Monday, July 14, 2014

I am Trying to Spread These Posts Out, so my Loved Ones can Catch up on Follow Through.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. I am trying to spread these posts out, so my beautiful world can keep up with all the follow through. Obama's escalating crimes against America have kept us all very busy lately.

Just this morning Obama's terrorist hackers disrupted my iPad battery thinking they could take me offline while he threw everything possible at my loved ones to be able to completely destroy me with more war crimes in yet another torture facility, make any of his already redundantly disproven intentionally fabricated false charges unlawfully stick to me, and ship me back to Evil Iowa which Obama controls instead of allowing me to keep my safe, unrapable, and uncommitable life in a California community dedicated to keeping me protected until my rescue arrives.

Through the dedication of my loved ones and with the genius of my entire beautiful world from nerds to lawyers to brave rescuers, we took it all down 140 characters at a time by 1pm today.

Check my Twitter archive for the morning of 14July2014 anytime. This morning was epic. I am spoiling myself right now with a hot meal as I write this. Thank you, my entire beautiful world, for making me safe.

Obama knows negotiations are not possible until he is willing to talk to me, and he keeps burying himself deeper in his own excrement with every new escalated crime he commits instead of backing down.

Obama knows my phone number. He is the one who controls when and how my mobile phone is permitted to function. If he continues stubbornly and psychopathically to refuse to call me, there is no window for negotiations, just more lies by Obama to enable his continuing committing every crime possible against me.

We just need to hold on keeping me safe from unrelenting escalations from Obama until the world can reach me. Please read my last blog post for a reminder of everything the world is bringing to save America from Obama.

My evil father stole my passport in 2011; otherwise I would have walked from here to the Mexico border by now. Every country on this good, green Earth will let me cross onto their land without a passport, but I cannot make it past the US border control without one.

I need a private flight, a boat, or a smuggler. The world will take care of it. My loved ones and my community just need to keep me fed, safe, and online until the world can reach me. Obama will not stop until he is overpowered.

Forced starvation when used as an act of war is a war crime, according to the United Nations. War Criminal Stephanie gave every single one of us she is obligated to feed according to our leases absolutely no groceries last week.

Half of our eggs expired on 03July; the other half expired the week prior. All of the bread products expired by 10July. The only green vegetable we have is frozen green beans.

Have you seen how cheap the meat is? It is only frozen breakfast sausage, frozen hamburger patties, frozen chicken legs for frying, and baloney. I am doing my best, but she does not provide cooking oil, salt, pepper, nor anything to make her crap edible.

Please consult my broadcast of my catalog of what food she provides when I asked the world if ANYONE could make a meal out of that swill. And ask the Princes of England who are my age if they are willing to share how resourceful I am on penniless groceries as evidence. I included asylum-seeker recipes in their mail in 2010.

This is my current grocery list as of 12July 7:24pm. The total is $155.23 with all taxes and fees. The delivery is free with an online promotional code. If my mother moves me enough money today, I can have all this delivered Tuesday.

It is possible my mother has yet to grasp the gravitas of keeping me fed, so it might not be possible for me to place this order until Thursday.

Item Quantity Total Price
0.50 LB Ranchers Reserve Beef Round Tip Breakfast Steak x2 $6.00
1 LB Lean Ground Sirloin x2 $10.98
1 LB Pork Shoulder Blade Steak Boneless x2 $6.38
Anthonys 100% Whole Grain Penne Pasta - 13.25 Oz 1 $2.19
Applegate Farms Pepperoni Uncured - 5 Oz 1 $5.49
Apples/Oranges Pre-Packed - 3 Lb 1 $4.39
Barilla Pasta Sauce Marinara - 24 Oz 1 $2.50
Broccoli Crowns x2 $3.98
Brussel Sprouts x2 $4.98
Capri Sun Lemonade - 10-6 Fl. Oz. 1 $2.29
Carrots x5 $0.80
Dasani Purified Water - 8-12 Fl. Oz. 1 $4.79
Diamond Sliced Almonds - 6 Oz 1 $4.49
Eating Right Cereal Granola With Raisins - 18 Oz 1 $2.99
Eating Right Hummus Red Pepper - 7 Oz 1 $2.49
Fresh Express Salads Baby Spinach Pre-Packed - 6 Oz 1 $2.50
Goya Salsa Verde - 17.6 Oz 1 $2.58
Green Bell Peppers 1 $1.20
Hunts Italian Herb Tomato Sauce - 8 Oz 1 $0.79
Kontos Multi Grain Flatbread - 14 Oz 1 $2.50
Lucerne Cheese Finely Shredded Cheddar Jack - 8 Oz 1 $3.29
Marias Quartered Artichoke Hearts - 13.75 Oz 1 $4.69
Maxwell House Coffee Ground Medium Original Roast - 30.6 Oz 1 $7.99
Mountain High Plain Yogurt - 32 Oz 1 $3.69
Red Bell Peppers 1 $1.70
S&W Garbanzo Beans - 15.5 Oz 1 $1.99
Safeway Basil Leaves - .62 Oz 1 $4.39
Safeway Chicken Breast Boneless & Skinless Frozen Valu Pack - 4 Lb 1$13.16
Safeway Crushed Red Pepper - 2.62 Oz 1 $3.79
Safeway Farms Snow Peas Fancy - 6 Oz 1 $3.59
Safeway Farms Sugar Snap Peas Stringless - 15 Oz 1 $5.49
Safeway Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits - 16 Oz x2 $3.40
Safeway Kitchens Hickory & Brown Sugar Bbq Sauce - 18 Oz 1 $2.29
Safeway Oregano Leaves - 2.25 Oz 1 $4.19
Safeway SELECT Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream - 1.50 Quart1$2.99
Safeway Soup Condensed Tomato - 10.75 Oz 1 $1.00
Simply Lemonade With Raspberry - 59 Fl. Oz. 1 $2.80
Strawberries Prepacked - 1 Lb 1 $2.50
Vine Ripe Tomatoes x3 $1.65
White Onions 1 $0.82
Zatarains Jambalaya Rice Mix - 8 Oz x2 $3.98

