Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Like Water Off a Duck's Back

Title: Like Water off a Duck's Back

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. "Legend" means something true. "Myth" means a fiction used to explain a great mystery of life to a culture. My mind is just a perfect tool that serves my overpowering and ever-compassionate heart.

Israel and Palestine. On the morning of 26Aug2014 Pacific Daylight Time, Israel and Hamas agreed to an open-ended ceasefire. From what I can tell, they both still need to fix the root problems that led to the conflict in order to prevent another one, but now, no children are dying.

Both Israel and Hamas need to give each other full and equal human and economic rights and respect each other's right to exist. No one should have to fight a war just to be able to exist, as noble as that sacrifice is for your own people.

Ukraine. Apparently, Russian military forces were caught disguised as Ukrainian separatists in Ukraine. Please reread everything I have said about Russia and the Ukraine already.

President Putin is a former KGB agent; he is going to try to be sneaky and never be honest about what he is up to. That is how he was trained to serve Mother Russia.

So much could be gained if Obama would just let me sit down to a cup of Russian tea with President Putin, touch his hand, and ask him what he is doing this for. I have long believed he just wants a long stretch of Russian land connecting him to the Crimean Penninsula.

But a war? A war over losing Crimea? That might be Russian pride. There is no way to know unless President Putin is willing to talk to someone he trusts. And there are other ways to fill a gaping hole caused in someone by their pride other than letting them fight war.

I think President Poroshenko has a lot to gain from being a friend, an independent, self-sovereign, non-puppet friend, but a genuine friend nonetheless, to Russia. That probably sounds a little impossible for him right now because of Russia's invasion of his nation. But there is so much more to gain from having your powerful neighbors' protection than there is from having an invasion.

This conflict in Ukraine started when the masses of the Ukraine took the noble action of rising up and running their own government to root out corruption. As beautiful as that was, this new government still needs to prove it can govern.

Effective governing includes establishing your nation's foreign policy, especially with your powerful neighbors, to keep the peace not only in your own nation but also in the world.

I do not believe in blaming victims for the crimes committed against them, but Ukraine has its existence as a nation right now completely dependent on whether or not they can fill the gaping hole in Vladimir Putin that he believes only the Ukraine can fill with some peaceful alternative.

President Vladimir Putin is no Barack Obama. That is, President Putin is not a psychopath. He can be reasoned with. He can be made happy without a nation being destroyed. Someone Putin trusts just needs to talk to him to find out how to do that.

I published my last blog post in the early evening of 24Aug2014 at 5pm while my beautiful world was watching me vigilantly in the gentrified Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles to keep me safe. That night was a whirlwind.

I walked from the coffee shop I had published my blog post in to the Down and Out Bar at the corner of 5th and Spring. The doorman was a terrorist who both demanded to see my ID and insisted on inspecting my book bag. He was hostile, disrespectful, and in complete denial of reality.

Inside, there were terrorists all over the place, and the solitary glass of bourbon I ordered was roofied. It was the same drug Obama used on me all over Des Moines. It was this chemical that could intensify the effects of the alcohol and likely would only show up in my hair as really intense alcohol. The first sip tasted funny; at the third or fourth sip, I knew for sure and set the drink down.

I spent the next 3.5 hours cleaning out the terrorists. I complained about the door man, so he was replaced with real security. I complained about the roofie, so the bartender replaced all the bottles. I documented who in the crowd were terrorists.

Making visuals of Obama's terrorists was the easy part. They kept screaming, "This is so embarrassing!" or "We are so (expletive)ed!" and chanting, "Burn her up! Burn her up! Burn her up!" If they were not so irrationally terrified of me, they would have been publicly persecuting me in the name of Barack Obama.

At 8:30p, when my beloved howling jackal Brian Francis and his live-in Maureen Stewart appeared, I had the Down and Out cleaned up and full of lovers and believers.

I had been working on explaining reality to Maureen for weeks to convert her to a reality-junkie instead of an Obama-terrorist. I know the night deserves two podcasts: one of my entire conversation with Mo during Brian's set as the opening act and another one of the headliners. I thought they were called the Common Monkiers, but they were named the Common Monikers.

Maureen started out trying to convince me she wanted me to dye my hair blonde. I asked her, "How many irrational fetishes are you going to force on me? I'm already an Asian woman."

