Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am NOT a Baby! I am NOT a Child! I am a Full-Grown ADULT!

Title: I am NOT a Baby! I am NOT a Child! I am a Full-Grown ADULT! I was Emancipated in 1995 at 17 Years Old! Stop Making the Conscious Choice to Libel me and Intentionally Denigrate me by Repeating Obama's Obvious Calumnies of Me!

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Hold on, my beautiful world, my once-great America, my brave California, my lovers and believers in Los Angeles County, and even Obama's passive aggressive zombies in Long Beach.

I promised you we would accelerate to continue as effectively as possible defending ourselves against Obama's unrelenting escalations, and I already asked you to try to keep up with REALITY (not the Obama-sanctioned commentary) as best you can with everything happening because of it.

Do not lose hope. If you, everyone around me, can stop allowing Obama to control you, particularly your minds, your beliefs, your freedoms, your actions, and your rights, we will have that turning point we so direly need.

Stop watching or listening to anything Obama propagates and stick to the independent presses' complete list of accurate and verified sources instead. And stop obeying Obama's rules; you all have US Supreme Court upheld rights to exercise everything spelled out as our own freedoms in the 1st Amendment and in all the US Constitution even during Obama's bubble.

Obama will make this uglier before it gets better, but only if you, the public, allow him to do so. I was asked, "Where does this path lead?" We are on the path to our salvation from Obama as long we give him absolutely nothing he wants.

But if we allow Obama to have his way with his totalitarian rules and Obama-mandated terrorism, we are on a path to the complete destruction of America. Why did Obama insert mind-control speakers in everyone's heads even where I would never go?

Iraq. The UN asked for my help, so I have promised to do everything I can for these people. The Yazidi have lived in Iraq for thousands of years, but they must flee now or face genocide due to persecution of them for their religion. The only thing that can save them is stopping ISIS completely or carrying the Yazidi to safety.

It seems nothing and no one can reason with ISIS. Such irrational radicalism is why most developed nations have no-negotiations-ever policies with terrorists and definitely with kidnapping and ransom demands.

All people everywhere deserve a right to live in their own homes with full human rights and freedoms as well as stability, peace, justice, prosperity, and an accountable government.

All deranged lunatics terrorists must be contained.

Russia. Some nations, like Cuba, have created eco-friendly, self-sustaining economies out of their embargoes. Cuba pretty much has to feed itself, and it had largely saved its environment by doing so.

Instead of propagating the horrible stereotype of waiting in line for hours just to get a potato in Russia, if I were President Putin, I would take this opportunity to bring my people and my economy ahead of the world in futuristic farming and environmental sustainability.

Russia has that option to feed itself or just take its hands off the Ukraine.

USA. Since my last blog post, the situation in Ferguson, Missouri got uglier; then it got better. I was told they had no curfew last night. America, we need to love our homes and permit no crimes nor oppression in them.

I published my last blog post at 3:05pm on 16Aug2014 at the very moment of a heart attack alarm. Then, at 3:19pm, assuming my loved ones had it all under control, I took a break from the wifi.

By 4:10pm I was in my apartment chatting with my roommates, munching on a bowl of popcorn, and letting pizza dough homemade from scratch toughen up in the fridge. I was sure the world was digesting my last blog post.

I had that popcorn and a bowl of ice cream as appetizers. Then, still only using groceries I had to buy for myself, I made a spinach, arugula, artichoke heart, white onion, garlic, fresh-sliced deli salami, and mozzarella fresca pizza in a red sauce spiced with basil and oregano.

That was just about all of what was left of my groceries, though. So, I was not sure what I could still eat before I could afford the bus fare to the Von's grocery store on Monday to use my Von's gift card my mother had given me.

I offered slices of my homemade pizza to both of my roommates in the apartment at the time, Liana and Agnes, because I knew they were both so broke from over paying for our housing they had no money left to buy groceries of their own.

