Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ask the Johns Hopkins University what Constitutes a Science Experiment. Look up the Scientific Method.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

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Here is my latest blog post. I seem to be all the international crises that need fixing these days.

USA. Obama and at least the ten presidents in the chain after him were all impeached last year for not taking Obama's bubble down. Please try to keep up, my beautiful world. We have a vacuous White House now. We need a national election for a two-year interim president in November this year.

Where is Obama's power coming from? The parts of Obama's terrorist conspiracy still active in the US government whom I have only been able to identify so far as the Department of Justice and most of the Democrats in both houses of Congress (I know this does not include Senator Feinstein, but I do not know about any others for sure.) are propping him up.

Before Obama was impeached last year for his abuse of office that was enabling his committing war crimes and human rights abuses against me ever since he took office, he passed an executive order he had no real authority to write nor that the executive branch has ever had any authority to enforce to keep himself in power after impeachment as the ceremonial Head of State.

Why and how Obama still has power as an unelected dictator enforcing his totalitarian extralegislative rules with his iron fist of blood, war, terrorism, unconstitutional human rights abuses, and lies at all costs to America of rights, public health, justice, taxpayer resources, and precious human life is baffling.

Obama's house of cards is built on his brainwashing of the public with mind-controlling earspeakers, his terrorists' salacious libel propaganda campaign against me that has grown to include everyone who stands up to him, fanatical devotion to his magnetic psychopathy (much like Hitler), blind government adherence to his executive orders he had no Constitutional authority to sign while he was still president, and the stupidity of his delusional followers thinking he can grant them impunity forever instead of acknowledging the reality that the only absolution for their crimes can come from me by making me happy and that the good, green world will hold them accountable for everything if I am not happy with them.

It is okay to love America. We all who know everything that goes on, in fact, prefer people to love and fight for America. Most of the government stands up for the Constitution and functions to the best of their abilities serving our once-great nation in full acknowledgement of reality. Obama's bubble is what is unamerican.

Obama is not been in the US government since he was impeached last year. His terrorists, though paid with taxpayer money to destroy America; his terrorist earspeakers, though paid with taxpayer money to brainwash the public into keeping him in power; and his unconstitutional rules granting Obama totalitarian control over this entire once-great nation, though enforced with taxpayer money to render America completely unrecognizable, all function outside the government now.

These extralegislative rules Obama writes are not enforced by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. And the FBI are the only domestic law enforcement with the authority to arrest or investigate infractions of federal laws except for counterfeiting money and threats to the REAL presidents' physical safety which is assigned to the Secret Service and terrorism which is assigned to both the Department of Homeland Security and through the NDAA to the US Military.

Establishing his bubble by making me his modern slave to grant himself totalitarian control of the media was one of the first things Obama did as president. This Kafkaesque bubble was a cage in search of a bird.

But I stood up to him as early as 2009, and this bubble both domestically and internationally has been nothing but Obama's clinically psychopathic obsession with controlling me ever since.

I used to say it was Obama's choice if he called himself his conspiracy's puppet or their mastermind, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his former Chief of Staff, already turned in his evidence that Obama has been the mastermind all along. (Gladly, this redeemed Chicago Mayor Emanuel who once, according to PBS Frontline, warned Obama of Old Testament justice for all his crimes against me.)

This bubble began as a magnetic psychopath's power grab over the media to force false adulation of him, but it quickly descended into Obama's totalitarian control of everyone everywhere I have been since 2009 domestically and abroad to be able to control me by controlling my environment.

My beautiful world, you can seek out greater understanding of the mind of a psychopath to explain why he goes to such great and horrifying lengths to control me. And if he cannot control me, he will destroy me.

The only conspiracy that remains needing explanation, now, is how Obama got elected in 2008. His entire political career was as a Constitutional law professor (and we know how much he understands the Constitution) then as a freshman senator for four years before running for president.

Yes, Obama is magnetic like Hitler. But someone's machine had to get him elected. The nation was desperate for "Hope" and "Change" after Gee-Dub, and Obama's psychopathic magnetism fueled by his empty promises and carefully crafted facade of love for America made the public fall for him.

Even now, after everything he has done to destroy this nation from recruiting a seditious extragovernmental terrorist army to wage civil war with to inserting mind-control speakers in all of America's heads just to be able to control my environment to years of mandated false medical records to coverup his slavery of me by controlling my finances and to coverup his ordered torture, systemic rape, and unlawful imprisonment of me to his destruction of America's moral fiber by shoving libel-only pornography down your throats, there are people still magnetically drawn to serving him and keeping him in power.

Most pressingly to straighten out his current snake oil, this is not a massive science experiment like Obama's terrorist anti-reality machine is trying to sell the world into believing to get away with war crimes against me and oppression of and mental health genocide against everyone around me.

