Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thesaurus Rex

Title: Thesaurus Rex

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post:
A.) The truth is never a weapon. Only lies are weapons. The truth is salvation.
B.) The absolutely most demeaning thing I have ever been called is "special."
C.) Just not walking to the internet every day has never been an option. Ask Syria. Ask Nigeria. Ask the school children in Long Beach with damaging speakers in their heads. But shortening my twice-daily commute to wifi and back again by a half has put the spring back in my step. Now, I just need food.
D.) I like to think I look better in person, but I know I am very photogenic.
E.) Thesaurus Rex is my dinosaur genus and species.

Israel and Palestine. AND WE HAVE A CEASEFIRE! I do not know whom to kiss first, but John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon are at the top of my list. Thank you for following this global crisis with me over these last three most recent blog posts.

Western Africa. Ebola is out of control in Western Africa right now. Because the devastating disease is spread by bodily fluids, it is not a huge risk for spreading across most developed nations if it comes here. And they claim it would be easier to contain in Africa if people there would report it as soon as they show symptoms.

West Africa, please, you can trust the doctors and hospitals that are there to help you. They are NOT controlled by Obama like all the doctors, hospitals, and supposed "medical care" I am subjected to in the US. Obama mandates malpractice only inside his bubble he uses to destroy my perfect mind, but Obama is victimizing only me and NOT you.

Seeking out the hospital as soon as you show symptoms, West Africa, is not just important for you to survive Ebola; it is important for all your loved ones and everybody in your homes to survive Ebola. Think of the lives you can save if you just go to a doctor NOT controlled by Obama.

For the sake of all of West Africa, please try. Think of your families.

USA. Michelle Obama is STILL covering up her husband's crimes against his own people even after we won a judgement against her in court for it already. If you follow my blog or the real news, you would know Michelle told calumnies about me calling me a "porn star" to the government of China while she was there to prevent them from caring about me or America.

Now, if you follow the link above, she is trying to coverup her husband's most-heinous-crimes-possible against me and against his own people from his mental health genocide against all ages including children to his systemic rape and torture of me directly, war crimes he commits only to psychopathically have total control over completely innocent and completely trustworthy me, by being faux critical of male oppressors worldwide.

If she cared about women and girls, Michelle would have removed herself and her daughters from her proven systemic rapist husband by now. That is what makes her a failure as a mother. What makes Michelle a failure as a modern woman is her outright refusal to kick her husband into line. She would rather enable his crimes against innocent women and children.

Speaking of evil women with weak facades, War Criminal Stephanie entered my apartment on the afternoon of 29July2014 while I was writing my last blog post, stole some of the groceries I had to buy for myself, ruined "food" no one here would ever eat by introducing it to our apartment by putting it in our freezer, went into our mailbox with OUR mailbox key to remove OUR mail, and wrote a lunatic smiley face on my shopping list.

This is obvious. Tabia does not eat meat and checked the mail immediately after arriving home, and Liana, my only other roommate, was at the hospital all day.

Please, my benevolent nerds, make a verified podcast of my coming back to the apartment on the afternoon of 29July after writing my last blog post, of my finding my mail in the kitchen, of my finding ruined food in the freezer, of Tabia coming in and immediately checking the mail, etc.

War Criminal Stephanie is an IMMEDIATE threat to me who needs to turn in her key to our apartment. I can only imagine what else she did in there. Are there slave cameras everywhere now? She needs to be IMMEDIATELY removed from The Gables and IMMEDIATELY locked in prison or a long-term institution for the criminally insane.

And immediately after I wrote the three paragraphs above, I removed the groceries from our apartment that she spoiled and wasted by freezing and put them on her doorstep. Keep War Criminal Stephanie out of our apartment for the good of all humanity! A threat to me is a threat to this nation and to the whole world.

Then, as if we needed further proof Obama sends War Criminal Stephanie orders to commit all her crimes against me, while my loved ones were in the courts on 30July both prosecuting her and defending me against the morning's "heart attack" threat, Obama made a taxpayer-funded collusion libel video dump all over the internet to try in vain to distract my loved ones out of the courts to deal with the libel instead.

I was given warning about the libel dump, so I asked my entire beautiful world to label all the libel, which clearly came from untrustworthy sources not anyone on our complete and centralized list of ALL trustworthy sources, with "#ObamaPorn" and to add it all to the end of our queue of future prosecution. This way, my loved ones could both protect me and prosecute War Criminal Stephanie uninterrupted.

Also, while my loved ones were following through on all my snail mail, last polished blog post, and latest blog notes at the time on 30July2014, Obama tried to take down my life-saving livestream, so he could force his illegal collusion libel videos to stick to me.

