Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama Couldn't Spell "Sanity" even if I Did the Work of Spelling it for Him.

Title: Obama Couldn't Spell "Sanity" even if I Did the Work of Spelling it for Him.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Please, my beautiful world, make sure you have read 03Aug, 05Aug, 07Aug, 09Aug, 10Aug, 12Aug, and this blog post oldest to newest. I know there is a lot going on every day; that just makes it more important to keep up with reality instead of the lies.

Iraq and Syria. Apparently, life is so difficult and survival so rare in Iraq under ISIS that the refugees feel safer in war-torn Syria. This is beyond horrible.

I agree with Hillary Clinton that if the global community had fixed the Syria crisis years ago like all of us had asked and recommended, then ISIS never would have risen. Just because normal people cannot see the future, it does not mean they have an excuse for not learning from the past.

I have said this so many times. If we lose the Middle East to region-wide sectarian violence, the planet might end up engulfed in World War 3. Every nation and all populations everywhere deserve stability, peace, prosperity, full human rights, and an accountable government.

We are one world. We simply must care for each other better.

If people were to get technical, such enduring strife in the world could be called my job security, but in reality I sincerely wish there were not so many problems for me to work on ever. I want a peaceful and prosperous world. Once I teach all of you, my beautiful world, to serve yourselves as effectively as I serve you, I will call my life a success.

USA. This is no time to destroy our home towns nor pick fights with the police on purpose. This is the time in America to clean up our governments and to clean up our police if they are dirty. Love your homes, my beautiful America. Enforcing accountability will go so far right now.

Speaking of which, I published my last blog post at 10:30pm on 12Aug. My beautiful world immediately started the follow through process. There is just so much going on in my life right now that I am blogging at a faster rate, but I understand how much my loved ones and entire support system still need time to follow through on everything before I publish a new blog post.

Without their feedback, this would be impossible. We are a team. I try to provide them with everything they need and ask for to take care of everything they need and want to take care of, and they do the same for me. In 2011, I promised to care for the world if the world would care for me. Our symbiotic relationship is still kicking strong.

On my way out the door of my wifi benefactor, I ran into Joe Montano, a local friend of mine who lives next door. He is such a sweetheart. We always have the best conversations. I was delighted to see him, and I wish he would visit me more often.

I was back at my apartment chatting with Liana and curling up in bed by midnight. On the morning of 13Aug, I woke up at about 7:30am after using my SquidStream audio all night to send help every time a fire alarm would wake me up.

I am deeply upset that Obama just keeps killing innocents all day and all night every day and every night who just want to exercise their own "God-given" and Constitutional rights to serve America and be civilized to me.

And, yes, before Obama intentionally distorts my perfectly healthy reality AGAIN into calumny that serves his own agenda of crime, libel, and coverups, it is the only SANE reaction to Obama's bubble of terrorism and coverups to be upset by it and to fight to end it through whatever truly legal methods we have at our disposal.

I was out the door after my morning rituals by 8am. On my way out the door, my fire-code-violation fifth roommate who lives and sleeps in our living room apologized to me for eating the ice cream she had given me to replace the ice cream of mine she had already eaten.

I told Agnes that if she just keeps a constant supply of ice cream to the apartment we can all share, we will be fine. That is typical problem solving for me for small-scale issues.

I waved at some innocent, local cops who drove past me twice during my walk. And I was seated at my new favorite table at my wifi benefactor next to some aggressive Brown man in a tan shirt rumored to be sent to psychoanalyze me and all my interactions with the public. He immediately called me "crazy" upon my arrival at my established table.

He was there to observe me, to observe my wifi benefactor for leaks, or to observe the crap Obama pumps into everyone's heads through their earspeakers to mind-control them. He kept coughing to himself at non-events. Then, he left at 9:30am.

I caught up with all my loved ones in time for the 10:10am heart attack alarm. It sounded like more libel and intentional distortions of reality by Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine used for collusion to enable intentionally fabricated false charges against me as acts of war against America.

It must have been a serious threat to me because the heart attack alarm repeated at 10:24am. And at 10:30am there was ANOTHER heart attack alarm. But, thanks to my genius loved ones, at 10:36am while I was putting on my lipstick and eyeliner (The only makeup I wear.) for the day, I received the all clear.

