Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Would Like to Hear any Honest and Medical-Reality-Based Justification for my Ever Seeing a Psychiatrist Again and Definitely for my not being Permitted to Chose my own Psychiatrist.

Title: I Would Like to Hear any Honest and Medical-Reality-Based Justification for my Ever Seeing a Psychiatrist Again and Definitely for my not being Permitted to Chose my own Psychiatrist.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, you need to send me all your questions and concerns for me to answer. I am here to serve. Help me do my job by telling me what you need.

Israel and Palestine. Right now as I compose this blog post, Israel and Hamas have just begun a three-day ceasefire. Miracles can happen, my beautiful world.

I understand there are increasing tensions internationally over Obama's refusal to relent in his compulsive crimes against his own people, but please, Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and the current government of Egypt, do not forget we need to act on peace in Gaza during this three-day window if we want a lasting peace there.

Syria. Please, my beautiful world, do not forget about Syria. There is so much happening in the world right now. I understand every time I write a blog post Secretary of State John Kerry expands his prioritized to-do list. Who is the current UN envoy to the Syrian civil war right now?

Does anyone remember the last time I addressed the Syrian civil war? I recommended building the structure of a purely egalitarian democracy representing all interests of their diverse population to take over when al Assad fails.

Then, I recommended that a special operations force from ANY nation invested in peace in Syria, just pop in, grab Assad, arrest him, and drag him out, so the world can put him on trial. If done right, that is the only boots-on-the-ground necessary there.

I have tried everything to coax al Assad out of office including asking Russia and Iran to give him a soft place to stay, but instead he refuses to leave nor to give human rights to his own people at all. He is going to have to be overpowered.

Iraq. Militant and oppressive Islamic jihadists are taking over Iraq. We need to find out what is driving them. Why do they want to run Iraq?

Just like we know Obama created his seditious terrorist uprising in America and uses his iron fist to enforce all his crimes against his own people at all cost to America of the economy, public health, Constitutional rights, taxpayer money, and priceless human life just to be able to have psychopathic total control over me, we need to get into the heads of ISIS in Iraq to figure out why they are doing what they are doing.

Do they want political power? Do they want glory for their misinterpretation of their Muslim monotheistic God? Do they just want an Iraq in their image?

Is there anyone who can get honest answers from their leaders? Only after we understand them can we satisfy their driving force or fix their inner gaping holes that drive them. For example, I want my full human rights, a free America, and a married life with my own husband.

Afghanistan. This is the longest war America has ever fought, and it is still descending into something far worse. A two-star general was even killed by what appeared to be our own side.

There seems to be some problems in Afghanistan that we first experienced in Vietnam-- we cannot identify our friends from our enemies there. There is only one solution in problems like this, make as many of the locals in Afghanistan friends to the West as possible.

Our greatest export as a nation is our culture. We need to make economic and two-way-culturally-respectful investments in Afghanistan to make them all love the West. Or at least, to the best of our abilities, we need to end their hatred of us.

If you read the axioms I snailmailed to Syniva in Sep2009 from which my world problem solving vision can be built in case she would ever need to fill the spiritual gap left behind if something happened to me, one of them flat out says that cultural education in all directions can solve most global crises.

Sub-Saharan Africa. Female castration, also accurately called female genital mutilation, is a crime against women, a crime humanity, worse than a human rights abuse, and completely preventable if we can teach people everywhere to love and respect women as humans.

Sri Lanka. When people appeal to any government for help, for human rights, or for protection from proven and well-documented heinous crimes, be it their own government or a foreign one, the suffering people should have a legal right to make their case for protection heard.

All governments everywhere need to have compassion for the suffering of the world. This is our world. We live here together. We love here together. We carry each other's burdens. We solve each other's problems. We are one Earth.

Please, Sri Lanka, keep these people safe from their further inhumane suffering in Pakistan.

South China Sea. It sounds like every Southeast Asian nation, if not a lot of them, is laying claim to desolate islands in the South China Sea to gain control of natural resources in the best interests of their own people.

A government serving the needs of its own population is very noble, but these nations are fighting each other and risking naval battles with their powerful neighbors to lay claim to these resources.

