Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Impending Physical Collapse

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My unstoppable mind and incorruptible heart are still going strong today as I answer all your questions and concerns, my beautiful world, but six years of Obama's war crimes against me have brought me to the verge of a physical collapse. And it is going to take Obama finally killing me with starvation to stop me from serving my world.

USA. Making homelessness illegal in America does not make it go away. No one chooses to be homeless. The only real way to get the homeless off the streets is for US cities to fix the real problems, the roots of homelessness in America.

Syria. The world has allowed the civil war in Syria to rage for so long it has caused instability in the entire region. We all warned this would happen. We may not have long to end this conflict before the entire region erupts in sectarian violence that engulfs the whole world in WW3.

All people, all of humanity, deserve to live freely and peacefully with full human rights and liberties that allow their nations to prosper. So much of the West writes off the Middle East as a war-torn region no one should care about, but we are one world. What happens to one of us affects all of us. Without a peaceful and prosperous Middle East, the world will fall apart.

Syria can be fixed by putting the mechanisms of a backup egalitarian government in place to fill the gap when al Assad falls, and then sending a pinpoint operation into the Syrian capitol to capture the despot, arrest him, and carry him out. This way, al Assad can be tried for his crimes against his own people, and those are the only "boots on the ground" necessary by the West.

Iraq. There is nothing inherent to the tenets of either religion to make Christians and Muslims enemies. I have been telling Africa this for years. The same is true for Iraq right now.

This is no longer the time of Medieval Crusades and Holy Wars. The only reason Christians in their home countries including Iraq are being targeted by invading jihadists is because Western nations, the traditional enemies of jihadists, are largely Christian.

If the everyday people of all Western nations would learn to love Muslims as our own, think of the peace we could create in the world.

Lebanon. As they rightly should be afraid.

Ukraine. The world is convinced the downing of MH17 was an accident; the people who fired the shots likely wanted a military target. But this never would have happened if there were no conflict in the Ukraine to begin with.

Not a lot of former slave women (I escaped my slavery by leaving Iowa.) owned by an impeached US president can say they are a benevolent influence on President Vladimir Putin of Russia. There is even a rumor his has sent Russian submarines already into US waters in case they are necessary to protect me.

I am pretty sure I can fix the situation in the Ukraine by simply having a cup of Russian tea with my die-hard supporter President Putin. If Obama ever had genuine concern for the Ukraine, instead of his constant posturing on every topic in front of cameras to cover up his obvious incompetency and psychopathy, I would already by in Moscow, Geneva, Kiev, Paris, or wherever ole Vlad would want to meet me.

As I type this, I have $2.20 left for all my sundry expenses on the Visa gift card my mother mailed me last week. There is still $15.63 on my gift card to my wifi hotspot to keep me online until another gift card arrives, if one ever does.

I spent my entire $50 allowance for the week from Obama on groceries yesterday, so now I have enough food to make one home-cooked meal a day until Sunday. I tried to sell my designer dresses which are all too big for me now at a second hand store last night, but Obama forbade them from taking them.

The reality of my Obama-enforced pennilessness has Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine trying to convince people I should return to the single most evil place on Earth anywhere, Iowa.

This is because, if Obama's terrorists and pathological liars can convince anyone to kidnap and drag me there again, Obama will be able to destroy me there immediately.

The entire world needs to come to terms with the fact that doing what I want will actually fix this, not doing anything Obama, his terrorists, his Gestapo, his war criminals, nor his pathologically lying conspiracy (including War Criminal Boeset) want. Obeying Obama and his servants (including War Criminal Boeset) is what caused the humanitarian crisis I live in.

This has been six long years for me of nothing but abuse from Obama, and it is taking its toll on my body. The worst ever was my imprisonment in the state of Iowa against my will just so Obama could abuse me there with no one to protect me. But now that I am protected by California from more systemic rape and proven torture, Iowa refuses to stop committing Obama's crimes against me.

The completely unjustifiable extension of War Criminal Boeset's stereotypically Iowan inhumanity into my life in California where I should be legally free of all her abuses is about to literally kill me. The world needs to be prepared.
1) If I ever go in another torture facility, I will never come out. The world will lose me to Obama forever. I will be destroyed by Obama's totalitarian corruption of the American medical community.
2) If I do not get bare minimum $200 a week for food and $84 a month for a bus pass, the combination of over exertion walking to and from an internet connection with Obama's enforced starvation of me will cause me a physical collapse.

