Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Post of the Year

I actually had the occasion to make it out of the house to see some friends twice this week. With any luck, the car situation will turnaround for me over the weekend. I might finally be allowed to take the car out. I am an amazing driver; there is no reason I should not be allowed to drive a car.

I also made it to the chiropractor twice this week. Because I am so persecuted by the US government, we were not allowed to discuss all of the problems he must have found when he looked at my health holistically. I have serious trauma from the years of torture I have endured. Yes, I am healing now. I even play music as I sleep to help.

There are things in this world of which I simply am not capable, and I admit to them all. One of them is wearing sensible shoes. I put on a pair of tennis shoes on Monday to go to a Zumba class at the local YMCA. I had only barely broken a sweat when my feet rebelled against me. My arches hurt so much I had to take off the shoes, and then I learned that all of the rest of my feet had gone numb. If there is Zumba in my future, it will be danced in red satin t-strap stilettos or, more likely, barefoot. I cannot wear sensible shoes.

I am thinking about finally applying to the MFA in Creative Writing program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. The degree is low-residence, so I will be able to take my courses online from the comfort of my netbook. Education is so important to me, and my medium of choice for spreading knowledge and enlightenment around the world is the written word. It is time I procured my MFA.

Tonight is New Year's Eve! I plan on dancing. I am going to a local rock show, assuming I can get a ride there, in Des Moines. Oh, it has been far too long since I have had live music to dance to freely.

In the News...

Latest in the Ivory Coast
Look at that! They are having diplomatic intervention in the Ivory Coast. This is a good thing. The violence and unrest needs to be brought to an end. Yey!

There are also talks in the works to release and diminish tensions between the two Koreas. It's almost like my beautiful world listens to me when I say these things I am never allowed to know anyone ever reads or hears. Let us all hope we can bring a lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula. They have seen so much violence and unrest.

"An Eye for an Eye Only Makes the Whole World Blind. My Orange Juice, Please." --Ghandi
And now for the latest in the Obama administration's lack of maturity: We no longer have an ambassador from Venezuela. Obama needs to grow up and stop being a tantrum-driven brat.

Sometimes We Need to Take a Stand.
Even if it makes us unpopular with people more powerful than we are, sometimes we need to take a stand on what we feel is right. I am not taking sides in this. I am just commenting on the personal strength displayed instead of the politics.

Refuse to Comply
Discuss (and associate) any topic you want with anyone you want... so long as you do not slander, defame, etc. anyone. Do not comply with social oppression and removal of the freedom of speech. We all know the rules... do not lie about anyone, do not steal your human expression from anyone, and respect each other's privacy. As long as you keep with these restrictions of dignity, let no one tell you that you cannot express yourself with anyone you want... even me.

Drinkable Water
Drinkable water is so important. Let no one take it away from you. The water supplies were poisoned and drugged in San Francisco, Mexico City, Wigan (UK), and Liverpool while I was there. The people just let it happen. Stand up for yourselves and let no one take drinkable water away from you. Looking at the world populations, it is far more rare than it should be.

Oil will Always be Precious, but...
... it is time we found new ways of powering our machines. Solar, wind, geothermal, etc. power are endless. They do not require the poor to spend their meager moneys to bring power into their lives. When are we bringing greener energies to the poor of the world? They need it most. Oil will always be precious but not as precious as ending human suffering.

Keep your own Economy Strong to Prevent the World's Economy from Falling Apart
The global economy will not fail apart just because of certain amounts of gross governmental mismanagement of finances in certain countries. As long as we keep our economies as strong as possible, the world's money will keeping turning. This is not a global crisis as long as we are still investing and spending.

Do not Fall for It.
Do you remember how we in the US all lived in crippling irrational fear of the USSR during the Cold War? Let us not let it happen again. From what I can tell, the US government has been trying to make the American people irrationally non-trusting of Middle Eastern cultures for years now. There is no reason for this irrational mind control. Do not allow the government to make you fear a people or a culture just because they want control over you. Take cultures on a person-by-person basis to start with if you have to... The government wants us afraid and controlled. Never give up your freedom to think, believe, and choose.

Why are We Doing This Again?
Why are we killing civilians? Is it the US government trying to provoke conflict again? There are never answers to these questions because in the US right now the truth is off limits. I believe the US government wants the US to have an enemy. They want a people or a culture to make all Americans hate, so they can control us with that hate. To do this, they are running around the world provoking conflicts. Do not fall for it.

Cultural Understand and Education Might Save us All.
Promote understanding of your own culture and people with everyone you can. Until recently, there was no reliable way to explain to people in Iran that Americans are not all oppressive warmongers like the US government. Also learn about as many other cultures as you can. Grow to love and understand as many people as your heart can handle. Yes, even I am only a human who feels fear and hatred... but I am teaching myself to embrace knowledge and understanding instead. Learn about new cultures every chance you get. Learn to appreciate our beautiful world.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité -- Did I get that in the right order?
Standing up for our human rights is so important. We all should have a freedom to assemble and associate. We should all have a freedom to believe as we choose. We should all have a freedom of speech and a freedom to criticize... as long as we call an opinion an opinion. We should all have a right to hear what people say about us. We should all have a right to privacy. There is so much that the US government denies its citizens right now.

Israel Should not be Considered an Accurate Representation of the World's Jewish Populations.
What crawled inside Netanyahu's heart and died there? Yes, there is a legacy of conflict with Palestine in Israel; they are one country with two governments right now... but Netanyahu is particularly out of control. Why is it the Israeli people are allowing it to just go on? Why are they allowing this blood on their hands? Just as the American people cannot be represented by the US government to the world right now, the world's Jewish population should not be judged by the actions of Israel. The good Jewish people are better than propagating human rights violations.

It All Comes Down to Leadership.
And it looks like something has been a good influence on Iranian leadership lately. I wish I could make better analysis and conclusions, but it is so hard for me to get all encompassing news.

Weather Here has been Oddly Mild.
The Des Moines Area has missed the worst of the winter weather so far, and the worst of the blizzards that hit Europe did not land until after I left their continent. With all of the crazy weather this season all over North America, we here have been truly blessed that it missed us. Yes, the weather and I have an understanding, but I do not even pretend I could ever tell her what to do. All we have had was a gently snow just in time for Christmas. I hope everyone out there is taking care and being careful on the roads. I hope your flights are rescheduled soon, and I hope everyone researches the Water Cycle to understand why the weather is changing.

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