I tried to find some late night television shows to watch online, so I could get a good laugh. And there was a fleeting heart attack alarm at 11:35pm due to Obama's completely lunatic puppets trying to return me to rape slavery in Iowa for him again.

Please revisit all of my Aug2014 blog posts starting with this one newest to oldest, especially 10Aug, my beautiful world, and completely RAZE everyone who permits and enables these attempts by Obama to destroy me completely. Thank you.

There was escalation warning after escalation warning all afternoon. So, I regularly reminded my loved ones and entire support system to stay vigilant and effective with preemptive action to keep all the world safe from any more of Obama's crimes against me.

At about noon, I took a break from the wifi to buy some chocolate and sit in the park. I love fresh air on my body and green grass between my toes. When I sat down, some brainwashed twenty-something named Steven asked if he could join me. I said, "Sure."

Since it became clear to him after a few sentences that he was a brainwashed zombie with no contact with reality, he excused himself for "a drink of water" and never came back. Does anyone want a podcast of our conversation? I would love for my verified podcasters to release one.

I caught and reported a heart attack alarm at 12:42pm. I assume my loved ones took care of it because no one ever gave me any details.

At 12:44pm, after catching up on some old communications, I learned Obama tried to mandate putting an ankle monitor on me, as if we actually needed any further evidence Obama has a clinically diagnosable psychopathic total control obsession with me.

Does the statement, "Squid, America's first unelected dictator wants to put an ankle monitor on you," even require a response? Or did everyone who suggested, allowed, and even enabled this obviously unjustifiable human rights abuse to even be uttered in public at all immediately get committed for criminal insanity already? Removing Obama and his monsters from society would be the sane reaction to them.

Of all psychopathic suggestions! Yes, I understand Obama wants psychopathic control over me; that is why he wants an ankle monitor on me. But how the hell were Obama's criminal terrorists going to explain to my face why they would put an actual ankle monitor on me without breaking all of Obama's rules by acknowledging to my face he is a psychopath?

And finally, I already gave up my priceless privacy rights by choice to run a verified SquidStream 24/7 off of my newly-legally-recognized-as-only-my-own broadcasting equipment inside my own body as my service to my country and to all of humanity.

If anyone ever needs to know where I am, they just need to check with an accurate source instead of any if Obama's libel broadcasts of me. What (expletive)ing psychopaths!

That afternoon Obama recycled his old calumny AGAIN that I have fictional anger management issues. The entire world can hear my verified heartbeat 24/7. The entire world knows I am zen all day every day.

The entire world knows anger, if I ever had that natural emotion, would be a completely rational and righteous response to what I live through due to Obama and all his criminal terrorists.

But in the land of reality, my temper is only a tool. If I can muster a scream, everything I am fighting for gets taken care of. I reserve this flexing of my muscles for emergency situations when I deem it appropriate.

And I have never once believed I should have to scream to be a able to protect myself, for example, from more war crimes from Deranged Lunatic Stephanie, but I will scream if the threat goes too far in order to protect all of humanity from any more crimes being committed against me. I know my responsibilities.

At 2:18pm Obama promised to escalate his crimes against me beyond any recognition of any human rights, law, or order in America any longer. This was followed by a possible 2:48pm torture facility alarm which seemed more like a mixed signal. I asked my loved ones to check on me just in case.

Some local guy who wanted me to promote him as a rapper pretended he was capable of intelligent conversation with me but did nothing but lie to my face about myself and my husband. I do not even know if he is even worth a podcast. I will let my podcasters decide. He called himself "Faces" and did nothing but intentionally provoke me.

There was a lull before 3:43pm when I heard the alarm that Obama was trying to return me to the most evil place on the planet, Iowa, AGAIN! What an (expletive)ing psychopath! Obama does nothing all day long but commit the same clinically diagnosable compulsive crimes to be able to destroy me completely at the expense of all of America and all of the world.

Clearly, for the sake of humanity, Obama and all of the people enabling and permitting his unrelenting abuses of me need to be removed from society IMMEDIATELY!

