Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Stupid does Obama Think People Are?

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. The hold up is money. My brave rescuers need donations. Medicine? Food? Beds? Showers? Please check on everything they might need. And Congress claims it does not have the resources to rescue me.

Nigeria. There are still 200 missing school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan is worried about raiding the separatists because it may cause the deaths of the school girls, so we have very few options for getting them back.

We could change the culture of Boko Haram to respect women particularly girls especially girls serving themselves, their people, and the world by seeking an education, or we could infiltrate Boko Haram and sneak the girls out.

Malala Yousefzai is working on the first option. It might work. You never know.

After all, during the European Middle Ages when Islam was new, it was a socially liberalizing force that swept across Asia and Africa due to its appeal and benefits to humanity. During the Middle Ages, Islam even kept poetry and mathematics alive for the West.

There is nothing in the tenets of Islam that mandates its followers prevent anyone's education, oppress women, war with Christians, nor any of the other major complaints the West has with modern day Islam. You can speak with Qatar and Jordan about this as just two progressive examples.

But Boko Haram are kind of like America's fundamentalist Christians but for Islam, you know, the Christians who believe a woman's place is in the home cooking, cleaning, making babies, and serving her husband beer on the couch, the Christians who deny scientific facts about evolution and Global Warming, etc.

I tip my hat to Malala for trying to teach actual Islam to Boko Haram, but I think the missing girls would be better served if we could get some sneaky African ninjas to infiltrate Boko Haram and carry the girls out.

Malala's method fixes the real problem, and that is why she should be helped by the world in her mission. But on the short term, we know those girls were sold into sexual slavery as child brides, so we need to get them out as soon as possible.

I escaped my own rape slavery by fleeing Iowa for my life and coming to California where the locals protect me from any more of Obama's orders to systemically rape me. That is one of the many reasons War Criminal Boeset is so desperate to return me to Iowa. We went over this in my last blog post.

We seem to have redeemed the Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey since my last post. If we could just permanently protect me from War Criminal Stephanie and War Criminal Tovarek while putting me in contact with all of my local celebrity friends and legally recognized husband, Los Angeles would be my land of milk and honey.

Since Obama and his terrorist conspiracy (including but not limited to War Criminal Stephanie, War Criminal Tovarek, and War Criminal Boeset) will only escalate their crimes against America including but not limited to escalating their acts of war directly against me despite the entire global community urging a cessation of all crimes against me to allow me humanitarian aid, California has already stepped up to save my life.

Sacramento was pumped full of libel and calumnies by Obama directly and by his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine online ever since I first suggested months ago that the State of California has the power to save me, and by saving me save America.

The California Governor's Office has been surreptitiously asking me for help with clarifying details about my reality to get Constitutional bills through the state legislature.

The best thing my loved ones and America's dedicated journalists ever did was centralize our sources of verified accurate truth online and off for the state and local governments.

Truth is taking hold of Sacramento, and soon justice, reality, and Constitutional rights will be running this state instead of Obama's police state as science fiction dystopia.

Sweetness even presented the State of California with our legal paperwork proving we are married. As a result, California is working on mandating we have enough rights to live together as husband and wife at last. If you read my last blog post, you would know my life even depends on this.

The short-term yet imperfect fix to my weakening physical condition is completely local. California S.P.O.R.T., a local barbershop at the corner of Locust Ave. and Market St. in Long Beach, is now where I sit outside greeting my people and touching the sky while I work all day online.

This cuts my twice daily walk in half, and lets me stop back at my apartment for lunch and possibly an afternoon siesta every afternoon. I had the chance to consume a lot more food on Wednesday, my first day at this new worksite, and I conserved energy by sleeping in this morning Thursday, 24July.

Be very good to Sport if you see him around, and flood this place with business. He is very curious about my work and has no idea why I have not sent my husband in yet for a haircut. So, we have a little explaining left to do. But Sport is dedicated to not letting me die. He has made that obvious.

