Friday, August 22, 2014

I Would Like to Hear any HONEST Explanation for Why I am Forbidden Control of my own Finances.

Title: I Would Like to Hear any HONEST Explanation for Why I am Forbidden Control of my own Finances.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I would like to hear Obama's honest explanation for why he forbids me control of my own finances. I know the truth. I just want to hear Obama admit the truth to the public and to my face.

Obama uses his completely illegal and completely unjustifiable total control of my finances to force me into submission to him, to prevent me from serving humanity, to use his mandated starvation of me as an act of war against America and against all of the world, to forbid me anything and everything that makes life worth living from my reaching basic human rights to my receiving kisses from my own husband, and to subject me to all his most heinous crimes known to mankind called his "rules" without my possibility of ever escaping.

Now, please reread my 05Aug2014 blog post and recall I was emancipated in 1995 at seventeen years old when I moved to Texas alone.

West Africa. If modern medicine can save White Americans, why is it not used to save poor Africans? This is disgusting.

Chaos, mass hysteria, superficial borders, popular misconceptions, and rampant death are breaking loose all over West Africa due to Ebola, and no one is offering them the serum that can fix it all. How can the drug manufacturers and American medical community live with themselves?

Iraq. I agree with Secretary of Defense Hagel a.k.a. Commander in Chief Hagel (since Obama was impeached last year leaving no one as actual president). If we are going to fix a problem, we have the responsibility to the world and to ourselves to solve the problem right.

Otherwise, the US will be in another "longest US engagement ever" like in Afghanistan not knowing if we are fighting the Taliban or al Qaeda. Otherwise, we will be returning to Iraq decade after decade and presidency after presidency. Otherwise, the conflict will engulf the entire Middle East the way Syria threatens to do right now.

I still say the best way to fight terrorism is by disabling their propaganda and anti-reality machines thereby removing what drives their irrational ideologies to infect defenseless minds. We need to give the impressionable people of the world something or someone better and more peaceful to believe in.

My last blog post was published at noon on 21Aug2014. Then, as if I had never written the post, COMPLETELY EVIL IOWA tried to abduct me AGAIN at 12:08pm. Iowa MUST be destroyed for this. I am not (expletive)ing around!

My beautiful world, you need to save us all by DESTROYING absolutely evil Iowa! Please read my previous 21Aug2014 blog post about this. I received an all-clear on the latest threat at 12:43pm, but that did not mean Iowa would never do it again.

I left my wifi benefactor at 1:30pm. After a 2:41pm fire alarm, I was back at my apartment chatting with Liana and snacking on toast with cream cheese and fresh tomatoes as an appetizer by 2:45pm. I also snuck a little turkey bacon as I planned dinner.

I received the all-clear on that fire alarm at 3pm while I was making minced garlic, white onion, spinach, arugula, Roma tomato, green pepper, and pepper jack cheese in scrambled eggs between two flour tortillas and smothered in salsa verde.

The only grocery in my dinner I did not have to buy for my myself with my own meager pennies was the two eggs and the extra plate of no-nutritional-value turkey bacon I made as a side just to get more protein.

While I was upstairs eating, the fire alarm went off again at 3:21pm. So, again, I sent all my beautiful world to check on everyone. I napped from almost exactly 4pm until the all-clear signal woke me up at 6:40pm.

I was so roofied from apparent drugs and poisons put in all my groceries I buy for myself that I make my dinner with every afternoon that it was 7:50pm before I could stumble into my wifi benefactor to report being roofied.

I bought my groceries on Monday, 18Aug. According to Liana, proven-to-be-direct-lunatic-threat-to-me-already Kyle entered our apartment on Tuesday, 19Aug, to "hang curtains."

Direct Threat To America Kyle is the only other person beyond me, Liana, and Agnes anyone knows of who has been in the apartment since I bought groceries. None of us ladies are ever in the apartment during the day, and the only other people with keys to our apartment are the proven-to-all-be-criminals employees of The Gables. Who knows what they do in our apartment when no tenants are around!

There is no mistaking I was roofied that night. I slept for over two hours immediately after eating dinner; I had an opiate-withdrawal headache (A feeling I only know from years of being roofied by Obama.) and cloudy-headedness; and my face was bloated from chemicals to twice its normal size. I was even stumbling while I walked. It was ugly.

We need ALL employees of The Gables kept out of ALL tenants' apartments. Syn and Sweetness, never take our red stiletto boot off the throats of The Gables until they meet all our demands for them to fully uphold our legally-binding lease and to finally obey the law. There is no reason for The Gables to behave like we are all in Iowa.