At 4:08pm, there was another mixed signal that might have been a torture facility alarm, but I could not tell. At 4:11pm there was a distant fire alarm. I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us. Obama clearly refuses to relent.

I got up and left the park at 5:15pm and arrived at my apartment for the night at 6pm. I made lightly salted, thinly sliced Brussels Sprouts sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with sliced almonds for dinner. Yes, those were all groceries I had to purchase for myself on my measly $50 a week budget that Obama mandates I live on.

Then I slept from about 7pm 13Aug to 7am 14Aug. My beautiful world and entire support system kept me safe all night long. I initially thought I slept so much because I had not had caffeine in days, but it turned out to be due to the roofies in my fruit juice.

After I kickstarted my verified livestream, affectionately referred to as the SquidStream, for the day, I put together some granola and vanilla yogurt for breakfast, played a little JoJo's Fashion Show, and waited for my mailman to arrive. I was expecting gift cards from my mother.

And, Hallelujah, the gift cards arrived. I was out the door, ready for anything, and chatting with Joe Montano at my local wifi hotspot by 10am. I was just in time for the first alarm of the morning. At 10:16am the fire alarm went off; I was told someone needed an especially close emergency rescue, so I asked my beautiful world to find out who it was and help him or her.

While I took care of some paperwork, the heart attack alarm went off at 10:31am. I told my loved ones all my Aug2014 blog posts so far could probably handle it and asked them to send me details if they needed me.

At 11:11am I learned that Convictable War Criminal Boeset has been trying to convince California that I am a "runaway" to be able to justify returning me to rape slavery and guaranteed electroshock to render my perfect mind a vegetable in Iowa for the rest of my life!

In the land of reality, not in Obama's mandated miasma of libel, calumny, and coverups, I am a fully-grown, independent, mentally-perfect, completely-healthy-except-for-how-much-Boeset-intentionally-starves-me, thirty-seven-years-old-in-October, emancipated-in-1995-at-seventeen-years-old, legally-married, superhuman world leader.

Get that (expletive)ing (expletive) Boeset out of my life! She just tried to tell the entire world that I am a literal mental retard! How is her mouth not wired shut yet? Who even lets that war criminal near a courtroom still?

At 11:25am I was finally all caught up with what was happening that morning, but Obama had just promised to escalate his well-documented clinically compulsive criminal pattern of collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us beyond any recognition of law and order in America anymore.

Then, Obama's pathologically lying puppet Convictable War Criminal Boeset took official court action to kidnap me and drag me back to rape slavery in Iowa where I would be guaranteed electroshock to render my perfect and genius mind a vegetable. How is it possible for this literal psychopath to still be allowed to directly threaten society like this?

Then, because I and my righteous loved ones with the help of my entire beautiful world of a support system kept handing all of Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy their (expletive)es for hours, at roughly 1:30pm a couple of terrorists wandered into my wifi benefactor and leaked all over the place.

Please, my verified podcasters, make an unedited and complete podcast of everything from my, "Should I turn around and get the terrorists' faces?" to my "There they go scared (expletive)less." And thank you, for making this verified public record for me!

Embed this video here:

At 1:52pm came the heart attack alarm Obama's leaky terrorists had promised me they were sending me. It was likely Obama's same clinically compulsive criminal pattern of collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges against me. Obama's pathetic criminal terrorists had promised me they could lock me up without telling me the charges.

There was an almost immediate 1:58pm fire alarm that followed it, so I sent my beautiful world to hurry and check on everyone else, too. It was a very busy afternoon that involved hauling away a lot of Obama's propagated bull(expletive) by my loved ones and my entire support system.

There was not another heart attack alarm until 3:04pm. The heart attack alarm repeated at 3:12pm. Then I was told Obama was mandating through the Polk County District Court (which NEVER had authority over me and definitely never gained authority over me since the last time I handed them their (expletive)es over their proven pattern of hate crimes, human rights abuses, crimes against women, crimes against America, and war crimes they broke every law possible to commit against me) that I be immediately returned to Iowa to be destroyed by him there. What absolute psychopaths!