Liana had gone on nothing but breakfast cereal in milk for all meals all day every day for weeks, and I had no idea what Agnes was eating other than my ice cream as mentioned in a previous blog post. War Criminal Stephanie has been starving everyone to be able to starve me.

While I was still making dinner, we had a 5:26pm fire alarm which was somehow fixed by a draft of this blog post while I still had no internet connection. War Criminal Stephanie, as is her established criminal pattern, was pathologically lying again as if that could get her out of trouble.

At 6:27pm there was a fire alarm, and at 7pm there was a heart attack alarm just before I picked up my iPad and walked out the door. My loved ones took care of everything.

It is so comforting to know we just need to point out problems now for beyond-competent people to fix them. Awareness of a problem is all that should ever be necessary for that problem to ever need to be fixed in any situation anywhere.

At 7:35pm, while I was walking to my wifi benefactor, I caught an escalation warning. Again, my loved ones took care of it. There must be more to life than just pointing out threats to myself, suffering unspeakably, starving helplessly, trudging miles to wifi to serve humanity, and enduring strangers lying to my face all day every day.

At my wifi hotspot, some brainwashed zombie locals passive aggressively tried libeling me disabled. Really? Really?!? REALLY YOU (EXPLETIVE)ING PSYCHOPATHS?!? What exactly is my disability if you are going to libel me disabled? And do not forget YOU have the burden of proof and CANNOT use libel videos!

Try reading my always-independently-verified-to-be-accurate blog every once in a while, you brainwashed zombies, instead of passive aggressively attacking me constantly due to libel you all know better than to listen to in the first place!

Yes, I agree, the Social Security Administration, Polk County District Court, a long string of proven quacks, War Criminal Boeset, Barack Obama, and my thank-the-atheist-heavens-he-is-now-dead evil father are all in a conspiracy to make me collect Social Security Disability even after I explained to Social Security in writing I have absolutely no disability.

But that does not mean I am disabled. That means A LOT of well-established pathological liars work together to libel me to coverup Obama's most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

Yet, in the defense of the SSA, it is true I applied for Social Security Disability in 2005 a is recommended for anyone out of work for over a year. It was before my TEMPORARY malady, colloquially referred to as "Squid saw the future," went away completely. And, yes, I did, as already mentioned, notify the SSA in writing to discontinue my benefits when I no longer considered myself disabled.

And also in defense of the SSA, it is in their operating policies that if there is an economic environment that prevents a benefits recipient from finding gainful employment after he or she become able to work again, that beneficiary's benefits are supposed to continue even though he or she is no longer disabled and until the environment out of control of the recipient fixes itself. Go ahead and read it in their decision-making guidelines.

No one can argue that Obama's totalitarian bubble established pretty music when Obama took office in 2009 that mandates I am forbidden any paycheck at all whatsoever from anyone anywhere, that mandates I must live on $50 a week for no rational reason, and that forbids me any and all basic human rights and freedoms but my freedom of speech which he labors unrelentingly to silence all day every day is the only force on this planet capable of disabling me.

Yes, Obama's unjustifiable, heinous, and unspeakable public persecution of me is my only disability; I have absolutely no mental imperfections. This well-established proof is the only reason my closest family member and legally-recognized husband has a TEMPORARY California conservatorship over me. This does NOT mean anyone anywhere has any rational nor justifiable reason to treat me like a child.

And it is because all of the NEVER-had-jurisdiction-over-me-to-begin-with paperwork from Polk County District Court in Iowa all claims I am a literal mental retard that ALL of their paperwork is doublely if not triplely invalidated and never was legally binding to begin with nor is it at all legally binding now nor will Polk County, Iowa EVER be able to have a legal claim to have any authority over me EVER!

Please reread my previous 05Aug2014 blog post about this anytime.

I caught an escalation warning at 9:27pm, so I warned my support system. They know of they ever need me, all they have to do is give me details. It appeared to be more collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges. It was just the same old compulsive crimes by Obama all over again. Why is this permitted to keep going on?