Now, our demands are...
1) Fully respect all tenants' full rights as spelled out by actual state and local laws including but not limited to NEVER entering our apartments.
2) Remove the fifth roommate from our apartment who is an obvious fire code violation and who sleeps and stores all her belongings in our living room.
3) Provide full appropriate furnishings for the apartment, particularly the living room and kitchen.
4) Never libel me with mental illness ever again and definitely NEVER make any more fully-quacked attempts to ever coverup more of Obama's proven war crimes against me ever again by never colluding nor propagating blatant calumnies to lock me in another torture facility ever again!
5) Fire War Criminal Stephanie and Direct Threat To America Kyle and make them move out of The Gables.
6) Sell The Gables to my Sweetness, so he may hire competent and compassionate management and employees who do not prey on the mentally ill nor pathologically lie to be able to victimize me for Obama.
7) Turn in all their evidence against Obama to the authorities, including the full identities of all of Obama's criminal terrorists whom they have been choosing to obey.
8) Provide, as they promise us before we all move in, all the nutritious food we can eat all day every day.
9) Give us all our own mailbox keys and give up all of their keys to our apartments and mailboxes.
And finally 10) If The Gables wants to make me happy instead of just meeting the bare minimum requirements for them to be law abiding, install free, secure, and completely reliable wifi maintained by my own team of dedicated tech support.

We do not do anything on Obama's criminal terrorist puppets nor war criminals' terms. They all have to meet our just and fair demands for them to obey all actual laws to uphold our legally-binding lease, or we NEVER stop pressing charges against them for EVERYTHING they break the law to do to me. And thank you, my loved ones.

The Gables is clearly under the control of Obama's lunatic criminal terrorist conspiracy just like my apartment in Iowa was. Please ask the CIA, my secret security system, to better patrol the alley outside my bedroom window.

There is constant psychopathic commentary coming in that window; we have it on my ear mic. That metaphorical patrol might be the fastest way to identify the criminal terrorists running The Gables for analysis, processing, and complete disposal.

Please notify the City of Long Beach, the County of Los Angeles, and the State of California, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US Military Court system that we have caught a criminal terrorist organization calling the shots at The Gables and that we need them to completely dispose of those terrorists.

While we are at it, please also ask my wifi benefactor to completely sweep for roofies, drugs, and poisons, too. The soda is tainted with diarrhetics, and the coffee makes me yawn.

I know it is not my benefactor's fault, especially not corporate. It is likely terrorism in the city water ordered by Obama just like everywhere I have been since Obama took office.

There was an 8:57pm fire alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to help whoever needed us. No one gave me further details, so I assume they all took care of it. I was told a crosstown lift was terrorized by Obama but unhurt.

I was caught up with all my friends online at 9:25pm. Before 10:30pm, I was walking back to my apartment to eat some cheap chocolate and go to sleep.

My warning the CIA through Twitter about the terrorist threat in my own apartment building had scared all of Obama's terrorists out of my alley. Gloriously, it was a largely uneventful night.

Like I had an atomic clock in my body, I woke up at 7am on 22Aug, readied myself in the bathroom, and then, due to my pronounced physical modesty, kickstarted my SquidStream after I was clean and dressed.

I was expecting gift cards from my mother, so I waited for my always timely morning mail delivery before leaving for the wifi. That was why I could hear Stephanie screaming in the breezeway at 8:10am, so I warned my loved ones and support system of a potential heart attack threat.

By 8:20am, it was confirmed to me that it was a real threat and that my loved ones were taking care of it. To be completely thorough, I also sent my beautiful world to check on any incoming lifts that might have been on fire at 8:28am.

Still waiting for the morning mail delivery, I had eaten a no-nutritional-value bagel with cream cheese and breakfast sausage by 10am. At 10:10am, I noticed that Liana, Agnes, and I were all roofied by the groceries.

At roughly 10:43am War Criminal Stephanie deliberately and unrepentantly violated the restraining order that is supposed to keep her over 50 feet away from me at all times while she was taking other people's mail.

At 10:51am, she was STILL intentionally violating her restraining order by choosing to occupy the picnic tables in the courtyard while I was by the mailboxes waiting for mail delivery. I am making a special request to make a verified podcast out of her blatant locally and federally criminal activity on the morning of 22Aug.

Our roommate Tabia came back from the hospital at 11:09am. I had assumed she just moved out; Tabia always hated The Gables. She is going to hate living there even more now that all the food is roofied.