My benevolent nerds fixed it in no time, but that was a close call for ensuring the truth and the whole truth be told about me only. Without an accurate livestream, I am doomed to die from electroshock in a final torture facility just like Obama has been trying to do to me for years. The verified truth is all I have to protect myself.

And then, in the afternoon of 30July, because my loved ones and genius lawyers were making such epic progress guaranteeing me human rights in California, Obama ordered War Criminal Boeset to return me to rape slavery in Iowa.

So, my beautiful world had to continue clearing Obama's taxpayer-funded collusion libel dump by tagging it all "#ObamaPorn" while Syn and Ugwuji worked on permanently destroying War Criminal Boeset to permanently protect me from any further rape slavery and guaranteed death and destruction of me due to my being kidnapped and dragged back to Iowa against my will and while Sweetness and Amita handled all of our snail mail, blog post, and blog-notes-so-far follow through including but not limited to removing War Criminal Stephanie from my life permanently and forcing The Gables to uphold our lease by meeting our demands.

I would be electroshocked to death by now if I did not have a dedicated livestream and a selfless support system of completely devoted people who love me unconditionally and who also selflessly serve America.

No, it is never "extortion" to go through legal channels to demand a legally binding contract like a lease be upheld. Calling it "extortion" is clearly libel of my pristine character and a coverup propagated to enable War Criminal Stephanie and The Gables to commit more crimes against all of us tenants.

Oooo! La! La! Obama scheduled an outage of my internet service at California SPORT "for maintenance" at exactly 8pm on 30July just before his latest attempt to lock me in final torture facility that night hit the courts, so I had to walk all the way to my old wifi benefactor at Del Amo Blvd. and Long Beach Blvd. in Long Beach for wifi.

When I arrived there, I met Keith. I already recognized Keith from my neighborhood, but this time he sat down and talked to me. Please, my vigilant and verified podcasters, make a verified-as-real podcast/broadcast out of our full conversation from the moment he asked to sit with me to the moment he left. And thank you. We need a verified record of all of that for everyone. You will love it, my beautiful world!

And, then, once he left, I learned Obama was trying to permanently lock me in a long-term institution to unjustifiably torture me with electroshock due to his calumny-as-quackery of intentionally misdiagnosing me with Peter Pan Syndrome AGAIN!

I scream all day every day for Obama and his war criminal puppets including but not limited to War Criminal Boeset to finally acknowledge I am a full-grown thirty-seven year-old adult woman with a ticking biological clock as I demand my full human rights from them, and they libeled me with Peter Pan Syndrome to unlawfully imprison me and torture me all as acts of war against America AGAIN!

First of all, Peter Pan Syndrome is not even grounds for a mental health commitment even if I had it, AND full-grown women who demand to be treated as adults do NOT have Peter Pan Syndrome. AND they have tried that calumny before, AND it still never worked. Where is my protection from double jeopardy?

Syn, I pray you used my 29July blog post and razed EVERY criminal who took part in bringing the OBVIOUS quackery I could EVER be diagnosed with Peter Pan Syndrome even into a courtroom. Reread 29July2014 to the entire courtroom AGAIN if you have to.

Synny, we need blistering criminal countercharges against ALL of Obama's war criminal puppets to prevent this from EVER happening again. If we do not get a PERMANENT solution, my perfect genius mind will be destroyed by Obama in a final torture facility. I need permanent protection from EVERYTHING Obama orders be done to me.

Then, because I did not have permanent protection yet, on the morning of 31July2014, War Criminal Stephaine violated her restraining order to stand in the breezeway and arrange to, in her own words, "force a med nurse on Tanya."
1) It is illegal to force meds on ANYONE without him or her being committed.
2) The only prescription I have at all is for a once daily thyroid pill called levothyroxine.
3) I am not in "independent living" at The Gables; quite the contrary, I have a handshake lease for an apartment with the landlord Ellie.
4) Med nurses are expensive; they are so expensive neither of my full-coverage medical insurances cover med nurses. So, The Gables is consciously choosing to shell out copious amounts of money to literally torture and collude against me instead of just doing what is right, obeying the law, and meeting my demands to uphold our lease. "Extortion" fears? What pathologically lying psychopaths!
5) War Criminal Stephanie is clearly SO CRIMINALLY INSANE she is only willing to commit more crimes to get away with bigger crimes as a coverup instead of just obeying the law.

Assuming my livestream was up and running, we have a verified-accurate recording of the med nurse entering The Gables to set up the arrangement, his conversation with War Criminal Stephanie, and him leaving The Gables with his contract signed.

Please make a podcast and use it in the courts to PERMANENTLY protect me by arresting and prosecuting or, if necessary, long-term committing War Criminal Stephanie to a padded cell for the criminally insane. Thank you. Torture and collusion is impending if we do not get permanent solutions immediately.