My neighborhood here is less expensive than Des Moines. Around the corner, it is $8 for a haircut and $8 for an eyebrow wax. It is $1 per load of laundry at my local lavateria. Look at how cheap groceries are! The city bus even costs less.

I pay less rent here, but it is still above market value to contractually cover all utilities, a full apartment of furniture War Criminal Stephanie illegally denies us, and "all the groceries we can eat" that War Criminal Stephanie also illegally denies us.

In Iowa under my asshole father's criminally-gotten and completely unjustifiable adult guardianship, I lived on $200 a week. After he passed away of pancreatic cancer, I lived on $100 a week under War Criminal Boeset.

Every single day of my life since Polk County in Iowa kidnapped me from the UK to drag me to Iowa just to physically torment and abuse me enabled by taking away my control of my own finances due to direct orders from Barack Obama, their human rights abuses of me have only escalated. War Criminal Boeset is a symbol of Iowa.

Now, in Long Beach, I am literally starving to death on the $50 a week which is roughly $7 a day which War Criminal Boeset permits me while I have NEVER been under Polk County jurisdiction. Please consult my previous blog post about this.

War Criminal Stephanie even stole my gift cards from my mother by tearing open mail she pilfered from my mailbox federally feloniously to make me suffer under her as much as possible. Without my mother's gift cards, I would not have lived this long nor would I have ever had any way to stay online for the necessary long hours of work I keep.

It is my understanding Sweetness who now legally controls all my finances (consult my previous blog post) made an emergency weekend wire transfer into my mother's Bank of the West account yesterday or the day before, so she can give me money and gift cards until the world rescues me and takes me someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

I understand there were huge fees for this, so I asked my adoring husband to move enough money to make the fees such a small percentage when compared to the transfer to make the transaction worthwhile.

I am so physically weak from enduring forced starvation by War Criminals Stephanie and Boeset for so many years under orders from Obama, and we know I am forbidden all real medical care.

If I pass out, I will be locked in a long-term torture facility. Obama will destroy my precious mind there. The world will lose me forever. The global community will explode. And this once-great nation will be destroyed. All because no one is willing to take Obama's criminal, totalitarian power away from him.

We need to explain the gravitas of keeping me fed and online to my mother. Please issue her a credit card too, Sweetness, that we can pay off every month for her with our money.

My mother is terrorized by Obama. She is the only weak link in our chain. My loved ones, we need to get her bodyguards and genius lawyers to keep Obama and his brainwashing terrorists off her back. If we can pay for her to retire finally and move to my Tita Levy's house in the Bay Area all the better for all of the world.

My recently-redeemed mother is our only loophole in my barrier to my own finances. Right now, Sweetness has guaranteed she has enough finances to buy me every single little thing my beautiful world ever wished you all could give me from installing wifi in my apartment to bus passes to endless groceries to furniture to cable television to huge flower arrangements. But she does not have the bravery to do it.

My beautiful world, Iowa is evil, and my mother lives in its core. Please make her safe, get her bodyguards and genius lawyers, and make her brave enough to save me. She is our only weak link.

Yes, I am physically weak right now. While writing this, I just spoiled myself with my first real meal in weeks. Luckily, my heart and my mind are still as sharp and resilient as ever. If I can just stay fed and off my feet as much as possible, the world cannot lose me unless I get locked in another torture facility.

