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Demanding Absolution for Crimes Against his own People was Obama's First Documented Admission of Complete Guilt for Everything. The Innocent Do Not Need Absolution.

Title: Demanding Absolution for Crimes Against his own People was Obama's First Documented Admission of Complete Guilt for Everything. The Innocent Do Not Need Absolution.

These are my notes for my next blog post. This will be fleshed out and polished off soon. This is just published now in case anyone needs it early. Please publish these notes now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Only Obama would degrade the innocent victims of his human devastation by calling this a "game" instead of our righteous fight to survive his unrelenting terrorism, mental health genocide, war crimes, crimes against his own people, and crimes against America.

And Obama is the only lunatic deranged enough to call his unrelenting and compulsive same most heinous crimes known to mankind he commits every day all day long "typical."

South Sudan. The conflict in Sudan and South Sudan has been going on for over thirty years now. It is largely ignored or dismissed as a trouble spot that will never be resolved. It is driven by ethnic strife, government corruption, rampant poverty, oil fields, and a lack of awareness by the global community.

But I believe all people everywhere deserve peace, stability, prosperity, human rights, and government accountability. There is no reason the international community should be allowing these suffering masses to wallow uncared for in such misery and senseless violence.

Their cycle of violence and civil war started so long ago that none of them remember what they are fighting for, but all they know is violence and poverty.

I do not think I can help South Sudan much with just a few paragraphs in a blog post except for the awareness I can create for their plight. But I would love to go there, be among the people, and learn what it will take to make them prosper.

This is a long-term goal for me. Someday. I hate putting off addressing human suffering that has gone on that long, but I do admit I need to address the exploding Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc. situation before it creates World War 3. If only I had enough human rights to do my real job in this world.

Mali. Senseless violence. There is just so much senseless violence everywhere. And I am forced to sit here with constant threats from Obama against my person all day every day and all night every night instead of being free to go out in the world and help people. I would like an honest reality-based explanation for this.

My last blog post was published at 10:42pm on 14Aug2014. Then, at 11pm, I left my wifi benefactor to get some sleep. My local buddy Keith gave me a ride to my apartment. He is always sent by Obama to feed me lies to control me, but I always turn him around by telling him the truth.

I was asleep by midnight and awake on 15Aug by 7:30am. I slipped out the door, greeted all my people with a, "Good Morning!" or "¡Buenas Días!" on my walk to my wifi benefactor, and was seated at a random table of my choosing by 8:15am.

On my way in, Obama promised to escalate his clinically-diagnosable compulsive patterns of criminal activity against me with escalated collusion to unjustifiably-in-medical-reality commit me to a final torture facility to destroy my perfect mind with electroshock as well as escalated collusion to press more intentionally fabricated false charges against me I would be forbidden from ever knowing about.

I warned the world more of Obama's compulsive crimes were coming. That is usually all we need to preemptively prevent them. To prove Obama meant it when he said he was escalating, we had a heart attack alarm at 8:32am.

My loved ones fixed it immediately. There were more escalation warnings then another heart attack alarm at 9:15am. Again, my loved ones took care of it immediately.

There was a long lull during which I tried to watch the previous night's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He was the only late night talk show with new broadcasts at the time, and I really wanted a good laugh.

Then, at 10:33am, there was another heart attack alarm. Again, my loved ones fixed it immediately. It looked like A LOT of HUGE intentionally fabricated false charges that had no bearing on reality at all whatsoever most likely from US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. were dismissed rather quickly that morning due to their having absolutely no rational justification at all whatsoever.

Criminal and civil countercharges, my loved ones, always press blistering criminal and civil countercharges for everything from collusion and corruption and conspiracy and coverups to crimes against America for using human rights abuses including but not limited to unlawful imprisonment as acts of war against America and everything else you all can think of.

Never let Obama nor his criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to his puppets in the Department of Justice (Just look at Holder's well-documented pattern of criminal activity victimizing me out of obedience to Obama!) to get away with anything.

This photo was taken and released by the White House on the morning of 14Aug2014. I tweeted it that day with the caption, "It looks like Obama is putting his own gun to his own head."

Civil court wins establish the grounds for our eventual criminal court wins, especially if they have blistering punishments.

This caused a long lull before the psychopath alarm went off at 12:03pm. Even after our blistering and scalding punishment of Polk County, Iowa the day before for the very same crime, Obama compulsively ordered the same coverup for the same war crimes against me compulsively all over again.