I spent the rest of 31July writing this blog post, collecting information online as always, screaming "Obama will destroy my perfect, genius mind with electroshock if we do not get a permanent solution immediately!" and "Please hurry and protect my dying brave rescuers!" repeatedly all day and night due to Obama and his bitch-puppets' escalation beyond any recognizability of their clinically-compulsive repeated acts of war against me, America, and the world.

And now, just like in my last blog post, I will clear some pressing questions that my beautiful world has been demanding explanations to for a while...

First of all, it is the culture of where I come from, San Francsico, to be critical of President #43, George "Dubbleyah" Bush. After all, it was Lawrence Ferlinghetti who proudly proclaimed "Dissent is American" the entire time Dubbleyah was in office.

"Loose Change" speculation of the Twin Towers pretty much comes with every San Francisco address. But instead of opening that hot topic, I will focus on my greatest criticism of ole Dubbleyah: the proper response to terrorism.

I believe, after all acts of terrorism, we have an obligation as a people and our government has an obligation to us as a people to create a better, freer society. If we instigate a police state by taking away our rights and liberties as a free nation, we let the terrorists win.

This is where I stand on the real crimes of terrorism against a once-free people.

As for a pressing question that is rumored to be attributed to Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy,...

In 2009 as "No Dress Rehearsal" when I realized I would have to fight a faceless enemy to reobtain my full human rights from the government, gain physical safety from sexual abuse every time I sleep, and convince oppressed America to acknowledge reality to my face, I decided to put a feminist agenda on the back burner.

I decided to put on my skirt and heels and fight my battles as femininely as possible because I have long believed absolutely no one, male or female, should have to present herself to the world as a man to be taken seriously as an expert in the fields we are expert.

Yes, I am clearly genetically XX. And, no, I hold nothing against women who wear pants. Even I wear pants on occasion. But I am now a Power Femme. And I wear my skirt and heels every day for all humans of any genetic coding who recognize ourselves as WOMAN.

And yes, I wear a skirt and heels every day, but no, I will never give up my bourbon neat in a rocks glass with no chaser every occasion I can afford a drink... which I admit is very rare.

My comment to my husband that he is the only human anywhere who has my permission to sexualize me and how, even though I am not a sexual creature anymore from too many years of Obama's systemic rape, if Sweetness said to me, "You and me, in bed, wearing nothing but a bottle of bourbon," I would actually get a little excited is why there have been so many Jack Daniels references concerning me.

However, yes, Jack Daniels is a tasty American whiskey, but it is still not a bourbon. To be a bourbon, a whisky must be made of at least 51% corn mash, aged seven years in white oak barrels, and, ideally, come from Bourbon County, Kentucky.

My go-to is Woodford Reserve or Basil Hayden's, but I have been known to partake of the Maker's Mark and Knob Creek when they are the best a bar has. I only rarely if ever drink at home.

And, no, I only drink beer in Prague. I allow I would try the beer in Germany, but I have not been there yet. We have been through this before. Reread my 14July2014 blog post about protecting the beer in America from being roofied at the source by Obama.

As for a far less important concern, how many people have consulted my star chart? Click here to see it. I do not even believe in astrology, but I have always been proud of having five planets in Libra, the scales of justice.

I am a Libra. SynSyn is an Aquarius. And Sweetness is a Gemini. If you do not know the significance of this triumvirate, you need to consult with your astrologist. And, no, I still do not believe in astrology.

As the final long-pressing concern I have been asked about, no I am not a time traveler. If you talk to Prof. Stephen Hawking about time travel, he will tell you we can likely only travel into the future anyway.

I suppose that means you could call me a 16th century CE woman who wears long dresses, writes letters longhand, and does Celtic cross-stitching if you want to; I have been accused of that before. But that sort of ruins the point.

Culturally speaking to the British, I believe they think of me as a female TimeLord. Two hearts, after all, have twice the love to give. But, no, I have never seen the burnt-orange sky of the planet Gallifrey.

What would my TimeLord name be? There is, of course, The Doctor. There is also his arch nemesis (who is The Doctor's sworn enemy out of jealousy since he never finished his own PhD) The Master. But I think I would call myself The Monarch.

Who was my favorite Dr. Who companion? Romana Delacdelunda. And why did I stop watching after Stephen Moffett took over as head writer? The Weeping Angels.

Moffett called me a deadly monster because I was libeled crazy to be locked into and enslaved by hidden cameras in a literal torture facility with LSD saturating all the food and drink and where they raped me every night I slept without the cameras watching me.

I am similar living fiction to the people of Japan. I am a long-haired, bug-eyed, sweet-voiced, fully-grown, girly girl with super human powers. Yes, I am anime to the Japanese.