That attempt failed, but at 4:27pm after I used a little internet finagling to get past Obama's terrorist hackers to be able to watch the out-of-date previous evening's news, Obama promised to escalate his well-documented clinically compulsive pattern of collusion and coverups to lock me in a final torture facility forever and destroy me there by continuing his also clinically compulsive pattern of Obama-mandated malpractice to coverup proven war crimes of torture, systemic rape, unlawful imprisonment, etc.

Obama will not relent. He will never relent nor de-escalate. Obama needs to be overpowered, or this beautiful world might lose me forever to his psychopathic total control obsession with me. Do not allow electroshock and unlawful imprisonment of me to be imminent; make it forbidden and tangibly punishable.

I took a break from the internet to run some errands at 4:45pm. I bought some lotion at one of my many convenient CVS stores and learned that my prepaid debit gift card from my mother does not work as a debit card. It only works as a credit card. Interesting.

Then, I went to my local Bank of America branch. Yes, I have two banks I can trust equally (Squid clears her throat.), but the Bank of America branch is actually on my way back to my apartment while the Wells Fargo Bank branch is across Scherer Park from my wifi benefactor.

The man behind the counter offered to make a cash advance off my prepaid debit card for me which should have been possible since the prepaid debit card at least works as a credit card and is guaranteed and issued by Visa.

But that did not work. Clearly, the issuing bank, MetaBank, which I believe is an Iowan institution had some unresolved issues with my having enough quarters to buy spot remover from my laundromat's vending machine and wash all my dresses. They, all but the one I was wearing that day, had period spots on the back, and I NEVER look like a slob.

I pray Visa hands MetaBank their (expletive)es over this. Visa nor MasterCard has ever let me down. Clearly, Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy (expletive) the people who obey them the hardest.

After stopping in a few bodegas to look for spot remover I could buy with a credit-card-behaving prepaid debit card hoping I could at least wash my dresses by hand, I walked back to my apartment and made dinner.

That night was a turkey bacon and spinach salad with diced red pepper, mozzarella d'buffala, white onion, and baby arugula. I also browned some no-nutritional-value breakfast sausage that War Criminal Stephanie provides for the apartment to hopefully increase my protein intake. That always fixes all my digestive track issues.

I was quickly running out of groceries, and despite receiving a brand new Von's grocery store gift card from my mother that morning, I did not have the $1.25 in cash to ride the bus back from the grocery store laden with groceries that would spoil if I walked.

Luckily, TAP cards work on all buses in the Los Angeles Metro system including Long Beach Transit, and I can load all the fare I want onto my TAP card with a credit card or debit card.

I was done eating dinner by 6:30pm and snacking on popcorn in my bedroom while Liana napped. It was a relaxing evening. But I knew I had more work to do. By 8:30pm I was back at my wifi benefactor collecting, digesting, and redisseminating information again.

At 9:58pm my local buddy Keith showed up and offered me dinner. I was all, "Damnit! I just cooked!" but I accepted ice cream from him. He is such a sweetie. If my beautiful world wants a verified podcast out of our entire interaction for the night, who are we to disappoint a loving public?

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from your friends and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Can a compromise be met? There is no way to know unless Obama finally calls me to talk to me. Instead, he shows no signs of slowing down and refuses to acknowledge reality. So, all of us just have to keep escalating defending ourselves and defending America against him.

Is linguistics a science, too? I wrote these "alien language" questions in 2009 for my neighborhood friend, who at the time worked at the Original US Restaurant in North Beach, Renee. Her daughter Jessica was studying to take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam at the time. Answer me this.

Question 1.)
keilnarf = laser fire
narfnetter = fire engine
netterkeil = laser engine

laser = ?

Question 2.)
yip-yip-yip-uh-huh = telephone
uh-huh-uh-huh-zip = teleporter
viz-yip-yip-viz = visionphone

television = ?

Question 3.)
doralala = snow skiing
laladida = snowboarding
doranaya = water skiing

surfing = ?

What is my opinion of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning? There is nothing illegal nor unamerican about telling the truth to protect the innocent particularly our own public in our own nation from abuses, especially if those abuses are otherwise unpreventable because they come from the government itself.

