Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama's Depravity Strikes Back

Title: Obama's Depravity Strikes Back

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I received a special request from my BFF to publish this early.

Israel and Palestine. We have another three-day ceasefire! Thank you, Egypt, Israel, and Hamas. Did everyone read my last blog post? Neither side will be happy until they have what they value most. Please ask both Israel and Hamas to be honest and speak about themselves and their needs as opposed to speaking about their enemy, so we can have this resolved. And thank you, again.

My last blog post was published at noon on Saturday, 09Aug, but clearly Obama never read it because he just kept committing his same compulsive crimes all day every day despite all of his compulsive failures.

The only thing Obama does competently is wage his civil war, cause mental health genocide, commit acts of terrorism against American urban areas, enforce his totalitarian rules oppressing all of this once-free nation, and human traffic me.

For months, no matter how many times he has attempted his same, worn out, old coverups he has always used, Obama has always compulsively failed to make any of his thoroughly-documented intentionally fabricated false charges nor any of his intentionally fabricated false allegations I have any mental illness at all whatsoever stick to me.

When will the courts finally stop permitting this altogether? I will never go mad nor ever commit a crime. After everything Obama has already done to me since he took office to force his corruption of my heart, mind, and soul, I have always proven I am incorruptible.

His same compulsive crimes against America by compulsively attempting war crimes against me that compulsively fail all day every day need to be permanently contained. They are wasting all of my, my loved ones, and the courts' time, energy, and resources.

We all have better things to do than prove Obama is a failure all day every day. The fact Obama is a failure is already obvious. When will I be given back enough of my human rights to kiss my husband, hug my friends, and bring peace to major global crises instead?

But still, after my last blog post on 09Aug, at 12:37pm there was a heart attack alarm followed by a 1:57pm torture facility alarm. Eventually I learned this direct threat to America caused by attempting more torture and unlawful imprisonment of me all as acts of war by some local Obama bitch-puppet was an attempt to use the same modus operandi War Criminal Boeset always used and always failed with.

No, I do not need a loosely-named "test" for any mental illness specifically designed to give me a false diagnosis because it and its administrator will never acknowledge the reality I live in.

This was already proven with a combination of my 05Aug2014 and 09Aug2014 blog posts. I have a 24/7 livestream and keep a detailed blog with moment-by-moment commentary on my life.

Clearly, it is on public record that I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness, and the entire planet is my witness to this. It cannot be better proven that I am completely sane, nor can it be better proven than compulsively calling me mentally impaired when it is empirically proven I am not makes my accusers malevolent, criminally insane, and possibly delusional.

Yet, despite all of this, Obama's clinically-diagnosable compulsive criminal activity caused another new torture facility alarm at 3:00pm. Obama compulsively commits the same crimes all day every day and always fails all day every day but still never stops his criminal activity. And his always-false claims still make it to the court room while my attempts to commit him for diagnosis never do?

I checked my email at about 4:00pm and noticed my polished blog post from noon had never made it off my either of my email accounts' servers, so I sent it again. I think my loved ones must have received it the second time I sent it because after a 4:05pm heart attack alarm, they had everything cleared up before my twenty-minute conversation with some Mormon missionaries that ensued immediately afterward got so far as their, "Next time, we should get sushi."

If Obama cannot be conditioned into not committing crimes all day every day, he definitely needs to be contained because there was another heart attack alarm at 4:44pm.

Before I could find out what it was, at about 5pm I learned that all my crosstown friends were blocked from reaching me AND that Obama had promised to escalate all his crimes against America by victimizing me beyond any recognition of law or order in the US.

At 5:30pm we caught a breather. I took that to mean everyone finally read all of my latest notes and my polished blog post for the day, but it could have meant anything considering how difficult it is to speak to me.

Syn and Sweetness, The Gables needs to be cleaned up and mandated to uphold its promises to its tenants including but not limited to full respect of tenants' rights, adequate nutritious food, a safe living environment, no meddling with our mail, and acceptable furniture, regardless of whether or not I am one of the people living there.

Obama is bribing The Gables into committing crimes against me and committing violation after violation against every tenant to make me suffer under him by paying all of The Gables' civil punishments and all of their fines for their copious code violations.

So, we need the California Medical Board, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, etc. to just shut The Gables down. Their attempted war crimes should be enough to do that.

We can try a hostile corporate takeover by a company willing to treat me like a human. We can try injunctions for criminal charges against Ellie, Kyle, and War Criminal Stephanie.

The best option is just to move me straight to our house in the Hills since The Gables refuses to stop being a direct threat to me, but, as I said, whether or not I am one of the people who lives there, they need to be cleaned up for ALL the tenants who live there.