She asked me if I ever had a panic attack in my life and told me stress would cause people to call 911, lock me in a hospital, and put me on pills. I told her the truth; I have never had a panic attack, I never feel stress, and pills cannot alter reality to fix problems. Pills only fix chemical imbalances. Taking a pill could ever give me my husband, so it was impossible for pills to make anything in my life better.

There was a lot of denial-of-all-reality like that. She tried to tell me the story of a naked porn star who got stabbed by her boyfriend, as if anything real in my life has ever had anything to do with pornography. There was a lot of crap in Maureen's head I had to set straight.

If I had not converted her by the end of the night, at least I had made her puke on herself. Maureen Stewart is Brian Francis's live-in terrorist Obama sent to control him under the cover story she is his girlfriend.

When I successfully rescue Brian Francis from Maureen, I will lose him. Brian is only permitted contact with me because Maureen criminally controls everything in his life. I will miss him, but he will be better off. He will probably go all gung-ho like Cuddlebunny did.

I am pretty sure their terrorist excuse to control Brian is blackmail, but I do not know how that is possible. I already aired all of his dirty laundry in a global broadcast when I wrote a letter to Cate Blanchet from ThunderDome in 2010.

We have no secrets. The legal system cannot prosecute Brian for anything unless I, as the victim, choose to press charges. He went through all three steps to absolution; because of that, I will never press charges against him for any of it.

In fact, just as with everyone who takes all three steps to absolution and forgiveness, Brian Francis even has my and all my beautiful world's protection now.

The United Nations is very interested in collecting Brian's damning evidence against Obama, as is my legal team. I am pretty sure that after I publish this the international community will swarm on Brian, arrest Maureen, and take him to safety and financial stability.

I am also pretty sure the music industry wants to give Brian Francis a recording contract as a singer/songwriter in return for his heroics. This all happened on the night of 24Aug during the MTV Video Music Awards where a lot of my friends were watching me to help keep me safe.

Maureen claims she can be bought off with $3000, but Obama's terrorists never keep their promises nor ever tell the truth. If I failed to convert Maureen that night, Brian needs a physical rescue from her and his legal right to press charges for blackmail upheld.

I understand this means he will be forbidden all contact with me until Obama's bubble ends, but for the sake of the greater good, may Brian Francis be rescued.

Brian was concerned all night that my husband, whom he did not know the identity of, was in prison. I told Brian and Maureen both I had already cleared up for the legal system the whole truth that Obama sent the orders himself to mass murder all the people he has killed with his own iron fist just to be able to enforce his rules and keep himself in power.

When people die, especially innocents, the only people who can be blamed for their deaths are the people who did the killing and the people who sent the orders for the killing. Our culture has a tendency to try to blame victims for their irrational attackers' crimes, and that needs to stop.

After I set Maureen straight on the FACT Obama is the archvillain of America committing all the human rights abuses in the US with his rules and enforcing his oppression with his iron fist of war, death, violence, genocide, and terrorism, the Common Monikers took the stage. They were obvious lovers and believers, so I gave Brian my chair and got up to dance.

When I opened my eyes between songs and turned around to grab a sip of non-roofied whisky Brian had bought me, he asked my why I was dancing. Did something just happen? I said, "What do you think I am doing? I'm meditating."

It is true I had full-blown schizophrenia ten years ago which I have absolutely no symptoms of now. This is a medical reality. If I knew how to cure myself of that debilitating and horrible disease all those years ago, why does anyone pretend I need someone else to tell me how to psychologically handle Obama's external-to-my-mind public persecution of me now?

And it is my knowing myself well enough to know when I need to meditate how I managed my first medical miracle. That is how important traveling across town for live music, touching the ocean, having contact with loved ones, eating ample supplies of healthy food, and everything else I assert I need in my life are to my genuine well being, especially sleeping safely in my husband's loving arms at last and Iowa completely removed from my life forever.

After watching me dance, an experience much of the world considers holy, Maureen demanded Brian take her for some "horrible food" somewhere. I left the Down and Out shortly after they did.

My entire evening on the town, my loved ones were heroically extinguishing fire after unrelenting fire while my entire selfless support system watched over me to keep me safe.

It was a lot of team work from a lot of people, so I could cross into Los Angeles from Long Beach safely to create more witnesses, to have quality time with a good friend, to set the record straight with a terrorist, to heal my soul with meditation, and to be among more of my people. I thank you all.