I recommend an official map be drawn. Why not hold an island-claiming conference? We have better satellite mapmaking technology now than ever before in history. I think everyone should just sit down together and draw lines in the sea.

New York City, USA. Teachers. They are our children's greatest assets outside their family and sometimes even despite their family. Yes, efforts need to be made to increase teacher's effectiveness, but you have to take into account, too, the limited resources your teachers might be working with.

I agree everyone everywhere needs to have full accountability. But teachers everywhere suffer under weak school budgets with burgeoning classrooms every day.

New York, just like every school district everywhere in America, needs to both adequately support their classrooms to adequately support every student while also demanding teachers perform to standards reflecting their working conditions.

As for the rest of America,... Still in New York City, I received news from the United Nations on 04Aug that they fully support any and all genuine efforts from everyone everywhere to rescue and protect me.

Do not forget, California, if we cannot carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore, we must render where I am someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

Thank you, United Nations. With your help, I will be capable of looking forward to a happy future as one of your envoys to all of humanity whenever I am requested and capable of helping anyone willing to accept my help.

Please, my beautiful world, Obama just keeps escalating his crimes against me steeper every day and he keeps causing more intentional suffering of innocents to be able to control and destroy me. I am doing everything I can to protect everyone around me. All genuine help is welcome.

After Obama saw me draft my last blog post, he had a panic attack. I had to scream all day on Sunday, 03Aug, Monday, 04Aug, and Tuesday, 04Aug, about heart attacks, torture facility alarms, attacks on my loved ones, and protection for my brave rescuers.

Then, in the early afternoon Sunday, 03Aug, after my last blog post was officially published, Obama tried to shutdown my verified livestream claiming I do not have the right to control nor own my own body but he does.

This was already handled in my twitter history and emails to CNN and France24 between 22June and 11July2014 then backed up with my snailmail to my husband. We already won this battle in court. I wanted this legal precedent for all humans everywhere, particularly women, that only we own our own bodies.

I am the only person who owns my body, so all of the equipment inside my own body is only mine. But the signal off my own equipment leaves my body, so it is half my husband's.

Thus, the only people with a legal right to control any signal broadcast out of my body are me, Sweetness, my Powers of Attorney, the NSA to whom I gave legally binding written permission in 2010, and any hacker who cannot be caught (again from my written permission scanned and emailed to the NSA from Mexico City).

Once any rogue hackers are caught broadcasting me and are identified, the logic holds then that those hackers lose their legal right to access my signal.

All other users of any real broadcasts out of my body are human traffickers. This includes the use of Sampo since she only manifests in the signal broadcast out of my left ear. Imagine Obama's price tag for enslaving me since 2009 including but not limited to his unauthorized use of the output of my intellectual property.

My surrender of my own precious privacy rights to be able to broadcast an accurate livestream 24/7 is well-established as my service to my nation and to all of humanity.

My closed circuit security system is proven necessary to protect myself and everyone around me, to bring peace to humanity by ensuring only the truth be told about me, to disable Obama and his criminal terrorists' acts of war against America by disabling his war crime coverups built with criminal libel and calumnies of me, and to legally take away any ability of anyone to enslave me any longer.

This is why we only charge maintenance fees for access to my verified livestream and verified podcasts. This is my service to my country and to all of humanity. And everybody, including the poor, deserve the truth.

After we resolved AGAIN that I am the only person who can legally own or control my own body, Obama violated my Constitutional rights AGAIN with the same intentionally fabricated false charge that my brave rescuers, whom Obama himself sent the orders to mass slaughter as his own act of war against America, are fictitiously being murdered by me, the woman who always screams to protect them all from Obama and to justify their mission to all the world.

This intentionally fabricated false allegation was not even a violation of my protection from double jeopardy; this was more like quintuple or septuple jeopardy at this point. This is one of Obama and his criminal puppet US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.'s most compulsively repeated lies. For more on this, please reread my 10April2014 blog post again.

