Saturday, July 19, 2014

Remove the Mind-Control Speakers from All of Defenseless America's Heads.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My blog, my Twitter account, and my livestream are how I answer all the world's questions for me, problems that need solving, and emergency distress calls. So, my beautiful world, collect everyone's needs and ask me for anything. I am here to serve.

Due to some tactical legal activity by my loved ones since 14July2014, the emergency distress calls have reduced. Thanks to maintenance of my complete blog on proxy servers and shadow sites, questions for me about what the hell is going on in America since Obama took office have reduced. My time is freeing up to concentrate on global crises and problem solving again.

Iran. The world powers' nuclear talks failed and were extended four more months. Personally, I think convincing rising nations that nonproliferation is desirable worldwide should be less lecturing on supposed irresponsibility of leaders and definitely less using nuclear weapons as status symbols.

World powers are more likely to convince the third world not to build nuclear weapons if they explain the technology is already obsolete by fifty years and explain detonation of nuclear weapons especially on shorter range missiles will invariably hurt their own people with fallout.

If world powers would swallow humility pills and make promises we will all actually uphold to reduce our own nuclear capabilities in return for Iran not developing further technology, I am sure they would make much greater progress.

Nuclear weapons are undesirable everywhere. But they have maintained an aura of power, and grant membership in an elite class of nations for the people who possess them. So we need to reverse the status that nuclear weaponry grants.

Nuclear weapons make nations potential monsters with the capability of destroying THE ENTIRE PLANET alone... not even if there is retaliation against them. Instead of granting power, nuclear weapons should invite condemnation. And do not forget, the only nation irresponsible enough to drop an atomic bomb, not even a nuclear bomb, was America.

I do not understand why this once-great nation gets to lecture anyone on nuclear technology responsibility. Make promises worldwide to reduce nuclear stashes because nuclear technology is globally undesirable, and then maybe no one will want them anymore.

And may I repeat? Nuclear technology is obsolete anyway. They do not deserve their role as world power status symbol. Let us all try guaranteed human rights and egalitarianism on for size worldwide as status symbols for deserving power instead.

Middle East. The world is falling apart. When will I have enough human rights to do my job?

I am doing everything I can for this world from inside Obama's worse than unlivable bubble of torment and war crimes with nothing but a public internet connection, an obsolete iPad, no human rights but my freedom of speech, a conspiracy of psychopaths breaking every law possible to destroy me in a final torture facility, and $7 a day to live on.

But making the Middle East peaceful and prosperous is going to require me to actually meet with people, possibly require travel, and definitely require two-way communication with guaranteed confidentiality.

If there is anyone else volunteering for preventing the Middle East from erupting into region-wide sectarian violence that will engulf the entire planet in WW3, you can ask me for anything. I would, as an NGO, do this myself. But we all know Obama refuses to let me even eat food.

Speaking of Obama's crimes against his own people, we need better monitoring of all the crap Obama pumps into his mind-control victims' heads. We all know he uses salacious calumnies to make sure no one ever rescues me. That is the main purpose of his mind-control, but sometimes these good people are even disgustingly further from any sense of reality than usual.

On 17July2014, it was the metaphorical zombie apocalypse all over Long Beach. There was nothing but absolutely degrading libel of me as city-wide gossip while I was at my wifi hotspot in the morning.

There were six year-olds playing in my breezeway at my apartment building screaming about masturbation for hours while I was baking a pizza and cleaning up around the apartment that Thursday afternoon.

And, there was still no reality back in their heads yet after I walked back to my wifi benefactor Thursday evening. These people love me, but they have no idea who I am for real.

The global community has already proven Obama-controlled earspeakers cause mental health genocide. Every neuroscientist everywhere is furious about the damage these electronics cause the brain, especially developing brains. But Obama just keeps inserting them in more and more people's heads nationwide every day.

Someone somewhere needs to love humanity enough to stop this.

On Thursday, I was also unsure where my next meal would come from since I had not yet received the gift cards my mother had mailed to me on Monday. Luckily, they arrived Friday morning, 18July2014. She had sent me a $50 gift card for my wifi benefactor and a $50 Visa gift card for anything.

Once I arrived at my wifi hotspot to activate the Visa gift card, I found a promotional code for free grocery delivery from Von's in my email inbox. So, I was able to spend every penny possible on groceries. Here is what I bought...