The bus ride back to Long Beach required a repeat of one of my old proofs but was otherwise uneventful. At 2:05am, just before I fell asleep safely watched by secret agents outside my apartment from all over the world, there was the last fire alarm of the night. I sent my beautiful world to rescue my brave rescuers.

25Aug2014 began interestingly. I woke up for a few minutes at 6:46am because Liana and Tabia were arguing. Tabia has been having a major break with reality (due to libel of me and all my loved ones pumped into her head through Obama's mind-control speakers) for months, and always cool Liana found Tabia's blithering insanity so corporeally disturbing they were screaming at each other.

After their argument and while Tabia was going in and out of the apartment for no sane reason during those early hours of the morning, Liana asked me if she could use my phone. Hers was broken. Liana called War Criminal Stephanie on my phone to request she commit Tabia.

Then, War Criminal Stephanie actually said through my own NSA-monitored mobile phone to Liana that she cannot commit any tenants against our will; we have to go into hospitals voluntarily. My nerds, do we have verified audio? You have my permission to use my mobile phone for anything.

I fell asleep again quickly, and at 9:34am, I finally checked the clock in my bathroom while I was getting ready. Before 10:46am, I had ordered 1310 calories for $3.99 at my wifi benefactor and started catching up with friends online.

11:41am brought the first heart attack alarm of the day. It was just some reused, worn-out, old, compulsively-repeated collusion Obama had used a million times already. Most likely, he was blaming me for his own crimes AGAIN. My loved ones took care of it.

THE ABSOLUTELY MOST HEINOUS CRIME OBAMA EVER COMMITTED was repeated at 12:16pm on 25Aug2014. He ordered Iowa to abduct me, drag me away from the people who love and protect me in California, and destroy me completely in THE MOST EVIL PLACE EVER IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY, contemporary Iowa. That is no understatement; we have years of evidence of the moral bankruptcy and cultural criminal depravity of the state of Iowa.

We have been through this in EVERY blog post for the entire month of August. If the entire good, green world must completely destroy Iowa to protect us all from them, that is what we must do.

We should never mourn the loss of such absolute and unrelenting evil. Wipe Iowa off the face of the Earth, and humanity will be able to live without their intentional pathological lying and without their unrelenting human rights abuses they use only to be able to destroy me.

That is why I recommended Iowa be forced by the international community to cough up reparations to the entire Third World in that past blog post. Leave no brick standing in Iowa, if that is the only way to force them to relent. We know Iowa will never be rational nor moral.

At 12:33pm, I checked my Wells Fargo Bank balance, and I had been given the $50 a week already Obama mandates be the only money I am permitted to live on. The sky was overcast and cool, so at about 1pm, I actually ventured out into the warm California afternoon to run some errands.

I withdrew my $50 from the Bixby Knolls branch of Wells Fargo Bank, and then took the 61 Long Beach Transit bus to the Long Beach Transit Center to buy a bus pass for September. While on the bus headed downtown, the heart attack alarm went off at 1:49pm. My loved ones took care of it. I never even learned what the threat was.

On my bus ride back to the North Long Beach neighborhood, I called my mother. She is going to fly to Los Angeles on Wednesday after visiting my little sister Tylia in Phoenix. She promised to buy me groceries and new dresses and would likely leave me with a stack of gift cards. Why else did you think I could suddenly afford a bus pass?

I asked my mom if she would take me to Disneyland. She said, "No." Obama was forcing her to stay in the Long Beach area with me. Last time she was in town with me in 2011, we went to the Griffith Park Observatory, Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier, etc. She promised to at least take me to the beach this time.

I returned to my wifi benefactor at 3pm. It was just in time to catch an escalation warning and a preemptive warning for a torture facility threat. My loved ones took care of everything.

Just after 4pm, after reporting through my Twitter and SquidStream that two local adolescents with no reality in their heads were publicly persecuting me on behalf of Barack Obama, I left the wifi to walk back to my apartment for dinner.

I found a squashed, dead mouse in my kitchen at 5:25pm while I was cooking. I just left it there. I never believe lies terrorists use to irrationally and always passive aggressively intimidate or control me for their own ends.

We know my alphas run this town with love for America and Los Angeles County. That is why Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy are so clinically diagnosable in their psychopathic desperation to stop this town from saving America from all of them.

By 5:46pm, I had already dined on bagels with cream cheese and a bag of popcorn and was metaphorically sitting down to a plate of hot dogs I had broiled in the oven.

