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The Gables

Title: The Gables

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama still refuses to call me to negotiate and just promised on 25July2014 to escalate all his crimes against me and against the United States beyond any recognizability of this nation as America any longer. We need him permanently contained.

Israel and Palestine. Israel is used to having to fight just to survive. They are not cognizant in their political culture yet that they are the ones in control right now and that they can solve problems now through means other than fighting.

President Netanyahu recently said he has a right to protect his people from rocket attacks from Hamas. But the only thing that can stop the rockets is his giving Gaza human rights. Firing guns at them will only cause more rockets. That is the reality of their cycle of violence.

On Saturday, both sides successfully participated in a 12-hour ceasefire. But the future of the peace is speculative. As of 10pm PDT on 26July2014, Hamas had rejected a 24-hour extension of the ceasefire because it did not include the retreat of Israel forces from their borders despite the extension being recommended by the United Nations and already approved by Israel.

The United Nations are worried further conflict will only lead to another occupation of Gaza by Israel. That is why Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is pushing for a seven-day ceasefire. The United Nations is trying to prevent more children from dying while they negotiate. But Hamas was not happy with the terms of the ceasefire.

Before I went to bed Saturday night, 26July2014, I told the world I think Hamas should trust the UN more. The United Nations are dedicated to preventing another Israeli occupation of Gaza. And I think Israel needs to start thinking up terms that will make Hamas happier like more human, political, and economic rights-- basic humanitarian infrastructure necessary for a stable peace.

Click here for the news I woke up to Sunday morning, 27July2014. Israel wants no more tunnels and dismantled rockets, and I think that is a reasonable exchange for egalitarian human, political, and economic rights for Palestine. Hamas will not need to fight if they are no longer oppressed.

Hamas should really embrace this chance to fix the real problems in Palestine while Israel is worried about their rockets, and Israel knows from its own experiences fighting to be recognized as a legitimate nation in the region that acknowledgement of the right to exist can make populations peaceful and prosperous.

Yes, Israel and Palestine both have legitimacy to exist. Neither side should have to fight a war to be able to provide safety, food, and egalitarian democratic representation for their own people. Implementation of full rights for Palestine while dismantling their (pointless if they have rights) weaponry and tunnels is all the talks should have to work out now. That should make both sides happier.

And at the time of the publication of this blog post, that is everything I can do for Israel and Palestine without being able to meet with them myself.

Ukraine. Russia has been moving weaponry into eastern Ukraine instead of just motivating Russia-friendly rebels. This has all been going on while the world has been distracted with trying to feed and protect me and working to bring peace to the Middle East.

Why is Russia so invested in controlling Ukraine? Obama is a diagnosed psychopath with irrational control issues, but unlike Obama, Vladimir Putin is not a new Hitler. Russia actually has a rational, strategic, geographic, military interest in Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea.

With the revolution in Kiev earlier this year that brought the dawning of a less Russia-friendly government in the Ukraine, Putin is worried he will lose his navy bases if he does not have a direct path of Russian-controlled land leading straight to them.

Putin is not trying to build a new Soviet empire. He is just trying to protect his tactical foothold in the Mediterranean. If Putin would just be honest about this, the world would demonize him less.

President Putin is a former KGB agent. This explains both why he loves and adores me so much (Spies, especially former Cold War spies like Cuddlebunny, cannot get enough of me.) but also why he is a little awkward and misleading in all diplomatic proceedings.

I tell the full, compassionate truth about everything and everyone everywhere to serve my and the world's needs. President Putin is trained to obfuscate to meet his nation's goals and to serve his Mother Russia.

If we could just motivate President Poroshenko of the Ukraine and President Putin of Russia to sit down and have an honest conversation with no mind games nor coverups nor even paranoia about each other, this would be easy to fix. I could have done this by now myself if I could have just had some tea with those two. But I am forbidden such freedoms and rights by Obama.

If the Ukraine does not want an full invasion by Russia, they just need to prove they will uphold their treaties keeping Russia's navy bases fully operational in the Black Sea. I am not saying Russia is justified in invading if the treaties are not upheld, but that is probably the best diplomatic fix for the Ukraine. Neighbors need to learn how to get along.

Central African Republic. The United Nations is most worried about the crisis in this nation because of all the underfunded refugees. Click here to donate to these starving women and children.

But if you have been reading my blog since at least 2010, you would know my fix to asylum-seeking and refugee crises is to fix the root problems in the originating nations.