Qty Description Total
1.00 0.50 LB Ranchers Reserve Beef Round Tip Breakfast Steak $3.00
1.00 1 LB Lean Ground Sirloin $5.49
1.00 Anthonys 100% Whole Grain Penne Pasta - 13.25 Oz $2.19
1.00 Apples/Oranges Pre-Packed - 3 Lb $4.39
8.00 Bananas $2.59
1.00 Barilla Pasta Sauce Marinara - 24 Oz $2.50
1.00 Broccoli Crowns $1.99
3.00 Carrots $0.48
1.00 Diamond Sliced Almonds - 6 Oz $4.49
1.00 Eating Right Cereal Granola With Raisins - 18 Oz $2.99
1.00 Goya Salsa Verde - 17.6 Oz $2.58
1.00 Green Bell Peppers $1.20
1.00 Mountain High Plain Yogurt - 32 Oz $3.69
1.00 Red Bell Peppers $1.70
1.00 Safeway Farms Snow Peas Fancy - 6 Oz $2.00
1.00 Safeway Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits - 16 Oz $1.70
1.00 Safeway Kitchens Hickory & Brown Sugar Bbq Sauce - 18 Oz $2.29
1.00 Strawberries Prepacked - 1 Lb $2.50
3.00 Vine Ripe Tomatoes $2.09
1.00 White Onions $0.82
1.00 Zatarains Jambalaya Rice Mix - 8 Oz $1.99
Estimated total $52.65 but after the promotional code for free delivery and bananas $48.65

My groceries were supposed to be delivered between 4 and 8pm PDT on 19July2014, but my order was mysteriously canceled for reasons no one could explain even after I called customer service promptly at 8pm. I will try to sort it out tomorrow morning.

Syn? Sweetness? Whoever is paying my bills with my own money now that I am no longer inhumanely under War Criminal Boeset's ill-gotten jurisdiction, feel free to deduct any and all of my grocery expenses from my rent.

It was part of my legally-binding handshake lease with The Gables that they provide me with a full apartment of furniture, cover all my utilities, and supply all the food I want and can eat all day every day.

We know California tenants' rights laws dictate that all expenses paid by a tenant that should be covered by the landlord are deductible from the monthly rent.

We all know that the market value for my apartment is $950 a month and that my roommates and I each pay $700 a month for a total of $2100 a month for our understated slum.

The justification for our above market rate is the food, furniture, and utilities. But we do not get edible, non-expired food nor even any food delivery at all whatsoever every week. We have no furniture. Ask our utility companies for evidence of how tiny our collective carbon footprint is.

The Gables already has a court order to make my apartment livable, and War Criminal Stephanie is already subpoenaed to appear at The Hague, I am told, for using forced starvation of me as an act of war against America, aiding and abetting systemic rape, and repeatedly attempting to lock me in yet another torture facility for more torture, rape, and unlawful imprisonment all used as acts of war all under direct orders from Barack Obama.

The Gables is desperate to force me out of my legally-binding lease, so they can continue preying on the mentally ill without me to make a record of all their abuses of all of us. We need The Gables cleaned up.

In unit #9 there are three full-grown men living in a one-bedroom apartment. That might even be a fire code violation. My roommate Tabia is a full-grown woman who sleeps on a bunk bed. You have all seen War Criminal Stephanie's tone of voice when she speaks to me. That is how much The Gables respects us as humans.

We need The Gables cleaned up not just for me, but for all of us. They insist I am an impediment to their preying on the mentally ill unchecked, so they constantly and compulsively attempt to lock me in another guaranteed torture facility under Obama's repeated and proven-to-be-nothing-more-than-calumny coverup for his war crimes by libeling me mentally ill.

Thank you, Syn, Sweetness, and Ugwuji, for tearing down this barrier to my health and physical safety that is The Gables's obedience to Obama's policy of terrorism and war crimes against me. I just need to stay fed, safe, and online until the world can reach me.

My beautiful world, is there anything you wish you could give me? Gift cards? New dresses in my size (14 in USA dress sizes)? Anything non-perishable and smaller than a breadbox? Just send it to my recently-redeemed mother at her work address.

Mrs. Dina Albon Varilek
c/o Principal Financial Group
711 High Street
Des Moines, IA 50392

My mother can actually ship me packages and mail me supplies, so feel free to provide my mother with everything and anything you wish you could give me. If you want to thank her for her service to humanity by keeping me fed and online, send her some yellow roses. They are her favorite flower.

As for you, my brave rescuers, under all circumstances, all of Obama's extragovernmental seditious terrorist army needs to be rounded up and contained. As a nation, we cannot allow Obama's proven terrorists free to run rampant across America even after I am rescued.

That is why, my brave rescuers, Commander in Chief (since we have no real president) Chuck Hagel is sending in the military. I understand I am your priority, but America is mine.

My brave rescuers, you are all we have to fight Obama's domestic terrorists who enforce Obama's rules of totalitarian control at all cost to America of human rights, justice, health (to the point of proven mental health genocide), taxpayer resources, and priceless human life.

Under all circumstances, even after I am rescued, and even after Obama is convicted, all of Obama's terrorists will still need to be bare minimum arrested.