This is Obama's psychopathic obsession with having total control over me-- a proven only-benevolent super-genius who has risen to become a world leader by standing up for America and everyone else needing freedom from oppression worldwide.

This is a clinical psychopathic obsession Obama enforces with his iron fist at all costs of human rights, liberties, health, safety, and precious life to the world not just to America by controlling my environment.

And, no, before Obama shoves more of his snake oil directly into your minds, this is not Squid's word vs. Obama's word. I never broke the law. I never lied. I admit I was wrong about the New World Order after Obama pumped me full of LSD, but I am not the one who poisoned the water supply. I never put a mind-control speaker in anyone's head. And ever since Obama took office, all I have done and all I still do is suffer.

Does anyone read my blog? If Obama wanted peace for real, he would call me to get my terms for my joining a negotiating table with him. But he refuses to and only escalates his crimes against me and against all of America every day instead.

Part of Obama's snake oil he is selling to the nation and to the world right now is his facade he would ever try peace just to make his mandated-secret-by-silencing-the-presses-in-America escalations of his civil war and of his war crimes permissible, palatable, and never-ending.

I sent him representatives for me for talks for years, and he never once upheld any resolutions because they all called for an end to his totalitarian control of America and called for a return of my full human rights. He is a clinically proven psychopath willing to sell any lie to destroy me, and I need permanent protection from him.

Of all the places I have been so far since Obama took office, I have always been safest in California. Right now, my neighborhood in Long Beach and the California courts protect me.

The United Nations has given the LA County District Attorney an ultimatum to cease pressing all of Obama's intentionally fabricated false charges against me and to press real charges for real crimes against the real war criminals obeying Obama to destroy me here instead.

Of all the places I have been so far since Obama took office, I am safest in California. That is why he is so desperate to return me to the single most vile place on Earth, Iowa, where the disgusting locals do every inhumane thing possible to make Obama happy.

War Criminal Boeset is a symbol of Iowa. And that is just how unlivable Obama's bubble has ALWAYS been.

Obama knows he is caught. All of his crimes against his own people and abroad to be able to destroy me are all on record. This bubble must end; that is the only solution, and it is inevitable Obama will see justice for all of this. If he were less of a delusional psychopath he would have surrendered by now.

The only thing to negotiate is how Obama gets punished. The entire world is demanding his and all his terrorist conspiracy's unconditional surrender unless he calls me and begs for my mercy. I just need to survive Obama's bubble of hell and torment until the world can reach me.

All the world has to do is overpower and arrest Obama on international charges, occupy the Department of Justice to end all their criminal impunity, and overpower and arrest all of Obama's Gestapo and seditious terrorist army.

Congress refuses to save America. The Supreme Court has already done everything possible within their jurisdiction. And Obama has proven he will not stop escalating all his crimes against all of us particularly against me until he is forced to.

My phone is always on, but Obama keeps refusing to call. The world needs to save America. The US Military can likely clean up Obama's seditious terrorist army. But when was the last time anyone but me read the First Amendment? Click here.

How are we going to return the full Constitutional rights to all Americans again including allowing me to live physically safely with enough food to eat and with my own loved ones if Congress refuses to take Obama's powers as unelected dictator away from him? Our only option if America refuses to save itself is for the world to come here and fix this for us.

How many nations has America saved in our short history? The world cannot let us down in our own desperate time of need. Obama has rendered this nation unrecognizable, and no one anywhere in this country with the authority is willing to stop him from destroying us all.

The United Nations has been rightfully "really worried about the fate of minorities" in the United States concerning every heinous act Obama and his terrorist Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. have been committing while criminally grant his underlings impunity. We need to remind the world Black America disowned Obama.

They stand up for me, Obama's recognized slave. If we could free up freedom of speech and freedom of the press to allow open Black criticism of Obama from leaders like Dr. Cornel West, there will be no backlash against Black America due to Obama.

What are other questions the world has had about me that take more than 140 characters to straighten out?

I believe in using science to explain the universe, and I put all my faith in humanity. I call myself an atheist, but I am holy to every benevolent religion. Every good faith has an explanation for my conscious control of my body's energy field. Think of the electric eel; all living creatures generate energy.

Chi. Holy Spirit. Divine light. I drive everyone to their religion of choice. I am holy in Buddhism; I believe the Dalai Lama calls me a Boddhistava. I am holy in Islam; some, not all, refer to me as the first female prophet of Islam. I am holy in Hinduism; they think I am blue. Judaism thinks of me a lot like Solomon; I am their angel, too.

Scientologists call me an alien. Wiccans call me a White Sorceress. Bahai call me Baab. Just ask Zoroastrians about Zoroaster and Mormons about Jesus returning to America.