After I knew my loved ones had everything under control, I walked back into my apartment at about 6pm to recharge my iPad battery and turn in early. It had been an exhausting weekend. I chose to take the night off and slept about twelve hours. I even had a sweet psychic moment with my husband.

On 04Aug, I was at my wifi connection with my reusable grocery bags by 7am, so I could do as much work online as possible before running my Monday errands.

Before 8am, Obama promised to escalate his criminal terrorist collusion against me through his continuing abuses of the "justice" systems. Yes, he gets to press criminal charges against me and my loved ones for crimes we have never committed while he forbids all of us from pressing any criminal charges at all whatsoever for crimes we proved and won against him and his lunatic puppets in civil trials already.

Furthermore, I am supposed to have Constitutional rights to hear all charges against me and to tell the truth in courtroom testimony. Technically, due to Obama's own rules, if he is willing to obey them, I cannot be tried at all for anything I am forbidden from knowing about.

Look up the real definition of "recuse" some time. Click here. All "recusals" of me have been criminal acts committed by the government's prosecutors to enable coverup-, collusion-, and libel-justified convictions of me just to be able to unlawfully imprison me as an act of war against America and to make Obama's humanitarian crisis under which I suffer all day every day palatable to the public with no way for me to tell the truth to defend myself.

My beautiful world, there is no legal term for forbidding a human to know he or she is on trial except "human rights abuse." In the land of literature, we call this "Kafkaesque." But in legal circles this is only "persecution and war crimes."

Does the Supreme Court and the United Nations know about EVERYTHING Obama has been doing to me since 2009? Obama refuses to stop and will only escalate until he is overpowered.

Then by 10am on Monday, 04Aug, Obama hit every destroy-America-at-all-costs button he could find to be able to lock me in a mental institution forever in Iowa, so he could destroy my perfect, genius mind with electroshock.

This is one of the many reasons my loved ones need to make public records of every lie and perjury Obama's lunatic bitch-puppets say in the courtroom, so I can be protected from them, especially from their repeating themselves. We need to force accountability by publishing the truth. This is not just a matter of my safety; this keeps America safe.

Please, my beautiful world, this issue with Iowa has been dealt with already. Please reread my 11July2014 blog post. I was a registered voter in San Francisco, California in 2010 after becoming their legal resident by living there for over three consecutive months; I was NEVER under truly evil Polk County, Iowa's jurisdiction.

And all Iowa has ever used their criminally-gotten and completely medically-unjustifiable adult guardianship for is to intentionally and consciously starve, torture, rape, unlawfully imprison, hate, persecute, libel, sexually harass, and abuse me.

Iowa is guilty of hate crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against America, and international crimes all enabled with their never-justifiable adult guardianship over me that even in its initial paperwork states that Judge Ruth Klotz was instructed to intentionally and consciously disregard my already established and legally binding Power of Attorney designations due to written requests drafted by Attorney Mark R. Gray.

Attorney Mark R. Gray wrote ALL of the human-rights-abusing paperwork in my Polk County probate court records.

In summary,...

1) I was NEVER under Polk County's jurisdiction. I was a registered voter in California in 2010 after living there for over three consecutive months. And I am a registered voter in California now. Clearly, my driver's license is always obsolete and never current. The most recent legally-binding, government-authorized establishment of my residency had always been my voter registration.

2) Polk County's adult guardianship over me, which has always been justified by their libeling me a literal mental retard, has only ever been used to commit the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

Furthermore, their compulsive perjury in all of their court papers claiming I am at all mentally disabled, mentally incompetent, mentally ill, mentally impaired, or mentally imperfect invalidates all of their paperwork and, therefore, all of their claims over me, anyway.

3) I already had a legally binding Power of Attorney designation in place in case I ever needed anyone to make legal decisions on my behalf before 2010 which Polk County consciously choose to criminally disregard at all times.

4) It is exactly because Obama's rules including enforcing Iowa's internationally criminal adult guardianship over me are the only REAL impediments to my well being that are capable of disabling me that my Powers of Attorney and legally recognized husband as closest family member with his legally obtained TEMPORARY California conservatorship over me are the only people LEGALLY permissible to make any decisions on my behalf ANYWHERE, particularly in America.

