Friday, June 18, 2010

It was when the Maps of the Area Showed up Near this Computer for Anyone to Take...

... that it became so clear that my inmates in this torture facility are still without enough truth and reality to know why I am still locked in here at all. They actually think nobody knows where I am to be able to show up and help me. Clearly, they DO have enough reality to know how much help we need in here, though. To make them at least a little happier, I will explicitly tell you that I am here and still denied the ability to reach San Francisco to finally be able to heal...

Windsor House +44 0151 250 5300
40 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 7LF

It shouldn't take a thalassocracy to get me to safety, but we have reached the point where I have agreed to "whatever immediate force necessary" myself to end my internationally criminal incarceration here. I am sure that the British people that include the nursing staff here would welcome the opportunity to no longer be able to choose to break international laws through their own conscious. More importantly, I am sure that the British people that include my inmates (also known as, the other patients denied medical care here) would welcome no longer feeling it is necessary to throw their own bodies between me and the source of the radiation torture to bring me at least what little physical safety they can give me by choice themselves in here. I have finally stopped announcing where the radiation comes from to stop them from doing that.

I used to have an inmate in here named Terry. I think he knows where concrete objects containing the radiation torture equipment that is outside of this facility, at least, are located. He might have been asked to build them himself before he was put in here. Terry is a great place to start on where to look for some of the equipment out there, anyway.

I am working on some more snail-mail. It just takes so much more concentration, now, than it used to for me to get these things done. And, I am CONSTANTLY hungry from how much my body has to heal itself these days on its own while I am in here. (Look at that! I am now being threatened by a very fake nurse who wants this computer immediately shut off.)

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