Obama tried AGAIN to send me to guaranteed rape slavery and electroshock of my perfect mind in Iowa AGAIN! If we do not permanently contain Obama and all his puppets, the world will lose me forever. Take him down already, my beautiful world, take Obama and all his terrorist puppets down!

Just after 1:00pm I took my break for the day early. At 1:18pm, I had a deeply disturbing feeling, so I asked my beautiful world to double check no one was trying to non-medically justifiably commit me to a final torture facility for Obama.

Then, still walking to my apartment, my local buddy Alberto stopped me for a chat. He said he was outside of his brother's house down the street from his adorable son's house taking a break from his work as a florist at Los Amigos flower shop on the corner of Del Amo Blvd. and Cherry Ave. in Long Beach.

Hint, hint, if anyone wants to send me flowers covertly (Sweetness. Giggle.), just buy them from Alberto and ask him to give them to me. Alberto always gives me free flowers just about every time I see him. Why not pay him for it?

Then, like I suspected, at 1:34pm after I was walking away from Alberto, there was a torture facility alarm. Rumor had it that direct threat to all of humanity ordered by Obama that would have resulted in the world exploding and America being destroyed first because I would not be around anymore came from War Criminal Stephanie. She really did not learn not to break the law anymore, yet?

My loved ones took care of it, but I was assaulted on all sides on the rest of my walk back to my apartment by brainwashed zombies. Did the Zombie Apocalypse really already descend? It is obvious there is no reality in any of these people's defenseless heads.

By 2pm I was at my apartment at The Gables making an egg, tortilla, onion, spinach, arugula, salsa verde something or other for dinner. I also browned some sausage.

The reason my digestive track has been such a mess lately is the combination of my high metabolism with my low protein intake, so I have been making a conscious effort to eat more meat for my own physical health. It is not easy on what little money I have.

Because everyone everywhere needs to be erring on the side of caution right now, I asked my vigilant broadcasters to turn in full, verified visuals to the CIA, FBI, etc. of both of the people who were outside of The Gables when I walked in for analysis and processing. My explanation for my justifiable suspicions of them were fully explained in my conversation with Keith later that night.

This entire good, green world survives Obama's same compulsive crimes against all of us by his intentionally victimizing me all day every day; the threats just come from a variety of his puppets in different geographic locations.

These established and compulsively repeated modi operandi by him and all his puppets for years establish conspiracy, corruption, coverups, collusion, calumny, perjury, libel, crimes against their own people, crimes against America, human rights abuses, crimes against women, war crimes, mental health genocide, etc. The list just goes on.

Clearly, because this threat to destroy America and possibly all the world by destroying me is in my own apartment building, we need The Gables cleared out of its criminal owner Ellie and all its criminal employees immediately.

Rumor has it The Gables is financially bankrupt. Sweetness, do you want to buy it and have trustworthy people run it legally and compassionately? This would count as our further service to Long Beach, to LA County, to California, to America, and to the world.

Keeping me safe from any and all threats from Obama including but not limited to my permanent protection from any more torture facility threats or forced starvation is so very important. I hate giving you more to do, Sweetness, but it is worth a try.

At 3:06pm, I received mixed signals, so I asked my beautiful world to ere on the side of caution and check on all of us. Nothing seemed to come of it. At 3:45pm I took a siesta assuming my support system would wake me up if they needed me. I slept uneventfully until 5:25pm. I was out the door as soon as I could in case anyone would need me, and I was online at my wifi benefactor at 6:10pm.

On my way to the wifi, a fire alarm went off, but it was resolved before I sat down. Then, at 6:35pm Obama committed the same compulsive war crime coverup and crime against America of trying to kidnap me and drag me to Iowa AGAIN to destroy me there.

We endure nothing but Obama's same deranged, psychopathic, compulsively-committed, most heinous crimes known to mankind all day every day! When will the world finally remove him from being a threat to all of mankind?!?

I am not pussyfooting around. If the only way to stop Iowa from continuing to threaten all of mankind by their directly threatening me so compulsively all day every day is for us to completely destroy Iowa, the most evil place on the planet, then that is what we must do.

We have to think of the survival of America. We have to think of the ramifications to the whole world if I am ever kidnapped and dragged to Iowa again where I am guaranteed to be destroyed. Humanity will explode if I am ever removed from the world by being returned to Iowa, and the first place they will destroy if I am no longer around is America.