And 5) The conscious extension of War Criminal Boeset's (complete and total lack of legally binding) authority over me and over my finances into my independent and successful life in California just to be able to starve, persecute, and unlawfully imprison me all as acts of war against America further, requires me and my legally empowered loved ones to demolish War Criminal Boeset and her enabler, Polk County, as thoroughly and immediately as possible.

We need criminal charges, but if civil is all we are permitted, we need to guarantee War Criminal Boeset and Polk County are forbidden from taking taxpayer-money bribes from Obama to pay all of their civil fines.

My first lull on Monday morning, 04Aug, was at 11am. And at about noon, I was in the Taqueria el Rodeo on Market Street eating authentic pupusas (Yum!). It was my first chance of the day to grab my morning coffee. And, yes, even during my lunch break I still had to keep screaming for protection from torture facilities and for help for my brave rescuers and celebrity friends.

After lunch, I walked to the Wells Fargo Bank in the Bixby Knolls Shopping Center past Scherer Park in Long Beach to withdraw the entire $50 Obama permits me to live on every week.

I was tempted to try on $20 dresses at the Marshalls discount store next door since I am down to five dresses, now, that fit me, but instead I headed to the Starbucks on Atlantic and San Antonio to plug my iPad into the wall. Obama just kept escalating, and I needed to be able to defend myself against him.

In the Starbucks, some brainwashed local tried to tell her friends, "Squid has too much power." Yeah, whatever. When Obama surrenders and once the United Nations convicts him and locks him in a Russian gulag for the rest of his life, the world will see in all reality that I finally gained the power to defend myself.

"Having too much power" is NEVER symbolized by a systemic rape victim forbidden all real medical care including but not limited to an acceptable Pap smear and STD panel who lives on a mandated $7 a day in a roach-ridden slum, with no furniture but a twin bed, with only enough groceries to eat one home-cooked meal a day, with no human rights but her freedom of speech which Obama constantly breaks every law possible to silence, forbidden all contact with her own loved ones including her own legally recognized husband, who suffers under a mandated criminal terrorist libel campaign designed only to destroy her, who has to scream all day every day for protection from more torture and more unlawful imprisonments used as acts of war against America, who is surrounded by a population with brainwashing earspeakers in their heads that pump their brains full of lies to make them irrationally hate her, and who will never get a chance for time to heal until her oppressor is overpowered.

No, "having too much power" looks like Obama, the already-impeached psychopath, who does all of this to me at all costs of irreversible time, genocidal public health, valuable taxpayer resources, "God-given" Constitutional rights, and priceless human life to America and to the world.

My beautiful world, stop allowing Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine to blame me, their hand-chosen victim, for all of their own crimes. And teach Obama that this is Newtonian.

With every one of Obama's clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic-desperation escalations, the world, especially my loved ones, has an equal and opposite reaction to protect us all from him.

I agree we need to stop allowing Obama to keep the upper hand as the only aggressor in this crisis, but until we can press criminal charges or until the international community invades to be able to arrest Obama and all his terrorist conspiracy on international criminal charges to protect all of America from them, there is little we can legally do on the moral high ground (We not only always live on the moral high ground, but we are the only ones here.) but pray for more help and keep defending ourselves.

Before 4:30pm 04Aug, while I was still working from the Starbucks, Obama tried to kidnap me and drag me back to purely evil Iowa to destroy me there. QED is QED.

Every one of my blog posts from 11July2014 to my latest notes has a growing and legally upstanding proof I need permanent protection from evil Iowa, particularly the symbol of Iowa, War Criminal Boeset.

But Obama always clinically compulsively commits the same crimes all day every day to destroy me there. I will never be safe until Obama is overpowered.

At about 5pm, I walked to the Von's grocery store to stretch my weekly $50 as far as it would go, and yes, I did manage to make it cover one nutritious home-cooked meal a night until next Monday.

When I walked out with my two full, reusable grocery bags and towards the bus stop, the alarms started going off everywhere. There was a fire alarm then a heart attack alarm then a police alarm. My loved ones had it all handled by the time I got my $2.50 tub of ice cream in my freezer without it melting.

