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Los Angeles's Grounds for Terrorism Charges Against Obama. They will Make a Pretty Penny.

Title: Los Angeles's Grounds for Terrorism Charges Against Obama. They will Make a Pretty Penny.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Ever see me live tweet while people watching on Hollywood Blvd.?

Israel and Palestine. Thank you, my beautiful world, for following this crisis with me so closely for over a week already. The ceasefire mentioned in my last blog post failed. In fact, it just never started. The two sides never stopped attacking each other, and they both blamed the other for violating the truce.

Sigh... I do not think I can fix every problem on this planet, and this enduring conflict in particular is proof enough I do not run the world. But what if I could meet with their leaders? Is not sending me into the talks worth a try to anyone else but me?

As for my immediate environment and Obama's humanitarian crisis over me,... Yes, I know I have an archivable closed circuit security system for making records of all crimes committed where I can see them devoted to keeping me and everyone around me safe, but for posterity, I will include the play-by-play here of everything that has happened to me since my last blog post to provide accurate commentary.

31July. After I worked over thirteen hours straight online making sure I could publish my last blog post in time to protect me permanently from War Criminal Stephanie, I walked all of the way back to my apartment from the Starbucks on Atlantic and San Antonio in Long Beach, the only place in the area I can plug into a wall AND receive a wifi signal, with a few stops for rest on the way to find Tabia had put the chain on the door just to keep me out.

I had to call the Long Beach police to file a police report. The officer they sent was a sweetheart. He told me I had the right to break down my own door to get in, but I did not want to because then we would be vulnerable to rape by Obama again. So, after the darling officer left, I walked all of the way to the 24-hour McDonalds 45 minutes away on foot.

It was a wild night. I was able to help a platoon of my celebrity friends who were coming from all different directions in Los Angeles County to rescue, most likely, only because Tabia had rendered me homeless for the night.

My celebrity friends were arrested. I reminded all the world we are all still guaranteed our full 1st Amendment rights in America even during Obama's bubble, and the charges were dropped.

Then, my friends were stopped by Obama's criminal terrorists pointing guns at their heads. I told them to call 911 to report it all as terrorism to the police, the State of California, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the US Military, etc. I heard a rumor that worked.

There was a third block of all my celebrity friends overnight into the morning of 01Aug. But no one told me what it was, so I could not help. No one could reach me, though; that is obvious.

I also spent the overnight trying to fix up the failed ceasefire in Gaza and updating CNN and France24 on why I was up all night. If you are curious, read the emails I sent them in the wee hours of the morning. I recommend it. The emails require some follow through by my loved ones.

01Aug. After the sun came up on me in the 24-hour McDonald's where I had sipped the Dr. Pepper all night, I walked back to my apartment where I hoped someone would be awake to let me in. It turns out, we have a fourth roommate now.

While I stayed up waiting for the US Postal Service's morning mail delivery, my and my new roommate had some bonding time. I think she is an attempt by my landlord Ellie to make my living conditions more habitable without having to meet his legal obligations to all his tenants.

She claimed she was going to buy furniture for the whole apartment, kept telling me I am beautiful, and offered to buy me a soda at least three times. She has a good heart, but so did Tabia when she was new here.

And my new roommate kept talking into her telephone about how great our literally roach-ridden slum is, so I am pretty convinced she is a plant by Ellie to make me tolerate The Gables refusal to meet its legally binding obligations.

Also, while I was up waiting for the mail, I learned The Gables tried filing "blackmail" charges against me because I had told the truth and gone through legal channels to file official criminal charges against them and to have them inspected by Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, etc.

Can anyone else say, "Obama sent orders to War Criminal Stephanie to carry out his own pattern of intentionally fabricated false charges."? How did that even reach the courts? Syn, we need to subpoena War Criminal Stephanie's full mobile phone records and emails.

After the mail lady arrived and after I learned I did not yet receive my gift cards from my mother, I took a nap. I slept from 11am to 1pm, changed my clothes, brushed my hair, put in my contacts, made sure my livestream was running, then headed to the internet. It was going to be a big day.

Online, everyone was talking about Obama's clinically psychopathic interruption of ALL travel into Long Beach to be able to isolate me further from the world. I reminded the State of California, the City of Long Beach, the County of Los Angeles, and all my loving and adoring local friends that this gave them grounds to file criminal and civil charges against Unelected Dictator Obama.