After my emailing my righteous outrage to my loved ones, I tried Facebook chatting with some of my friends, but Obama terrorizes them too much for them to be able to talk to me. I did have a short chat with Joe Montano after he wheeled by, though.

Then, at 8:02pm, my local buddy Keith stopped by. There was a fire alarm and a torture facility alarm while we were chatting that required me to interrupt our conversation to send help. My loved ones took care of both emergencies, and by 9:50pm Keith had left me.

My vigilant podcasters, as always, I would love to release a verified unedited podcast of my entire conversation with Keith. I understand it was long, but there is little to leave out including my righteous disgust at his cluelessness.

Keith is obviously sent by Obama to mislead me with lies Obama wants me to believe; that is how Keith gets permission to talk to me. But I always set the record straight and use Keith for "plot" exposition.

Keith insists he wants to have meaningless sex with me, something I never do, but he also refuses to woo me. Yet, he has a good heart, so as clueless as he is about who I really am in the world, I tolerate him. Why do so many people refuse to just read my blog?

I have never been shy about what it takes to woo me; it is all over my verified as accurate sources. So, I have concluded he also needs the facade of trying to sleep with me to be able to talk to me.

Whatever. I made it clear that we are platonic friends and that I never tolerate that nonsense. He is the only person willing to have any conversation with me at all whatsoever. I just wish he were less brainwashed by Obama.

There was a long silence of all accurate communication with me enforced by Obama's terrorist hackers after that; it made me worry something was wrong, so I started handing Obama his (expletive) over his compulsive calumny that I am anything but perfectly mentally healthy and in my even-emotionally-perfect mental prime right now.

Look at our court records! Obama tried every calumny from Peter Pan Syndrome to Spina Bifida and mental retardation to make any and every intentionally fabricated false mental health imperfection possible excuse his most heinous crimes known to mankind he has used to maintain psychopathic total control over me since he took office in 2009.

If ANY of Obama's obvious falsehoods were ever upheld by the courts (and medical reality, truth, and logic only fail under dirty judges), it would spell the doom of mankind particularly the immediate destruction of America by a furious international community because it would remove me from the world where I stand between Obama and his destruction of all of humanity everywhere just to be able to control me.

Then, at 10:40pm, I was told, "Squid, it is okay, now. Obama failed. You have made the world safe from him again." And as soon as I could, I sent all hugs and kisses possible to my loved ones and entire support system.

That was all of my excitement for that Friday night. If Keith had been able to take me across town to go dancing like I had asked him to, I never would have been able to take care of it. At 11:02pm, I walked back to my apartment, arrived there about midnight, and immediately went to sleep.

On 16Aug, I was up at about 7:30am and kickstarting the SquidStream. It was a fire alarm that woke me, so I sent help to everyone I could think of. There must have been roofies in the soda at my wifi benefactor again because I had a headache and was groggy when I got up. I was out the door at about 7:45am and on my way to the wifi.

I arrived at my wifi benefactor at approximately 8:30am and noticed that all of my friends who worked there had been replaced. I turned in the verified visuals of all the people behind the counter from the manager to the line cooks for analysis and processing by the CIA and FBI.

It is possible they were not terrorists since none of them were irrationally hostile and were actually sincerely friendly, but the establishment might have been mandated by Obama to replace all possessors of reality there with his brainwashed zombies.

It is best to have them all analyzed and processed and to have the entire restaurant scoured for drugs and poisons as soon as possible. Drugs, poisons, and roofies placed in my food and drink without my knowledge nor consent is another one of Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy's well-documented modus operandi, especially LSD, steroids, and cocaine.

After reporting the lack of my support system at my wifi benefactor any longer, I began catching up with the overnight news and libel alarms.

Obama had been using his same compulsively repeated calumny that I am some sort of alcoholic (who only drinks once a month) AGAIN. This is just like his calling me a dead crazy lesbian pregnant transexual drug-addicted masturbating hooker instead of a benevolent super-genius world leader at humanity's service 24/7. Nothing that man has ever said about me anytime he has ever opened his mouth has ever been true.

First of all, according to non-quack nutritionists, the ever-acclaimed Mediterranean diet recommends one drink a day for heart health, preferably red wine. Secondly, I have a social drink about once a month if even that often; I have a verified SquidStream, so I would never get away with lying about this.