Yes, my unstoppable mind and my incorruptible, metaphorical heart are still in excellent working order, but Obama's rules and the deranged lunatics (including War Criminal Boeset) who obey Obama to destroy me are killing my poor, battered body.

The world needs to be prepared to lose me. I wish there were some way around this. I wept over Obama killing me with starvation and malnutrition all morning.

Even alive I have never been able to control what happens in my name. After Obama causes my physical collapse, I know all hell will break loose. There will be so much backlash against everyone who ever obeyed that psychopath, and there will be no way for me to protect anyone. The first thing likely to happen is the complete annihilation of the USA by furious and vengeful foreign powers.

I put a system in place with Syniva in 2009 on what to do if Obama kills me. Trust her. Trust Sweetness. Trust Amita and Ugwuji. Seek their guidance until stability can be returned. They have always know me and what I stand for best.

No lawsuit can fix this. I wish it could. Obama pays everyone's just compensation to me with taxpayer money to prevent his servants from ever being deterred from covering up and committing his war crimes against me. And Obama forbids me all the just compensation anyway.

But there are so many ways to actually fix this, if someone would just bother saving my life. Any of these would work. I just need adequate nutrition, safe drinking water, and a way to stay off my feet while still doing my job serving humanity.

1) Give me at least $200 a week for food and $84 a month for a bus pass. My neighborhood and benevolent infestation of CIA agents already keep me safe from any more rape, poisoning (except for the city water), and physical attack.

2) Convince the government at every level to obey the law. Give my loving and adoring husband complete and exclusive control of all of my finances both inside and outside the bubble, control of my bank accounts at both Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and contact with me even if only long distance (so he can provide for me).

3) Mandate The Gables make my apartment livable. War Criminal Stephanie is a deranged lunatic who needs to arrested immediately to keep me safe from her.

According to our legally binding handshake lease, The Gables must provide us all with enough nutritious food to eat all day every day, deliver appropriate furniture, and respect all of our tenants' rights. If they would install wifi and a working television, too, I could stay off my feet, eat penniless gourmet meals, and heal all day.

4) End Obama's mostly-extragovernmental terrorist conspiracy's impunity. If we could enforce criminal charges against War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, War Criminal Tovarek, every asshole at Del Amo Torture Facility from Social Worker Carla to Quack Gessesse, District Attorney Tom Miller of Polk County Iowa for everything from collusion and conspiracy to corruption and covering up war crimes, District Attorney Jackie Lacey of Los Angeles County for the same charges, US Attorney General Holder for the same, and Psychopath Obama himself, we could actually deter any more of this terrorism.

This would likely require criminal investigations and convictions by the US Congress, United Nations, or US Military (terrorism and human rights abuses as acts of war fall under military jurisdiction sometimes) since the US Department of Justice and local district attorneys are obeying Obama preventing any law enforcement from reaching the courts instead of upholding the laws.

(Instead of criminal charges against her, I will also accept District Attorney Jackie Lacey's redemption by her competently prosecuting everyone in LA County who has ever committed a crime against me, turning in her evidence against Obama, and refusing to press more of the completely intentionally fabricated false charges against me or people who stand up for me that Obama thinks up.)

5) California could declare itself bubble-noncompliant thereby returning full human and Constitutional rights to all its people, protecting me from any more of Obama's abuses enforced by his rules, and allowing my own friends here to take care of me. There are so many people in California who wish they could feed me and provide for me. We need to let them already.

6) Overturn Obama's bubble. Congress, this has been your job for years. Are you really going to allow me to die because you cannot do your job? Yes, you already overturned the federal mandate passed as part of the Affordable Care Act by hiding its overturn in the Fiscal Cliff Bill.

But Obama replaced the mandate with executive orders he had no authority to write nor enforce. Now, Congress, you need to save America by overturning his executive orders.

Obama is not even the president anymore. You all know that. How much human devastation and loss of precious human life are you going to allow Obama to reek before you stop him?

7) Take away Obama's powers as an unelected dictator parading as a US president even after his impeachment last year. Why is Obama still permitted to wage a bloody civil war, refuse all First Amendment rights to all of this once-great nation, and commit mental health genocide just to be able to do this to me?

Enforce reality in America instead of Obama's science fiction dystopia.

8) In case the public feels helpless to save me, all anyone has ever had to do is just disobey all of Obama's rules. This is how the public and the media can save me and America themselves.

I understand you are all terrorized into destroying me by obeying Obama's rules, but if you would organize uniform civil disobedience in which everyone everywhere just stands up and exercises her and his rights finally, this bubble of horror and torment for all of us will finally end.