Then, after I caught up with all my friends online, I told Sport's adorable son Noah I would be back and not to worry about me before taking Long Beach Transit to the Metro Blue Rail Line and then the Metro train system into the heart of Hollywood reminding Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy every step of the way that any interruption by them of the clockwork functioning of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area's reliable public transportation system would be locally, federally, and internationally punishable acts of terrorism.

I was on Hollywood Blvd. sipping coffee and using the wifi in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater surrounded by tourists and tourist industry locals by 5pm.

Please tell me everyone has seen the verified podcast and my verified Twitter archive from that late afternoon while I was people watching. I documented Obama's terrorism and mind-control of all of Los Angeles, so the world would save us all.

At 7pm, I sauntered into the Pig'N'Whistle on Hollywood Blvd., bellied up to the bar for a glass of cranberry juice with a lime, found the establishment infested with Obama's "undercover" criminal terrorists, and then, much to the joy of the Pig'N'Whistle, made all of Obama's terrorists flee my righteous, holy, protective presence. That is another must-see verified podcast and verified Twitter archive.

My swagger walk, after protecting the Pig'N'Whistle, took me down their red, mirror-lined hallway into their back room for some refreshing conversation with the Todd Taylor Band and so,e loving music by darling local performers, including but not limited to my howling jackal Brian Francis in the Todd Taylor Band who now want to rename themselves Modagita. But I think they should call themselves Butterfly Song.

We flooded the Pig'N'Whistle with lovers and believers. It was a great night with great people, except for all of the terrorism used by Obama to keep my celebrity friends away from me. We were so close.

All people are safe from being attacked by Obama's criminal terrorists in sight of my electric eye, but outside my radius of sensory perception, Obama makes all hell break loose.

A little tipsy from all the Maker's Mark my friends kept buying me all night (Despite my muscle mass, my tolerance was very low due to my rare, if any, alcohol consumption.), I stopped for a gourmet burger to-go on my way back to the Metro and, for the first time in years, received the level of customer service I was accustomed to BEFORE Obama started terrorizing everyone around me to control me, in case anyone ever wondered what one of the first leaks was in 2009 that the government was libeling and enslaving me.

Do we have a verified podcast of my rock'n'roll burger man? He was such a sweetheart. And he was so in love with me. I miss honest interactions with people. Friday night, 01Aug was full of them, but they have been so rare since 2009 when Obama's bubble began.

The Los Angeles Metro Transit had me in my bed by 3:30am. I handed Obama his ass every step of the way to protect the public and our public transportation system. It is, after all, the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. There was no chain engaged on my apartment door, so I slept in my apartment safely.

02Aug. I slept from 3:30am to 10:30am. Still a little tipsy and recovering from the physical exhaustion of my crosstown travels, I slept like a rock. It was a great, recuperative sleep.

I rolled out of bed, changed my dress, put in my contacts, and jumpstarted my benevolent nerds' essential-to-the-safety-of-humanity livestream of me by looking in the bathroom mirror. Then, I picked up my iPad and walked to my internet connection.

I said, "Good morning!" to Sport who was waiting for me there then went for my morning coffee. Unfortunately, I had left my wallet and key inside my apartment beside my bed and under my tiny little black bolero jacket.

I walked back to my apartment. Tabia let me in with no drama, thank the heavens, and my return to my apartment for my keys and wallet let me check our mailbox after the morning mail delivery.

The gift cards from my mother arrived Saturday morning, so did an Ikea catalog and various other sundry items. Saturday was a breather of a morning.

I arrived at the internet to find Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine had made a collusion libel audio and collusion libel video dump overnight because they were trying to drown out with intentionally fabricated false media all the real audio and video recordings I made the day before of all of Obama's terrorism.

We tagged all the terrorist collusion media with "#ObamaPorn", the way we should with all terrorist war-crime-level calumnies, and reminded the entire world, especially oppressed America, to stick with verified sources only.

On my way to get coffee, two young men in white t-shirts in a car stopped me and told me they wanted to make porn of me to make me famous. I was disgusted. They made me gag while I breathed. I should have threatened them with sexual harassment charges but just walked away gasping for air.