On Monday when I just stopped in to say hi and after I rocked out to some Bruno Mars on Sport's couch with one of his school-age clientele, Sport promised to build me a patio by Friday. I have no idea how that is coming along since Obama's terrorists have already started intimidating him, but I cannot wait. Can anyone help Sport build me a patio out here?

My loved ones, put Sport under our protection, provide him with genius lawyers if he ever needs us, etc. And my protective neighborhood of Long Beach, please show Sport some support. Stop in and get your hair cut. Help him pay for his wifi I use all day serving humanity now and help put some fish food in his goldfish tank.

As for solving the real problem, Unelected Dictator Obama,... Obama has been adding over $1T a year to the US national debt maintaining his bubble of terrorism all funded with taxpayer dollars, but Congress cannot seem to cut his funding irrefutably used directly to destroy America with his extragovernmental terrorist army, mind-control speakers in everyone's heads, and never-ending court fees, nor can Congress seem to reallocate the very same money to saving my life and defending America on our own soil.

The US government will save more money by containing Obama and all his criminal terrorist influence than by allowing the "status quo" of Obama's well-documented blatant destruction of America to go on. Look at these mind-controlled school-age children screaming about rape and masturbation all day every day! Who the hell justifies just letting this go on?

America needs this bubble of war crimes, coverups, and terrorism torn down and Obama completely overpowered, or this nation will NEVER be free again.

Obama's completely irrational psychopathic paranoia he might ever lose totalitarian control over me has been raging for days. Do you remember how he hit every self-destruct button he had last week on Monday 14July just to prevent me from seeing an old friend, reading my poetry publicly, and shooting music videos for local talent at a harmless open mic?

Well, Obama had another moment like that on Tuesday, 22July. Rumor has it he shutdown flights in and out of LAX International Airport out of clinically psychopathic desperation because my old friend from Chicago, Jessie Schlosser, flew into town.

Dude, Jessie is just a tourist possibly trying to show support with his disposable income for a city that fights so hard for me. Did you see the travel photos on Jessie's Facebook wall? Jessie went to the wax museum; he did not buy a gun and a car and try to rampage our way to Mexico.

Obama is so unmistakably delusional and clinically paranoid. How such an obviously criminally insane psychopath is still permitted power over this once-greatest nation ever is completely baffling. Congress, that is your job. We went through this in my last blog post.

Also after my last blog post, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine has been working overtime trying to propagate calumnies that could explain why Obama forbids me any and all access to all my own finances except for $7 a day. (That is the same as $50 a week.)

No, my money was not seized by the government. In fact, if you read my blog, I asked Syniva and Sweetness to invest all my billions in hedgefunds and bank accounts overseas particularly to prevent the government from seizing my assets.

I was libeled with tax evasion after that. But, yes, I still pay full capital gains taxes on all my investments; even though, Obama forbids me any and all access to them.

All of my money comes from civil court case wins since Sweetness first hired lawyers to help my Power of Attorney Syniva in 2011. The last time someone gave me a number of how much money I have been awarded in just compensation over the years for my suffering under Obama's inhumane bubble of torture and terrorism, I had over $8B.

I started a foundation to help fight poverty in America in 2011 with my first civil court win, and it is run by darlings Mr. Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West. I told them if they need anything, just ask. But I have complete blind faith in them to serve my people in my name for me.

In April2014, once I hit over $8B of assets I am forbidden from having by Obama's rules, I started giving all the rest of my just compensation to my brave rescuers, for their children, for their spouses, and for their survivors in case they do not make it.

If you read my last blog post, you will know Obama pays everyone's just compensation to me with federal taxpayer money to prevent his terrorist servants from ever being deterred from committing more proven crimes against me.

So, giving all my future just compensation to my brave rescuers is the only deterrent for more crimes against me by Obama and all his conspiracy I could think of. I figure $8B is all I will need to carry humanity through Global Climate Change.