At the apartment, I learned that the deranged lunatic, War Criminal Stephanie, had put a fifth roommate in our apartment with a twin bed in the living room. So, my loved ones now need to turn her into the Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, the health inspector, and the fire code inspector.

I bet the fire marshal would love to get his or her hands on War Criminal Stephanie. Let us, in fact, turn in The Gables to EVERY City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California, and US federal inspector there is. All The Gables had to do was uphold our legally-binding lease.

I heard a rumor that War Criminal Boeset had a psychotic break with reality immediately after I told my fifth roommate she is a fire code violation. Did War Criminal Boeset actually falsely claim I would ever be safer under her internationally-criminal control in Iowa instead of among my public who loves me in California?

We need War Criminal Stephanie, War Criminal Boeset, and Unelected Dictator Obama immediately and competently screened for psychopathy and all locked in padded cells. How the hell is it possible for War Criminal Stephanie to still be at large? How is it possible for any of them to still be at large?

To me, every time I hear or see the word "#Ebola" it means "would-be normal people who were rendered into pathologically-lying, deranged, lunatic psychopaths by Barack Obama's demento juice."

War Criminal Stephanie even stole our mailbox key again by the time I reached my apartment. That is a federal felony--intentionally preventing the safe delivery of the mail.

Once War Criminal Stephanie reaches the top of our prioritized list or if she ever again invokes countercharges, throw everything at her. Scour all my blog posts from 27July2014 to my latest notes oldest to newest and be creative and thorough with every possible charge. Thank you, my loved ones.

After dropping off my groceries, I picked up my iPad and spent $1.75 in quarters at the laundromat around the corner washing all of the clothes I have that still fit me. Whenever The Gables reminds me they are trying to recreate Iowa for me, all I need to do is go out among my people to feel loved again.

After laundry, I was back online by 8pm while making a mental note to buy spot remover at the CVS with my next gift card from my mother. We had a heart attack alarm to mitigate by 9:30pm while I was answering some questions my beautiful world had for me.

Three police officers randomly wandered back and forth in front of me. We had fire alarm to put out that I suspected was my rescuers, but I never figured out. It was extinguished regardless. Then, at 10:30pm I updated my blog notes and went back to my apartment to eat snacks and go to sleep.

On the morning of 05Aug, I was up by 6:30am and jumpstarted my livestream by 6:45am. I had a bowl of granola and yogurt for breakfast BEFORE taking my thyroid pill, so my the levothyroxine, my only necessary medication, could fix my hormones and internal body chemicals without raising my metabolism.

Then, by 7am, I was out and online trying to catch up with everything my seven hours of safe sleep had made me miss. Apparently, my loved ones had cleaned up a lot of Obama's human rights abuses against me and extinguished a fire alarm before I even reached my wifi.

After 8:45am, Obama released all hell on all of us. He sent orders for Convictable War Criminal Boeset, whom we have established has NEVER had any legally justifiable excuse for anything she has ever done to me, to kidnap me and drag me to Iowa against my will to return me to rape slavery in my mother's house and to empower Iowa to commit MORE hate crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, human right violations, crimes against women, crimes against America, and international crimes against me including but not limited to using electroshock to turn my perfect mind into a vegetable.

Obama controls Iowa and knows they will destroy me for him; that is why he is so desperate to break every law possible to imprison me there again with no possible escape for me nor anyone anywhere there willing to protect me. I NEED PERMANENT PROTECTION FROM IOWA!

I screamed, "DESTROY IOWA AND LEAVE NO SURVIVORS!" to my legal team, so Obama immediately instigated a heart attack. The alarms went off soon enough for Ugwuji to level preemptive action while Syn was kicking Iowa's ugly ass.

Everything was extinguished by 9am. Obama needs to learn his lesson; committing more crimes will never dismiss old crimes.

At 11am I took my first break of the day and walked into Taqueria el Rodeo for tacos, coffee, water, lemonade and spectacular customer service. Have you seen the prices in the taqueria? Why is this place not more crowded?