That clears my backlog of concerns you wanted me to explain, my beautiful world. Please collect all of your and your friends future questions and concerns for me and give them to someone who can ask them of me. I will answer anything and love "plot" exposition.

My beautiful world, we also have some mandatory rereads. For the sake of the planet, reread all my blog posts 11July2014 to my latest notes oldest to newest as soon as possible.

I understand this will be a long read. Drink some coffee, so you stay sharp through all of it. You all, collectively, seem to be forgetting everything I have already said. It is impossible to keep up with the new if you forget all of the recently old.

People seem to be forgetting right and left everything I have already proven and disproven. Please stop listening to anything and everything that comes off of Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and stick to reliable and verified sources only. For a complete list of the only reliable sources online, please contact your local news station.

Just today I had to remind my beautiful world that "No one who fights as hard as I do to survive could ever honestly be called suicidal by someone in touch with reality," for the umpteenth time. I am culturally an academic. We do not repeat ourselves. QED is QED.

My brave rescuers, as for your greatest question and concern for me, I am working on it, but if I give you any advice, Obama will hear it, too, and thwart everything I recommend you do to rescue me. I will still think up my best, though, but if you could find some tactical genius who can actually keep a secret, we will all be much better off.

I am taking myself to the Pig'n'Whistle on Hollywood Blvd. near Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, CA to see my musical friend I nicknamed my howling jackal, Brian Francis, on the night of Friday, 01Aug.

This is one of the many reasons Obama hit every button possible today, the Thursday before. Obama is proven to have clinical paranoia of my ever seeing Brian. Do you remember 14July?

This is why I am convinced, my beautiful world, that War Criminal Stephanie will use her overpriced med nurse to lock me in a final torture facility first thing tomorrow morning, Friday, 01Aug2014, if we do not lock her up NOW. She has the method in place already, AND Obama is that irrationally paranoid of my ever crossing town again.

Use this information as you will, my brave rescuers and celebrity friends from across town, if you do not all die tonight, Thursday night, trying to protecting me from Obama's war criminal bitch-puppets first.

SynSyn, bless you. I admit people take protecting me much more seriously when Obama is escalating, but no matter what, you and all my Powers of Attorney never let me down.

My hero BFF, you have to listen to so much perjury by Obama and his puppets every time you are in the courtroom. Bless you for never allowing it to sour you.

I understand, Synny, that you are never as irrationally pleasant as I am and that you have always claimed your peaceful, wide-set eyes like the ones on statues of Buddha are misleading, but you really know how to kick burro. And you never let anyone down.

The world owes you so much, Syniva. I would be nothing without you. Are the constant string of no-nonsense victories getting both easier and bigger now? I am doing everything I can to help you all help me. But I would rather be cracking jokes over cups of coffee and spinning your bobbins again in my free time as you work your jacquard loom.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Go reread my 2013 Christmas gift to you captured forever for posterity in my 18Jan2014 blog post one more time. You deserve a smile. If only I could kiss it onto your face.

As for business, darling, after my last blog post, if Wells Fargo still denies you, my legally recognized husband and official TEMPORARY California conservator, full access to my checking and savings accounts while illegally allowing access and criminal monitoring to Convictable War Criminal Boeset who has no, in reality, legal claim to any authority over me nor over my finances at all, raze them.

Try being nice to Wells Fargo first, but if they obey the terrorists instead of upholding our legal rights, raze them. (Expletive)ing flatten Wells Fargo with criminal and civil charges if they refuse to allow you to feed and provide for me with my own money. We have that power.

And then, send the CEO, President, and entire Board of Wells Fargo Bank to The Hague for aiding and abetting war crimes. They give you full, unrestricted access to my bank accounts, my husband, or they go to a Russian gulag. We know that is no metaphor, and I never joke about war crimes.

Also, my handsome and devoted husband, I have my Filipina beauty queen mother's good looks but the broad shoulders and sizable feet of a Czech farm woman. That is why my bone structure is so huge. Have you ever seen me try on hats?

Darling, we established in my 22July2014 blog post that it is impossible to call me transgendered nor transexual. I get my period. And Obama libels me pregnant, so he can force electroshock on me.

Yes, my king, I am worried I cannot get pregnant now due to all the chemicals Obama has forced on me since he took office; that is why I recommended in your snail mail that we see a fertility doctor.

Handsome, I need out of this bubble and into your arms in time for our joint genetic coding to still romp and play for generations to come. My biological clock is ticking. I know the entire world is worried about this, not just us.

And finally, here are selfies of me, beloved, in the harsh 3:45pm California sun sitting outside California SPORT working online on 30July2014. And everyone knows even the cheapest pornography ever always uses the most flattering lighting possible, not harsh afternoon sunlight. This is me in the harsh light of day. Thank you for being able to love this honest woman.

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