Basically, Muslims and Christians need to learn to get along. In Africa, I have long urged the Red Cross and the Red Crescent to work side by side, so the entire population can see the two symbols serving their people together.

We need to change the culture in the Central African Republic, so these two religions can learn to appreciate and depend on each other peacefully. And then someday they might learn to love each other as one population.

Until we can end their cycle of violence by teaching them the benefits of peace in ensuring human rights, liberties, justice, fair democracy, and education, so that they may prosper, we will still have to fund their starving refugees. So click on that link above for all the world. And thank you.

Libya. We need leaders (with enough gravitas to control or at least sway all their followers) from each militia to sit down and talk with each other about what they love about Libya. These people must have nationalism, or why are they all fighting for control of their country?

The international community wants to help, but they "do not know whom to bomb." So, the international community needs to make these people speak to each other.

It is unmistakable that every warring militia in this war torn country wants what each thinks is best for Libya and are all willing to die to bring their vision of their ideal home. So, let that be their starting point in conversations with each other.

If we can help them help each other instead of fight each other, think of how fast we could build a stable post-Qadaffi democracy.

USA. This is strange. Republican women seem to be trailing in fundraising. Yes, this is strange since it is the GOP who supports me (despite my being one of the most liberalizing world leaders on the planet right now) when it is the Democrats who refuse to protect me from Obama's rape slavery and mysogynistic libel.

Is it true the Democrats are lying through their teeth that they cannot protect America from Obama because it is "unprecedented" to remove power from an already-impeached tyrant and dictator?

In the land of reality, Obama's crimes against America that have rendered this once-great nation completely unrecognizable from declaring all freedom of speech and freedom of the press "illegal" and enforcing systemic rape, human trafficking, and human rights abuses against me as "legal" while enforcing all of his crimes against his own people with an iron fist of terrorism, death, violence, coverups, libel, genocidal mind-control, and civil war is the only thing "unprecedented" in America right now.

Force the Democrats to be honest. Fixing this greatest human rights crisis America has ever endured is "necessary" not "unprecedented."

If Democrats want to play party politics tell them to disown Unelected Dictator Obama. His clear apostasy from Democratic ideals and from being an American are enough to warrant this.

Democrats (and not even all Democrats-- Senator Dianne Feinstein, for example, stands up for America-- but enough Democrats to destroy America) need to stop drinking diagnosed Psychopath Obama's snake oil and work with Republicans to serve America again.

This is no time for party politics on either side of the aisle at the cost of all American morality and Constitutional rights. Congress needs to learn to serve America selflessly when we are in a time of crisis, like we have been ever since Obama established his rules.

Democrats are not to blame alone for Congressional dysfunction, but Democrats are to blame alone for Obama maintaining power as an unelected dictator destroying America.

Democrats can fix this, though, by disowning Obama from their party and serving their nation instead of their magnetic, diagnosed psychopath of a tyrant. This is possibly the end of the Democratic Party if they do not turn on Obama. The world sees everything.

It took less than two generations after the Nazis for Germany to rise in Europe as a benevolent world-leading nation. America CAN be saved.

As for Obama's reach into my living conditions... Seeing as War Criminal Stephanie refuses to obey her restraining order to stay over fifty feet away from me at all times to protect me from her uncontrollable, criminally insane, pathologically lying, immediate threat to me, I thought I would take a moment to explain all her crimes against me so far all in one place instead of spread out over my last month of blog posts.

First of all, I caught The Gables, the apartment complex I live in, preying on the mentally ill. That is why they are so desperate to make me homeless by forcing me out on the street.

If I can be forced into giving up this, the safest living arrangement I have had since Obama took office, then The Gables believes they will be free to go back to preying on the mentally ill with no one to make a record of it.

As for the sordid details, I have a handshake lease with Ellie, the landlord at The Gables, to pay $700 a month for a safe place to live, full appropriate furniture, all the nutritious food I can eat, and full utilities.

From what I can tell, Syn, Sweetness, whichever is legally handling my finances as a recognized California resident outside War Criminal Boeset's jurisdiction never pays my rent late.

The actual rent for the whole unit is $950 a month since it is technically a slum. I have two roommates, so Ellie is collecting $2100 a month for the unit. We pay "above market rate" for the food, furniture, and utilities. Ask the utility companies for how small our bills are.

