Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I just Sent this Message to the Liverpool Police Authority.

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Varilek a.k.a. Squid Bedlam Varilekova
Today: 16Jun2010
Phone: 001.415.577.1249
DOB: October 12th, 1977

"I would like to address this message to Staff Sergeant #1281 at the Wavertree police station. Hello, I was just under your humane detention from May 18th to May 19th, 2010 here in Liverpool. I am now kept under completely inhumane conditions at the Windsor House In-Patient Facility where I was dropped off by your officers that Wednesday. Technically, I should have been allowed to walk out of the doors today, but they are pretending that they do something other than commit international crime in this building concerning me. I do not know how to contact any international authorities as directly as I can contact you and all of your peacekeeping expertise. That is, they finally allowed me to utilize the internet again last night, so now I am contacting you as quickly as I could get my brain to concentrate on the idea after all that has been done to me in here. Please, if there is any way for me to be transfered to your care until a suitable transportation to my home of San Francisco can be arranged, I would greatly appreciate it. I know you have discretion to act on behalf of the wellfare of the city and community. At the bare minimum, if you could stop in to check on me here at 40 Upper Parliament Street, I and all of the other actual medical patients in here being denied all medical care would be quite relieved. Please take care. I will be wonderful to hear from you again."

I am about to write to them again with a few extra details...

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