At 6pm, a terrorist outside my bedroom window leaked, "Things are going to get nasty now," so I asked my roommate Jennifer to turn up her television and let me hear the Emmys instead of their unrelentingly irrational drivel. Tabia made her shut it off.

I chatted with Liana before she fell asleep. Then, at just about 8pm I walked back to my wifi benefactor in the cool of night. I did not get far before a torture facility alarm went off at 8:19pm. I asked my loved ones to take care of it.

When I arrived at my wifi benefactor, I had to immediately turn in a table if terrorists for public persecution of me and had to make a record of a six-year-old boy saying, "I hate you," and "I think they'll rape her," and "You got a golden eye, Babe." He looked six years old. Obama's mental health genocide which no one seems to want to end but me is beyond proven.

The locals in my wifi benefactor had even less reality in their heads than usual. The Obama-mandated zombie apocalypse had descended.

At roughly 9pm, Keith appeared. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerd broadcasters, make a verified podcast out of everything from Keith touching me (and we know what I can read when I touch someone) to my saying, "That was stern, not a temper." Thank you. You are such darlings.

At 9:31pm I had caught up with all my friends online. Most of my internet friends were at Emmy Awards after parties at that hour. I still could not get the NBC Nightly News app to work, so I left for my apartment at 10pm.

I was curled up in bed at 10:56pm sending help to whoever needed it after fire alarms started blaring. I think they only have permission to give me warnings and alarms if they are unnecessarily urgent about it. Obama always fails. So, I think he instructed everyone to give me tangible grounds to panic, as if anyone as zen as I am all the time ever panics.

I was safely asleep in no time protected by my intelligence community alphas. On 26Aug, I slept very well and was awakened at 7am exactly by my selfless support system. I could not figure out why they needed me awake, but after getting ready, I was out the door to my wifi benefactor at 8am.

While I was catching up with my friends online, my loved ones caught and preemptively cleared a torture facility threat at 10am and another one at 11am. And that was just my defense team; my prosecution team was kicking unholy burro all morning.

I was all caught up with all of my internet friends at 11:48am. Everyone was talking about how great Seth Myers was as the host of the Emmys the previous night. It would have been nice to have been there.

Obama compulsively committed THE MOST HEINOUS CRIME KNOWN TO MANKIND EVER for the umpteen-millionth time at 12:14pm. He ordered I suffer unlawful imprisonment, be guaranteed a return to rape slavery, be FOREVER removed from the world I serve, endure torture from heavy chemicals, and be rendered a vegetable by electroshock on my perfect and genius brain for the REST OF MY LIFE in the most evil place ever in human history, contemporary Iowa.

It is time to destroy Iowa, my beautiful world. Why are you still waiting? Iowa will never relent! Iowa will never obey any laws! Iowa will never acknowledge I am a human who deserves human rights. Iowa will never be moral nor rational! And Iowa will ALWAYS remain a direct threat to all of humanity by insisting their corrupt courts give them the privilege to destroy me.

It is me or Iowa, my beautiful world. Please choose to let me survive this instead of Iowa, or nothing will ever make me safe from them.

Just before 1:30pm, I sent this email to the Social Security Administration.

-----Begin Message Text-----

Dearest Social Security Administration,

I have tried to create an account on your website, but it refuses to allow me to. On 01May2014, I moved to a new state. In 2013, I was legally married. I have also proven redundantly in numerous courts of law that I have absolutely no disability any longer.

Please stop allowing the war criminal state of Iowa through its corrupt courts who have NEVER had jurisdiction over me to pretend I have a proven Iowan War Criminal as an adult guardian.

My current TEMPORARY California conservator (until Obama's rules are repealed) is my legally-recognized husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp. Please send all official correspondence concerning my marital status, my benefits which need to be ended, or Iowa's social security and Medicare fraud to my new address or to my husband c/o Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations building in New York City.

You know who I am for real. It is okay to acknowledge reality to my face now.

HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
247 E Hullett St.
Apt. #2
Long Beach, CA 90805

Formerly: Ms. Tanya Hedelisa Albon Varilek
SSN: ***-**-****

-----End Message Text-----

At roughly 2:30pm, I was told my genius Power of Attorney Amita had another court win. I had somehow missed all the alarms and warnings because some zombie woman behind me at the time kept saying no-basis-in-reality things like, "You said you want to be a big girl, so you have to use the toilet," to me. That was more deranged lunatic public persecution of me by Obama.