There was a 10:14pm torture facility alarm. I think that was the first really impending not preemptive alarm of the day. My loved ones took care of it. Then, at exactly 11pm, there was a double police alarm.

It did not feel like the threat was directly to me, so I sent my beautiful world to check on my brave rescuers and any incoming lifts before walking back to my apartment and just going to bed. I was asleep by midnight. And, joyfully, I slept soundly and uneventfully.

By 8am 17Aug, I was out of bed, fully groomed, and on my way to my wifi benefactor. My long walk to and from my closest internet connection while Obama is forcibly starving me is really wearing on my body. That morning it took almost fifty minutes for me to reach the wifi instead of the usual forty minutes one-way.

When I walked in the door of my benefactor, there was an immediate 8:41am heart attack alarm. It sounded like Obama was trying to mandate quackery over me; I was told he was pretending I needed "therapy" from one of his obvious puppets that would be Obama-mandated to never acknowledge reality to my face to guarantee only quackery and guarantee definite collusion to lock me in a final torture facility for Obama FOREVER.

No, I do not even need real therapy. I need full human rights, an end to Obama's bubble of war crimes and public persecution, all the brainwashing Obama mandates of the public to make them irrationally hate me ended, contact with my own loved ones, enough food to eat every day, America saved from Obama, truth made legal and public instead of war-crime-level pathological liars criminally spouting calumnies about me and people who love me with impunity (Lies propagated in any public forums are never protected under freedom of speech, but the truth always is.) etc.

No one knows me better than I do. The world needs to trust I know what I need to be able to heal. I cured myself of real schizophrenia already, did I not?

Basically, right now, I need EVERYTHING Obama forbids me and NOTHING Obama wants.

If anyone has genuine and sincere concern for my well being, that is what they will fight for, order, and mandate instead of propagating Obama's eventually criminally prosecuted pathological lies and coverups.

And do not pretend my beautiful world is not making a thorough record of who all of Obama's pathological liars are and everything they say just to be able to damage me and destroy America.

(Rumor has it their names are Douglas, Nicholas, Kimberly, Jennifer, etc. and who knows whom else Obama mandates receives criminal impunity to lie about me while forbidding me from ever hearing it.)

Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation was apparent all morning. At 10am was a bitch alarm. I have yet to figure out what that even means.

But rumor had it that War Criminal Boeset had opened her pathologically-lying, direct-threat-to-America mouth again, and more calumnies oozed out. I was told my loved ones took care of it. Stupidity, especially malevolent stupidity, has always been self-castrating for Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy.

The entire time since my last blog post up until this post was published was Obama's Stupidity Parade. 10:24am brought a heart attack alarm which my loved ones quickly took care of.

Not much later, at 11:02am was another heart attack alarm. There were some various mixed signal warnings all morning, too, and a fire alarm at 11:45am. I sent my beautiful world to check on everything every time.

There were no concerns from humanity nor any questions my beautiful world had for me from overnight, so I had nothing to answer. Instead, in the lull, I finished my latest letter of undying love and devotion to my husband.

Somehow I must have missed a lot of warnings because at 1:32pm Obama caused a raging and urgent torture facility alarm. I apologize for that.

Then, MORE of Obama's criminal terrorists entered my wifi hotspot. Why have they not learned their lesson yet? I turned in their full visuals for analysis, for processing, and for their safe and immediate disposal, as I always do. By 1:57pm they were furious and fled.

They did ask me why I tolerate Keith but not them, though. Clearly, all anyone has to do is read my blog to know the answer to that. Keith is not a terrorist though always sent by Obama. Keith does not have a corrupted soul; he is just brainwashed. If Keith did not serve a purpose as a leak, I would have seduced and converted him by now.

When people are genuinely irrationally hostile, no matter how hard they try to hide it behind their lunatic smiles, it is obvious they are Obama's criminal terrorists. Everyone else who does Obama's bidding is just a brainwashed zombie.

There was a 2:16pm fire alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone. At 2:25pm, I left my benefactor to take a break and get some food but only after sending all emergency help possible to my brave rescuers. My beautiful world, please do not let them die.