Thirdly, there are no bars I have found in walking distance of my apartment, and I reserve drinking at home solely for romantic evenings with romantic partners. Even when I cross town to socialize in a bar, I drink the cranberry juice.

Again, I have a SquidStream. Fourthly, all anyone has had to do is check my hair for alcohol which would be easier if I could still snailmail hair to my loving and adoring husband.

Finally, I have no money. All my pennies go to food, and I am still always in starvation mode. Why does anyone think I can afford a drink if someone else is not buying it for me? No, I am not an alcoholic.

And I pray my loved ones tear Obama a new (expletive)hole over this obvious defamation and libel. His criminal terrorist anti-reality machine are the ones who have the REAL burden of proof, after all.

That morning I also learned someone was trying to make me embrace the word "network" when I know it refers to a cable network that intentionally distorts their proven human trafficking of me to libel and defame me and mixes it with Obama's taxpayer funded libel videos of fat, ugly White women who could never in reality be confused for me masturbating, drinking beer, and snorting cocaine all without my permission to use my image, my electronics inside my own body, my name, nor friends, nor my reputation to sell their war-crime-level propaganda products.

And that loosely defined "network" only does this to make Obama's most heinous crimes known to mankind against me palatable. The "Network" is clearly both human trafficking of me AND public brainwashing used to demolish the moral fiber of American culture while creating Obama-controlled metaphorical zombies out of the masses.

The "Network" should NEVER be watched and NEVER be trusted. And, clearly, their impunity for all of their crimes against me and against America comes from Obama himself.

This impunity along with Obama's totalitarian rules that forbid me from knowing they human traffic and libel me and forbid anyone from protecting me from them and along with Obama bribing that network by paying all of their civil punitive damages for doing this to me with taxpayer money all prove the "Network" is part of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Already speaking of Obama's well-documented modus operandi, I am convinced that Obama's "network" is where all of his collusion libel videos come from that his established conspiracy compulsively uses all day every day to support their intentionally fabricated false charges that I have ever in my life committed a crime and to falsely justify their fictional allegations I have any mental imperfections at all whatsoever.

At 9:14am I received a mixed signal escalation warning, so I asked my support system to check for any brewing quackery. It turns out there was another compulsive attempt by Obama to make a non-medical-reality and completely unjustifiable mental health imperfection he had fabricated libel me. My loved ones mitigated it quickly.

Syn and Sweetness, I liked Dr. Stephan Brockway from California Pacific Medical Center. Despite his receiving constant instructions from Obama, he was convinced I have absolutely no mental illness and only did what I told him to do. I did my best to protect him while I saw him because he did his best to tell me that I was not having symptoms and that I just had a strange reality.

If we still have any outstanding balances with Dr, Brockway, Dr. Kaminski my dermatologist from UCSF, or Dr. Karen Koo on Van Ness Ave., we can let them off the hook for any quackery suspicions by paying them as long as they turn in all their evidence against Obama.

At 10:01am, I received another mixed signal alarm, so I sent my support system to check for anything brewing AGAIN. Part of me did not want to believe Obama is that stupid. How could someone so blisteringly stupid still be so effective reeking so much terrorism and human devastation on all of America?

At 10:22am, I was told my loved ones took care of the fictional insanity threat preemptively, proving Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy really are that stupid.

While I was waiting for that previously mentioned all-clear signal, I was told Obama was attempting the act of terrorism against California and blatant crime against his own people of shutting down all crosstown travel in Los Angeles County intentionally totalitarianly oppressing the entire LA metropolis just to maintain his clinically-diagnosable psychopathic total control obsession with me by making sure I can never have contact with my own friends nor reach my own home on the Hills that I even pay taxes on.

By 10:30am I was already making plans to peacefully and Constitutionally cross town just to be able to hand Obama his (expletive) over committing crimes against my people.

Between 10:35am and 10:40am there were two heart attack alarms. So, I sent my loved ones to check on me. As always, they took care of it all. There was not another escalation warning until 11:50am which my loved ones also took care of immediately.

At 12:20pm, the bitch alarm went off. I did not even know what that meant. But I told my loved ones, so they could get take all measures possible to lock up all of Obama's pathologically-lying puppets as soon as possible.