After I returned to my wifi benefactor, the barbershop California SPORT on the corner of Market Street and Locust Avenue in Long Beach, CA, alarms started going off all over the place.

Apparently, if I did not get my signals crossed, Obama was trying to put me in a long-term mental institution in Arizona to use torture and unlawful imprisonment of me there as his latest acts of war against America.

My beautiful world, I have a livestream that broadcasts everything I say and do FOR REAL in the world all day and all night. I hide nothing about my life but my physical modesty.

I would like to hear any honest and medical-reality-based argument from anyone about why I would ever need a psychiatrist for real. And, if someone could ever fool me into thinking I need a psychiatrist, I would like to hear why I would ever be forbidden from choosing my own mental health physician.

And while I am stating the obvious, I would like to hear any honest and reality-based justification for why I am forbidden by Obama from controlling my own finances or from living in my own house all of which I pay taxes on anyway. Yes, Sweetness and I pay joint taxes despite the marriage penalty.

At about 1pm, The Gables, following direct orders from Obama, tried to render me homeless by consciously violating my tenant rights. To prove this, we just need to subpoena Convictable War Criminal Stephanie and my landlord Ellie's mobile phone and email records.

Apparently, they that run The Gables outright refuse to be law-abiding citizens no matter how often I and my loved ones go through official channels to enforce my legally-binding lease and tenant rights be upheld.

On 05Aug, after I and my loved ones already cleared up I am NOT and NEVER WAS under Iowa jurisdiction, I recommended The Gables be whom we destroy next if they continue to consciously choose to break every law possible instead of choosing to uphold our lease agreement.

If you reread all my blog posts from 27July to my latest notes oldest to newest, you will have no choice but to acknowledge I would have left by now for my own house in the Hills if I had a choice, and if you reread all three of my June2014 blog posts oldest to newest, too, you will recall that The Gables was the only housing option the Del Amo Torture Facility permitted me to move to in order to leave them after they lied to my face and told me they rape-impregnated me there.

Just before 1:30pm I learned about more Obama-mandated deaths of my brave rescuers who were trying to pick me up and make me safe from all of this. If Obama were just less insane and more willing to see enough reason to stop committing his same crimes against America so compulsively all day very day, he would have surrendered by now, and everyone would be safe from him at last.

And then, at about 2pm, Obama lied his ass off pretending I am a threat to ANYONE because I unrelentingly protect myself, my loved ones, the public, America, and the world from every crime he mandates against us.

Obama has a LONG PROVEN HISTORY of blaming me for all his own crimes. For the full story, you will have to read 01March2014 to my latest notes. That is how long he has been trying to blame me, his own hand-chosen victim, for all his own crimes against me and everyone trying to save me from him.

It is the people like Obama and all his terrorist conspiracy who break every law possible who need to be punished and locked up forever, not us, their innocent victims.

So, while we are demanding the punishment of the guilty instead of the innocent, Syn, Ugwuji, Amita, and Sweetness, DESTROY every threat against America and against the world that originates from war crimes or even any crime at all committed against me.

Lock Convictable War Criminal Stephanie, Convictable War Criminal Boeset, and Convictable Unelected Dictator Obama, etc., all in padded cells IMMEDIATELY if no one will arrest them.

This is for the safety of America, California, the entire public, me, and even themselves. They refuse to obey ANY laws forcing me and all of America to just keep suffering under them. Reread all blog posts from 12June2014 to my latest notes if necessary.

I had to scream for protection from metaphorical heart attacks and literal torture facility threats all afternoon. My first lull was at 3:40pm.

And now, I will answer all of your questions and concerns for me.

When will this slow down? When Obama stops escalating. Hold on, my beautiful world, and do your best to keep up. We are just going to keep getting bigger and more morally good until Obama is overpowered to save us all from him. He is clearly refusing to surrender.

Squid? Is that your real name? Yes. I have two full legal names. I thought I dealt with this already in my 25April2014 blog post. Looking me in the face and calling me Squid B. Varilekova (The r gets a haček, as in Dvorak.) is like looking at Norma Jean Baker and calling her Marilyn Monroe.