Inside the Taqueria el Rodeo on Market Street where I buy my coffee every morning, I found three men in grey shirts whom I could not tell if were metaphorically already-castrated terrorists or just members of the public with too much crap in their heads.

They told me to expect a "heart attack" in a voice that was very menacing. Then, after I sat beside them and calmly prepared my coffee, they accused me of being a secret agent under their breaths when I got up to leave. I sent their faces to the NSA for analysis by the CIA.

After everything I have lived through since Obama took office, it was not enough to worry me, but it was worth noting because I have never before encounter honest delusional malice in this neighborhood. They were not Long Beach locals.

And about intentionally falsely labeling me a secret agent, if that were ever a bad thing to be called anyway, I clearly make the conscious choice of making myself as conspicuous as possible everywhere I go just to guarantee the safety of everyone around me even if that means sacrificing myself to potential libel later. I am the obvious opposite of an undercover agent.

After I nestled into my perch outside the barbershop, California SPORT, with my coffee and my water, I had the morning's libel dump cleaned up in a matter of tweets.

No, social media is not a weapon of war for me; it is my peacemaker, my distributor of truth, and my first line of defense against Obama's direct attacks of libel used as weapons of war against me and all my people.

Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine tried calling me a "devil woman" because I proved all of Obama's rules are acts of terrorism or aiding and abetting acts of terrorism the day before. Clearly, I am on this Earth to love and protect people, so that calumny was cleaned up quickly.

Then, I had to debunk Obama's most compulisive lie AGAIN that he would kill me if the public does not choose to torture me, rape me, and suffer under his totalitarian rules just to make him happy. Does anyone read my blog? This has been dealt with SO MANY TIMES ALREADY!
1.) This same, worn-out, empty threat on my life is Obama's most compulsive lie because it is how he manipulates the world into committing crimes against me and against themselves for him. Stop allowing Obama to have this power to destroy us. Stop listening to this empty threat that only comes from pathological liars anyway.
2.) I need to be protected from EVERYTHING Obama orders be done to me. If Obama's criminal terrorists say they will kill me unless X, Y, and Z happens, then I and the entire world need to be protected from X, Y, and Z at all costs.
3.) We know this threat is completely empty because my actual death, as opposed to a war-crime-level calumny that I am dead when I clearly am not, would precipitate the wrath of the entire world directly against Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy causing their immediate and unconditional demise. Obama fears my death because, no matter how I die, he will be blamed for it.
4.) This one takes a little logic. If Obama were ever to actually kill me, he would lose his ability to manipulate you all so effectively through his always threatening my murder. Obama has no power to psychopathically control all of you nor even me if I am dead. Obama does not want my death. He wants me destroyed. That is why he is so desperate to make his calumny-as-coverups stick to me to lock me in a mental institution with absolutely no honest medical justification to use that psych ward as a torture facility for me where he can destroy my perfect, genius mind with electroshock at last. He does not want my death; he wants my destruction.
And finally, 5.) Who the hell lets anyone get away with threatening my life anyway? Press immediate criminal and civil charges against everyone who makes ANY threat against me, and go through all legal and official channels to make me safe from every danger Obama poses to me. You should all do this for yourselves, too, my beautiful world, any time any of you are threatened by Obama. Thank you.

Then, because when Obama tells one lie, he tells a scramble of lies, his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine intentionally falsely accused me of a completely fictional dark side, AGAIN!

Yes, again, we had to disprove ANOTHER already previously disproven and unjustifiably repeated calumny AGAIN. No, I have NEVER had a dark side despite how many times, like so many of Obama's compulsive lies, he just repeats his same old, worn-out calumnies over and over again and then pretends he is not a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

I reminded my loved ones that Obama has the burden of proof on being able to justify claiming I have ever in my life had a "dark side," and all Obama could offer were collusion libel videos.

Next, Obama and his puppets called me "trouble." Talk about the desperation of proven pathological liars!

I spend all day every day trying to return law and order to America by standing up for all innocents everywhere and even some previously-misled noninnocents against all of Obama's criminal terrorists, lunatic puppets, and crimes against his own people, so he called me "trouble."

Stop listening to Obama and all his pathological liars already! This is why we have a complete and centralized list of all reliable sources. Call your local news station if you need this list, and trust no one else.