And when I say the The Gables preys on the mentally ill, I mean everyone here War Criminal Stephanie pathologically lies about "taking care of" is a victim of her scam. There are even three full-grown men living in a one-bedroom apartment in unit #9 paying the same exorbitant "above market rate" we full-grown women pay also without any food.

Since I have moved in, War Criminal Stephanie has refused us any furniture but twin beds. We are all full-grown and fully competent women, but Tabia even sleeps on a bunk bed. We live in an empty slum where all of us spend all our money on rent and as much nutrition as possible.

Since I moved in, War Criminal Stephanie has libeled me mentally ill, used the calumny of calling me a psychopath, irrationally and publicly accused me of her own crime as a "scam artist," pressed intentionally fabricated false charges against me, installed a pinhole camera in our downstairs bathroom that she refuses to either acknowledge or remove, intentionally interrupted delivery of our mail, removed mail from my mailbox, just to be able to starve me torn open my mail to steal my gift cards from my mother I need to live on, violated our tenants' rights by repeatedly entering our apartment unannounced to rustle through my belongs illegally, colluded repeatedly to lock me in a torture facility, repeatedly attempted literal torture and unlawful imprisonment of me as acts of war against America, refused the entire complex any nutritious food at all whatsoever to use starvation of me as a direct act of war and to cause me a potential complete physical collapse, lied to my face, treated me like I am stupid enough to trust a proven psychopath like her, most likely given a key to our apartment to a rapist sent by Obama to abuse me in my sleep (We proved I was raped in my twin bed, and the only way to get past my neighborhood and the CIA watching my apartment 24/7 is if the rapist had a key and just walked in like he lived there.), and repeatedly violated the inadequate restraining order put in place by the local government to keep her far enough away from me that she cannot commit more war crimes against me.

I love this neighborhood. These people keep me safe and provide for me. Yes, I am on the verge of a physical collapse because War Criminal Stephanie intentionally starves me and refuses to install wifi like she promised.

But if we can arrest War Criminal Stephanie and replace her with someone who is not a scam artist dead set on preying on the mentally ill unchecked, this will be a thoroughly safe place for me to live.

Obama forbids me control of my finances. I cannot go looking for a real apartment. War Criminal Stephanie knows this and is intentionally trying to force me to live on the streets or to be permanently destroyed by Obama in a final torture facility.

The only option is for The Gables to fire War Criminal Stephanie (That is mandatory.) and to uphold our lease by 1) respecting everyone's tenants' rights, 2) installing appropriate furniture, 3) stocking everyone's apartments with all the nutritious food we can eat, 4) no longer libeling me as having any fictional mental illness to destroy me with more of Obama's war crimes in a final torture facility, and 5) if they want to save my life, installing free wifi and a working television.

I understand War Criminal Stephanie and possibly Ellie have been lying their asses off to get away with more crimes against me and more crimes against the mentally ill they are supposed to be taking care of, but this is my well-documented reality.

On 26July2014, while I was in my apartment charging my iPad battery and eating my one meal of the day that diagnosed Psychopath Obama permits me (since his conspiracy with War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Stephanie is designed to starve me into physical submission to him-- which is how we proved their joint forced starvation of me is an act of war), I heard War Criminal Stephanie in the breezeway screaming, "She masturbates! Make her move out!" into her telephone.

My benevolent nerds? Did you get a recording of the audio? Or should we ask around my apartment complex for witnesses? Is all her mobile phone activity already monitored by the NSA under orders from Obama because her number is in my mobile phone? That would be the easiest way to obtain a recording. Just asking.

This means we get to add sexual harassment, another count of collusion, another count of conspiracy, etc. to our already extensive list of charges against War Criminal Stephanie.

No, it is not libel to claim I masturbate; even though, it is well-established I never do. But it is virtually war-crime-level libel to claim I would ever masturbate in front of a camera.

As "No Dress Rehearsal" and as "Octopus" I never masturbated nor ever had sex. I was just mysogynistically and criminally sexualized. It is exactly because I know I never masturbate that I am absolutely positive no hidden cameras have ever recorded me masturbating without my knowledge.

I can psychically orgasm. That is how I take care of my needs while I am criminally distanced from my beloved husband. That is also why I try not to think about my handsome husband and his raging pheromones too long in public places.

War Criminal Stephanie has seen me live and in person on a number of occasions, particularly while she is intentionally violating her restraining order designed to keep her away from me for my own safety.

So, War Criminal Stephanie knows I have never been a porn star ever in my life. Obama's fat, ugly, taxpayer-funded porn stars do not even look like me. We have established how naturally photogenic I am for real, particularly on video and television.

