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Sweetness, I love and adore you. Sorry, my Beautiful World, for the Late Update.

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. Please share with the entire world for me, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Israel and Palestine. If you ever needed proof I do not run the world, enduring ethnic conflict is all anyone ever needed to point out. These two states in one nation need to sit down and discuss their common ground; even if, it is only me.

The recognition by the United Nations of Palestine as a state of its own gave legitimacy for both Palestine AND Israel to exist. They are two states on one land.

I have long hoped they could have one government that democratically and egalitarianly represents all people, yes, even the Christians, in the nation. But most of the world seems to think a two-state system is the way to go.

Some people believe "Good fences make good neighbors," but if Obama's bubble has taught the world anything, we need fewer walls and more understanding between cultures.

I would love to help Israel and Palestine build bridges, but we are not even sure I will make it out of here without starving to death first. I do not want more failed peace talks between these two populations. I want cultural understanding.

In case my loved ones cannot keep me out of yet another torture facility before the world can reach me here in Obama's bubble, please refer to the three axioms I wrote down for Syniva in 2009 from which my entire world policy can be Euclideanly built with logic and compassion.

There is so much work the world wishes I could take care of: Israel and Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, China and Tibet, etc. If Obama destroys me with more unlawful imprisonment paired with torture and rape (And we all know if I ever go in another torture facility, Obama will never let me out. I will be institutionalized and destroyed. The world will lose me forever. We know how close I have already come to ECT.), you are going to have to do this yourselves, my beautiful world.

I have asked Syniva to fill the spiritual gap left behind if anything happens to me, but it would be unfair for us to put the burdens of the world on her. Let her fill her own dharma, not mine.

I have not been keeping up with my blogging like I should. Everything has been so nonstop lately, and there is a delay between writing a blog draft and getting it fleshed out to be posted. My responses to questions have had to be instant lately.

Luckily, we have archivable recordings of everything through my eyecamera and earmic, now. And we have a live broadcast off the signal broadcast out of my head, so the world can keep up.

If anyone needs the highlights, they can always check my FriscoSquid Twitter history. You do not even need a Twitter account to access it. Thank you for keeping up.

I am increasingly physically weak every day. My mind and my heart are still in perfect working condition. You all see me serve the world all day, as my real job has required every day since 2009. But I just do not get enough food, nutrients, nor calories for my BMI, and I have to walk too far to get to and from my internet connection every day.

And to top it all off, every liquid in my wifi hotspot but the orange juice and the milk is roofied. How long do we have before every bottle of water and every bottled liquid in the Los Angeles metro is poisoned? That is the pattern everywhere I have been since Obama took office. Please, FDA, stay on top of this.

Every soda is drugged or poisoned at the factory. The city water in Los Angeles is undrinkable due to Obama poisoning the water supply EVERYWHERE I go both domestically and abroad, and the city water is in all the coffee and blended ice drinks.

I live on $7/day due to Obama's control of my finances, so I cannot afford to ride the city bus to and from my "office" here. It is a shorter walk but still a long walk from my apartment to the closest branch of the Long Beach Public Library which is the closest wifi internet connection to my apartment, but they are only open noon to 6pm. I work online every day from about 8am to 10pm with a break in the middle to run errands.

The amount of exercise I get every day combined with my starvation due to my complete pennilessness and the war-criminal-level scam artists who refuse to provide nutritious foods for our apartment as is our contract with them paired with the drugs and poisons in everything I drink added to how far I have to walk to reach an internet connection are why I am increasingly physically weak every day.

My mind and my heart can survive all of this, as long as my hero BFF SynSyn can keep me out of any more torture facilities. But my body. My tortured, raped, beat up, abused, poisoned, drugged, over-worked body that Obama has given exotic diseases while denying me all real medical care since 2009 is finally getting weak.

I established California residency on 09July2014 by registering to vote. I waited until all the dirt cheap and low quality anonymous gifts from Criminal Boeset was sending me as part of her coverup pretending she is competent to manage my finances arrived, then I registered to vote in California for the third time in my life using my current apartment as my address.

My voter registration history in San Francisco is why I was NEVER under Polk County's jurisdiction in Iowa to take control of my finances away from me under orders from Obama to enforce kidnapping me from the UK in 2010 and dragging me to Iowa to be nothing but abused and irrationally hated to justify it.