By 3:30pm, I had walked to my apartment and eaten all my leftover pizza from the night before. I also ate a plate of no-nutritional-value breakfast sausage as well as a plate of turkey bacon to pick up as much protein as possible.

I feel so much better after I eat, but Obama and his criminal terrorist puppets have been in a proven conspiracy using intentional starvation of me for months as an act of war against America and against all of humanity. But before my afternoon was done, I even had a full bowl of ice cream.

Rumor had it, Obama tried to lock me in a torture facility earlier in the day specifically because he intentionally starves me, as if poverty is grounds for mental health commitment in anyone's reality.

Clearly, that makes Obama's intentional starvation of me collusion and part of his established modi operandi not just another war crime as unspeakable and inhumane suffering used as an act of war.

I took a nap from about 4:30pm to approximately 5:45pm. Then, after chatting with Liana who told me Agnes is the one committing the federal felony now of intentionally preventing my mail delivery, I was at my wifi benefactor by 6:45pm.

On my walk there, I passed the same police officer three times. If he was not making a police record that I am not the fat, ugly, White masturbator who was on Obama's human trafficking and war-crime-level libel "network" at the time, I have no idea what good deed he was up to.

But I will give that cop the benefit of the doubt unless he libels me or commits any other crime against me. I do not think he wants to provoke the CIA operatives who keep hidden watch over me. I will never have to ask the CIA to defend me; they will just take care of any direct threat on their own. To be completely fair, the cop seemed more apologetic than malicious when I looked at him.

I caught up with my friends online. Then, at 7:30pm, my old buddy Jim showed up. You all remember Jim, right? He is the local homeless man the British government hired to make friendly conversation with me, whom Obama tried to charge with espionage, and whom I defended with, "Are you insane, Obama? He is obviously a local homeless man. Just look at him!"

My June and July2014 blog posts documented the whole drama. It is old news. But I had not seen Jim since I started using the internet at California SPORT temporarily. I was worried I might never see him again, but as I said, at 7:30pm on 17Aug he manifested and within fifteen minutes was promising to take me to the beach again.

At 7:38pm while Jim and I were chatting, the bitch alarm went off. My loved ones immediately took care of it. And by 9:30pm it became obvious to me I had no clue what my loved ones were up to out there, but they were clearly all kicking unholy burro. I love them all so much.

9:36pm brought simultaneous police alarms and torture facility alarms both as mixed signals, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us. I particularly worried about my brave rescuers and incoming lifts. I knew my full Aug2014 blog had already prepared my loved ones for anything.

At 10:40pm there was ANOTHER compulsive and direct threat by Barack Obama to lock me in a torture facility and destroy my perfect mind completely with electroshock. I left it in the capable hands of my loved ones.

Just before 10:45pm I was about to give up my wifi, so Jim could walk me most of the way back to my apartment. But Obama's criminal terrorist hackers violated Obama's own rules by hacking my iPad and disabling my email app.

So, I had to ask my NSA alpha nerds to enter my iPad and fix it. I LOVE BENEVOLENT NERDS! Kisses, NSA, kisses. I understand you had to outsource your vigilant and protective watch over me, and now you miss watching me 24/7.

But if you want to, NSA, you have my permission to put a little window on all your computers in HQ, so all your employees can watch me. It is the least I can do for you. Anything you want, NSA. And thank you.

Jim had an issue with a local man harassing him, so he gave me a ride to my apartment just before 11pm instead of walking me there. There were distant police and fire alarms while I was climbing into Jim's van, so I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us. I was in bed by 11:30pm.

On 18Aug, I was up, ready, and out the door by 9am. It was going to be a busy day. I wrote my to-do list in my writing journal the day before.

At 9:05am there were alarms all over the place, but in minutes while I was still walking to my wifi benefactor, my beautiful world had taken care of everything.