At 6:25pm, I took a break from the wifi. I decided to sip some green tea at Tacos El Rodeo while writing snailmail to Sweetness. It was calming until the 6:58pm torture facility alarm. I never figured out what the alarm was, but my loved ones took care of it. As per predictable usual, I was back online at 8pm.

I was back at the barbershop telling Sport he is adorable when he is stern just in time for the 8:18pm torture facility alarm. I believe it may have been War Criminal Boeset trying to kidnap me and drag me to Iowa again, so my perfect mind could fester into a vegetable from Obama-mandated electroshock, torture, rape slavery, unlawful imprisonment, and silenced freedom of speech by removing me from the internet all used as acts of war.

Ever since Obama started his bubble, my mandated-human-rightsless life has never been livable, but the absolute lowest of the low I ever endured under Obama was Iowa.

The world will lose me forever if Obama ever wins and returns me to that most evil place on the planet against my will, against the will of all my loved ones, against the will of the United Nations, against the will of all the redeemed parts of the federal government, and against the will of all the benevolent world.

I spent 8:59pm to 10:17pm trying to convince my Howling Jackal to come buy me a hot meal. I think we should release a podcast of all of it including my random call to Mr. Whisky. Giggle.

Our Facebook chat caused a police alarm as a deterrent then after that a fire alarm. It finally culminated in a futile torture facility alarm at 10:23pm as if that could scare me into stopping trying to save America from Obama by rescuing myself from his reprehensible and unlivable bubble through every means at my disposal.

That was all cleared up quickly and well in time for the 10:39pm police alarm. I have yet to figure out what that was, but I reminded my beautiful world all people in America are still guaranteed our full 1st Amendment rights even under Obama's bubble of terrorism, war crimes, genocide, oppression, and slavery.

That must have been dealt with in no time because at 10:52pm, Obama used an obvious collusion libel video to lock me in a torture facility and force electroshock on me.

Yes, my beautiful world, did you see my sestina podcast, yet? This perfect mind is what Obama wants to render a vegetable through torture, unlawful imprisonment, and electroshock as soon as he can get away with covering up more acts of war by him against all of humanity.

At 11pm, just after sending my beautiful world to check on everyone trying to rescue me to make sure Obama would not kill any more innocents trying to exercise their 1st Amendment rights and bring peace to America by feeding me, I walked back to my apartment praying I could sleep safely there without the CIA who watch over me 24/7 having to kill anyone and everyone Obama might send to drag me to a torture facility.

The CIA will take whatever steps necessary to protect me, protect America, and protect all of humanity from Obama. They are America's completely voluntary, unasked for, yet still necessary in our reality last line of defense during this torture facility crisis.

When I arrived back at my apartment, I had a snack and then chatted with my roommate Liana before sleeping soundly for about eight hours. I was awake, groomed, and at the barbershop to use the wifi by 9am.

I awoke to horrifying news the morning of Sunday, 10Aug. Obama had killed everyone he could overnight who had been trying to rescue me.

Apparently, we now have verified videos, too, of Obama's iron fist of seditious extragovernmental terrorists enforcing his totalitarian rules and reeking obvious acts of war and terrorism against America by murdering and terrorizing local innocents legally and Constitutionally trying to save America from Obama by just trying to feed me and take me to my own home across town that I even pay taxes on.

Then, due to my lovers and believers' dedicated record keeping, I heard the international experts labeled Obama's terrorist army "the most effective and ruthless terrorist organization in the world."

Sunday proved to be an interesting day. Almost immediately at 9:23am, there was a heart attack alarm. Obama had accused me, his hand-chosen victim, of murdering all the people overnight that he himself had killed and whom I had tried to rescue.

Why is there anyone left on this planet who still listens to Obama and his obvious criminal terrorist anti-reality machine? My heart was weeping over all those lost souls Sunday morning, and I was forced to deal with Obama's propaganda of me first thing instead.

At about 10:30am, a group of locals who had visited a friend of theirs at the next door convalescent center stopped by to chat with me and give me a bottle of water. I told them to call Sport for a haircut and sent them to Tacos El Rodeo for lunch. One of them had the most beautiful octopus tattoo.

At about 11am, California SPORT threw me out. He came up with an irrational and unbelievable excuse for it, and now I have to walk 45min one-way four times a day again to get to and from my closest internet connection.

Please, NSA (I apologize for depending on you for everything.), speak with the corporate offices at my good ole, always loving and reliable, original wifi benefactor about fixing up their wifi signal, so I can watch the news online here and have your guaranteed protection of all my internet activity. And thank you.