Once I registered to vote, I became a legally recognized resident of California again. In California, "adult guardians" are called "conservators."

And, since the courts in California recognize that the only thing disabling me at all whatsoever is Obama's extralegislative rules, my husband the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life who is my legally recognized next closest family member, became my TEMPORARY California conservator and was granted full legal control of all my finances that are both permitted for me to know about under Obama's rules and those I am forbidden from knowing I have like my $8B+ my suffering since 2009 has earned me in the federal courts.

For two days my husband has tried EVERYTHING to give me my own money while Obama has pressed intentionally fabricated false charge after false charge against Sweetness to take his TEMPORARY conservatorship away from him.

Luckily, my husband is no idiot. I have asked him to get my mother a credit card, so she can provide me with everything from monthly bus passes and groceries to clothes and flowers. If anyone needs to give me anything like gift cards, etc. just give it to my mother and let me know I have to come up with an excuse to have her ship me a box.

Also, Sweetness is leaving NYC as soon as he can and is coming home to Los Angeles where he will be safer, where all levels of government support us and support full Constitutional rights for all of its own people, and where he will be as close to me as he can get.

While I was at the beach on 10July2014, my evil sister Tara who is such a deranged lunatic she has actually admitted publicly she is jealous of everything I have suffered through since Obama took office, told the local police repeatedly to pick me up on a 5150 (Police code for being a threat to self or others.) with every excuse she could think of from libeling me a schizophrenic not taking meds to libeling me a porn star who masturbates on the internet for a living.

Tara knows there is a live broadcast off the spy equipment in my head for the whole world to see establishing exactly who I am in this world for real. She knows my real job is service to my country, to the world, and to humanity; this blog Obama silenced earlier this year even earned me a Nobel Peace Prize. But my evil sister Tara will do anything to destroy me.

Tara is just like my property manager Stephanie. And she is just like Criminal Boeset. But unlike Boeset in Iowa, we can actually press criminal charges in Los Angeles County.

Syniva took care of Tara for me. Obama was desperate to take my TEMPORARY California conservatorship away from my adoring husband and give it to Tara who lives on the West Side in Los Angeles and whom the whole world knows obeys everything Obama mandates as an excuse for her to intentionally make me suffer as much as possible.

My husband is working on locking up my property manager Stephanie for me if she does not meet my five demands to clean up The Gables, the name of my apartment complex. We pay "above market rate" for our slum apartment to cover utilities, "all the food we can eat," and furniture.

My beautiful world, you can ask the local utility companies how tiny my and my roommates' carbon footprint is. Stephanie absolutely refuses to give us food with any nutritional value, and after I catalogued in my broadcast the groceries she provides, every nutritionalist and professional chef confirmed there is no way to make any meals at all whatsoever out of that swill. And finally, we have no furniture.

Stephanie has been using our living room as storage space; that is how much she respects us. We do have a mailbox key now, but Stephanie kept one for herself.

Also, it was publicly documented by reliable witnesses in Long Beach who watched my body mini-seize when I laid down for a nap in Scherer Park on the Fourth of July that I was raped in that twin bed in the bedroom I share the night of 03July2009 after I broadcast my proof through Twitter that everything I have lived through and all the human devastation Obama has wrought both domestically and internationally has been due to Obama's clinically psychopathic obsession with having total control over me.

You have all seen my neighborhood. The only way a rapist could get past my neighbors who watch over me and the espionage community watching my apartment all day and all night for me is if the rapist had a key and just walked in like he lived there. Who has all the keys? Stephanie. She must have, under orders from Obama, given a rapist a key.

The espionage community has since locked down hidden security for my apartment for all people coming and going and sneaked a chain lock onto my front door. Now, they just have to watch the kitchen window at night. That is now the only way to sneak in while we three fully-grown women sleep.

I made a public record of falling asleep on the beach yesterday to show I only have some residual twitchiness left, so the world can see I am sleeping safely again. My body's natural reaction is to twitch and mini-seize when I am hypnogogic after being raped in my sleep because my body tries everything to keep me awake to prevent me from harm again. It is my body's natural survival mode. That is how physically traumatizing Obama's rape of me is every time.