I am dying. I just need food, water, and rest while I serve the world to heal from all of this. But we are running out of time. This is no time to allow Obama's terrorism to control you.

We have proven people only get in trouble in the courtroom for obeying Obama and never for exercising First Amendment rights by standing up to him. There is also safety in numbers.

Get the speakers removed from all your heads nationwide, my beautiful world, and stop allowing Obama to illegally oppress you. Pick a date and time and uniformly set us all free.

9) Send in the full force of the US Military to overpower and contain Obama's extragovernmental sedictious terrorist uprising, so my brave rescuers can carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

If Congress, the public, and the media keep propping up Obama by obeying his unjustifiable rules, most likely because they are terrorized by him, we are going to have to remove me from the places where Obama can hurt me.

If we cannot render where I am safe for me (Even though, California is irrefutably better than Iowa.), we need to carry me someplace that will protect me from Obama. Reread fixes #1 to #8 to fully comprehend how senseless the loss of my brave rescuers' precious lives really is.

10) Invade. I am dying. If America will not save itself from Obama, the world needs to save us. If Obama is permitted to kill me through either another torture facility or my physical collapse, my beautiful world will invade anyway. We might as well help the US Military overpower Obama's terrorists now as global allies in time to save me.

Invasion is a last resort, but we may have reached making it necessary. No one else is willing to save me.

As I write this my brilliant mind is trapped in a weakening body. It is so simple to protect me from any more torture facilities and from complete physical collapse. Everyone just has to bother.

As for maintaining our momentum that Obama is dead set on thwarting by destroying me... My benevolent nerds, let us livestream off my closed-circuit security system implanted in my own head all day every day until Obama's bubble comes down.

My loved ones were worried about my signing away my precious privacy rights to be able to livestream, but we have proven it is necessary to keep me safe from more collusion to unlawfully imprison me as an act of war due to Obama's taxpayer-funded libel of me, to mend the moral fiber of American culture that Obama destroyed by creating libel porn and shoving it down the nation's throats, and to enable me to effectively do my job serving my nation and all of humanity.

This livestream keeps me safe from more of Obama's coverups for more war crimes of torture, systemic rape, unlawful imprisonment, and propaganda used as acts of war and helps keep America and the world more stable by preventing more of Obama's libel of me.

This is my service to my nation and to all of humanity. This is my choice. We can only charge enough for viewing my livestream to cover maintenance and operating expenses; otherwise, it becomes slavery of me. Besides, the world, including the poor, deserve the full truth especially since Obama's rules mandate oppression of all of America under his bubble of lies.

The livestream is a closed-circuit security system EVERYONE is aware of. It violates no one's rights but my own since everyone has a choice to avoid it but me. And it has made heroes out of many who stand up to Obama to be good to me.

Speaking of being good to me, what is my relationship with the Italian mafia? They love and adore me. No, not just because they are Catholic. Ask them about me sometime.

Once in January2010 after my now husband had spent six months wooing me long distance, he rode his motorcycle past me on a Wednesday night while I stood on the sidewalk outside of Caffé Trieste in North Beach. Mi bandido cariño, Datiko, was a witness to the unmistakable, pure, raw, passionate sexual tension between us.

No, Sweetness did not stop his bike, he was sneaking around North Beach with the hopes of meeting me again. But I recognized him, mostly from the chemistry in the air, through his helmet.

After the gypsy jazz show at Trieste, a young Axl Rose look-a-like asked me to join him at Gino & Carlo's, the bar Sweetness had permission from the federal government to "run into" me in. But I regretfully had to refuse.

North Beach is the Little Italy of San Francisco. Gino & Carlo's is an Italian-mafia-run bar frequently raided by the FBI for whatever they can finagle charges on. I was not going to bring the at-the-time-only-federal-government-controlled spy equipment in my head into a mafia-run establishment.

Yes, I surrendered seeing the man who even already treated me better than any other human ever had in my life in order to protect the mafia. The Italian mafia in San Francisco has always known this. I protected my neighborhood.

While I was in the UK, I was told the Italian mafia was looking after one of my witnesses, Zoltar, who works at the Miller's Pub in Chicago. Zoltar is a "time traveling Bradgelina baby" if you ever stop in there to look for him. You will know him at first site. He has his father's face except for his mother's lips.

Syniva has had a romantic childhood obsession with the Italian mafia all her life, the same way I have had such a romantic attachment to the espionage community all my life. I credit my attachment to spies to growing up during the Cold War, and I know for a fact Syniva owes her romantic obsession with mobsters to all the Godfather films.