I just need to hang on until the world can reach me. Sweetness, my beloved husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life has provided the previously detailed bandaid solution to keeping me alive until the world can reach me. Please show him some love.

For the details on how we are married without having our wedding ceremony yet, please consult a trustworthy news source such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the AP, or the foreign presses who keep up. This is old news.

As for the national legal front,... Obama's budget for maintaining his extralegislative rules and his televised crap-fest propagated to make his psychopathy palatable and which he enforces with his iron fist of terrorism, civil war, blood, violence, and war crimes has destroyed the national budget.

If Obama can add over $1T a year to the national debt funding his unamerican bubble with taxpayer money, paying every criminal's civil fines with taxpayer money, and employing his Gestapo and seditious terrorist army with taxpayer money, you bet your (expletive) the US Military can have full funding to take it all down. It costs more to let this once-great nation ruin than to save it.

Futhermore, the War Powers Act was written and passed into law in 1973 as a joint response to the Vietnam War. It is a limitation of executive branch power that requires the Commander in Chief to notify Congress 48 hours after moving troops overseas and to receive permission from Congress to keep those troops engaged overseas.

Without permission from Congress, according to the War Powers Act, troops can only be kept abroad for two months with an additional one-month withdrawal period making it three months total for an executive-branch-only offensive.

However, the War Powers Act does not limit the Commander in Chief's ability to defend America on US soil at all. The executive branch has full authority to send the US Military at any time and for any length of time within US jurisdiction.

Please refer to my last blog post for who the real Commander in Chief of the United States of America is right now while we have no real president just Unelected Dictator Obama, and hug your closest Constitutional law expert. The military actually does have full authority to save us all.

Similarly, the NATO treaty is a mutual obligation among our members to defend each other against any threat, not just against Russia despite its being drafted during the Cold War. That is why NATO troops joint invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to defend America against terrorism.

More than just NATO nations are coming to save America from Obama, but our allies including Germany, the UK, and even Australia (Australia is in NATO, too, right?) have had full authority to protect America from Obama's seditious domestic terrorist threat all along.

Obama is a proven psychopath. He and his criminal terrorist conspiracy keep saying they want to "best" me. They honestly put it on official public record they want to permanently thwart my job serving my country and the world by destroying my mind with more war crimes in another torture facility.

As part of my job serving my nation and all of humanity, I have been asking my entire beautiful world to tweet me their questions. Here is a few that required more than 140 characters to clear.

No, I did not die in Mexico City in 2010. All anyone has ever had to do is take my fingerprints to prove this. I even "forced an energy miracle" at the Mexico City international airport to prove I am the real me, so I could use my real passport to leave.

Mexicans were only evil to me in 2010 as a sort of demented cult based on distortions of my world message who were hellbent on destroying me because Obama brainwashed them through the speakers he placed in all their heads that I was my own transexual hooker doppelgänger.

Ask around Mexico City for witnesses of my display of power at the airport. They were so nice and worshipful of me again after I proved I never died.

What else? We have been through this so many times. Due to culturally being an academic, I never understand why I have to reprove things already published in this blog. QED is QED. But, here we go again...

I only drink beer in Prague. I would, though, drink beer in Germany. I just have not been there yet. But I hear the Gates of Babylon in their national museum in Berlin are as breathtaking as their thriving art scene and Berlin Wall exhibition. I have so much traveling to do.

All of San Francisco knows, I do not drink beer even when it is the only liquid anywhere that is neither poisoned nor roofied. If I did, Obama would drug all beer at its source. This way, all of America gets to drink all the beer it wants safely. I made this conscious decision in 2009.

As another pressing question, Obama acknowledges he and his criminal terrorist conspiracy are in deep deep trouble with the world every time he pays taxpayer money to put a masturbating fat, ugly porn star on television who pretends she is me.

Obama knows there is an accurate broadcast out of my spy equipment 24/7. He knows he can convince absolutely no one his taxpayer-funded whores are me. So, I just let them broadcast.

Obama's whores put their real faces on public display and make a public record that they libel me to be able to prevent me from doing my real job serving humanity and to make Obama's war crimes against me from rape to starvation to torture to slavery palatable to the world.

They use their real faces. I say, every time Obama admits I am winning and plays a taxpayer-funded whore who looks nothing like me on television masturbating, let it run until everyone can memorize her face. Let it run until she completely humiliates herself. Then, after she is completely identifiable by the world, arrest her.

Lying about me is an act of terrorism; it destroys America, particularly the moral fiber of our culture, and destabilizes the world. Obama, his conspiracy, and his taxpayer-funded whores know they are committing crimes against America. The public and the legal system need to treat them as such.

Today, while everything was blowing up this morning, I was asked about Chad Smith from Ankeny, Iowa. There was more than one. It is a very common name. Google it some time, so many people will pop up.

