Saturday, January 12, 2013

University of Texas at Dallas

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Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, freedom is not a trap. That is just a lie they are using to keep me away from my rights. They called me a murderer. They called me crazy. They called me a hooker. This is the newest lie. All they do is lie. They lie. They lie. They lie. Please identify who started that lie and who spreads that lie. We need to hold them accountable for keeping me away from my human rights.

Expect the people who lie about me and who twist up my reality to get nasty and to make many threats right now. They are trying to manipulate you, the public, into keeping me away from my husband. Every time you hear a threat on my life or safety, that is, instead, all the more reason to deliver me safely to my husband ASAP not to keep me away from him. The only place I will ever be safe is with my husband. Please, my beautiful world, keep me safe and free from institutionalization or any imprisonment until I can kiss my husband.

Northern Ireland. Please, Northern Ireland, let your leaders speak with each other to work this out. Just like Obama taking down the bubble and letting us speak to each other would stem the protests in America, let your leaders on both sides work this out. This problem will only be solved with diplomacy, so please make sure diplomacy happens for you.

Washington, DC. Please, US military and Department of the CIA, explain to Hagel and Brennan or to whomever takes the offices of Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA that my human rights and physical safety are a matter of national security. This nation will not be safe and secure from the world or itself until I am recognized as a human by the US government.

Dallas, TX. I spent four wonderful years in Dallas, TX from August 1995 to August 1999 attending the University of Texas at Dallas. Many claim that UTD is the best school in all of Texas. All I can say is that my years there were fantastic and my education was exemplary.

Dallas treated me very well during the mid to late nineties. This was back when I would use my older sister's expired Georgia driver's license to get into poetry slams at the Red Room every weekend. There used to be so many twenty-somethings out and about that they used to shut down the streets in Deep Ellum to everyone but pedestrians on weekend nights. And the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup.

I have many fond memories of my life in Dallas. And Dallas has always treated me well. I graduated with me BA in May 1999 and my BS in August 1999, and I left only because I was moving to San Francisco. I can only look back at Big D with love and affection. I still have so many good friends from there.

Thank you, Dallas, for everything you have done for me. I received my stellar education in your metropolis. I danced on your stages. I sang to your audiences. And I lost my virginity at your finest university. You have been wonderful to me, Dallas. Thank you for everything.

As for my life now as opposed to in the 90s, while Obama has been initiating lies that he would let my rescuers through and thereby manipulating the public by trying to bring a premature end to the protests, he has also been practicing witch hunt politics. Obama is determined to twist up the reality of my life, so he can put me in prison on false charges.

Again, I and the people who love me have faced down half-baked, false charges from the people including Obama on a witch hunt to put me in prison. Do you remember when they tried to call me a murderer? Me. Of all people! Obama needs to come to terms with the fact that his policy concerning me is tearing America to shreds and that he cannot blame me for his own crimes nor for my fighting for my human rights and freedoms.

Obama has enslaved me, tortured me, raped me, sexually harassed me, abused me, threatened my life, unlawfully imprisoned me, laid out rules for the public to persecute me, and libeled me to get away with it all. Now, he refuses to give me even the most basic of human rights until he knows he can put me in prison. Sadly for him, I never break the law. I am a model citizen that Obama has chosen to victimize.

Among his crimes, they tortured me this last Thursday. It causes me damage. It causes me damage that is probably permanent. I have woken up in the night sweaty and with a pounding heart four times now after having nightmares of being tortured by injections. If I start having flashbacks, we will know Iowa under orders from Obama has given me PTSD.

The next torture date is 07Feb, and I will be there to be tortured that day, too, unless a miracle intervenes. I am betting a miracle intervenes. We are on the verge of something beautiful, my beautiful world. The cool, crisp zeitgeist is stinging my nose.

Also, my beautiful world, you can expect the people who lie about me and who twist up my reality to be able to imprison and torture me to become nasty and to make a lot of threats on me and on my safety. They are trying to manipulate you, the public, into keeping me away from my husband. Do not let them get away with it, my beautiful world.

Every time you hear a threat, fight all that much harder to deliver me safely to my husband ASAP. We need to get me to him faster than ever. The only place I will ever be safe is with my husband. Make sure every threat the libelers and twisters make move me closer to my husband not further away from him. He will make me safe for the first time since 2009.

And until I reach my husband, keep me safe, my beautiful world. Keep me safe and free of any hospital or any other imprisonment, so I can kiss my husband at last. Thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful world. I know you can deliver me to my husband safely ASAP.

My brave rescuers, are you all okay? Friday night must have been intense. I know you will not stop until I am safe and free at last, and all I can do is thank you. I wish I could make this easier for you. If you need anything, just ask me or my beautiful world. We will provide.

My beautiful world, there is no reason peaceful protests fighting for me to have human rights again only need to be in the United States. Feel free to demonstrate outside your country's US embassy, too. My beautiful world, I know you all love me. Please use your voices in every nation to help set me free. Make Obama feel the pressure, and demonstrate peacefully please. Now make some noise!

SynSyn did you get all the pics from Tom Varilek's latest crimes against me? I put them on my Facebook wall, so you could find them. I never know how long it takes you to see these things.

My BFF, it is my understanding that we have a court order mandating that Tom Varilek no longer perjure himself by claiming I have a mental illness I do not really have and mandating that he leave me and my life (finances, etc.) alone forevermore. We clearly need to put him in prison to save me from him. He is refusing to stop.

All I have ever asked for concerning Tom is that he finally be put in prison for all his crimes against me. Please lock him away forever, SynSyn. The only reason Iowa (and San Diego for that matter) has ever tortured me is because he is constantly claiming I have a mental illness I do not actually have.

Yes, SynSyn, Twitter and Facebook are all I have to be able to speak to you that I know of (and right here in my blog) where the message is sure to eventually go through. I have received fake emails from someone pretending to be you before. Click here to read one of them. It is item number 3. Do you remember how my father produced a forged letter from you to get the adult guardianship over me?

Also, my BFF, please update Judge Klotz, the probate court judge at the Polk County Courthouse, on all of our legal successes with my father, Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns Medical Center, the federal government, etc. It looks like my adult guardianship is coming up for review before her on 28Jan, and we need to make sure I am released from it. Thank you.

Sweetness, I know you will make it to my side as soon as humanly possible. I regret not kissing you 09June2009, the day we met at DFW airport. That layover was the most recent magic Dallas moment for me. Who knows... Maybe we will get another chance. It will never come soon enough for me. I love and adore you.

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