Friday, June 18, 2010

One More Day, So Many More Atrocities Committed Against Me... Why Can't They at least Find New Ones to Use?

I caught wiff while here in this facility yesterday that the local medical community formed a Tribunal to make a decision of some sort about how to pretend to justify being able to physically detain me in this more than obvious torture facility for a longer period of time. They decided, apparently, that they should be allowed an extra sixty days of illegally incarcerating me while committing human rights atrocities against me in order to make a decision eventually on how to justify it all. That is, they want another sixty days to cause me (through their barrage of clearly defined tortures while simultaneously denying me all medical care) to have a complete medical breakdown in order to pretend they have a legal reason to keep me in a medical facility.

They must have filled the "Green Room" with medical professionals in order to accomplish this. Why didn't they allow me in to speak to me about my own health? I wasn't even supposed to be allowed to know that any of it ever happened. As a better questions, if enough actual psychiatrists were here to form a Tribunal at all, why didn't they just medically treat me? They were here in the building, anyway.

Oh, and what was their public justification for enforcing that I spend sixty more days in this literal torture facility? They documented the reason for requiring sixty more days of my illegal incarceration here as needing more time to justify AT ALL detaining me under a Section 3 of the Mental Health Act of 1983, and they justified needing more time on the fact they know so little about my (lack of) need for mental health care right now. Huh... But they were the ones refusing to allow any psychiatrist to assess me and the ones who denied me any ability to speak at the Tribunal myself.

I think the local medical community INVOLVED in the Tribunal have just deemed all of their conclusions completely non-binding, deemed themselves as NO authority on any of these topics, and deemed themselves as non-credible on all legal topics particularly those specialized in the medical field. All they had to do was their real jobs. Why would they even pretend that anyone would have ever fallen for it? I hope we have all of their names, addressed, and credentials.

Oddly, I have only granted them any permission to contact my "nearest relative" whom they themselves say is my mother, Mrs. Dinadar Albon Varilek, if I am present for all of their phone calls with her. This was, of course, in order to prevent any more government or medical officials from lying to her ever again. There has been a long history of corrupt government employees of various nations traumatizing my family by lying to them outright. I granted them such limited permission to contact my mom in a legal document of my own creation.

Speaking of which, I still just need one document signed by any psychiatrist involved in this situation in order to travel home to San Francisco. Signing this one document would only involve a psychiatrist's ability to assess whether or not I am capable of sitting in a chair with my seatbelt on. I write most of my legal documents, you see. This one says this:

I _[Insert name of MD here.]_ of _[Insert name of hospital or practice associated with the establish psychiatric doctor here.]_ as a medical doctor specialized in psychaitry do hereby deem through my area of professional expertise that the mental health of Tanya Hedelisa Albon Varilek a.k.a. Squid Bedlam Varilekova as fit to travel by airplane as soon as possible to her home city of San Francisco, California, United States of America.

Printed Name:

Signature of Witness:
Printed Name:

I have given a few versions of the document detailed above to my medical malpractice lawyer here and to the staff of this facility. My lawyer is doing everything he can fathom to fix my detention here, and he is acting on these things as immediately as possible. He is a treasure this way.

The behaviors of the nursing staff after all of this

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