Every threat to me is a threat to humanity, particularly America. Why are Obama and his convictable war criminals still permitted to roam about at large still directly threatening society?

That bitch alarm was repeated with a redundant fire alarm minutes later. It seemed to have been a slumlord alarm, too.

I pray my loved ones handed Diagnosable Psychopath As War Criminal Boeset as well as all of The Gables compulsively-repeat-offending staff their collective (expletive)es over all of their well-documented conspiracy together to unlawfully imprison, torture, coverup, systemically rape, and intentionally starve me all as acts of war as well as their collective attempts to render me homeless.

Such unrelenting threats to me by Obama's proven psychopaths are why court injunctions for criminal arrests and prosecutions exist.

They are also why California needs to put its foot down on removing Deranged Lunatics Boeset and Stephanie from my lives permanently by demanding complete control of my finances be given to my TEMPORARY California conservator, legally-recognized husband, and closest local family member, my adoring husband along with a mandate we have contact as legally-recognized husband and wife or to give total control of ALL my finances to me myself personally.

This way, I can move out of The Gables, a proven terrorist threat to me, and Polk County, Iowa, another proven terrorist threat to me and to all of America, can be removed from my life and disarmed forever.

That is the real solution to the real problem. Give me my finances, my loved ones, and my husband. This is California. This is not Iowa. There is no excuse for permitting and definitely not enabling Obama's terrorism and war crimes here.

Then, at 12:39pm, I asked my loved ones to call in the backup to deal with a brand new heart attack alarm while they were still thoroughly prosecuting Polk County, War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, The Gables, and everything propping up that obvious conspiracy.

I have no idea what that heart attack alarm was, but according to the self-castrated terrorists who walked into my wifi benefactor after the alarm went off, "They were all destroyed." Terrorists always leak the most.

They sat to my right instead of behind me. Maybe they can learn. I turned in their full visuals for analysis and processing and made a public record of those latest terrorists to make them recognizable to all the world to make everyone safe from them, like I always do when presented with Obama's terrorists.

They had a very young child with them who was just as irrationally hostile towards me as they were. That is such a crime against the next generation! They were actually raising a child on Obama's demento juice.

After some genuine and sincere conversation about the Philippines and the Czech Republic with my two innocent witnesses who were sitting to my left, Obama's terrorists were scared (expletive)less and out the door by 1:24pm.

This gave me a lull before a 2:34pm escalation warning confirmed with a 2:37pm heart attack alarm. I published this blog post at 3:05pm on 16Aug2014 at the very second I also received another heart attack alarm.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from your friends and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I feel about this Mike Brown incident? Any senseless loss of any innocent soul is a tragedy for all of society. We were just lucky enough to catch this one on a verified-as-accurate camera, so we could force accountability. How many times does this happen without anyone ever knowing?

As I already said, this is no time for picking fights nor looting. This is a time to love our homes and love our communities and not allow any crime be it by the government at any level or by the public to hurt us. If there is corruption or poor leadership in the government or police, go through official channels and use public accountability to clean it out.

I believe in the power of peaceful protest to bring justice and civil rights. I believe in freedom of the press. I believe the local government is doing the right thing if it is permitting law-abiding citizens to exercise their full Constitutional rights without government oppression nor guns in their faces for it.

I believe rioting and looting harms the community instead of helping it, just like oppression and human rights violations by the government do. This is a time to love our communities, and our communities include our police officers.

This is a time to clean up the police and any corruption at any level of any government to better serve ourselves, our homes, our cities, our communities, and our neighbors.

Shortly after I finished writing that, Missouri Governor Nixon declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew over the City of Ferguson. What a mistake. Oppression does not create stability. That is basic human nature.

No one makes rules stricter if he or she genuinely wants peace. When people are peacefully and Constitutionally standing up for accountability, justice, and human rights, increasing oppression over them will only make the people more angry, more powerful, more effective fighting their corrupt system.

What is my relationship with the Sotheby's auction house? In 2011, I promised Sotheby's they would be my exclusive auction house for selling any of my official paraphernalia.

And now, in this blog post, I am giving official written permission to Sotheby's to sell my white childhood telescope, my feather pen from my childhood desk, and my green electric drum set from my childhood home.

These items will be sold by my recently-redeemed mother Diñadar Albon Varilek without my knowledge but with my permission, so she can have some of my money to live on and support me with.