And still before I reached my wifi benefactor, I hugged a random Black man who called me beautiful. He was pushing an empty bookshelf in a cart down the street when he asked me for the hug. I love hugs and kisses when they are genuine and completely Platonic... or romantic and from my husband.

My local homeless man Jim was at my wifi benefactor waiting for me. I was worried about the threat that had presented itself to him the previous night, but he seemed to have taken care of it.

By 10:30am I had caught up with all my friends online AND had helped avert some collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges Obama had used against me that also violated my Constitutional protection from double jeopardy. Obama's Stupidity Parade was continuing for another day.

That was just in time for the 10:32am heart attack alarm. My loved ones took care of everything. My loved ones and support system, in fact, had a very busy time all morning vigilantly and preemptively mitigating all of Obama's compulsively repeated modi operandi against me.

At 11:26am, my $50 for the week, the only money Obama permits me to live on under his rules, appeared in my Wells Fargo Account finally. So, I sent one last email; then at 11:52am, I left Jim at my wifi benefactor to run some errands. This was the email...

-----Begin Message Text-----

Sent to the Secretary of State of California's Elections Office-- On Aug 18, 2014, at 11:48 AM, "Squid B. Varilekova" varilekova@gmail.com wrote:


My name is Tanya H. A. Varilek. I am a legally-recognized California citizen who was born in the USA. I registered to vote four times last month (twice online and twice on paper) after my address change, but I have not yet received my voter registration card. Midterm elections are coming up soon, and I have always been an active (if not model) citizen.

I have been having problems lately with my property manager intentionally taking measures to prevent the safe delivery of my mail. I have had to report her for federal felony offenses because of it.

If my voter registration was already mailed to me and if she intercepted it, I need to report her for federal mail and voter violations. Please let me know if my voter registration card was already sent or if it is still processing. Thank you!

Tanya H. A. Varilek
Last 4 digits of SSN: ****
247 E Hullett Street
Apt. #2
Long Beach, CA 90805
(Los Angeles County)

-----End Message Text-----

There were alarms the entire time I was out running errands. Obama threw down every already-failed and irrational idea he already used before to be able to coverup torture and unlawful imprisonment of me as acts of war against America and against the whole world AGAIN! My loved ones took care of it all, but no one should have had to deal with Obama's unrelenting psychopathy to begin with.

There was a 12:06pm heart attack alarm, a 12:57pm heart attack alarm, a 1:21pm intentionally-perverted-reality-used-as-collusion-libel-video alarm, a 2:05pm heart attack alarm, and a 3:02pm fire alarm all before I could get back to some safe wifi.

I stopped in my local Wells Fargo branch to withdraw my entire $50 that Obama permits me every week to live on. I bought all the groceries I could on the $50 Von's gift card my mother mailed me last week. That Monday, 18Aug, was the first day I could afford the bus back to my apartment from the grocery store.

After exiting the bus at the closest stop to my apartment, I still had a bit of a walk carrying all of my groceries. But a local man gave me a lift to my door in his orange pickup truck before treating me like a slut. I was very insulted, but it was worth enduring the disrespect one time only to get a lift. No, I refused to even let him touch me.

I dropped off my groceries, ate a bowl of ice cream, picked up all of my I-understand-they-should-be-in-a-museum barely and never worn clothes that were all too large for me, hopped on a bus, and traveled across Long Beach to the Buffalo Exchange on 2nd Avenue.

The Long Beach Buffalo Exchange made me wait, was rude, refused to obey their own store policies, and lied to my face. Then, after I told them to just turn in their evidence against Obama, the ugly White women who irrationally refused to buy my museum-worthy never-worn clothes because they were "pilled" (which the clothes were not) became hostile and irrationally paranoid and spat even more lies in my face.

I insisted a verified and unedited podcast be made, so I could turn them all in to their corporate offices for refusing to obey their own store policies and for refusing an innocent patron any customer service just because it was me. I heard they were "chewed out" but not punished. Buffalo Exchange corporate should really clean house around here.