And to tie up the final loose ends in this explanation of why I am so physically weak now, my husband's California conservatorship over me is TEMPORARY because California acknowledges I will no longer be disabled once Obama's extralegislative rules are ended.

Once my husband can reach me or give me money, I will be able to ride the bus, eat enough nutritional food again, and maybe even get a television and wifi internet installed in my apartment. We can heal how weak my battered body has become by ending my Obama-mandated poverty.

My loved ones and neighborhood just need to keep me safe, fed, and online until the world can reach me.

The US Navy has already taken charge of amassing an international fleet to land at Long Beach Harbor, a decommissioned naval complex turned into a museum and commercial shipping point in 1997 that is approximately nine miles due south of my apartment. You can check to see how far my place, 247 E Hullet Street, Apt. #2, Long Beach, CA 90805, is from the ocean.

It takes a while for China and Japan to cross the ocean. We already know Russia moved its submarines into the region. You can confirm all of this with any reliable news source (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, AP, and the foreign presses to name a few) if you did not know all of this already.

After rescuing me, the world still needs to invade DC to arrest Obama on international charges, occupy the US Department of Justice, overpower Obama's remaining conspiracy in the US government, and arrest Obama's Gestapo to completely save the once-mighty United States of America from Obama.

Then, if the US Military has not already taken care of it, the world needs to help overpower and arrest all of Obama's seditious terrorist army. We cannot allow his terrorists to run free across America now nor after this.

Obama's terrorists have to be rooted out and permanently contained. Yes, international law and even the US Constitution protect deaths on an established battlefield from any murder allegations. This has been a civil war with international aid for years.

My brave rescuers are all we have right now to remove Obama's raging seditious terrorist threat. It was recently proved to the US Military it is Fallujah on US soil out there for my rescuers who fight so hard for Constitutional rights for all Americans again.

We can trust Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to take care of it, but if he needs the world, please make sure the world can help after everyone cleans up DC.

Since Obama was impeached last year and is only supposed to remain the ceremonial Head of State under the provisions of his own executive orders empowering him to maintain his facade of presidency to America-- executive orders he wrote himself to keep himself in psychopathic totalitarian control of America-- Chuck Hagel is most likely Commander if Chief Chuck Hagel right now since there is no real president anymore.

The US Supreme Court already deemed Obama's whole bubble unconstitutional, and they and the federal court system keep chipping away at this the hugest human rights catastrophe America had ever endured. But courts cannot enforce rulings. That is up to the Executive Branch which is still ceremonially headed by Obama.

For so long we waited for Congress to clean this up, but the Democratic Party keeps "stalling" any resolution to keep Obama in unelected dictatorial power over all of us. It is not all Democrats. We can trust Senator Diane Feinstein, and I am sure there are more. But it is enough of the Democrats to destroy America.

The system clearly cannot fix itself.

This bubble is finally taking a toll on my body. And how much can America suffer through, so Obama can keep doing this to me? Look at all of these terrorized people!

My famous local friends all kept records for years of every way Obama terrorized them with his iron fist to enforce his extralegislative rules at all costs to America of basic human liberties, Constitutional rights, taxpayer resources, American moral structure, and precious human life. We need the world to just save us already.

Last night, the US Border Patrol opened the flood gates at the US-Mexico border allowing in Latin Americans from every nation to enter as undocumented immigrants just to help fight Obama's terrorists and die trying to save me and America.

Throughout our relatively short history as a nation, how many countries has America saved? We know we can trust the world to help us in our own time of need.

And there are still Americans who drink Obama's snake oil, think he is an elected president instead of a psychopath as unelected dictator, believe I am a prostitute not a suffering and benevolent world leader, deny this is Obama's civil war, and still obey every rule by choice.

Keep telling the truth to everyone, my beautiful world. You have freedom of speech and freedom of the press in foreign countries. When in doubt or when confused, my once-great America, contact your local news station for a list of reliable sources online for the truth about all of this. Reality should not be a war for your mind.

Speaking of this, we need these speakers removed from everyone's heads. We have established that when you place an electronic inside someone's head, it forms a bond with their brains. The information broadcast into their heads, as a result, controls them. They believe everything. It is Obama's anti-reality machine injected directly into the minds of the public.

That explains Mexico City. That explains ThunderDome. That explains the voodoo-Beetlejuice moments.