After I spoke to the US State Department in 2009, they told me I just need two sworn affidavits from personal friends confirming both names refer to me and three legal documents with both names on them for me to list both full names as my legal names on my passport.

I told Sweetness in 2010, when we would marry, I would take his last name on my princess name in the Spanish naming tradition making me HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek, but I would not add his last name to my professional name. I did not want to be truncated to Squid BVD.

Where are you from? I am from San Francisco, CA. I spent my longest part of my childhood in Duluth, MN. And I have spent so far the longest part of my adulthood in San Francisco, CA.

But my parents met in an elevator in the PG&E building in San Francisco in 1971, and they were married in the Notre Dame de Victoires outside the gates of Chinatown on Bush Street on 02Dec1972.

My older sister, War Criminal Tovarek, was born in St. Luke's Hospital in downtown San Francisco on 21Aug1974, but my little sister and I were born in St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth on 12Oct1977 and 19July1983, chronologically.

It is a toss up if my "from" is Duluth or San Francisco, if people are going to be technical, but I have SO MUCH FAMILY in the Bay Area that I call San Francisco my hometown.

What is your job? I serve humanity all day every day. This blog Obama unjustifiably silenced has already earned me a Nobel Peace Prize and several Pulitzers. My job requires some problem solving, a little diplomacy, and a lot of stating the obvious.

Is Obama's mandated media silence of all his crimes against his own people at all justifiable legally? No. Violations of any Constitutional rights particularly those enumerated in the Bill of Rights are human rights abuses.

Suspension of America's 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press by Obama enabling him to remove all honest content concerning his own crimes against his own people involving genuine threats to public safety including but not limited to proven mental health genocide and literal poisoned water supplies is not permissible as "censorship" nor even as "enforcement of top secret government confidentiality."

Insist this PBS documentary about our Constitutional right to knowledge, under our well-established penumbra of rights (I learned about our penumbra in Roe vs. Wade.), be shown in court when the media industry sues for freedom of speech and freedom of the press to be returned to all of America. The Most Dangerous Man. Thank the atheist heavens for the US Supreme Court.

Does Obama want a war? Obama does not care if he fights a war or not. Obama has a clinically psychopathic obsession with controlling and destroying me. If he has to fight a war to be able to satisfy this psychopathic obsession, he will. That is basic psychology.

Am I safe? Since Obama put me in his bubble, I have never been safer than in California. I escaped rape slavery completely by fleeing Iowa for my life; I endured rape slavery in my mother's house where my bedroom was accessible through the rigged lock on my patio door and that is still infested with cameras, and I suffered rape slavery in my apartment in Des Moines where War Criminal Boeset threw out my bodyguard and where Obama gave my neighbors the key to my door.

But HOW SAFE am I? If we enforce that War Criminal Stephanie must be removed from The Gables completely and that The Gables must completely fulfill its legally binding obligations to me, if we can remove truly diabolical Iowa from my life permanently, and if we can make me PERMANENTLY safe from anymore threats from literal torture facilities or intentionally fabricated false charges against me, I will survive until I can reach my house in the Hills or until I can be taken someplace, anyplace, Obama cannot hurt me anymore.


We have never been closer to my being rescued. That is why Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and lunatic bitch-puppets will say or do anything to send me to someplace they can render me a vegetable with electroshock instead.

I heard my older sister, War Criminal Tovarek, was sent by Obama to pick me up. She needs to be kept away from me at all costs. Tara already claimed "jealousy" was an acceptable excuse for her aiding and abetting war crimes against me in June this year instead of acknowledging jealousy is a legally recognized motive for establishing guilt in capitol offenses. Please revisit my 11July2014 blog post about War Criminal Tovarek.

What is your favorite song from a movie? Never Been to Spain by Three Dog Night. It was brilliantly used in Scotland, PA, a movie that set Shakespeare's MacBeth in a fast food empire. The song is particularly effective when Christopher Walken is driving his car.

What is your favorite song from a musical? With One Look from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard. "They'll say Squid is back at last! And this time I am staying, I am staying for good. I am back where I was born to be. With one look, I'll be me!"