I always said my husband is not bad enough to be my "bad boy" type. Agent Cuddlebunny was my bad boy type.

To finish the story, I took Sweetness riding by me on his motorcycle with his pheromones raging to mean he had left Vanessa. So, I decided to settle down with him for the rest of my life, got over my fear of romantic commitment, and sat in Amante with E-Rog writing Sweetness his first love letter the following week.

My first love letter to him spelled out, "I love you, too." He had, after all, been wooing me long distance since we first met in June2009 at DFW International Airport. Of course, he had not yet left the mother of his children when I started writing him seductive snail mail, but I did not know that for years.

In Feb2010, I fled San Francisco for Mexico City 1) for my life by leaving the jurisdiction of the US government, 2) to seek asylum at an embassy, 3) to save this once-great nation form the bubble of oppression and terrorism Obama had built over all of America, 4) to rendezvous with my now husband, and 5) to protect my beloved home neighborhood from more of Obama's terrorism.

Sadly, the bubble followed me to Mexico as a display of power only a US president could get away with, so very few of my goals came true. But I did not blog much in Mexico, and I refused to wear contacts. So, as I have always said, what happened in Mexico City can stay between me and my husband, and no one ever needs to know more than we are willing to share together.

My beautiful world, as a general rule, if Obama's terrorist anti-reality machine is demonizing anyone, the people whom they are demonizing are probably the good guys.

That is why Sweetness, Syniva, Cuddlebunny, Brian Francis, the Italian mafia, the City of San Francisco, my dedicated celebrity friends, Republicans, etc., all get demonized by Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine but never Iowa, War Criminal Boeset, any established torture facilities, etc.

My brave rescuers, I do not think anyone has been more demonized than you. You have been called terrorists when Obama's seditious uprising is the real terrorists. You have been called The Confederates when in all reality you fight against slavery and for keeping the nation whole.

You, my brave rescuers, have been called "separatists violating the sovereignty of the USA" by Obama himself when all you are doing is fighting to make me safe from Obama and restore all Constitutional rights to this Obama-oppressed nation again.

If you need anything, my brave rescuers, tell my whole beautiful world. Real help is on its way to you. You are all we have to rid America of all of Obama's heavily-armed terrorists. You are all real heroes, and the world owes so much to you.

SynSyn, I pretty much cleaned up how much Obama demonized you by showing your beautiful, no-nonsense photo and reminding the world you were a registered Socialist when you attended Bryn Mawr in the 90s.

Do you remember, Synny, how I used to help spin bobbins for you when you would work the jacquard loom while working on your prestigious MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago? I miss you.

My hero BFF, once we no longer have to save the world by fighting a criminally insane psychopath, we need to sip coffee, gossip, and go shopping together again. Did you ever get to read the letter of introduction I wrote for you to the Jim Henson Company in 2010? If you can get permission, please share it with the world.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. My latest letter of undying love for you will arrive in New York City under the care of darling Mr. David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater supposedly on Wed, 23July. But they somehow lost and relocated the letter between Monday night and this afternoon, so it might be late. The USPS tracking number is 9114 9012 3080 3572 3870 29.

As for things horrifying you lately, darling, Obama refuses to acknowledge women can be intelligent, so he is going to keep calling us a gay male couple until you get me pregnant.

My beloved straight-as-an-arrow husband, it does not matter how much basic human biology we put in front of the masses. And it does not matter how many times Obama and his terrorist anti-reality machine have been caught lying already. This nation is brainwashed into believing every single lie Obama spreads no matter how many times we have proved he is a pathological liar.

Personally, darling, I have no idea why anyone cares what sex organs I have, but Obama refuses to stop degrading transsexuals and transgendered women by calling me a man only to make people hate me.

Yes, I admit, beloved, I would love to take you to a gay bar. Giggle. We all know I am openly bisexual. We can paint a gay neighborhood red some night just for kicks. But make sure everybody rereads my 16July2014 blog post in the mean time.

Obama is using salacious libel to make people irrationally hate us and to distract should-be-ferociously-angry America away from all the crimes he commits against this once-great nation he has already destroyed.

Sweetness, if your unquestionable-by-sane-people masculinity can handle the truth-abuses of a racist (Me love you long time, Obama.) and sexist psychopath who insists there can be no way I am female because I am smart, I promise I will make it up to you with lots and lots of attempts to impregnate me with the three more children we want so badly.

Until then, darling, let the gay community worship you. The title of this photo from a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio on my 24th birthday is "Lesbians Don't Kiss and Tell."

"Jsem zlaštny radost." --Squid B. Varilekova

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