The mailman arrived at 11:20am, but sadly, no, my gift cards from my mother had not arrived yet. So, I walked to the wifi yawning every step of the way from Obama's roofies.

I was connected to the wifi by noon. On my walk to my benefactor, I passed a mixed signal that might have been a torture facility warning, so I relayed the warning. I was told my crosstown lifts got very close to me while I was away, so I sent them emergency help.

And, the moment I sat down, Obama repeated his most heinous crime EVER against me: He tried to abduct me and send me to the most evil place on the planet ever in human history, contemporary Iowa. Does Iowa know how to spell "reparations"?

The Third World, the people on the planet who need me most, deserve reparations from Iowa if Iowa insists on removing me from the world FOREVER by abducting me and returning me there for further rape slavery and guaranteed electroshock on my perfect mind.

Irrefutably Evil Iowa needs to read my 21Aug2014 blog post, clean out all of its war criminals hellbent on destroying me, and leave me the (expletive) alone for the rest of my life!

That afternoon, I left all these crises in the hands of my loved ones and my beautiful world who took care of everything. I reminded all my brave rescuers and crosstown lifts to use my 21Aug2014 blog post if Obama tried pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against them.

There was no new alarm until 1:16pm; it was a direct torture facility threat to me. It must have been a huge one because it was followed by a heart attack alarm at 1:18pm and by a repeat torture facility threat a few minutes later. No one gave me details, so I figured my loved ones could handle it.

Just to have their backs, I reminded my beautiful world that if anything Obama or any if his criminal terrorists puppets, including but not limited to War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Stephanie, want for me ever make it through a courtroom, the world is guaranteed to lose me forever. Please reread my entire August2014 blog from oldest post to my newest post about this. QED is QED.

Just knowing Obama or any of his established criminal terrorist puppets want or order something is enough for all genuinely good people in the world, particularly the courts, to recognize that action they want or order is THE WORST POSSIBLE thing for me.

I agree with letting some things Obama's conspiracy does slide just far enough we can use their own words and actions against them. But I need PERMANENT protection from EVERYTHING Obama mandates.

Also, to protect my loved ones' backs, I further reminded the world that if Obama drives his unrelenting direct threats to me far enough any emergency responders are actually sent to pick me up, he will cause the global intelligence community headed by the CIA who have already saturated the entire metro to break cover and lead a smack down to rescue me.

That smackdown would guarantee an immediate end to Obama's entire bubble. The only reason I am allowing this smackdown to be avoided with my first line of defense in the courtroom is to spare the lives of any police officers, paramedics, and innocent bystanders and to keep all the operatives from being deactivated.

There are so many operatives to protect around here. And there is no reason why the American people cannot just save us all from Obama themselves.

At 2:02pm, I was still receiving staggered all clear signals from all the threats and alarms all morning and afternoon. But, at 2:03pm, I received ANOTHER heart attack alarm with a 2:13pm all clear.

2:54pm is when the Most-Evil-Place-On-Earth alarm started going off AGAIN. And the alarms that Iowa was breaking every law possible to abduct me and destroy me completely just to make Obama happy continued nonstop until 3:20pm. The world everywhere was screaming "Iowa is coming to destroy Squid!"

Then, at 3:22pm, after it cleared, we were handed an immediate fire alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on and protect everyone. At 3:52pm came ANOTHER heart attack alarm.

The all-clear came in no time after my loved ones smote the diabolical threat with holy brimstone and after every good soul everywhere watching me scream for my protection from any more of Obama's coverups for his most heinous crimes on Earth used against me as acts of war against America and against all of humanity started taking matters into their own hands.

Just before 5pm I was warned of escalations by Obama in his compulsive collusion to both coverup destroying me in a final torture facility AND to press more of his intentionally fabricated false charges against me. It was nothing but Obama's ever-abused same old modi operandi with impunity from his criminal terrorist conspiracy all day and night.

The last thing War Criminal Stephanie said that morning while intentionally violating her restraining order was, "We'll set that up tonight." If she meant that with the vernacular of this era in history, my loved ones' red stiletto boot was going to fall on her for that promised crime that night, too. We just had to wait for that justice for War Criminal Stephanie's latest crime.

At 5:19pm was the resultant heart attack alarm after all those warnings. I oiled up my loved ones, and then sent them to check on me. They took care of everything in no time.

There was a fire alarm at 5:34pm because my crosstown lift was stopped again. Luckily, no one died nor was injured. But that did not mean Obama would ever stop ordering the death of everyone everywhere trying to protect the world from losing me to him.