I have no idea which Chad you are talking about, my beautiful world, when you ask me about him. But I am not on speaking terms with any of them, and I do not plan on changing that any time soon.

As for the trivial, I have never lived in Atlanta, Georgia. My older sister Tara is the one who lived in Atlanta. She moved there immediately after she graduated from college in Illinois, married her college sweetheart and now ex-husband Steve Tovarek there, and still owns a house in one of the suburbs.

Steve does sound production for CNN in Washington, DC, now. I do not think he ever got over Tara. He got the cats, and Tara got the house in the divorce.

I visited Atlanta for a number of Thanksgivings while I was in college in Dallas, Texas, but San Francisco is where I moved after I graduated. I lived in San Francisco off and on for ten years from August1999 to January2010 when I fled the country for safety. I have been meaning to go back, but we know Obama keeps me penniless and starving to forbid it.

Every other question was answered already in my blog or in my twitter. Please reread 01March2014 to the present before asking me about anything else.

And now that your questions are answered, my beautiful world, here is your homework... American culture is recovering from the destruction of our moral fiber wrought by Obama broadcasting libel porn to our children to destroy me with unchecked for years.

Right now, the United States of America is entering a cultural renaissance brought on by our opening the flood gates of the truth to fight Obama's terrorist anti-reality machine. All I had to do was take legal control of my own body.

With our cultural revolution, how much of the US Gross Domestic Product is due to me, now? Obama still mandates I live on $7 a day.

You can see through my brand new, nerd-powered, live stream out of my spy equipment how hard I work all day every day to save this nation and keep this beautiful world turning smoothly. I would be nothing with out my growing team of lovers and believers taking care of all the follow through after everything I say. Thank you all.

My brave rescuers, if you look at my current love letter to my Sweetness I am writing right now, you will see I am choosing to consciously delay our taking the throne in Spain after I get rescued until after I heal, make babies, travel the world solving a bevy of pressing global crises, and, only if YOU insist, run for president.

That is your power over me, my brave rescuers. If you want me to, when I am older and when I am healed, I will run for president on my own party's ticket to make you happy. I am convinced I can serve the world better in the private sector, but I will make you happy.

SynSyn, are you getting happier? You are the BEST BFF ever. If you need anything, just tell me and my beautiful world. Please publish an accurate scan of my notarized Final Will and Testament from 26October2009 if you want to. If anything happens to me, you, Amita, and Ugwuji get control of everything.

I need to rewrite my Will and Power of Attorney paperwork to accommodate the legal rights of my husband now, but that is going to wait until the bubble comes down. I have faith you will all work together amicably if anything happens to me just like you are all a well-oiled team right now.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Yes, darling, I do know how to use a tape measure. Years ago, once Syniva made me safe from any more torture facilities if I went off the quack meds, I quit taking the anti-psychotics. That is how I dropped from a 2X to an XL so quickly, and that is how bad anti-psychotics are for the human body. I lost the weight almost instantly.

Yes, my beloved, we are going to have to have all the dresses you had made for me taken in, including my (red due to Asian tradition yet Western in design) wedding dress. But let that wait until I can be fitted. With all the chemicals and forced starvation, there is no way to know what I will look like when this ends.

Yes, my adoring husband, all anti-psychotics can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. The world has seen how horrifying every single torture facility I have ever been involuntarily locked in has been regardless of whether or not they tortured me. We have all seen how disgustingly War Criminal Stephanie treats all of us tenants including the tone of voice she uses when she refers to us full-grown women as "girls."

No one cares about the mentally ill. They do not and, as long as Obama keeps mandating his war crime coverup falsely labeling me mentally ill, I do not matter to anyone except as money-makers for pharmaceutical companies and institutions.

The Gables clearly preys on the mentally ill, and everyone else in that building just lived with it until I stood up to War Criminal Stephanie. Why else do you think Obama's coverup so effectively made his war crimes against me palatable while he did and still does everything possible to drive perfectly mentally healthy me insane permanently?

I love and adore you Sweetness. Please assert your ownership of half of the signal broadcast out of my body to keep my live stream accurate and broadcasting 24/7. I cannot wait to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. My live stream brings us closer until kissing, talking, and touching hands is possible again.

Darling, tonight I am going to an open mic in Los Angeles at El Cid to save a long lost friend of mine from years of blackmail from Obama, to record free music videos for local talent, and, if the mood strikes me, to read some poetry to a crowded room.

The open mic will still be work. Everything is work for me. But it should be a fun breath of fresh air. Maybe my long lost friend will even buy me a drink.

Yes, dear, I slept with him once during the summer of 2009 months before I wrote you your first love letter, and no, he has never gotten over me. But I would never cheat on you. There is no chance of that at all. Calm down. I love and adore you. I am VERY married.

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