The international investigators have proven Obama's mind-control speakers cause mental health genocide. They are even in the heads of our youngest. This can cause major brain damage to developing minds. The neurologists on every continent are protesting this direct mind-control as enforcement of rules of oppression by Obama.

And worst of all, the speakers only rarely tell the truth. There is no monitoring of the crap they spew into these people's heads. Does anyone know how fast these people can collectively turn violent? We have seen this twice before.

My latest love letter to my darling husband addresses how the technology works. Since the speakers in everyone's heads are activated only by proximity to technology in my head and since the technology inside my body is now legally recognized as only mine, I am pretty sure my benevolent nerds can shut the earspeakers down.

I hope my husband can get his Honey-do list from my latest love letter to the NSA with accurate interpretations of my handwriting, so we can save these people.

We all own the our own bodies. Thus, these people own the technology in their own bodies, too. If they want their earspeakers removed, they have the right to remove them all. We need the medical community to stop submitting to Obama and actually uphold their Hypocratic Oath instead.

If the UN needs to mobilize teams of nurses with tweezers going person to person in here, or whatever is necessary, these earspeakers need to be removed.

My darling Dr. Ugwuji Maduekwe is a surgeon. She studied at Harvard Medical School. She did her residency at Massachusetts General. If you need someone to come up with an algorithm for removing speakers from everybody's heads, I am sure she is overqualified but will oblige.

The speakers are inside your bodies, my once great America, so they are only yours. You can have them removed if you want them removed. You might hear ghost voices after the speaker is removed, if you have become dependent on having an alien voice in your head.

What else have people been asking me about that takes more than 140 characters to answer?

Many Christians believe this is the Rapture as described in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Global Climate Change has brought floods and fires. Earthquake activity has increased; its links to fracking are being investigated. According to the Book of Mormon, Jesus will return to America at its greatest time of need.

Strangely, I do not believe I am Jesus. I am an atheist. But I do believe the Book of Revelations, much like the Book of Mormon, are metaphors for this point in world history.

Let us be honest, a lot of judgement is going on out there. But look at most of the bible, especially the Old Testament and all of Jesus's parables. The Christian holy book is rich with metaphor. That is why so much Catholic tradition is based on interpreting the bible, not taking it literally.

Look at Noah. Did anyone ever read the Epic of Gilgamesh? Flood epics are not rare in literature from that time in prehistory. It is believed that the flood epics are based on the geologic event of the flooding of the Black Sea when the rising Mediterranean breached the Dardanelles.

The rainbow. The covenant. The story of Noah is a metaphor for promises between humanity and God based on scientific fact.

If this is the Rapture, the Rapture is a metaphor for this time in human history both socially and geologically. We need to be prepared to survive this. This is larger than humans but smaller than God.

United Nations, just set an International Criminal Court date to try Obama for crimes against his own people. Make Obama turn himself in if he wants to be at his own trial. Send him a subpoena, and end his reign of rape, slavery, torture, mind-control, and violence already.

Thank you, United Nations. The world cannot afford the collapse of the United States of America under our first unelected dictator. You are not just making me safe from Obama, you are making all people Obama is willing to throw away (this entire once-great nation) just to be able to destroy me safe from Obama.

Also, United Nations, please check on the United Kingdom and Mexico. Please make sure all of the speakers are removed from all of their heads and check them for mental health genocide.

Their speakers have not been active since I went to them for help in 2010. They might have forgotten they have speakers in their heads that made them all irrationally hate me.

As for the trivial... My beautiful world, lyrical prose, huh? You want to see me write some more lyrical prose?

I started Whiskeyless Fictions in San Francisco in 2009. I wrote it entirely without whiskey, thus the title. I wrote it on my obsolete 2003 Mobile Computing tablet PC named "Wintermute" (I had to talk to her to make her function. That is how long I have been benevolently hacked.), but after it completely died on me and I had to do my blogging at the San Francisco Public Library, I had to wait to finish Whiskeyless Fictions until I bought my Acer netbook I named "Inkslinger's Companion" in the quack ward in Liverpool is 2010.

Even Roger Federer is a witness to watching me sit in that quack ward and write while watching him play tennis on the television. He insisted his fans display a "Genius at Work" sign in the stands behind him after he saw me watching him and writing Whiskeyless Fictions.