What was your nickname at school? I never had a nickname is school. No one affectionately called me anything while I was growing up. In college, now-Navy-corpman-and-physicist-teacher Stu (who was once engaged to Syniva if you can grasp how long all of us have been friends) Spiker used to call me, "Hellcat" because it was the name of my first D & D character in high school. It is also a derogatory name for a witch.

Am I going to Johnny Haro's next rock gig? It is true I was invited to The Dreaming's next show. It is this Saturday, 16Aug2014. And we all know I meditate to clear my mind by dancing to live music; it is called an almost holy experience to behold.

Unfortunately, rock drummer Johnny's next show is at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. No, I am no prude, and I make a point of never judging anyone who is proudly sexually deviant. But I am not setting foot in a fetish bar.

I am irrationally sexually harassed enough as it is. Can you imagine how disgustingly I would be treated in Bar Sinister particularly after all of the Obama-mandated pornography libel there has been of me?

No, I am skipping their rock show despite how much I love The Dreaming. Please ask the House of Blues to give me free tickets after giving them a gig or something. And thank you for asking.

My beautiful world, before you start jumping to conclusions based on race and gender especially after a lot of Obama's fat, ugly, masturbating libel porn stars who pretended to be me were arrested, not all White women hate me.

There are plenty of sweethearts out there like Pick-a-Title Hillary Clinton, acclaimed journalist Judy Woodruff, highly reputable news anchor Diane Sawyer, UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, and Sexy MaMa Madonna, to just name a few, who love and adore me.

Whether or not someone has a soul corrupted by Obama is independent of their demographics. It is not controlled by their race, their gender, their income, their occupation, nor their geography.

Not everyone has my gut instincts. This is why all the national and foreign presses have centralized and regularly update a complete list of all trustworthy sources online and off. Please stick to their list, my beautiful world, before you believe anything you hear or see.

My brave rescuers, I was told our completely American and completely reliable backup for all of you arrived yesterday and immediately started collecting intelligence on how best to rescue me. Please remind everyone to work together instead of compete.

Yes, the first scene in Homer's The Illiad is the Greeks fighting with each other outside the walls of Troy, but this is no time for imitating literature verbatim. Remind everyone to help each other. I love and adore you all!

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, are things getting easier? Please do not carry any guilt from "letting Squid down" for that depression and anxiety calumny making it past you. We caught it. You fixed it. You are all still the big heroes.

Now, thanks to all the hype, absolutely no one anywhere thinks I have any mental illness at all whatsoever anymore. It really worked against Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy by being so publicized by them.

I love you all. This is a low priority since we have it largely cleared up in the public's defenseless minds now, but raze Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy for trying to libel us a conspiracy.

They always falsely accuse me of Obama's own crimes; we have months of well-documented court records to prove their war-crime-level blame-shifting is another one of Obama's clinically-diagnosable compulsive crimes.

As long as reality reaches the masses about the actual definition of the word "conspiracy," this is a low priority. Just add it to the queue.

There is no such thing as a conspiracy of good that upholds human rights and justice by fighting corruption and terrorism, especially when the corruption and terrorism is largely extragovernmental and even if it is in the government. Obama was impeached last year; he is not in the real government anymore, but a few of his puppets still are.

Also, Syn, Ugwuji, and Amita, please make a call on whether or not we pay this medical bill. We never pay for malpractice nor war crime coverups; under business law paying for services means we approved of and were satisfied by them. Again, I love you all.

Page 1/3:

Page 2/3:

Page 3/3:

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Check this video out I made on the afternoon of 13Aug. This is how clueless the locals are on reality due to the Obama-mandated miasma of libel, calumny, and coverups he uses to brainwash America:

Embed this video here.

My darling, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine keeps propagating the libel that you are giving up on me. I know, I know, WHAT (EXPLETIVE)ING PSYCHOPATHS!

But, HoneyHoney, if you could be a little more public about your undying and unconditional love and devotion to me as well as my completely mutual love and adoration for you, I would greatly appreciate it.

Beloved, if I can just find a way to send you mail, I will have you grabbing your heart and tattooing your arms with immortal words of undying adoration again. Until then, keep your eyes on my blog and Twitter.

My king, I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. Keep faith in me like I keep faith in you. Giggle. And tell me everything you need from me to make our mutual dreams come true. I am working on it.

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