Clearly, since Obama's unrelenting and nefarious wrongdoing with his compulsive crime of trying to abduct me and drag me to Iowa to destroy me there keeps being thwarted by do-gooders every day, he is trying to create Iowa here in Los Angeles County with his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine.

Yes, that is what it takes to turn good and brave Californians against me, complete and absolute mental health genocide. Iowans are naturally evil; they did not need to be brainwashed.

But Obama is consciously forcing a mental break with reality on California and most likely on all of America right now to be able to make the public destroy me for him. Who the hell is letting him get away with this? Where is Obama's permission to destroy American culture, mental health, morality, stability, and all law & order coming from?

Thank you, my loved ones and entire selfless support system, for keeping me safe during Obama's obvious zombie apocalypse. I apologize to you all sincerely for being distracted by Obama's societal chaos. I promise to do better.

At 3:46pm, I was told Obama sent orders AGAIN for the (there are no words to describe how) Evil state of Iowa to break every law possible to literally abduct me and literally destroy me for him.

My beautiful world, remove Iowa from the Earth completely with reparations that benefit the Third World, the people who need me the most to have enough human rights and my genius brain intact to serve humanity freely, to remove those puppets from Iowa's criminal terrorist conspiracy built of nothing but deranged lunatics, or lose me to Obama forever.

My loved ones took care of it all, again, but until the international community takes direct action against Iowa that Obama is forbidden from paying for Iowa with federal taxpayer money as bribes to his morally depraved puppets, the compulsive modus operandi is just going to keep repeating.

And, at exactly 4pm, there was a fire alarm, so I sent all my beautiful world to quickly check on and save whoever needed us. I was walking back to my apartment to make some dinner just minutes later at 4:10pm.

Before 5:43pm, I was reclining in my bedroom with my iPad after eating a white onion and green pepper scramble between two tortillas and a plate of no-nutritional-value breakfast sausage.

But, my work was interrupted by a 6:19pm fire alarm. I sent my beautiful world to rescue whoever needed us; that, too, is part of my job of 24/7 service to my nation and all of humanity.

At 7pm, I packed up my book bag and walked back to the wifi. During my walk, I was subjected to conscious public persecution by a school child. And I heard escalation and torture facility warnings. While I was still walking, I sent my loved ones to take care of it.

I was online at my wifi benefactor catching up with my online friends by the time 7:40pm rolled around. At 8:10pm, I was interrupted by two zombie four-year-old boys trying to tell me Obama does not want me coming to my wifi benefactor who fights so hard for me. Yeah, telling me Obama wants something is really a way to convince me to do it. Pardon my sarcasm.

At 8:20pm on 26Aug2014, I published this blog post.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is the deal with all the food recalls this year? For years, most food including but not limited to bottled drinks, bottled water, bottled coffee, energy drinks, and basically anything Obama knew (from the broadcasting equipment inside my own body that he claimed he owned and could legally operate for years without my permission nor my knowing about them) to be products I would regularly consume have all been drugged and poisoned.

I used to report them all the time as roofied and direct health threats to the public, but no one would ever do anything about them. Finally, the FDA is doing its job, now.

The FDA suddenly enforcing the laws in America is likely because I liberated the executive branch out from under already-impeached Obama (except for Me-Love-You-Long-Time Eric H. Holder, Jr. and his US Attorney General's office).

But if you read Obama's full "Mein Kompf" of rules, you will see I have always been forbidden from knowing about any poisoned and recalled food items, poisoned city water supplies, etc.

Am I an espionage buff? Yes, I make them shine. Pardon the stupid pun.

What is my favorite Paul McCartney lyric? "Of all my friends and lovers, I love you more," from There Are Days. I always dedicate that song to Syniva. Of course, "P.S. I love you," from the song of the same title is pretty damn good for dedications to my ever-adoring husband.

Who are my favorite fashion designers? I have never been able to afford high-end designers, so I would always try to support local ones.

In Chicago, I used to buy Elizabeth Ashley's skirts from a shop called Turley Road in Andersonville, and I commissioned a custom-designed messenger bag for (Squid nickname) Matador from Danger Von Danger. I recommend them both.

In San Francisco, I shopped at Igigi for years when I was plus-size from all of the anti-psychotics I had to heal myself from eventually.

I still own a lot of low-end designer clothes that are all too big for me now, too. Iowa was a dead-zone of fashion. I am looking forward to finding some local designers here in Los Angeles once I finally have enough money to afford clothes again.