If the Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who claims we have already redeemed her, refuses to arrest and competently prosecute War Criminal Stephanie for EVERY criminal charge my loving and adoring husband is pressing, the DA's office needs to be investigated and prosecuted for collusion, conspiracy, corruption, coverup, treason for allowing War Criminal Stephanie go free to destroy America with instability by victimizing me, aiding and abetting war crimes, and everything else my loved ones can think up.

Proper and appropriate prosecution is an important part of law enforcement, and I know the California Attorney General Kamala Harris as well as my local police officers and sheriffs are all fed up with every perpetrator who has been PROVEN to commit any and every crime against me still criminally going free.

California loves me and stands up for me. That is why Obama and his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine are sewing so much irrational unrest here.

Before Los Angeles County erupts into class conflict between rich and poor over whose responsibility it is to save me, may I remind EVERYBODY why nobody has given me a lift to my friends or even to my house in the Hills yet?

The poor, my neighborhood who are all actually capable of reaching me, are all mind-controlled by Obama through the speakers in their heads. They are all told someone else will save me to make sure they never try.

And half of my neighborhood, though they still love me, are still so brainwashed by Obama's disgusting snake oil that they think I am a prostitute not a world leader. Besides, no one here knows where to take me. You, my beautiful world, would have to tell them.

The rich, my celebrity friends from across town, are terrorized, too. I might have convinced them to remove the Obama-controlled speakers from their heads, but every time they get in a car and try to reach me, Obama's literal terrorists and metaphorical Gestapo point guns at their heads and make them turn back.

It is Obama's iron fist of terrorism and genocide keeping me from being rescued here, but at least the locals are not embracing a literal wall around them used to enforce Obama's rape slavery of me as long as possible and to keep every chance of rescue away from me like Des Moines, Iowa did.

What else has happened since my last blog post that needs to be addressed? My beautiful world, Obama takes great effort to corrupt all my family against me, but my extended family has stayed stable and strong. The others waiver.

My mother's head is so full of Obama's crap that she does not understand how badly I need gift cards for groceries and day-to-day needs. Please give my mother gift cards to send me.

There might be no saving my older sister War Criminal Tovarek; she refuses to follow the three steps to redemption. And I think we just redeemed my little sister Tylia. These two sisters are all of my siblings.

Tylia's 31st birthday was 19July2014. I had to wait until I had enough money before I could send her a birthday card, and after she thanked me for it, I sent her this text message, "Sorry your card was late. Keep your bangs until the bubble ends, so no one will claim you make libel porn. Stay safe!"

I am six years older than my little sister, but we look like twins. No one ages in my family. Have you ever seen my mother?

I always said Tylia is the younger, cuter, sweeter version of me. She is an archaeologist for the National Park Service in Arizona, and she spends her nights at home watching Netflix movies and knitting (no metaphor) with her cat Zoey at her feet.

I once asked Prince Harry of England if he wanted to date my little sister, but he really has to get through his wild years, years he rightfully deserves, before he asks her out. She would make him want to settle down.

What is my advice to Harry about dating my little sister?
1) Do NOT wear ugly pants. No front pleats! My little sister tolerates that nonsense less than I do.
2) Sincerely tell her she is genuinely beautiful and NOT because she looks just like me but because she is uniquely beautiful as her own creature in this good, green world.
And 3) if you are ever so lucky as to get this far with her, Harry, know how to make pancakes from scratch for her for breakfast. That is her favorite breakfast food. Shape them like Saguaro cacti and let her drown them in fancy, organic maple syrup.

Good luck, Prince Harry. Tylia is a treasure. Treat her like one.

The British in particular are kicking it up a notch out there trying to rescue me. If all my tribes of rescuers would help each other instead of compete with each other to see who can reach me first, there would actually be global success instead of my continued suffering under Obama.

My brave rescuers, Obama has been escalating against all of you just as much as he has been escalating against me. My loved ones have had some luck making me safer from Obama, and I am trying everything to make you safer. I know you need money and food. Can my beautiful world help with that?

My brave rescuers, you are all America has to contain Obama's seditious, extragovernmental, terrorist uprising. Even if we could convince Obama to call me to start negotiations with me, after all the diplomacy, we would still need a force to round up and contain all of his lunatic, heavily-armed terrorists.