Do you have any idea how much LSD I was pumped full of in San Francisco and Liverpool? That explains most of my lyrical prose, including marshmallows on the Silk Road full of the sounds of the Orient.

There are various unfinished drafts of Whiskeyless Fictions in my file back-up emails to darling Mr. David "Rock You Like A Hurricane" Eggers. My normal writing style sounds more like the passage from my memoirs where I was sitting outside a coffee shop, being passed by tourists, drinking coffee, reading King Lear, and watching the 'Bicycle Thief.'

My 04Feb2014 blog post goes over most of my writing over the years. For excerpts from various projects check 08Jan2011.

Back to the land of the important,... My brave rescuers, help is coming. You are not in this alone anymore. You were the first to acknowledge reality and have the only appropriate response-- rescue the princess from the psychopath. I only wish I and my entire beautiful world could have made this easier for you.

You are all this world has, my brave rescuers, to protect America from being crushed under Obama's iron fist of terrorism. Thank you for all of your sacrifice. Commander in Chief Hagel will send enough help to contain Obama's terrorist army. And if that does not work, the world will intervene. Keep your faith in all of us out here.

Now, SynSyn, you have seen what little I have. Is there anything more we can do to give Sweetness with you as the legal backup control of my finances? Most of the world is waiting for Obama to turn himself in, but I do not think psychopaths ever admit defeat and spare humanity more pointless suffering.

Syniva, the world can trust you and Sweetness not to be irrationally cruel to me. Is Criminal Boeset in prison for life yet, or am I only removed from her jurisdiction? For the sake of the world, we just need to keep me safe from War Criminal Stephanie and my Evil Sister Tara.

As I said, we can luckily press criminal charges guaranteed to be carried out with competent prosecution in LA County. Did the United Nations recognize forced starvation when used as an act of war a war crime, yet? I pray this makes your criminal countercharges easier.

Yes, my hero BFF, I know you and Ugwuji (when you sleep) are the defense while Sweetness is the prosecution. If any of you need anything from me, just let me know. I am doing my best to keep up in here, but I still answer every question and distress call as immediately as possible. I am here to serve.

Is the world spoiling all three of you enough? I always said, people who wish they could be good to me but are forbidden from showing me any affection should lavish all their love and attention on the three of you instead.

Everyone who stands against Obama to save me and America (and therefor the world) gets irrationally demonized by Obama's anti-reality machine. It is a Reality War. I pray the world loves all of you as much as I do.

Sweetness, does it bother you I never call you handsome? You know you are the singularly most attractive man on the planet, right? I just do not want to make you feel as though I only like you for your pretty face.

Darling, you have proven time and again you would love me even if I had an elephant trunk coming out of my forehead. Would it really be so horrible if I felt the same way about you? I love you for you. You just happen to also be the singularly most attractive man on the planet.

My beloved husband, I love you so much. I adore everything about you. I know you, and I understand you. Everything about you makes sense to me... except possibly for how much you love me.

Handsome, you loved me unconditionally even while the government libeled me a fat, ugly prostitute. I will never know how to thank you for everything you have given me and everything you have done for me. Look at how much I am weeping while I write this.

Sweetness, how I feel about you goes so far beyond what you look like. But I must admit, with a loving and adoring husband who looks like you, all of these ugly, dirty old men Obama sends after me trying to pretend I am slutty never stand a chance in hell.

Darling, you can trust I love you for more than just your pretty face, but your stunning good looks are not lost on me. Yes, I find you handsome, but I hate caring about what people look like.

Beloved, as long as you always love and adore me and always treat me as well as you always have, I will love you even if you age. Giggle. People like us do not age, Sweetness. Giggle. We just look smarter as we get older.

Darling, if anything gets wonky with your mail delivery, call the USPS customer service number immediately. There is nothing they would not do for me, but like most of America, they are terrorized. Their gloves go on every time people mess with my mail, and they know they are infiltrated with Obama's terrorists.

Anything postmarked in Central Iowa with my mother's return address in her handwriting will always reach me as will anything I can broadcast being told will be sent to me. Darling Mr. David Letterman even got a t-shirt to reach me once. I know you received my love letter with the long Honey-do list and heart-wrenching ending yesterday.

My adoring husband, we can make this mail thing work. I love and adore you. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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