? Will the public finally stop persecuting me and show me signs of love instead?

There will be travel time before my husband can hold me in his arms and love me forever. What will be the first sign? That is up to you, my beautiful world. Please be gentle with me.

My brave rescuers, wait as long as you are comfortable with before taking up rescuing me again, but never stop generating plans. There is always the chance Congress will not repeal the mandate, no matter how important it is to all Americans' freedoms, rights, and prosperity. If it becomes clear that Congress will not repeal it, do anything you want to be able to rescue me. As always, thank you.

SynSyn, thank you for every wonderful thing you do for me, too. I hear we had another success with my parents. Can we create that kind of success against Dr. Singh, Broadlawns Medical Center, and Polk County next to at least make sure the torture stops?

Darling BFF, try anything that will make the torture stop. Get a court order to forbid the torture and cease the libel that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever. The next step is taking down Obama with a conviction.

Also, SynSyn, the Constitution guarantees my human rights and forbids Congress the power to pass laws taking away anyone's rights. That is in the amendments. This is a human rights situation. We have grounds to sue the federal government because of this to get the mandate overturned. Do not forget Dearest Syniva and An Angry Blogpost. Let your genius show, Syniva.

Sweetness, you are probably not nervous; your heart is probably just racing because you are excited. Stop worrying. I am already in love with you. Once the hard part is over with, you will have me as long as you are willing to keep me. Please keep me in your loving arms forever. I love and adore you. I am sorry I am still stitching on your holiday gift.

P.S. Secretary of State Clinton, please try to take things easy, so you can heal. I pray you get better soon, and keep kicking burro, Pretty Lady. The world is better off with you in it, so do what is necessary to heal... as much as you probably hate leading a dull life.

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