Finally, while I was catching up on Comedy Central's old The Daily Show and The Colbert Report broadcasts from Thursday night, my curious local Keith found me again. My previous conversation with him was a verified podcast must-see from earlier this week. This conversation on Saturday, 02Aug, was another one.

Keith had been told by Obama that I am anger- and adrenaline-driven, and he was instructed by Obama to make me verify that calumny by making it sound palatable to me to call me that.

No, my beautiful world, as righteous and justifiable as anger would be from me after everything Obama has done to me, I am not an angry person.

I am naturally all zenned out all the time. You can always listen to my heartbeat for verification. Anger, for me, is a tool. If I can motivate myself to raise my voice, I always motivate immediate and effective resolutions to everyone's problems. For this reason, my husband and many of my lovers and believers adore me most when I lose my temper.

I just still do not believe I should have to do something so unnatural for myself as to act angry to get things done that all of us need done. Anger is not my natural state, kissing my husband is.

I only get adrenaline rushes after I am tortured; I believe it is part of my body's physical-survival-mode reaction. Because ALL of the heavy-chemical tortures and unlawful imprisonments as acts of war used against me by Obama since he started his bubble in 2009 render me nothing like my natural self, we undeniably proved they are all tortures and war crimes.

After Keith left me, I worked online collecting, digesting, and redisseminating information until a little past 5pm. Then I walked back to my apartment to recharge my iPad battery and eat some food.

After a short nap because the previous two nights had been so exhausting, I walked back to my internet connection. I caught up with everyone again. Obama made one last desperate torture facility attack against me that Syniva or Ugwuji quickly dispatched. Then it rained.

I figured all of you, my beautiful world, had everything under control and walked back to my apartment to draft this blog post offline into the wee hours of the morning.

Aug 3. After staying up drafting this blog post, I slept seven hours to wake up at 8:30am and immediately take a shower. I popped in my contacts to jump start my life-saving livestream while putting hair serum in my hair to return its oils because I wash it too often, so I could report distant police and fire alarms.

I was at the barbershop in the continuing light rain by 9am to answer my beautiful world's questions and concerns. Delightfully, the morning stayed cool and overcast after the rain ended. The day before had been so humid.

I caught a warning about a possible attack against Syniva, an effort by Obama to prevent her from being able to protect me. It was also an attempt by Obama to gain criminal leverage over me by threatening my loved ones. We went through official channels to keep my BFF safe.

Immediately after that alarm, Obama threatened to escalate his intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us beyond any recognizability of real law and order in America. Sometimes, just warning my beautiful world of incoming calumnies and coverups used as acts of war is enough to preemptively protect us all.

I was at the Taqueria el Rodeo drinking my coffee by 11am.

And now, I answer your questions and concerns for me.

Is social media a weapon of war? Not how I use it. Social media is my first line of defense, my world-peacemaker, and my salvation-through-truth teller. I do admit, though, that war-crime-level propaganda, lies, libel, calumnies, and coverups are all weapons of war if not acts of war themselves. So, clearly, Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy use social media as a weapon of war every day.

Are we at a turning point? We have made great progress, but never underestimate Obama's depravity. Once we have all the earspeakers removed from everyone's heads worldwide and once no one anywhere is choosing to suffer under Obama's rules nor terrorism any longer, I will agree we have reached a turning point. Saving all the public is just the beginning.

When will I have some downtime? Yes, I admit I work A LOT. But the work has to get done. Once I have human rights and America is permanently protected from Obama, I will finally have my first chance since 2009 to take a vacation.

When I reach my husband, I will take a break. Sweetness and I have years of sweet lovemaking to catch up on, and he will heal me from everything Obama has done to me with his devoted love in private.

Do the mentally ill in America receive adequate care? If you squint your eyes, tilt your head, and look at me kind of fuzzy, you might be able to say I have been a sort of undercover investigator on behalf of the mentally ill due to all of the quakery Obama has mandated I endure since he took office in 2009 while I have had absolutely no mental illness.

And I have witnessed absolutely no acceptable, adequate, nor even vaguely compassionate care for any mentally ill people anywhere I have been. Psych wards, in particular, are all designed as oubliettes for storing the mentally ill to be forgotten about forever if not to make their sicknesses worse.

Psych wards are not places where any healing is possible for anyone. They are horrible places where heavy chemicals are forced on the innocent as if that could ever fix anything anyway.