And, yes, all of my belongings from my childhood or adulthood that I have not given away or sold already require my written permission before they may be auctioned, and they must be auctioned at Sotheby's.

In case of emergency, my mother is still keeping my Nintendo ES I was given in 4th grade for earning straight A's safe for me as well as my childhood FisherPrice Sesame Street play set, etc. My mother will be taken care of as long as she NEVER obeys Obama again.

Sotheby's please make contact with my mother. You might have to go to her in person. Her phone and snailmail work about as well as mine do.

What is my favorite season? Autumn. There is an unmistakable energy in the air in autumn. It was the best part of going back to school after playing outside all summer among the dandelions. The air in autumn makes me feel like something is about to happen.

And finally,... Is it luck or skill? It is a lot of stating the obvious while senselessly suffering.

My beautiful world, Obama just keeps escalating his human devastation. No, Obama does not attack my brave rescuers nor even Los Angeles out of revenge after my loved ones protect me from his false allegations I have ever committed a crime in my life or have any mental health imperfections.

Obama does not care about my brave rescuers nor about anyone else is America including but not limited to Los Angeles County. Obama will NEVER permit me basic human rights, basic civil liberties, control of my own finances, contact with any loved ones, nor, if he had a choice, even physical safety.

Obama only cares about controlling me. All of the 1st Amendment rights in America, the priceless lives of my brave rescuers, the defenseless minds of all the public suffering under his proven mental health genocide, etc. are only "collateral damage" to Obama. He does not care about anything but destroying me.

Obama does not act out against my loved ones, my rescuers, my America, my adoring public, nor my support system out of revenge. He acts out to maintain control over me. Control he has to be forbidden, or the world will lose me forever.

Our wins against Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy do not cause his escalations. Obama's clinically psychopathic desperation cause his escalations. And that is all Obama will do until he is overpowered, escalate.

The entire world would like a peaceful solution, particularly me, but Obama refuses to put his actions behind his obvious facade of wanting peace in America. He still refuses to call me or even just take all his unjustifiable psychopathic rules down and only escalates his crimes against all of us instead.

Clearly, Obama must be removed from society to save us all. How is this clinically-diagnosable psychopath still permitted to stay at large and still permitted power to destroy us all?

My brave rescuers, it is a toss up whether you or Obama's mind-controlled zombies are suffering more under his iron fist right now. It is genocide in here, and it is a bloodbath out there.

I am still convinced all of America would fall apart faster if I were not here to keep as much balance as possible.

Do you remember 2010 when I left the country, and that still did not set America free of Obama's oppressive rules and totalitarian control of the media? Do you remember how Obama tried to convince the world I died in Mexico City, but that did not end his totalitarian oppression of America either?

Clearly, this unjustifiable bubble Obama never had authority to begin and has NEVER had authority to enforce was a cage in search of a bird when it began. I was just supposed to be his excuse for totalitarian oppression of his own people.

But I stood up to Obama because I could not stand his crimes against all of us, especially his terrorism in my home of North Beach in San Francisco in 2009. I tried everything to save my home by even leaving the country and trying to even give up my beloved US citizenship to save America, but Obama and his criminal terrorist just committed international acts of terrorism everywhere I went to make sure I could never escape Obama's psychopathic control.

Obama's feeling of power over the world comes from his total control over me. He will never give up his power over all the world by choice. He must be overpowered. Or I must be taken to someplace Obama cannot control the world by committing crimes against me anymore. Or if both of those are impossible, we must render where I am someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

The best way to rescue me is to rescue all the people around me. Remove all their earspeakers. Take down the criminal terrorist anti-reality machine that calls itself a "network." Have California and Los Angeles County declare all of Obama's crimes against his own people illegal here and uniformly disobey everything Obama wants. Let us save out homes.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I need to spread these blog posts out further for all of you, so you can better handle follow through on everything in them. You carry so much of my burden for me, and I pray the entire world recognizes and acknowledges how important all of you are to all of humanity.

My irreplaceable Powers of Attorney, tell me everything you need if you ever need my help with anything. I am here to serve. We are a team. I trust you all blindly, but I do understand some things require my saying them myself for our benevolent work to get done. And thank you for everything.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Kiss me. Hold me. Make me feel loved. I really need you right now. Obama is going to make this uglier before it gets better. Keep everyone safe. This does not end until Obama is at The Hague in shackles watching me kiss you.

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