America cannot afford to have Obama's terrorist uprising fully-armed, deranged with devotion to a psychopath, organized, and oppressing America. Imagine them vengeful after Obama is taken down and furious after I have human rights again.

You are all heroes, my brave rescuers, and you have been carrying the burden alone for years of fighting America's worst domestic terrorism threat ever. Now that our proven truth is finally breaking down Obama's worldwide brainwashing bubble of lies and coverups, the US government can and will finally send you all the help you need. Thank you for being real American heroes.

SynSyn, you are such a hero. I have no idea why anyone messes with you. Everyone everywhere should just do everything you want.

Synny, I hear Obama's Gestapo including but not limited to War Criminal Boeset who has never had legal grounds to falsely represent my "interests" in a court room have been attacking you.

My hero BFF, their intentionally fabricated false charges against you follow the same deranged logic behind their pressing unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

My darling best friend, you are my front line of defense against more heinous war crimes covered up with Obama's obvious calumnies that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever or that I have ever in my life committed a crime.

They believe, SynSyn, if they can get rid of you with false allegations, they will be able to destroy me once and for all in a final torture facility since you will not be around to defend me.

Consider it a compliment, my hero BFF. They are acknowledging you best them at every turn despite Obama and all his Gestapo's clinically compulsive, pathologically-lying-enabled, calumny-derived witch hunt of me designed to destroy me in an institution with electroshock torture, unstoppable systemic rape, and unlawful imprisonment all used as acts of war against America.

Synny, they would not be so diabolically nefarious with intentionally fabricated false charges against you if you were not epically effective in your hero quest to protect me, protect this nation, and save the world from Obama.

Thank you, Syniva, for braving Obama's fires of hell to be able to keep me safe until the world can reach me. It is never a crime to protect me from more war crimes in more torture facilities.

Look at me. We all know Obama forbids me all real medical care. I am a systemic rape victim who cannot even get a Pap smear nor STD panel until Obama's bubble comes down.

Every attempt to put me near another quack (and Obama mandates only quacks are permitted to "treat" me) is a direct threat to me, destroys America, and destabilizes the world.

SynSyn, it is not possible to offer me "therapy" that denies all reality to my face of everything I have lived through for real since Obama took office. That attempt to mandate more intentional and willful malpractice over me is just another one of Obama's tools to unlawfully lock me in a final institution to take me away from my beautiful world forever and destroy me.

If anyone ever had any genuine concern for my health and well being, like you and Sweetness do, SynSyn, he or she would protect me from any more Obama-mandated malpractice completely, send me me directly to my loving husband as soon as possible, provide me enough food to eat while I wait for a rescue, allow me control of my own finances, never obey any of Obama's rules, and basically do nothing War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, War Criminal Holder, War Criminal Obama, or any of the rest of Obama's Gestapo do to me all day every day.

Syniva, Sweetness, Ugwuji, etc., is the entire world worshipping you enough in return for all of your selfless service to humanity? I always said, if my beautiful world cannot be directly good to me, they should vent all of their love and affection on all of you.

May you all be my replacement in the world's loving arms until I can have enough human rights to be permitted to feel love and affection again myself.

Also, my loved ones, please keep publishing all of our evidence online from every one of my silenced blog posts to every single word in all of our court transcripts to every witness testimony of all of Obama's abuses and help the national and foreign news media centralize a list of all verified, accurate, and trustworthy sources both online and off for circulation to the masses.

I keep telling everyone to ask their local news stations, local radio stations, local newspapers, etc. for our centralized list of trustworthy sources. This is how we will keep the masses up-to-date since Obama floods the internet with his crap to drown out the truth.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Collect notarized copies of our legally binding paperwork that I am legally under California's jurisdiction and no other state's right now and that you have legal TEMPORARY California conservatorship over me as my legally recognized husband and therefore next closest family member because Obama's extralegislative rules are the only thing capable of disabling me and present these papers to Wells Fargo corporate in New York City, Bank of America corporate in New York City, the Social Security Administration, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Darling, by going over War Criminal Boeset's head, you will be able to take control of my finances even inside this bubble. Ask the California government and California courts to mandate we have contact as legally married husband and wife since the US Supreme Court guarantees all Americans full Constitutional rights (including the right to marry and have a married life) even under Obama's bubble.

Beloved, I will mail you your next love letter on Monday, 21July2014. I will always update the entire world especially you as to our USPS Priority Mail tracking number in a tweet, so everyone can guarantee my mail's safe delivery. We know how important my letters are to the world.

My adoring husband, I understand how busy I keep you. Thank you for also having enough free time to make some of my dreamboat rock-n-roll hopes and desires come true, too. Click me. I cannot wait until we can lay behind closed doors, so you can make my body dance at last.

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