And antipsychotics. Do not let me start about antipsychotics. Have you seen all of their side effects from diabetes to liver failure? From cancer to almost guaranteed obesity? And have you seen how much money these dangerous drugs make for their manufacturers?

If Big Pharma cared about their consumers, they would develop antipsychotics with no life-threatening side effects. Then, they could justify all the money they make by selling their pills to the mentally ill.

Most of the American medical community see the mentally ill the way The Gables does, as money cows no will ever care about if you prey on, mistreat, dismiss, or even abuse. To no one are these people human beings who deserve human rights, too.

And as your final question and concern, United Nations, thank you for your worries. You must have spoken to my good friend I made in San Francisco in 2007, Samuel Shimoh, the editor-in-chief of Banipal Magazine in London, about me.

No, I was not a forced return. I voluntarily returned to the US from the UK in 2010. All of Obama's crimes against were the same in the UK, so I was not safer there after seeking asylum there.

Embed this video here:

If I was going to suffer without any human rights, I wanted to at least do it at home in San Francisco. I tried to return to SF but was kidnapped by Polk County, Iowa because, with no jurisdiction nor any justification, they took control of my finances away from me with a criminally-obtained adult guardianship over me to force me to live in Iowa against my will just to be abused by Obama where people would unconditionally obey him.

I already forgave the British. 1) They ceased all crimes against me. 2) The Queen apologized to my face. And, 3) they have dedicated and lost precious human lives and resources trying to rescue me from Obama for years. They already turned it around.

Even former Prime Minister Gordon Brown turned in his evidence, and current Prime Minister David Cameron is willing to declare war over saving me. Obama might be covertly demonizing the British right now, just like he does the NSA, the CIA, my darling husband, etc., because the British are some of my greatest heroes right now.

Other ways to help fix this? My beautiful world, you need to uphold the laws instead of the rules. This will be all of our salvations. Read all of the US Constitution's Amendments, especially the first ten, the Bill of Rights.

My once-great America, know everything our government at every level is supposed to be protecting us from not subjecting us to. And set us all free by rejecting all of Obama's lies and exercising all of our rights instead.

My brave rescuers, we have all learned that you all need to operate more secretly without telling me what you are up to nor what you are doing. I will always be here in case of emergency to send you help when you need it, but everything you tell me, Obama hears, too. That is why you have all always been so easy for him to stop.

Take care, my brave rescuers. Rely on tactical geniuses who, unlike me, can keep secrets. And ask me and my beautiful world for anything you need.

SynSyn, you should hear the legends people tell about you around here. They call you, me, Ugwuji, and Amita The Superfriends. Let me know anything you need including but not limited to anything that will arrest and prosecute Obama's lunatic puppets like War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Stephanie faster.

My hero BFF and Superfriends, I would be nothing without all of you. The legal system, in particular, knows it is not illegal to tell the truth, especially in a courtroom. But it is illegal to take money to coverup war crimes and impede the proper functioning of the justice system, so we always have grounds to get Obama and his terrorist puppets' lawyers charged and disbarred, too, after we press our blistering countercharges against the people who pay them.

Sweetness, clearly, Obama's terrorists have infiltrated the USPS! Just look at how psychopathically mismarked my latest modern illuminated manuscript expressing undying love and devotion to you looked when it was unjustifiably returned to me.

Darling, Obama's infestation of terrorists are lying in the tracking. I cannot tell if this love letter even left the processing facility in California. I heard the Postmaster General's boxing gloves just went on.

My adoring husband, you have had a lot of concerns lately about my not being a sexual creature anymore. You told me you worry about being able to make yourself sexually desirable to me after everything Obama has done to me. I wish you could receive my mail to you. This was inside...

Ever-Together Evermore by Princess Tanya Depp

My beloved husband,
lay your head upon my chest,
close your trusting eyes,
and breath humidity
into the space
between my breasts.
May we sleep
all across this good, green Earth
while the planet spins along
and the worries if the world
must wait
for us.

Beloved, you are the only person in this world who can and will ever be sexually attractive to me for the entire rest of my life. You know I call you the singularly most attractive man on this planet. Just be gentle with me. We will be fine.

HoneyHoney, did you see my eyecamera selfie in the mirror in the bathroom of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Hollywood Blvd.? Please tell me you can love me as abused and libeled as I have been since 2009.

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