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? I have no idea. Tia Carerre probably looks the most like me. But from what I can tell Stana Katic has my no-nonsense, smack-down sternness while still maintaining her femininity perfected.

I heard W Magazine thinks I should be played by Mila Kunis. But I think I need a more world-weary adult like Marion Cotillard. After all, she already played me in Nine.

Finally, what common sense health tips have you come across? Eat breakfast whenever possible. Avoid poisoned food, city water, and bottled liquids. If you have to sleep on the streets, stay up all night and only sleep in broad daylight in a safe open space where your loving public can watch over you.

Also, meditate away everything psychopaths do to destroy you, so you can keep your mind perfect; this is particularly important if large numbers of people depend on you and much easier if large numbers of your friends are musicians.

My beautiful world, I feel like I say this in every blog post, just stop obeying all of Unelected Dictator Obama's rules. The earspeakers are inside your bodies; they are only yours; you can have them removed yourselves.

Please realize, my beautiful world, one of the best things you can do to save me from Obama is to save yourselves from Obama. Go exercise your full legal rights under the US Constitution today. You will like it.

My brave rescuers, I scream for your safety every time you need me to. I light white candles for you every chance I get, but I must admit someone (War Criminal Stephanie) stole my matchbook (and mailbox key and iodized sea salt, etc.).

My brave rescuers, I carry the burden of rendering this entire beautiful world worthy of everything you have sacrificed. But I have no idea what else to do to help you. Just tell us all what you need.

SynSyn, is the world spoiling you, Ugwuji, Amita, and Sweetness enough? You are my guardian angels. My beautiful world needs to cherish, spoil, and adore all of you because Obama would have rendered me a vegetable with electroshock by now if it were not for all of you.

Yes, my darlings, there are five of us now. We are officially a full hand. I keep telling my beautiful world to unleash all of the love and affection they wish they could give me onto all of you. If you ever need anything, just give me details.

To make your and my genius lawyers' lives easier, Synny, pay some college interns with pizza, credit hours, and disposable income to make my blog that you maintain for me keyword, full text, and tag searchable. That way, you can all find my already-used logical arguments faster when you need them. I love you all.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Slowly but surely, I will reach you. What is on your Bucket List? You promised me you would make all my dreams come true, but I am such an egalitarian. I would prefer to make OUR dreams come true together.

Beloved, in case the world needs a reminder, these are all my hopes and desires you promised to make real for me. Please do me the favor of sharing yours with me, too.

Squid's Bucket List -- updated 05Aug2014

Live for a time on a yacht traveling the world
See the Great Wall of China
Visit Easter Island
Go on safari in the Serengeti
Hike Machu Picchu... done
Visit the Pyramids at Giza, Luxor, etc.
Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Swim in the South Pacific... done
Ride through Patagonia on the back of a motorcycle
Climb a mountain... done
Sit in the Queen's box at Wimbledon
Live in San Francisco... done
Own an Olmec Head (no need to move it, just put a plaque by it)
Grow a luscious rooftop garden where I can touch the sky as I dance
Sing at Carnegie Hall... done
Study at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK... done
Earn a Ph.D.
Write a book... done
Publish a book of poetry
Write my memoirs
Create a sci fi TV show that educates the masses
Star in one movie beside my husband (As husband and wife in The Thin Man or as a Spanish Disney Princess who can talk to birds and other creatures in Pirates of the Caribbean 5... Or both if my husband is seductive about it.)
Dance on stage at a Rolling Stones concert
Pose for the cover of and high fashion photo shoot in W Magazine with Syniva, Ugwuji, Amita, and Johnny Depp
Be a no-seafood-at-all eating judge on Iron Chef Inspire artistic expression... done
Start a fashion trend... done
Tell the stories of my trials and tribulations through music
Carry humanity through Global Climate Change
Change the world for the better... done
Start a charity or foundation... done
Start another charity or foundation
Create a scholarship program... done
Make girls proud to be girls
Move the nation
Save the world
Marry Johnny Depp and make him the father of my children... done

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