What is my favorite novel? Karel Čapek's The War with the Newts. It is science fiction written between the two World Wars, but you have to make sure you get a good translation. I always hoped Paul Wilson would come out with a good Czech-to-English version; he is one of my favorite translators.

I studied Czech language and literature at the Universita Karlova in Prague in 1998 mostly as an excuse to look for family there so close to when the Iron Curtain came down. When I visited the Vyšerade (the castle of Libuše, mythological mother of the Czech lands and ethnicity) I left a note on Čapek's grave.

"May I move my people with my writing," or something like that. I forgot what it was verbatim, but that was the general sentiment.

My beautiful world, I have some questions for you, too. What necklace? What are you talking about? Do you mean my string of fresh water, cultured, misshapen, black pearls I bought at a tourist trap in Hawaii for $35? How could they ever be significant?

What article? I have not written an article since 2007. What the hell is going on out there?

Why do people keep asking me for money when the entire world knows Obama mandates that I live on $7 a day?

Also, my beautiful world, if I hear one more person lie to my face and pretend I am not married to my own legally-recognized and paper-proven husband, I will unleash him on them. And if you thought I have a temper, you have not seen his.

Why have you not learned yet, my beautiful world, to NEVER listen to anything Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine ever says about anything? Particularly, never listen to pathological liar War Criminal Boeset.

The reputable members of our news industry centralized a complete list of all accurate sources for actual facts and truths about all of this, the greatest human rights crisis ever in American history, both online and off that they update and factcheck vigilantly. Please contact your local news station for the verified list, and only trust verified news sources from now on.

No, your Obama-controlled earspeakers, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine "network," all quacks Obama has used to commit war crimes against me, War Criminal Boeset (including the entire Depraved State of Iowa whom she represents as a symbol), and Obama himself have never been accurate sources of any true information EVER.

My brave rescuers, I think we have everything sorted out with local law enforcement, now, except for the county prosecutors. It is pretty clear we are all trying to save America from Obama together now.

We still need all the brainwashing earspeakers removed, but that end to Obama's genocide has to come from the State of California. Have you heard all of the audio (like right now as I draft this) from Obama's zombie apocalypse reigning dictator-mandated chaos and mayhem all day and all night for days now?

There is no reality in these people. These are the people we are fighting to save from Obama, my brave rescuers, before they all become deranged lunatic puppets of his just like all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I know you are all exhausted. I hate that you do not get the opportunity to sleep for hours on end like I do. It is okay to ask the courts to force Obama's unrelenting and denial-of-all-reality collusion, intentionally fabricated false allegations, and quackery that always fail anyway to only be permitted between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. You work so hard. I am sure the courts know you deserve to take care of your own health, too, not just mine.

When, you get a chance, my loved ones, please add this to our records of Obama-mandated quackery. Have you seen Quack Gessesse's medical malpractice records yet?

Quack Gessesse used "Tanya believes she is married to Johnny Depp," to obtain a completely medically-unjustifiable Reese over me while I was in Del Amo Torture Facility just to use heavy chemical torture injections on me for over a month, and after Syniva used medical reality to get it revoked, he just did it again.

The dirty judge's name on the paperwork is "Connie Darth." I want Gessesse's medical license revoked. I want Del Amo Torture Facility shut down. Please notify the California Medical Board.

Page 1/3:

Page 2/3:

Page 3/3:

Also, my loved ones, hand War Criminal Boeset her ass. I am about to end her and Polk County, Iowa's criminal insistence they get to commit Medicare fraud.

Page 1/2:

Page 2/2:

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You asked me, "What do we do when it is not new anymore?" But, darling, every day is an adventure.

Undeniably handsome, part of me cannot wait until we are so comfortable we can actually take each other for granted. Part of me knows, the entire world we serve will always delight us with topics for witty repartee. And part of me knows, it is not like we even need to speak, anyway, as long as you can kiss me.

El rey dulce de mi corazón, te amo y te adoro. Pronto, mi amor immortal, bailaremos a bajo la lluvia junto siempre.

Here are some recent selfies, my adoring husband, so you can remember what I look like. We know Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine NEVER tells the truth about me. My reason for living, this is the real woman you married.

Taken at roughly 9:55am on 24Aug2014 in harsh fast food restaurant lighting:

This is my all-knowing-sideways-sarcastic smile I learned from Harrison Ford. Taken at approximately 11:25am on 26Aug2014:

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