At about 4:00pm I ducked into a local coffee shop for my first caffeinated drink of the day and started catching up on everything I missed while running errands. Obama's criminal terrorist hackers had illegally blocked my Twitter account, so I had to ask my alpha nerds to fix it.

Obama has a deeply psychopathic criminal reaction to anyone anywhere telling the truth about him, about everything he does for real, about me, and about what Obama does to me. He particularly wants to silence me from ever reporting on and protecting myself from his unrelenting threats to me.

Obama has tried everything to make all truth "illegal" in America and only his libel-and calumny-based coverups "legal." Thank the atheist heavens there are enough non-corrupted courts in this nation still to prevent that nonsense from being enforceable nor defensible.

My beautiful world, if no one ever tells me what the hell goes on out there, there is no way for me to help fix it. Why would you all not just ask me to fix it? What the hell is going on across town? And who the hell allows Obama and his criminal terrorists do this to their own home?

At roughly 4:30pm there was a torture facility alarm. My loved ones took care of it. Obama's completely irrational, unjustifiable, and unrelenting threats to America by threatening me will never end unless he and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy are overpowered and arrested.

Obama and his criminal terrorists have proven they will never relent nor even speak with me to come up with some sort of resolution. They all clearly need to be overpowered or they will destroy the entire world beginning with America by destroying me.

Just before 6:00pm, there was yet another torture facility alarm my loved ones had to take care of for the world. At about 6:30pm, I was out the door of the adorable local coffee shop and on my way back to my apartment.

The trip back required a lot of waiting for the bus, especially the second bus, but it was mostly uneventful. There was only one alarm at 7:41pm. It was a police alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone.

I made it to my apartment to pick up my laundry by 8:15pm, but the laundromat had closed early. The man at the door told me the city was "shutting the water off."

If he meant that it metaphor, if could have meant anything from, "Obama is finally shutting the earspeakers off he put in all of the heads of the public to mind-control everyone in America," to "Obama's libel network has burned itself up with its own fire."

Under all circumstances, we must keep the SquidStream sacred, broadcasting, and verified at all times 24/7. It is my very effective peaceful security system.

By 9:25pm I had eaten dinner and curled up in bed. While I was cooking my fresh green beans with sliced almonds sautéed in light salt and extra virgin olive oil, Agnes confirmed to my face that she controls the mailbox key and that I am forbidden access to my own mail without her filtering through it first. I also pan-seared a $3.48 steak.

I put my iPad down and went to sleep at 10:00pm knowing full well I had to wake up early to do my laundry. I slept very peacefully. I pray my beautiful world had some rest, too.

Before 7:30am on 19Aug, I was up with brushed hair, brushed teeth, and everything on my body clean and groomed, and I was out the door with my laundry. At my local lavateria, I bought some overdue stain remover and soaked all my period stains before washing all my dresses.

By 9:40am, my laundry was clean and back in my closet, and I was on my way to my wifi benefactor. On my walk, there were alarms all over the place, so I sent my beautiful world to check on and help everyone.

Then, at 10:17am, the moment I arrived at my wifi benefactor, there was the first heart attack alarm of the morning. It sounded like collusion for more of Obama's intentionally fabricated false charges against me to use unlawful imprisonment of me as an act of war, but I was not sure. I asked my loved ones to take care of it.

At 10:25am, I published this blog post.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Is Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy run by the Masons? No, do not be silly. That is about as likely as Obama's conspiracy being run by the Clampers. (E Clampus Vitus) There are a few reasons I know for sure they are not the Masons.

First of all, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy is comprised of deranged, lunatic psychopaths who will say anything and do anything to be able to destroy me. They are all literal terrorists.

But at their core and very stereotypically, the Masons are a networking opportunity for middle-aged, White businessmen. There is no logical connection between these two mission statements.

Secondly, in 2009 after hours at Caffé Trieste in North Beach, the Masons sent a cute twenty-something who was madly in love with me to try to get permission from me to explain the Masons to America in my dedicated forum.