I do not take kindly to once-supportive people drinking Obama's demento juice. Jared did it. The USPS did it. Now, we lost California SPORT to the dark side, too.

I will still accept any of their apologies if they are all willing to go through my three mandatory steps to earn my forgiveness and absolution. But few people have ever recovered from Obama's demento juice where I could see them.

Then, at 11:27am, I learned that Obama has been trying to drown out the truth, logic, and love in my last polished up, fact-checked, and verified blog post from noon 09Aug with fake blog posts he had been circulating all night.

Please, my beautiful world, stick to ONLY the complete list of all verified and frequently-updated sources compiled by the American and foreign presses. You can call your local news station for this centralized list, and no, the Squid Report, the earspeakers, the "network," and even Obama himself, after all of the presses' diligent fact checking, are not on their complete list of all accurate sources.

With how much all the presses and news broadcasters obey Obama's rules and NEVER report on anything real about me nor Obama, you know their service bringing the truth to the world is in their centralized and complete list of all verified sources online and off.

At 12:50pm, I sent my entire beautiful world to rescue my latest blocked rescue. Obama's terrorists are all diabolical, deranged lunatics.

Then, because Obama has the diagnosable pathological symptom proven by his pattern of criminal activity across two continents and back again that he believes if he speaks his calumny that I am at all mentally ill and mentally incompetent often enough, he can actually render me mentally ill and mentally incompetent (Obama also does this with his completely irrational calumnies I have ever been a prostitute, dead, or a transexual. I am sure he has other compulsive lies, too.), there was a heart attack alarm at 1:42pm clarified with a torture facility alarm at 1:45pm.

My loved ones cleared all of that up in no time. Then, 3:28pm brought a fire alarm. I have yet to figure out what that one was either, but I asked my entire beautiful world to check on all of us just in case. It was likely my brave rescuers.

At about 5pm we had a fire alarm that was later clarified in minutes as a torture facility alarm. Then, after I suspected it must have been due to more of Obama's collusion libel videos, I heard a heart attack alarm. Then, while I was tweeting warnings, my neighborhood buddy Keith showed up and bought me dinner.

My loved ones cleared it all up all the alarms while Keith and I sat and chatted. It was a nice talk that lasted until roughly 6:40pm. Please, my darlings, make a verified podcast of all of it for the world to enjoy.

My beautiful world, you all only asked me two questions since my last blog post. Please collect all your questions and concerns for me from all your friends and loved ones and ask me anything.

What do I want to see in your science, tech, engineering, and math news? I want to see the fun stuff. I want to see news about innovations and advancements that make people passionate about the sciences again. Space travel. Bionics. Artificial intelligence. Surprise and fascinate us all.

Why do I not sell my iPad? The reasons for this are obvious. The world will fall apart if I cannot go online and serve humanity all day. America would be destroyed under Obama's iron fist almost instantly if I ever stopped trudging to free public wifi every day at risk of harm to my own body from exhaustion under Obama's forced starvation of me.

I definitely would not survive at all if I could not use the internet all day. And my iPad is my only access to the internet. Not only would the world lose me if I did not have an iPad and an internet connection, Obama would destroy the whole world starting with America first. Look at his history of destruction across the world already.

My beautiful world, you need to empower America to take over its government. And when I say government, I mean every level of government. California needs to take over Sacramento. Los Angeles County needs to take over the District Attorney's office and every other corrupt office we can find.

America needs to take over our cities and states and then start kicking our federal government into line. The only parts of the federal government left the American people need to teach how to behave are the Oval Office, Congress, and the US Attorney General's office.

My once-great America, click here and read this. Then, go take over our government. Stop permitting Obama to run the show.

My brave rescuers, you just keep dying. Obama just keeps killing you. And everybody just keeps letting Obama kill all of you. What do you need? What will make all of this easier for you? Speak what you need to all the world. Have faith in humanity to fix this for all of us.

SynSyn, Ugwuji, and Amita, thank you. If you ever need me to help with anything, just give me details. Thank you for dropping everything in your lives to rescue me. Your selflessness will save America and bring stability to the world. We almost have most of what you fight all day every day contained, but never underestimate Obama's depravity.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I turn thirty-seven in October this year. I really want a chance to make superhuman babies with you. This is not just because I want a family but also because we have a moral obligation to the world to allow our combined DNA to romp and play for generations to come.

Darling, I am getting old fast. Most healthy women cannot still make healthy babies after thirty-five. What if I never get to have children?

Finally, my adoring and legally-recognized husband, here is your latest future Queen to future King love letter that was returned to me. I will figure out how to get you mail. Until then, all snailmail from me to you goes on public record.

Envelope 1/2:

Envelope 2/2:

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