And my husband agreed we can live all our years together on his money, assuming I get out of here, so we can spend all my just compensation (which is legally half his now) on serving humanity.

It is dirty money. You know what unspeakable torments I have had to live through starting when Obama took office to earn it, so the only act that can redeem that money is our investing it in saving my beautiful world.

I heard I recently earned roughly $23B off the "network" of libel porn and human trafficking Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine was running to disable me from being able to serve humanity, you know, the "Squid Report" of nothing but calumnies Obama used to destroy the moral fiber of American culture to justify systemically raping me for six years.

I did not hear if Sweetness chose to keep that just compensation or if he gave it to my brave rescuers. Think of all the algae lights we could use to light up city streets with that money.

The truth Obama is so desperate to drown out with his salacious lies is that I am forbidden all my finances by Obama's rules. How stupid does Obama think people are?

I am not an heiress. I am not a drug dealer with seized assets. I am the victim of a pathologically lying psychopath who will do everything possible and spread every lie possible to destroy me in a final torture facility.

Obama's abuse of the "adult guardianship" system in evil and culpable Polk County, Iowa is how he mandated I live on only $50 a week, but since I am a legal California resident AGAIN, Sweetness can now take control of my "disability insurance finances" (the only money permitted by Obama's rules to enter my pocket in his bubble... Obama even forbids me regular employment.) away from complicit Iowa. This way, Sweetness will be able to feed me and keep me online serving humanity.

The California courts are heroes. They legally recognize our marriage. They legally recognize Sweetness as my next closest family member because we are legally married. And they granted Sweetness a TEMPORARY California conservatorship over me and my finances because Obama's rules are the only thing anywhere inside my mind or out disabling me at all whatsoever.

Now, if only the rest of Sacramento could catch up, forbid Obama's blatant war crimes and human rights abuses against me in California's jurisdiction, protect all of California's own people from Obama's rampant terrorism (just ask Hollywood and Silicon Valley) and genocidal mind-control, and restore full US and California Constitutional rights to all our own people here.

Sweetness and I could really use a California mandate for us to have contact, so we can live together as husband and wife finally. But I mentioned that already in my last blog post as a simple fix to Obama's humanitarian crisis over all of us particularly me that could easily spare my brave rescuers' precious lives and avoid a global invasion of America.

What are other stupid lies Obama spreads? Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine actually thought it could convince the world I am a KGB sleeper agent. How stupid does Obama think people are? Is it possible to be more American than I?

First of all, I have spy equipment Obama installed in my head that broadcasts everything I say and do to the entire world. Who does not know secrecy of all identities and operations is the hallmark of clandestine activity?

Secondly, my entire life, since my birth in Duluth, Minnesota at approx 11:30am CST at St. Mary's Hospital on 12Oct1977 to my night in Chicago when I first met Zoltar on 01Jan2009 (not New Years Eve, the night after) when the first chip went in the tip of my nose, has been mapped and verified by experts, typically my extended family. I have never once had time to be trained by any espionage agency.

Until Andrew from MI6 who called himself James sent by the British Consulate to MELT! Café in North Beach and legendary retired CIA agent Cuddlebunny both of whom I met in San Francisco in 2009, I had never made contact with any secret agents until Mexico in 2010 (contact I will probably have for the rest of my life henceforth) except for the CIA scholarship I was offered but never followed up on when I was about to work towards my PhD in pure mathematics at the Johns Hopkins University in 2001.

Thirdly, I use a Russian-sounding last name as my professional name. No Russian sleeper agent would ever call herself "Varilekova" (the r has a haček as in Dvorak) if she were trying to blend in and not be identified. Give the KGB a little credit.

Fourthly, I am a little conspicuous at all times. Yes, my brown complexion would let me blend in with all Brown people everywhere on the planet if I would cut my hair to non-fetish length and put on indigenous clothing.

Saphartic Jews have always welcomed me as one of their own. Italians, Spanish, all of the Mediterranean people have called me one of their own. Every Arab nation has tried to claim me. Native Americans in particular always identified with me.