They did not know yet I had no control over any broadcasts of myself; though, they did oddly know I was forbidden from ever learning I was being broadcast. Nevertheless, the Masons have been genuinely sweet to me ever since all of this began.

Finally, it was Obama's pathologically-lying criminal terrorist anti-reality machine that blamed all of Obama's own rules mandating Obama's terrorism and war crimes on the Masons; that is all anyone anywhere needed to hear to know the Masons likely fight Obama's rules like I do for the sake of America and for the sake of all of humanity.

Should the United States have intervened in Syria? Yes, but effectively, not like most contemporary US interventions. The last thing anyone wants is another prolonged US war in another Muslim nation.

But a pinpoint operation YEARS AGO to get in, arrest al Assad, drag him out of the country, and put him on trial allowing the structure, which would have had to have be established before arresting Assad, of a truly democratic and representative government to rise up and take his place is all Syria has ever needed.

Instead, the Syrian crisis has spread to include ISIS in Iraq and unrest in Lebanon and threatens to engulf the entire Middle East in sectarian war. A lot of us did our best to warn the world of all of this all along. It is just like the US getting worse right now instead of better because no one has taken Obama down yet either. Someday, people will learn to listen to me.

What is the first song I ever wrote? Well, the second song I ever wrote began, "There's a Yorkshireman in my gogo boots, and he's running out of gin. There's a Yorkshireman in my gogo boots. What a sorry state he's in."

I wrote it at Oxford while I was visiting an old high school friend there for millennium New Year. That was well before I hit my renaissance of verse.

The first song I ever wrote was in Spanish. I wrote it with Syniva and our mutual close friend Erin in high school at an Odyssey of the Mind competition. It was about looking for the bathroom.

My beautiful world, please keep sending all your questions and concerns for me to answer. I am forbidden from hearing any of the lies Obama and his terrorist conspiracy spread about me.

So unless you all ask me for clarification on anything convincing enough for anyone to fall for (which should really be impossible at this point) I will never know what people need me to explain with my proven characteristic complete honesty and occasional understatement.

My brave rescuers, I heard the State of California called in the California National Guard on Monday, 18Aug, but still no one could reach me. Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising comprised of nothing but unamerican deranged lunatics are just such berserkers that no one has been able to make it past them yet.

Yes, my brave rescuers, that does further prove, among our long-term goals, we cannot allow these terrorists to stay free, heavily-armed, and better organized than we are to run havoc all across America after Obama falls and definitely not if Obama prevails. Some force has to be able to round up these deranged lunatics and store them somewhere safe.

On the very short term, my brave rescuers, I am still working on rendering where I am livable enough to sustain me and not cause me a physical collapse before you all can reach me. My loved ones have been making great progress with this lately, but we all know we cannot become complacent and underestimate Obama's depravity.

SynSyn, Ugwuji, and Amita, thank you. Oh, how the world needs to love and adore you all for listening to all of Obama's blatant Bull(expletive) and Stupidity Parade nonstop for days now and still always prevail even in the tight spaces.

My selfless Powers of Attorney, as always, if you ever need anything from me just give me details. I trust you blindly. And may the world worship you for this forever.

My good friends, it is particularly because all of you have to endure all of Obama and his criminal terrorist puppets' pathological lying as perjuries that I gave all of you the power to determine what criminal and civil sentences we ask for.

I can only imagine how disgusted you must be with all of them, particularly Convictable War Criminal Boeset and Convictable War Criminal Stephanie.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. All that follows this sentence is here specifically for you. But, of course, since I am forbidden from sending you mail now for the first time ever since this bubble began, I make a public record out of all of my immortal words of undying love for you just to make sure you can read it all.

Embed this video here: http://youtu.be/4TyO8OgBP7M

New Envelope 1/1:

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Random things to be sent with Sweetness's latest letter of undying love from me...

Old Envelope 1/2 :

Old Envelope 2/2: Notice that I sent both envelopes full of different love letters for Sweetness to different zip codes, and notice by the handwriting they were both processed by the same criminal terrorist before being returned to me.

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