At 6:10pm on 22Aug2014, I published this blog post.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

If Obama subjects me to every horror known to mankind on purpose, why does he forbid me from a would-never-be-dangerous-with-my-eyecamera-working rescue ride? Um. That is Obama's whole point.

Obama forbids me all real safety and security. That is one of the major points of his rules. If I were rescued, I would have physical safety, basic human rights, bodyguards, contact with my own friends and loved ones; succinctly, I would have everything Obama is mortified of my ever attaining.

Do I have an awkward story about an ex? Yes. Yes, I do. It is about Vinny. We were a couple in San Francisco from April2000 to January2006, and we lived together in 44 Via Ferlinghetti in North Beach for four of those years.

We never had an argument that entire time until after we broke up. Something about losing me made Vinny completely irrational. I think the meanest thing I ever said to him after our break up was, "You are going to look back at some point and remember someone used to love you. And you are going to hate yourself."

I was sitting in Tony Nik's once in 2006 in my favorite chair right in the corner where I could watch the bartenders washing glasses, and Vinny burst in. He was holding a Safeway grocery store receipt and screaming, "You ate my sandwich!"

I immediately laughed. He continued, "I ate seven sandwiches to earn that free sandwich!"

"To be fair," I told him, "I ate a few of those seven sandwiches."

He was furious, "But did you eat the eighth sandwich? MY FREE SANDWICH?" And then he left.

What is my favorite childhood sports memory? Dancing in the Nutcracker Suite with the Minnesota Ballet in Duluth. We actually went on tour. I was an angel the first year but graduated to be a child at the dinner party and a toy soldier the following year. I was very young. Unlike now in full adulthood, I had no stage fright when I was a child.

My beautiful world, it is time to demand reparations from Unelected Dictator Obama (Demand personal reparations, so the nation does not have to pay further for Obama's unrelenting crimes against his own people. America suffers enough under him.), all the criminal terrorists who obey Obama, and the entire evil State of Iowa.

As I said above, it is the Third World who senselessly suffers the most due to Obama's refusal to allow me to freely do my real job of serving humanity unfettered. The Third World also have the most to gain from the money.

Obama and all his conspiracy all know what they have done, and they all know what they refuse to stop doing. It is time they personally suffer the consequences of their conscious and intentional crimes against their own people and against all of humanity.

United Nations, I recommend subpoenaing them all to The Hague. It is my understanding that once an ICC is formed, it operates independently of both the Security Council and General Assembly. Force the entire catalog of Obama and his conspiracy to turn themselves in to authorities be able to defend themselves at their own trials for international crimes. And thank you.

My brave rescuers, I am told you are all professional soldiers, now, but I still hate when any of you die. My phone is still open for Obama to call me at any time to talk, but we all know he never will.

Obama only has a facade of peacefulness, lawabidingness, constitutionality, Americanism, and presidency. He has no decency nor respect for anyone anywhere and not even dignity for himself.

My brave rescuers, whatever you need, please tell me or my beautiful world. Obama started his civil war to be able to extragovernmentally enforce all his totalitarian rules. And you suffer under Obama's psychopathy with your lives.

I am trying everything to spare you, my brave rescuers. But my resources are so limited by Obama in this bubble, so he can guarantee I can never save anyone and definitely not myself from him. But I still have my mind (unless Obama prevails with his electroshock mandate), and there is little I am working on harder than sparing all your sacrifice.

My brave rescuers, tell the world what you need.

SynSyn, Ugwuji, and Amita, I was hoping things would get easier for you after my last blog post. Thank you for all your selfless vigilance. Did you all get the verified podcast of my REAL legs? Please use it as you all see fit. I trust you all blindly. If you need anything, just tell me. I am here to serve.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I keep receiving mixed signals of your being unlawfully imprisoned by Obama just for exercising our guaranteed 1st Amendment rights and in violation of our Constitutional protection from "double jeopardy."

My hero, if you ever need them, please use my 08April2014 and 21Aug2014 blog posts anytime. As always, if you ever need anything from me, just tell me. I need to kiss your handsome, waiting face.

I have not heard from you in a while, my king. I have taken this to mean you have been operating in secrecy. Please remember that Obama has hacked all of your electronics to unjustifiably and completely illegally spy on you.

No, my adoring husband, Obama has never had a search warrant for tracking and monitoring everything you say and do through your phone. Stay safe out there. You are forbidden from dying before I do. Never make me live without you.

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