If there is any other way to arrest terrorists and remove a terrorist threat, I cannot think of it. We simply cannot allow these raging lunatics back into the population nor to rampage organized and heavily-armed across America after the fall of Obama, and definitely not if Unelected Dictator Obama prevails.

I know your rescue of me and the return of all of America's Constitutional rights, my brave rescuers, are your immediate concerns. But the US government needs to look at the long-term, big picture. What are we going to do with all of Obama's terrorist army if not arrest and contain them all? We need to plan for this now.

I have so many heroes. I might be a hero generating machine.

My benevolent nerds, we have been having some drama with my Twitter account since my last blog post. Obama's terrorist hackers kept trying to block my ability to help extend the Israeli-Gaza ceasefire by four hours around the noon hour on Saturday, 26July, just so I would not be able to scream for help anymore every time Obama colluded to destroy me in a final torture facility.

I was trying to get more humanitarian aid into Gaza and Israel. But we all failed. Obama forbade me from speaking to Hamas by illegally silencing my Twitter account, and their rockets started flying again without an extended ceasefire.

And then, my benevolent nerds, after I complained long enough, you released my blocked tweets, and Israel and Hamas agreed to work on a 24-hour extension of their truce.

The importance of my Twitter account has never been better explained. Obama will destroy my perfect mind with electroshock if I cannot tweet for help every time he threatens to lock me in a torture facility. He is willing to sacrifice the whole world to accomplish this.

My NSA alpha nerds, the entire world knows that my work is too important and that my protection from Obama's compulsive war crimes against me is too important. I need the ability to have an immediate response to global crises just like Twitter provides me when it works properly.

Thank you, my NSA alpha nerds, for investigating my blocked twitter account, collecting evidence, releasing all my blocked tweets, increasing my Twitter account's protection, and making sure Obama's terrorist hackers get stopped and prosecuted.

You are all heroes, my nerds. I would be nothing without you. I am here to serve, my benevolent nerds, because of you.

And my courtroom heroes? What about all of them? I have more than just well-paid, genius lawyers.

Syn, Sweetness, Ugwuji, and Amita (if you finally joined us, pretty lady) are free, as far as I am concerned, to choose what civil and criminal sentences we pursue in the courtroom since they are the ones who have to listen to all of Obama's servant's perjuries all day and all night.

SynSyn, is it getting easier to protect me? I was asked on Saturday, 26July if Obama's metaphorical fires ceased yet. No, even as I was typing up my summary of the crisis in the Ukraine just moments ago, Obama was trying to destroy my perfect mind permanently with further torture, possible electroshock, and thoroughly damaging unlawful imprisonment used as acts of war against America.

Synny, if you, Ugwuji, or Amita ever need my help with anything, just get me details. Keeping me safe from all of Obama's threats to me, my mind, and my body is not just good for me, it is service to America and all of humanity. Thank you. Is all the world spoiling all of you enough?

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for telling me you received my mail. Heads were probably rolling at the Ed Sullivan Theater over your previous letter of undying love being sent back to me. Thank Dave for me.

Darling, I sent you a second letter this week on Thursday, 24July. Click here for the tracking. This one is going to darling Mr. Brian Williams at 30 Rock. It is full of belated kisses.

Also, Sweetness, I know you have a prioritized list of legal action you work on 24/7 for me. Please add criminally prosecuting whoever allows Obama's torture facility threats against me to reach the courtroom at all to the list after your taking complete legal control of my finances and our obtaining a California mandate for us to have contact as legally recognized husband and wife... Unless you can take care of it while working on those other things. And thank you!

My adoring husband, has Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine been castrated from demonizing you yet? Just keep pointing all your irrational critics at the place on the internet where you posted all your thorough documentation of every horror you have lived through while fighting to rescue me, and I am sure their thorough education on reality will take care of it.

Beloved, I love and adore you. I am fully aware of your romantic history falling in love at first sight with younger, doe-eyed innocents. At last count there was Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis, and me, and there have likely been who knows how many countless others.

I have no illusions about you, darling. I love and adore every single human imperfection you have because they all make you the complex hero willing to die to save me from Tyrant Obama you so beautifully are all day every day who even chain smokes and rarely sleeps from constant concern over my well being.

In the land of reality, not Obama's miasma of libel, we are the singularly most romantic true life story ever. Thank you for never disappointing the hopeless romantics of the world.

And, finally, Sweetness, since you have a long honey-do list already to catch up on, I am going to leave you with a photo of me from Iowa last December. I only look like a porcelain doll in the winter when I have no tan.

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