My identity as an atheist enables me to work better with every world religion as I do my real job solving real global crises. Have you read my real résumé yet? Ask Syniva to keep an accurate and updated copy online for everyone. Everybody holy understands why I call myself an atheist.

Yes, I was raised Catholic, so most of my understanding of holy books comes from the Christian bible. But for me it all comes down to science. "Be fruitful and multiply" is exactly how Darwinism works.

How did I end up the first atheist beatified into Catholic sainthood? According to Catholic doctrine, once a Catholic is baptized and confirmed, she is a Catholic for life. According to Catholic beliefs, I am just a lapse Catholic.

What else?

My beautiful world, the difference between exploitation and slavery is exploitation is voluntary. I never once chose to be broadcast until this month when I gained legal control of my own body and asked my benevolent nerds for an accurate livestream with podcasts off my verified newly-legally-recognized-as-mine spy equipment.

Obama still has the ill-gotten power to forbid me all income. So, selling verified accurate broadcasts of me for anything but maintenance fees would be slavery again.

This is now even more of my service to my nation and humanity. I ended my slavery by leaving Iowa. We are also ending Obama's disgusting taxpayer-funded libel of me that has destroyed the moral fiber of America by enforcing the truth about me be broadcast instead.

As for the trivial salacious libel propaganda Obama uses to distract the world from his heinous crimes against his own people, the entire world has seen me get my period. We have been through this already. Transexual women do not have eggs, ovaries, a uterus, Fallopian tubes, etc.

Yes, I own a penis; my husband wears it, but it is mine. Congratulations! It has permission to keep a mistress until that one and only penis I own gets to be with me and only me for the rest of our lives.

My brave rescuers, expect a message from Commander in Chief (since we have no real president) Chuck Hagel any day now. The world is coming to help. You are not alone anymore.

And, my brave rescuers, all of America thanks you for being the only force fighting to protect this nation from Obama's extragovernmental seditious terrorist uprising for years. If you need anything, make sure you tell us all. America needs you.

SynSyn, thank you for everything, too. We all have had an epic few days. I hear you got a court order mandating my slumlord Ellie clean up The Gables and Stephanie go to prison for life with no chance of parole. Is this official?

As for everything else in my environment, Syn,.... So much can be fixed if we can get a verified, updated copy of my current résumé to the planet including to all of my brainwashed locals.

My BFF, we also need to get our full notes and transcripts online of all the criminally pathological and blatantly false accusations Obama has ordered into the courtrooms across America concerning any fictional mental illness in me at all whatsoever and any fabricated criminal activity he could falsely accuse me of.

Synny, this public record online will force accountability. It will protect me from any more violations of my Constitutional protection from double jeopardy. It will disable any more completely medically unjustifiable Obama-mandated coverups for more of his war crimes of torture, systemic rape, enforced starvation, and unlawful imprisonment used as acts of war against me. This will make the whole nation and the whole world safer.

Please, my beautiful world, help centralize a list of all trustworthy sources of information from my livestream and verified podcasts to your records and do not forget my beautiful world's accounts of everything we have all endured as an oppressed nation under Tyrant Obama. There is too much of Obama's taxpayer-funded crap out there being used to obscure the truth about all of this.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I understand you are working on State-of-California-mandated contact between us as my legally recognized closest family member and TEMPORARY California conservator since Obama's extralegislative rules are the only thing anywhere disabling me.

Darling, the world will have to arrest War Criminal Boeset to end her impunity just like they will get Obama, Holder, and everyone else they want on international charges. We can trust California to arrest Stephanie, Tara, Del Amo Torture Facility, etc., but there is no justice nor law enforcement in evil Iowa, yet.

But if you, my beloved, present our legal paperwork establishing I am under California jurisdiction (Speak to the California Secretary of State for a copy of my voter registration if you need to.) to Social Security and Liberty Mutual directly, you can end the financial stranglehold War Criminal Boeset illegally wields over me to enforce my starvation as one of her many acts of war against America. This should help.

Handsome, we also need to keep our many influential friends in California from Google and Apple to George Lucas and Disney to Brad and Angelina to Madonna and Oprah and everyone else who loves us and loves America wielding their power over the California Legislature to get the bill declaring Obama's rules of terrorism and slavery illegal and in violation of the United States and California Constitutions passed. The governor is already fighting for us.

Sweetness, I know everything you do for me. We will love forever and even after I die of natural causes at the spry age of 137. Please remember this will make you a young-looking 151 (the Bacardi age) years old when you die of a broken heart from losing me. The only thing I will ever forbid you from on this Earth is dying before I do. Giggle.

My adoring husband, I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I am so empty, I am so physically empty without you to hold in my arms. We will fix this. The world will save America before I am too old to still make super-human babies with you. Have faith in humanity. I love and adore you. And I will love and adore you forever.

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