Latin America, Southeastern Asia, India and Nepal, Polynesia, all Brown people everywhere thought I was one of them until we established I am half Czech and half Filipina.

Yet, being able to blend in anywhere but Iowa, I have always stood out. Everyone in North Beach from darling Ms. Rita D'Almeida and Wizz Wentworth to Mark Nicko and Tony Azzolini always renowned me for the decade off and on I lived in my home neighborhood after college for my beautiful face, eccentric way of dressing, and larger-than-life personality.

Andersonville in Chicago will never forget me. Did you see where I lived there? And Zoltar downtown in The Loop was convinced I was a movie star when he met me. He asked me, after trying to Google me, "What celebrity do you look like?" There is only one answer to that question, "There are no celebrities who look like me."

In West St. Paul, I never even left the house; I was my little sister's house elf. But I was still a neighborhood legend. My largely Mexican neighbors called me the Ghost of Selena, because I would dance and sing all night every night in the sunroom behind closed curtains into the wee hours of the morning.

As much as I would have been the pride and joy of the KGB if I actually were Russian, my personality is and always has been too big and too noticeable for me to have ever been a sleeper agent. I felt like I belonged in San Francisco because absolutely no one blends in in San Francisco.

Right now, I probably am an honorary CIA agent. And the entire espionage community knows they can lean on me for anything that is not a crime against America once I get the spy equipment removed from my head.

Fifthly and finally, until I can finally openly cohort with the CIA, we all know I am not revealing any agency's secrets of clandestine operating procedures despite my being in survival mode since May2009 because I have never been trained with any.

My beautiful world, I will never retire. I will serve humanity to my last dying day; that is my real job. But I will remove all the spy equipment from my head, forbid any cameras in my home, and fill the resulting gap with trustworthy, noninvasive media of me as my continued service to humanity.

You need to understand how traumatizing all of these cameras and mics (against my will for years) have always been to me. I would like some privacy. But trust I will never leave a gap for more libel of me. I know my responsibilities.

Lying about me is an act of terrorism; it destroys America and destabilizes the world. (That is why War Criminal Boeset, among many others, will live out there pathologically lying days in a Russian gulag.)

As for the trivial, why do people think I get sweaty ever? You see me in the reflection of my iPad screen all day. My life is like water off a duck's back.

Look at a photo of Obama before he took office and look at one of him now. I am not Obama--a clinical psychopath full of grey hair from a guilty conscience and constant clinical paranoia of losing power.

How stupid does Obama think people are? Why do people think I am fat? Why do people think I am a comedienne? I am a writer not a performer.

Why is anyone anywhere, particularly local and state governmental authorities, still listening to Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine? All they have ever done since 2009 when Obama took office is lie. We have years of documented evidence of this.

Recently, our reputable national and foreign presses centralized a complete list of trustworthy sources both online and off of the verified and frequently updated truth. Please call your local news stations or radio stations for the list.

Despite Obama unconstitutionally forbidding the freedom of the press in America, our prestigious journalists are still dedicated to delivering the full truth in all the ways they can manage to the public. Take them up on it.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I have been mailing all your love letters to darling Mr. David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater all month where, according to their tracking, they wait for a week before being returned to me. Click here for the tracking on your letter that was returned to me yesterday.

Beloved, please remind Dave that your latest letter should was delivered today, Thursday, 24July and that he needs to lay possession of it, so he can give it to you. Click here for the tracking on this your latest kissy-marked love letter. Dave can identify it by its tracking number if there were terrorist-sent decoys.

Darling, if Dave cannot deliver your mail, I am going to have to mail it to Bad-Ass Mr. Brian Williams at 30 Rock. Let me know when you get it. The USPS takes great care with my priceless manuscripts. The returned envelope even had delivery instructions "9th Floor" scrawled across it. The hold up seems to be sabotage in Dave's own office.

I love and adore you, my irreplaceable husband. Soon, I will touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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